Real Sociedad vs Barcelona [2-2], La Liga 2019/20 - MATCH REVIEW

  • Published on Dec 14, 2019
  • Antoine Griezmann scored against his former side, with Luis Suárez also scoring for Barça. But a dubious penalty from Oyarzabal and an equalised from Isak saw Barcelona drop two vital points. But should Gerard Piqué have been awarded a last-minute penalty?
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  • TalkFCB
    TalkFCB  Month ago +224

    Well... that was a game that you can look at from a number of angles! There's lots to learn, plenty to improve but.. WHAT WERE THOSE DECISIONS?!

    • Albert Osei
      Albert Osei Month ago

      @Arvind Ramshetty two wrongs doesn't make a right. And this is a la liga match not ucl. U can't use that as an excuse to justify the la liga's referee's descision. He wasn't the one officiating the Dortmund game. Just because the ucl referee didn't consult var doesn't mean he should follow suit. This ter stegen issue has occured many times in different clubs.
      I get your drift; per the issue u addressed decisions ALWAYS FAVOR Barcelona but truth is that JUST LIKE DORTMUND DESCISIONS DON'T ALWAYS FAVOR US but because we often win our games the matter dies down quickly. And per the video that wasn't the only reason why we drew; performancewise we weren't in good shape in some departments.

    • juniar Vdaya
      juniar Vdaya Month ago +1

      Why we complain to referee? I think we should still complain about the coach. That Ref decision will not happen if they do good gameplay.

    • Samuel Ajou
      Samuel Ajou Month ago


    • Ngo Duy
      Ngo Duy Month ago +1

      Actually, all those things should have been learnt by Valverde since the Roma games. It's nothing new.
      Choosing the wrong players, playing defensively against pressing teams and then GOT SMASHED (unless Messi shines and saves him). If we don't consider the scoreline, it was the carbon copy of Betis, Roma, Valencia and Liverpool games.

    • Rawan Ahmad
      Rawan Ahmad Month ago

      Arvind Ramshetty you are true ter Stefan was of his line that is cheating because dormunt is the of the games but Barcalone chet

  • Upik Salami
    Upik Salami Month ago

    Valverde get out

  • Shaquille Peters
    Shaquille Peters Month ago

    There was no need for alba starting this game it clearly shows the coach has no faith in firpo

  • Shaquille Peters
    Shaquille Peters Month ago

    It's valverde fault we all know that they were going to press us you need ur best players who can beat the press and counterpress Arthur is not their to beat the press so clearly it was suppose to be Vidal in his place to counterpress not rakitic he showed in our last two embarrassing champions league campaign he can't handle being pressed he panics he doesn't have it anymore so I'm not blaming the ref

  • Miguel Pereira
    Miguel Pereira Month ago

    Referees today give penalties/fouls for freaking EVERYTHING

  • Jahzeal JR
    Jahzeal JR Month ago

    We actually have a good defense, we just need to wake up.

  • Jahzeal JR
    Jahzeal JR Month ago

    5:24 omg, look how good our team is. We need to stop fucking around defensively, we need to wake up, the UCL is gonna be really tough and I'm so worried.

  • Miti Carapit
    Miti Carapit Month ago

    the referee clearly disadvantaged Barca as most this season...the referees are pro madrid clearly...but to me pique and busquets should be dropped as they are too slow

  • Tutorial Space with Ola

    Semedos awareness and ability is a waste! Not to spite him, but he just is a waste.

  • Rampage Ff
    Rampage Ff Month ago

    Barcelona 4rever

  • Akash Bangar
    Akash Bangar Month ago

    This admin never criticise players..he only blames Valverde but what about barca’s midfield...nothing creative from them cost us a game ..Messi had to work for every goal. What about Suárez looses ball 10-12 times in a 90 minutes nd still admin criticise Valverde

  • SWAT 1611
    SWAT 1611 Month ago

    The problem is that the ref needs to adapt to introduction of VAR. Half of these refs forget that such a thing exists. Or the VAR should be looking at the goal/challenge and should alert the ref if the decision is wrong.

  • Acha Msukwa
    Acha Msukwa Month ago

    We need Todibo on that Centre back

  • Dairy Man
    Dairy Man Month ago

    Even Sociedad provided proof of no penulty...


    Vidal was needed

  • Rafiqul Islam
    Rafiqul Islam Month ago

    Barca played good @Real Sociedad compare to other previous years. I have seen worst play before @ Sociedad in there peak years. Jordi Alba should not have been there, Junior is solid. Although he is new. Sociedad played good football, Barca did not play bad either. Only Sociedad control the Ball good , lot of team in Spain knows how to play possession football. If Barca played how they played @ Sociedad and work good defensively when Madrid pressures lot, then Barca will win. Good thing is Madrid can not play possession game , they play hit and Run , long Ball. Barca Need Solid defense and Pressure when they loose the ball. Midfield need to be solid. Madrid will use wing and cross.

