How to Make Chinese Almond Cookies from Frank • Tasty


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  • ArcticSpirit
    ArcticSpirit 7 days ago +1

    it looks like cheese XD

  • CY Chow
    CY Chow 7 days ago

    These actually look like stuff I find in Hong Kong, but we usually have a red bean or lotus seed paste filling.

  • Karl Ericson Co
    Karl Ericson Co 27 days ago

    Waaaaa it’s frank at Tasty! Miss you so much since your Blanchturnip video days! You really did an amazing journey! Can’t wait to see you in the Tasty World Journey!

  • amaan sadri
    amaan sadri Month ago

    But I thought Po ate them all in Kung Fu Panda.....!

  • David
    David Month ago

    You know he's Asian when he whisks the egg with chopsticks...

  • Joel Bailey
    Joel Bailey Month ago

    I tried making these and it couldn't have gone worse, I don't know what I did wrong! I did the recipe like in the video, put it in the fridge for 2 hours but when baking them in the oven they flattened out completely 😭😭😭

  • Lee Bond
    Lee Bond Month ago

    Bake a cookie for 35 minutes?? !! First I've heard of that.

  • kimbelyn sim
    kimbelyn sim Month ago


  • Prashanth Krishna
    Prashanth Krishna Month ago

    any substitute for almond extract???like finely chopped almonds???

  • twosuns AFF
    twosuns AFF Month ago

    Is this Blanched Turnip??? His macaron videos were so good before and I'm so happy he's joined Tasty!

  • Emily Violet Marie
    Emily Violet Marie Month ago

    I've had these before and they're so delicious

  • Miranda Mom
    Miranda Mom Month ago

    I expected green tea!


    When I get Chinese food the cookies dont look like that I'VE BEEN FOOLED ALL THIS TIME😭

  • Huy Nguyễn
    Huy Nguyễn Month ago +1

    He is so handsome! :)

  • HanZ
    HanZ Month ago

    loved the Chinese detail like the finger after pouring tea, hated the frank guy, hated how they messed up the red coloring, but other than that good

  • AngelMeiChan
    AngelMeiChan Month ago

    I like almond cookies when there's an actual almond pressed into them

  • Puiyi To
    Puiyi To Month ago

    as a Chinese in Hong Kong for over 45 years, never heard of cookies with food colouring and with butter instead of lard if it's a CHINESE one。。。。。。。。。。。。WELL.....受教了.....

  • jp
    jp Month ago

    whats the point of putting his name and just him saying a few words at the start when it’s just a normal tasty video..........with bgm....:(( kinda disappointed

  • Arianna Turner
    Arianna Turner Month ago

    Make a moon cake and I'm there.

  • Mahmoud Hany
    Mahmoud Hany Month ago

    Alvin you are my favourite and I love you!!!

  • MysticJhn
    MysticJhn Month ago

    Disappointed, I thought that red spot was gonna be some jam.

  • armyy donut
    armyy donut Month ago

    I was expecting some kind of story behind how this recipe was designed but maybe you just copied it out of a cookbook🤔

  • Aussie Curry
    Aussie Curry Month ago

    Nice ❤️

  • Kasuni Kaushalya
    Kasuni Kaushalya Month ago

    great! 👍

  • Domen Mlakar
    Domen Mlakar Month ago

    There is a lot of almonds in there

  • Failed Math Tests
    Failed Math Tests Month ago

    Can I just have frank instead he looks as delicious as the cookies

  • Teresa Wong
    Teresa Wong Month ago

    instead of red food dye our family puts the tiniest bit of maraschino cherry on top. Also in Asian stores you buy then with almond slivers on top.

  • carol bubu
    carol bubu Month ago

    where is the almond?

  • Krystle Miguel
    Krystle Miguel Month ago +1

    Frank Zhang (from Percy Jackson) makes Chinese Almond Cookies

  • lordmusea
    lordmusea Month ago +1

    I could watch Frank eat cookies all day long. 🥰

  • Row an
    Row an Month ago

    What happens if you add blue majik?

  • Iconic Doof
    Iconic Doof Month ago

    I'm 86,137th!

  • Angel Ngo
    Angel Ngo Month ago

    Thanks for sharing this recipe Frank and for Tasty to produce this video! It's different from the Chinese almond cookie recipe I use but I'm excited to try your recipe out Frank!

  • Poonam smart kitchen

    Very nice 👌

  • walkwithred
    walkwithred Month ago +1

    So the almond part of this was 2 tea spoons of almond extract? Did I miss something?!?

    • Fahim Ahmed
      Fahim Ahmed Month ago

      Yeah I feel like I missed something too

  • Margaret Fleur
    Margaret Fleur Month ago

    Any half chineses here??

  • Naomi E.
    Naomi E. Month ago

    omg yumm

  • Areeba Asad
    Areeba Asad Month ago

    Pakistan has a similar cookie called naan khatai

  • Shubhangi Bajpai
    Shubhangi Bajpai Month ago

    Mention egg alternative

  • Daniel
    Daniel Month ago

    That has as much almonds as my balls has nuts, such a scam

  • Mel 06
    Mel 06 Month ago

    Grams anyone?

  • Amrit Kumar
    Amrit Kumar Month ago

    Almond cookies are almond cookies,
    what is Chinese almond cookies!
    How it's a Chinese cookies?

  • Yun Hin
    Yun Hin Month ago

    I can already taste it and I was just watching it

  • Daryll Skywalker
    Daryll Skywalker Month ago

    can i suck his dick?

  • Azizul Akbar
    Azizul Akbar Month ago

    mirip nastar tapi gak pakek isi selai nanas

  • Gregory Chew
    Gregory Chew Month ago

    I believe the one we have in Singapore has a cashew nut on top instead of food dye.

