Frogfish feeding

  • Published on Feb 24, 2007
  • Antennarius striatus feeding on prawn from feeding stick
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  • Dallas Brookks
    Dallas Brookks 12 years ago

    your fish has prolly died or you figured this our already... i have a frogfish and i just put a goldfish on the end of a feeder stick i assume no fish is just gunna snack on another.. unless its the hungrly angler..

  • Austin Bremer
    Austin Bremer 13 years ago

    can i please get some help. i got one of these guys, maybe an inch or more. i had him for 2 days and i cant get him to eat. im sure he can eat but i also have a wolf eel along with lionfish, a dwarf and volitan. every time i put food in there everyone else gets it. whenever i put the ghost shrimp or guppy on a stick it ends up escaping or another fish gets it. PLEASE HELP I DONT WANT HIM TO DIE HES THE COOLEST FISH EVER!!! and i have a 90 gallon tank.