• Published on Mar 29, 2018
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  • Coaching & Directions for Business in China

    Great video, lots to learn about sake

  • Karen Serne
    Karen Serne 6 months ago

    Great video - lots to learn about sake!!

  • Blowtorch Battalion
    Blowtorch Battalion 11 months ago

    What a tool

  • ME Dibble
    ME Dibble 11 months ago

    The best sake I have tried came from the southern island and had a molasses flavor it was wonderful

  • astroboy3507
    astroboy3507 Year ago


  • Lynnsey
    Lynnsey Year ago

    But what if youre vegetarian?

  • Nelson Pretti
    Nelson Pretti Year ago

    Amazing video! Could you do smth similar with wine, spirits, liquors, etc...?

  • Paul Roden
    Paul Roden Year ago

    Great vid!!!...and boy was the music bed loud!! ;p

  • Samuel Ashenhurst Morrell

    I just couldn’t get past the way he said Sake

  • RoninXDarknight
    RoninXDarknight Year ago

    Surprised you didn't have an unfiltered sake on your list. One of my favorites is Ozeki Nigori (Ozeki is the brand, Nigori is the style [unfiltered]). It's got a milky color to it with an interesting mouth feel. A bit on the fruity side and very smooth. Best served cold I think. :)

  • Dann Khalid Isidro

    Good branded content. No bitter aftertaste. I like it.. no complains here :)

  • BrickFilmsCinema
    BrickFilmsCinema Year ago

    That place is so hard to get into, when I was in London they were booked for like 3 days.

  • Albert Valencia
    Albert Valencia Year ago +1

    Great tutorial! I’m the dummy who’s only had it with Japanese food! Poor me. Lol

  • Martin Ahlman
    Martin Ahlman Year ago +2

    I might have to try sake again, so far it tastes like hay to me :-/ Need to learn more.
    And when you come to Sweden I'll be happy to show you proper mead!

  • Swan
    Swan Year ago +2

    Oh man,that scallop looks good I can’t even lie.And that steak looks rad,too.Love the chill vibes of this vid.Do more John!

  • mrougelot
    mrougelot Year ago +2

    Awesome video! Love it when you mix food and drinks. Keep it up mate!

  • James Hobbs
    James Hobbs Year ago +2

    Interesting, thanks

  • DariusDaro
    DariusDaro Year ago +1

    Sake can have many flavor notes, such as fruits, flowers, herbs, and spices. Many sakes have notes of apple from ethyl caproate, and banana from isoamyl acetate, .particularly ginjyoshu-

  • DariusDaro
    DariusDaro Year ago +2

    I was drinking Sakerinha in Lisboa few years back, in all you can eat restaurant, also all you can drink :D all for 15€

  • SonicShenmue
    SonicShenmue Year ago +2

    Very informative stuff! I need a glas right now xD Cheers!

  • Liv Paez
    Liv Paez Year ago +1

    Mouth watering....... i love japanese foods too..😍

  • rorrisong
    rorrisong Year ago +2

    Another great video chef, would be a great addition at the end of a meal to impress friends, where is best to purchase sake?

  • Jiji Sound Project
    Jiji Sound Project Year ago +5

    how John drink sake : such elegant, such glorious, such wow!
    how .......... me drink it :
    1. open bottle
    2. gulp like pirates
    3. don't forget to *BURP* sound like a Cave troll
    *run before it's late

  • Serhii Hryb
    Serhii Hryb Year ago +2

    Great video! I would love to see more food and wine pairing :)

  • kalinux
    kalinux Year ago +7

    A lot of people I know claim to not like sake, but generally all they've had is a nondescript flask at some cheap running sushi place. That's a bit like saying you don't like wine after trying a bag-in-a-box of Zinfandel from the supermarket.
    I would strongly recommend doing a bit of research and then taking the chance with a £10-£30 bottle of sake at least once, to give yourself the chance of an eye opening experience!
    I believe the Hakkaisan Tokubetsu Honjozo that John had with the steak is about £15, and it truly is deep, rich and unique.
    Personally, I find lightly chilled sake to be the most exciting.

    • Food Busker
      Food Busker  Year ago +1

      Agreed, you've got to try the good stuff before you make up your mind. Chilled sake in summer = the dream 👍

  • Euphoric Times
    Euphoric Times Year ago +2

    Loved the video, i've never tried Sake as thought it was like 80% proof. Def giving it a try with some cured meats!

    • Food Busker
      Food Busker  Year ago +1

      Glad to hear it! That's what the education series are all about. BOOM! 👊

    • Aaron Sirkman
      Aaron Sirkman Year ago

      Oh no, Sake is much lower than that, only around 40 proof. If you're looking for the Japanese hard stuff, Shochu is traditional, and can be pretty tasty, frequently made from sweet potatoes, although I had a great one made from carrots once. There's also Aomori, an aged, distilled Okinawan rice wine; and of course they make some pretty fabulous whisky in Japan, as well.

  • Simon Yates
    Simon Yates Year ago +1

    You would be well served visiting Japan with a blfilm crew- I bet the govt. would pay for it!

  • Simon Yates
    Simon Yates Year ago +2

    Speaking as someone living in Tokyo with no idea about Sake, your video was smashing.

  • Euphoric Times
    Euphoric Times Year ago +1

    Food Busker.... Basic / Beginners Japanese food recipe???????

  • Rahul Bonnerjee
    Rahul Bonnerjee Year ago +1

    How much for a glass mate? I reckon.... 4 quid?

  • Gary Daniels
    Gary Daniels Year ago +5

    Didn't know I wanted to know that. Something that will be stored away when the opportunity arises to try. Will be trying the scallops and black pudding together, know I like those two. Thankyou John.

    • