Have Trouble Falling Asleep?

  • Published on Apr 24, 2019
  • Have Trouble Falling Asleep? Johns Hopkins sleep expert Charlene Gamaldo shares some simple, natural tips for a better night’s sleep.
    Learn more at www.hopkinsmedicine.org/health/healthy-sleep
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Comments • 85

  • Boneless
    Boneless 12 hours ago

    0:19 k im trying to go to sleep right now and its 11 pm so lemme just go to sleep at 2 am and just lay here

  • MEHDI Uhhh
    MEHDI Uhhh 9 days ago

    Wasting 53sec of my life

  • Sophie 123
    Sophie 123 17 days ago

    I’m on the border line of trying my best to relax to fall asleep and fuck it I’m not going to sleep tonight

  • ᄃレのひりメノノ

    Its 6am (06:58AM), i have to wake up at 7..Not to mention i have school..and...nothingshelping.

  • Infnte Strip
    Infnte Strip 20 days ago

    Help me. It's 1 am

  • Giana’s toy channel
    Giana’s toy channel 22 days ago +7

    It’s 3:51 AM and it’s Halloween 🎃 👻

  • Typical Arctic
    Typical Arctic 22 days ago +2

    "Avoid using electronics a few hours before bed" Yeah thanks for telling me that WHILE WATCHING THIS VIDEO *IN BED!*

    • Bad Cattitude
      Bad Cattitude 12 days ago

      A lot of phones have blue light filters. Just use that

  • Sahyadri Pardeshi
    Sahyadri Pardeshi 23 days ago

    2.23 am studying n can't sleep

  • OOF-gukkie
    OOF-gukkie 24 days ago

    You know i tried this, and heck it didn't work

  • Carrie See
    Carrie See 25 days ago


  • Emanuel Severino
    Emanuel Severino 26 days ago

    0:22 *oops...*

  • Hessa Snow wolfxx
    Hessa Snow wolfxx 26 days ago +1

    It’s like 4:01am and I have school tomorrow and I can’t even sleep

  • Jerry
    Jerry 29 days ago

    Its 1:34 am and I have to get up at 5:00 am and can’t sleep on a school day. I feel like I can never sleep

  • Sagar Bhosure
    Sagar Bhosure Month ago

    i just closed my eyes for 1and half hour still not able to sleep

  • J C C R E A T I O N ' S

    It is 1 am i need to go to school tomorrow and i cannot sleeeep

  • Fuli
    Fuli Month ago +1

    Just woke up in the middle of the night for some reason- can’t sleep at all.
    edit: forgot to say that right now it’s 2:51am

  • Christian Demarcus
    Christian Demarcus Month ago

    Currently 3:32 am

  • wiktxr_
    wiktxr_ Month ago +1

    This chat fulla Insomniacs like me

  • Kal King
    Kal King Month ago

    Nobody in the entire universe puts away their electronic devices a few fucking hours before bed.

  • ìyapple
    ìyapple Month ago


  • Lesley Corbett
    Lesley Corbett Month ago


  • — Mewtwo TMCS21 —

    10:45 pm i cant sleep

  • Woodsy
    Woodsy Month ago

    Instructions unclear , shit myself

  • Phoenix Daily
    Phoenix Daily Month ago

    It says not to watch electronics before bed but what are we doing now HUH HUH??

  • Pixelated Dia ツ
    Pixelated Dia ツ Month ago +1

    Tried all of them and I still fall asleep at like 1 or 2 am

  • The super eavg
    The super eavg Month ago

    Its 3 45 am can't sleep

    • Angst1966
      Angst1966 Month ago

      I know what you mean. It is now just after 9:00 a.m. and I have been up all night.

  • Robert DiNunzio
    Robert DiNunzio Month ago

    Maybe if you had an awesome bed, you'd get the sleep you need!: refer.leesa.com/wDR3P

  • Sierra Pinnell
    Sierra Pinnell 2 months ago

    I'm watching this at 5 a.m. I'm nocturnal

  • ryarod
    ryarod 2 months ago

    I went to bed at eleven. I had the jitters and couldn't rest easy.

    It is now one fifty four in the morning, I have to be at work at Seven, and I have yet to sleep since then. God help me.

  • Christopher Jakeman
    Christopher Jakeman 2 months ago +8

    Did anyone else find this video completely useless

  • Cronic Exalted
    Cronic Exalted 2 months ago +3

    I can't sleep basically i look ugly when i wake up early the next day. As i have school

  • Jet Turtle
    Jet Turtle 2 months ago +3

    I cant fall asleep bc im crying that a person i wanted to be friends with is moving...

  • abubakar bagumbayan
    abubakar bagumbayan 2 months ago +2

    No drinking milk at night make u feel energetict

  • Fire Fox forever
    Fire Fox forever 2 months ago

    It’s 10:09 am to me and tomorrow is school I might get kicked out if I don’t come tomorrow

  • xX_Paper bag_Xx
    xX_Paper bag_Xx 2 months ago +4

    Yall know if you're nit watching this at night you are prepping up or just got to the weird sid oof TheXvid.

  • Mar mar
    Mar mar 2 months ago +8

    3:02 am and I can't sleep... UGHHH

  • 1ynn G0b1e2
    1ynn G0b1e2 2 months ago +56

    I can’t sleep even though I have school tomorrow

  • Max Charge
    Max Charge 3 months ago +11

    5:34 still can’t sleep

  • Jad Alawieh
    Jad Alawieh 3 months ago +40

    If I can't use electronics how do I watch thsi

  • RandomVids- Daily
    RandomVids- Daily 3 months ago +23

    Can't go to sleep. Stayed up all night. #allnighter???

  • toiletpaper 73
    toiletpaper 73 3 months ago +31

    2 am and can’t sleep

  • Trap Music
    Trap Music 3 months ago +102

    6:35 AM and still cant sleep even tho I'm tired

    • Jenna McGuire
      Jenna McGuire Month ago

      that must’ve been hard omg it’s 2am rn u had it worse than me

    • byVentrex
      byVentrex 2 months ago +1

      I have to get up at 5 .-.

    • Kiwi YT
      Kiwi YT 2 months ago


    • Sarah Magrath
      Sarah Magrath 3 months ago +2

      LITERALLY me rn only it’s 6:20 AM

  • JiminGotNoJams
    JiminGotNoJams 3 months ago +247

    It’s 2 am it’s the first day of school and i can’t sleep

  • Patricia the Lonely bear

    This helped me alot

  • Universal pronunciation
    Universal pronunciation 3 months ago +1

    It's 5:31AM

    • Fe4R_ToMmY
      Fe4R_ToMmY 2 months ago

      Universal pronunciation I went to sleep at 9:00, few hours later. It’s 4:35 AM and I’m still awake

    AASIF QADARI 7 months ago +5

    Minimum hours required to best sleep in daily life