  • HA21 Yang
    HA21 Yang Month ago

    Didn't watch this game called it a draw before it started instead I was watching a Coutinho master class.

  • Daniel Mcdonald
    Daniel Mcdonald Month ago

    Messi false nine with griezmann anf fati out wide because we have no natural winger or pace with messi griezmann suarez and also messi and Suarez dont track back so our midfield gets over run. Can carry 1 player not defending but 2 just causes the team to suffer. Would also like to see de jong play cdm instead of busquets and play Arthur and alena/Roberto to add more pace and energy into our team

  • Douglas Taggart
    Douglas Taggart Month ago

    De Jong is your Defensive Midfielder. That's the position he played at Ajax. That is what you bring him in for. Don't hurt two positions by continuously playing Busquets there.

  • Douglas Taggart
    Douglas Taggart Month ago

    You could kind of tell, from seeing what the starting eleven would be, that they would lack athleticism.

  • Andrew Blake
    Andrew Blake Month ago +1

    The ref was bias and what's the purpose for having var then? Make no sense to me

  • Sheriff beko
    Sheriff beko Month ago

    The performance of Barca B was much impressive than the A team. I can see the MSG trio is building up👌👌👌 there is future for Griezmann💖💖💖

  • Gavivina Yao Tamakloe

    Valverde's rotation is still suspect!

  • Haider Abozaid
    Haider Abozaid Month ago

    Valverde trash

  • Prince Domo
    Prince Domo Month ago

    I think we can't win in these ugly ass jerseys. Who else agrees with me?🤔

  • kevin lee
    kevin lee Month ago

    I told y'all Lenglet is shit!!!!!!!......n Frankie Dejong was obviously tired from the fist whistle!!!!

  • Raphael Souza de Melo

    We had less posetion, more fouls, less overall attempts with equal shots on target.

  • yash mudgil
    yash mudgil Month ago

    #talkFCB dou you think if we loose the clasico there is a chance of Valverde being sacked ?

  • Filip Neminarz
    Filip Neminarz Month ago

    Jamie, what you think about Arthur? I've read some bad news about him, about his lack of professionalism, because even he is injured, he was skiing somewhere. Last El Classico he was somewhere at the party with Neymar.. and he posted a video how he's riding electric scooter (which is something that he can't do, based on his contract in Barca)

  • Jos Tshindo
    Jos Tshindo Month ago

    Hey Bro would you do a Q&A video?

  • Ashraf Zaman
    Ashraf Zaman Month ago

    Positive point of the game was, I didn't feel like Barca gave up after conceding. for the past few games,. event last season, Barca gave up way too easy specially in away games. But in this game we fought until the end, so thats what gives me hope.

  • jashua m
    jashua m Month ago

    rakitic cant play in big games,he loses ball very often,its his main problem and we concede goals because of it and also he dont help in team build up........vidal should be in his place for Elclasico.

  • Nicolas Villasenor jr
    Nicolas Villasenor jr Month ago +1

    Slowy getting together GSM

  • Ripudaman Thakur
    Ripudaman Thakur Month ago

    real sociedad shouldn't be given penalty, but it was penalty when pique and the defender both pulled each other in the box. lol Barca logic

  • harshil jani
    harshil jani Month ago


  • Bahtiyar Madridista


  • Rick Sarkar
    Rick Sarkar Month ago

    Don't u think, busi should be dropped along with rakitich.. Bcz, to be honest there is immense respct for them for they have done for years..
    But in away games i think busi can't match up the pace of the game.He strggles, Gives away the ball, And can't do great with dfnsve work. That's why de jong has to go more deep to help the defense. And his attckng gameplay doesn't impact the game as it should have. And for that we are not that much great on transition.. Leo has to take de jongs possition and we will have to wait for the magic.
    Again rakitich lacks pace and can't provide the attackng threat.. And we can't even press them effctively..
    Don't u think young legs should give more time.. They are so talented and could easily be fitted on this high-press situation..
    The talent we have on the bench we are surely the best in the world.

  • L Savio
    L Savio Month ago

    What's with the Griezmann goal celebration, really a strange way for Messi to close his eyes for that long... Lol

  • Jesper
    Jesper Month ago +1

    Its obvious the refrees are trying to help Real Madrid infront of the Clasico, i've felt they have been trying for years to break Barcelonas league dominance! Even more corrupt than FIFA!

  • Thapa Sujeet
    Thapa Sujeet Month ago

    valverde is the most coward coach that i have ever seen, griezman postion is not left wing, so why to change his position,play ansu fati or carlos perez in letf wing,messi in the right wing and griezman in middle of the attack, why always suarez? whyyy?

