Jim Sterling x Colin Moriarty: The Kinda Funny Gamescast Conversation

  • Published on Jul 21, 2015
  • The long-awaited collaboration of gaming's two most outspoken personalities has arrived.
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Comments • 568

  • Nick
    Nick 3 months ago

    I miss Colin, show has never been the same.

  • 123timsim
    123timsim 7 months ago +2

    I wonder if a conversation between these 2 guys would ever happen today.

  • Youngblaise2
    Youngblaise2 8 months ago +2

    ya Boi Colin M and Jim Fucking Sterling Son! I need an episode 2

    • JNK117
      JNK117 7 months ago +1

      Not going to happen. After the fallout at kinda funny, Jim literally ignores Colin's existence. Colin has even mentioned it on a few occasions how Jim seems to not like him anymore.

  • Doug
    Doug 10 months ago +4

    November 2018 and looked this up again just to see two guys on totally opposite ends of the spectrum in the "games media (?)" industry actually sitting at the same table and talking like reasonable human beings.

    • Boba Bett
      Boba Bett 6 months ago

      Same. God there are ppl like me? Holy shit...

    • Avbusta
      Avbusta 7 months ago

      same here

  • You Tube viewer
    You Tube viewer Year ago

    2 talentless cunts for the price of 1

  • ThatDereKid
    ThatDereKid Year ago +5

    I think this is one of the best videos KF ever did. Nowadays they wouldn’t have a thing to do with Jim. Or Colin, for that matter.

  • JamieSerkis
    JamieSerkis Year ago +1

    Colin Moriarty + Jim Sterling = Gold regardless of your stance!!

  • Cournioni
    Cournioni Year ago

    Man, Jim mentioned VideoGamer TV, I miss that fucking channel.

  • dayzgone
    dayzgone Year ago

    Guess Colin forgot that the Mass Effect 3 writers also thought the ending was shit, so the "art" defense does not really work here.

  • Matt Graham
    Matt Graham Year ago

    Jim's good for the industry overall. Puts the time in bringing exposures to predatory developers and practices. Any gamer who enjoys playing good games should have respect for him.

  • vanguardduelist
    vanguardduelist 2 years ago

    Why have I never seen this episode?!

  • [Mister'Gremm]
    [Mister'Gremm] 2 years ago

    Jim looks like a giant

  • Jeff d
    Jeff d 2 years ago

    Don't really like this dude...

  • DisabledCable
    DisabledCable 2 years ago +1

    This video will forever live on as the perspective yall lost living in your hippy commune that is San Fran...rest of you are dime a dozen,good riddance!

  • The Rose Experience
    The Rose Experience 2 years ago

    Lose the gloves Jim, you're sweating just sitting there.

  • mobaby1979
    mobaby1979 2 years ago +9

    Collin is so clearly the intellect from KF. And it's OK that not everyone in KF is wired that way, but it cracks me up how they didn't OVERvalue that aspect of what he brings to the table, much less backstab him when the going got tough. People - find smarter people than you and keep them close - and try to be more like them. You can find 'basic' all day long. Challenge yourself. Find the Collins and keep them close AF - they may not pat your ego and be super hyper 24/7 --- but that's kinda what you get with smart people a lot of the time. Value them. Let them be themselves.

  • Cody Perez
    Cody Perez 2 years ago +3

    Never watched Jim before, but I can't go anywhere in the games media circle on the Internet without hearing about him so it's fitting to finally watch this as my personal goodbye to Colin on KF.

  • Justin Sorensen
    Justin Sorensen 2 years ago +8

    Kinda Funny profiting off of these last Colin videos heavily, never had so many ads on this channel...

    • goodjoejoe
      goodjoejoe 2 years ago +4

      Just noticed it as well. When I saw the number of ads, I thought this was a re-up from a different channel.

  • Bricks Accomplice
    Bricks Accomplice 2 years ago

    jim sterlings a stupid fat fuck who thinks zelda breath of the wild isnt 10/10

  • Michael Russo
    Michael Russo 2 years ago

    Don't love the ads every 8 minutes, cut right into the middle of sentences. Great video though!

  • Mueed 96
    Mueed 96 2 years ago

    too bad they are not on good terms now

    • Mueed 96
      Mueed 96 2 years ago

      well if your friend unfollows you and you do the same.I would say you are not in good terms

    • glenn longoria
      glenn longoria 2 years ago

      oh so you just made it up

    • Mueed 96
      Mueed 96 2 years ago

      After Colin tweet a lot of people unfollowed Colin and Jim is one of them.days later Colin did the same. From what I have seen Colin lost some friends because of the tweet.

    • glenn longoria
      glenn longoria 2 years ago

      what happened?

  • Edward Fryrear
    Edward Fryrear 2 years ago

    how the hell did I JUST find this!?!

  • Joe Murray
    Joe Murray 2 years ago

    Jim's point on criticism is so true. Great episode he needs to come back!

  • gizmo2445
    gizmo2445 2 years ago

    Ahhhh!!!! Jim and Colin!?!?

  • Tony P
    Tony P 2 years ago +1

    How the hell did I miss this video?