  • Nandita sharma
    Nandita sharma Month ago

    Damn i really thought the cookies are filled with jelly in the centre.😢

  • marriam qaisar
    marriam qaisar Month ago

    Atleast scrape down the sides 😐

  • Parcus
    Parcus Month ago

    There are too many snacks in the thumbnail. 😉

  • Stephanie Tan
    Stephanie Tan Month ago

    Interesting, almond cookies with using almonds powder.😂😂😂

  • Kahlila Cassandra Vee

    He kinda looks like Bam Bam from Got7.

  • TG Nandi
    TG Nandi Month ago

    They’re just Western almond cookies with a red dot

  • santrupti danagaud
    santrupti danagaud Month ago

    I hate sweet things. Why am I here

  • Moon
    Moon Month ago

    Where's the sliced almonds in the middle? You don't even know how to make your own food right.

  • NimbleNavigator
    NimbleNavigator Month ago

    "Hi my name is Frank and i am going to show you how to be a fruit cake"

  • Saju Faji
    Saju Faji Month ago

    1.40 is it a cooking brush? Sounds like a pain brush!!🤔

  • Misal Rana
    Misal Rana Month ago

    He is so cute

  • Kevun C
    Kevun C Month ago

    Speak you have a mouth!!!

  • Classic Combo
    Classic Combo Month ago

    Straight men don’t bake apparently

  • Saif Tutorials
    Saif Tutorials Month ago

    I want my COOKING channel to GROW.!!😳

  • Willie Wonkah
    Willie Wonkah Month ago


  • Kuroda Yuto
    Kuroda Yuto Month ago

    chinese sucks

  • Destiny Rodriguez Singing Corner

    Lowkey the mixture with out the flour looked like whipped up eggs

  • Teresa Ronga
    Teresa Ronga Month ago

    They look so good! I'm going to try it tomorrow!

  • Ziong Vue
    Ziong Vue Month ago

    He fine af!

  • Hajime Hinata
    Hajime Hinata Month ago

    I wonder if those taste good. I'm insanely picky so I don't know if I'd like that.

  • yos doggo
    yos doggo Month ago

    Ive had these before they are really good

  • Silvia Moreno
    Silvia Moreno Month ago

    Y las almendras ??!!

  • NeonsStyle
    NeonsStyle Month ago

    Think it's about time to make some of Mums declicous cookies :D

  • large baguette
    large baguette Month ago

    If you serve this to me i will murder you

    *Because i would think the coloring is rapsberry jam*

  • G.L.
    G.L. Month ago +3

    A part of me was actually hoping these cookies would actually have almonds in them. 😏

  • joyce cen
    joyce cen Month ago +2

    I am going to make this tomorrow

  • Michael Alexander Rikel

    I thought that there are actual almolds or almond flour... still, it looks so good...

  • madestmadhatter
    madestmadhatter Month ago

    This looks like a neat simple recipe, and I love almond extract.

  • Mimi Chen
    Mimi Chen Month ago

    in Percy Jackson the heroes of Olympus, Frank in the story was Chinese too

  • Cookie Master
    Cookie Master Month ago

    一个视频炸出来好多中国人 来我这报道一下我看一共有多少

  • Stop Yelling!!
    Stop Yelling!! Month ago +1

    But how many producers do tasty have?

  • Kevin Zong
    Kevin Zong Month ago +14

    Is Frank single? He's hella cute

  • 魏无羡
    魏无羡 Month ago

    The almond cookies that I eat have actual almonds in them haha. But this looks so good.

  • christianne delos santos

    The guy looks like Aljur Abrencia.

  • joanna prevost
    joanna prevost Month ago

    You had me at Chinese Almond cookies ! 😎

  • Vlog영풍
    Vlog영풍 Month ago +1

    Wow nice 잘보고간데이 🐯🐯

  • Odd Flex
    Odd Flex Month ago

    They look like red titties

  • Jinyu Bao
    Jinyu Bao Month ago

    I’m Chinese and I’ve never heard of almond cookies... are they regional snacks? Like, popular in Canton Province?

  • 연남이 Yeon-nam ASMR

    Wowowowow it’s fantastic !!!!!!!!!👍👍👍👍👍👍 OMg!!!!!

    TheFULLMETALCHEF Month ago

    I must have them. Bathe them and bring them to me.

  • OneEar_ UP
    OneEar_ UP Month ago +4

    Chinese dont use butter in traditional pastry cooking so🤔 oil is the traditional ingredient

  • can you not
    can you not Month ago

    Why does it sound like there’s someone constantly clicking their mouse in the background?

  • North S
    North S Month ago

    Like if you agree

  • Lemons19902010
    Lemons19902010 Month ago +112

    I would have liked a story regarding the significance of the cookies.

  • Stephanie Balchan
    Stephanie Balchan Month ago


  • M. Craft
    M. Craft Month ago +33

    forget the cookies, i want frank! lol

  • Phoeblington
    Phoeblington Month ago

    Frank... you are gorgeous 😍

  • wazrasta
    wazrasta Month ago

    What a scammer channel half the videos on this channel aren't even real. So shameful

  • heartbrklullaby
    heartbrklullaby Month ago

    the cookies i've had usually have an almond in the middle instead of a red dot.

  • Scar Obviously
    Scar Obviously Month ago


  • A Tree Writes
    A Tree Writes Month ago

    No almonds included? :(

  • Hdkcn
    Hdkcn Month ago +1

    This is not an Authentic Chinese dessert...

  • Randomizer Gaming
    Randomizer Gaming Month ago

    I thought it was HowToBasic

  • Iced Tea
    Iced Tea Month ago

    Now feed these to your friend with a nut allergy for an epic prank