  • Thapa Sujeet
    Thapa Sujeet Month ago

    where is the intensity? where is the desire? pathetic style of play

  • Saion Dutta Roy
    Saion Dutta Roy Month ago

    We didn't deserve 3 points

  • iii SCOOP iii
    iii SCOOP iii Month ago

    Yea, San Sebastian played some nice football, though. Overall, Barca seemed somehow very "nervous" to me, you rly wonder sometimes what's going on behind the scenes cause I have no idea why, what's so special about real sociedad.. Suarez and Ter Stegen, especially, didn't have a good day. Griezmann was working hard in defence and chipped the goalie, Frenkie and Busquets had some nice moments, Pique and Lenglet weren't too bad either, Real was simply pretty good in finding & creating pockets.. Rakitic is too phlegmatic & stationary, Alena offers more "fire" than him.. Barca wasn't that bad, but they clearly had some sort of mental issue on the pitch, so yeah..

  • Kupakwashe Ziyambi
    Kupakwashe Ziyambi Month ago +1

    Alena should start over Rakitic against Madrid, just look at Zidane he's playing Valverde over Modric & it's paying off, hopefully Valverde will be brave

  • Camrawl Pope
    Camrawl Pope Month ago

    Are you gonna talk about the way coutinho is playing rn!?

  • Nathan Gittens
    Nathan Gittens Month ago

    The hold problem as you said Rakitic now comfortable again Alba is back in the side again back to dead Barca

  • sunil thapa
    sunil thapa Month ago

    Idont know why pique is playing. Leglet and umtiti were better in combo defense

  • man is not hot i say man not hot

    I'm sorry to say this word sad your basket is among the best players in Barcelona but at the moment is not doing nothing so don't look at the players through their name if they are not doing enough take them of form the football field??????

  • FC Barcelona TV
    FC Barcelona TV Month ago +1

    Stop using referee as excuse. We dont have the athlatesism, so we dont control games. Teams are running cicles arround us!!!

  • ashdgreat1
    ashdgreat1 Month ago

    We did not deserve to win but we were robbed lol,so i dont know how to feel.if we beat madrid on wednesday this will be a good point.VISCA EL BARCA

  • Yoni Caragay
    Yoni Caragay Month ago

    MSG is finally starting to click, but Messi was undoubtly rustly in that game - kudos to real for suffocating the defense around him to deny any passes. I hope Griezmann becomes more aggressive to keep the offense rolling - I notice he always pump the brakes and bring back the ball to mid-back. Still hopeful for this season

  • Habib Belkhadem
    Habib Belkhadem Month ago

    I got out of my work at 15:30 only to watch Barca but when I watched it I really can say tha valverde never stopped his genius evey single time there somthing new which keeps the acid level in my stomach so high.... He didn't got his lesson from last time??!! 🤔 3-5-2 without thinking it over and over again because Sociedad pressed us so high and they waited for our mistake + that poor decisions from the Ref I wonder where is the 🤬🤬🤬 VAR

  • Yoni Caragay
    Yoni Caragay Month ago

    Our midfield is sooo damn slow. Raki and Busquets are quality players, but them together slows our offense so damn much. The first half was dreadful to watch: unsync, slow, unorganized and just sloppy all around

  • adeleke oluwasesan
    adeleke oluwasesan Month ago

    I never finished the game to see our penalty game but the penalty given to Real Sociedad was an absolute joke. Don't get me wrong Sociedad played better than us in the final half and deserved to be ahead but that was so so foolish. That was poor reffering, period.

  • Ngo Duy
    Ngo Duy Month ago +1

    What I saw in this game is:

    - The trio were clinical despite few chances were created.
    - Sociedad finishing was horrible

    Negatives (same problems actually):
    - Sociedad dominated the midfield and created chances at will
    - Low press-resistance from both the midfield and the back four
    - Slow and predictable passing with no creativity.
    - Busquet was dreadful in terms of controlling the midfield as if his legs were shaking when being pressed.
    - Rakitic and Roberto were so eager to pass the ball back in a predictable way which forced Ter Stegen to keep making long pass with low accuracy.
    - Pique covered well but the defensive four kept giving Sociedad chance to shoot with no challenge.
    - Firpo and Semedo were not allowed to play in their correct position.
    - Valverde is still too slow to react and even when he reacts, he has no clue what to do

    In the end, we did not deserve to win despite bad referee decision against us. Note that, before El Classico, referees always pressure Barca to give Real advantage. I'm tired of watching this Barca team. Sociedad played tikitaka while Barca played some rubbish football.

  • Andrew Wilcock
    Andrew Wilcock Month ago

    We looked like Accrington Stanley, we cannot keep going on like this

  • Benjamin Yacoub
    Benjamin Yacoub Month ago

    WHERE IS ARTHUR ???!!!

  • Sandeep G
    Sandeep G Month ago +1

    Ok now am waiting for your Christmas video.

    GODFREY CHENGO Month ago

    We had a bad day, bad game and bad ref as he didn't do a good and honest job. All I believe is my team always rise when they are written off Visca Barca I will be rejoicing on Wednesday night.

  • JT Skills
    JT Skills Month ago

    Why do we not play 4-3-1-2. I have seen it and it might suite Barca's style.