  • Bryant Chambers Legacy

    Great show and great insight gents! Thanks.

  • spencer2207
    spencer2207 2 years ago

    Oh shit, that guy is playing Goldeneye in the background.

  • Yoko Automata
    Yoko Automata 2 years ago

    I like both these guys even though I disagree with them sometimes. I disagree with Colin more often than Jim.

  • Mark Wheeler
    Mark Wheeler 2 years ago

    Jim talks truths! i love the honest talk about things such as Nintendo fukin up... again! the one line about 1 2 Switch being made ass holes exclusive for ass holes had me in tears, Lol, huge empty soulless games obsessed by size! things i and many others have thought about! nice to hear these things we think about being talked about.

  • Kromo K
    Kromo K 2 years ago

    why the gloves??

  • ageguyera
    ageguyera 2 years ago

    I wasn't aware this existed.

  • Joe-Lou
    Joe-Lou 2 years ago +1


    • Joe-Lou
      Joe-Lou 2 years ago

      Oh nvm I thought this was new :/
      Idk why it poped up in my feed

  • Jess Hall
    Jess Hall 2 years ago

    my 2 fav ppl on TheXvid besides k-rino

  • ApriCO
    ApriCO 2 years ago

    holy, how have I not seen this yet!?

  • krisWolverine
    krisWolverine 2 years ago +1

    I never watched this, I can't believe I missed. Glad its in my recommendations. Watching this in 2017

  • Christopher O'Grady
    Christopher O'Grady 2 years ago +1

    "They don't care about games, they care about ads" *mid-roll advert for google pixel*
    Oh my

  • Mr White
    Mr White 2 years ago

    this is video games they are meant to be fun you fuckers take this shit to serious and get all political. 2 douche bags going back and forth. just be happy and have fun you shits

  • Broken Nose Media
    Broken Nose Media 2 years ago

    Nice chat, I only stumbled across both channels recently

  • cloudbloom
    cloudbloom 2 years ago +5

    jim sterling is my spirit animal

    • Kromo K
      Kromo K 2 years ago

      Phil Lach British elephant

    • Phil Lach
      Phil Lach 2 years ago +4

      an elephant

  • jsk_1789
    jsk_1789 2 years ago +1

    I don't understand how I missed this, do this again!

  • Ryan Taylor
    Ryan Taylor 2 years ago

    Can't believe I missed this episode! Was a great listen.

  • Black Hand Dread
    Black Hand Dread 2 years ago

    How have I not seen this?

  • Chip Lempke
    Chip Lempke 2 years ago

    Finally watching this and I LOVE that Jim Sterling is basically talking about IGN (Colin's former employer) and its atrocious video player at 23:30

  • Butt-Dumpling Fart-Goblin

    Great video. Not a fan of Jims attire but whatever your comfortable wearing is cool i guess.

  • Matthaios Grim
    Matthaios Grim 2 years ago

    Huh. Moriarity seems a little grumpy.

  • Matthaios Grim
    Matthaios Grim 2 years ago

    Huh. Sterling looks like he's put on a pound or two.

  • Ryan Burch
    Ryan Burch 2 years ago

    This was great! Jim and Colin (and Kinda Funny) should do 2 shows together a year AT LEAST.

  • Obi Ade
    Obi Ade 2 years ago

    WOW cant believe i missed this!! great convo guys you two i hate and respect the most on the internet, keep up the great discussions, we need guys like you more.

    PHILLIPAYx 2 years ago

    48:34 a wild greg spotted

  • cybust
    cybust 2 years ago +1

    Did they have to suck each other's dicks all the way? Couldn't they have duked it out on a few subjects where they disagree too?

  • Michael Marchiano
    Michael Marchiano 2 years ago

    How did I miss this?

  • dementedspirit1
    dementedspirit1 2 years ago

    hmmm i remember when 2007-2013 the sony droids the sony extremists hated jim sterling.......nother flip flop from that camp......anyways good video keep it up colin .

  • Youngblaise2
    Youngblaise2 2 years ago +3

    Bring Jim fucking Sterlin son to Gamescast :D!

  • Cuthbert Muckley
    Cuthbert Muckley 2 years ago +19

    Disagree with these guys a lot but I can't stop watching them

  • Joshua Cameron
    Joshua Cameron 2 years ago

    Who was asking for more Jim Sterling? And why would you do that to the world?

  • Craig Smith
    Craig Smith 2 years ago +2

    Wait. I thought I recognised Colin's name. Colin Moriarty from Fallout 3 😂

  • RorytheRomulan
    RorytheRomulan 2 years ago

    Respect them for standing by it if you want. At best it's an attempt to save face by owning the shit. Otherwise they're straight-up blinded by delusions of grandeur or, well, stupid. Being able to pull shit out of your ass is a power that must be handled responsibly as a writer.

  • Travis Stockton
    Travis Stockton 2 years ago +15

    Jim Fuckin' Sterling and the Pride of Long Island! This was an excellent discussion.

  • Thomas Kewley
    Thomas Kewley 2 years ago +7

    why does this not have more views

  • XanderHD
    XanderHD 2 years ago +13

    how did i miss this lol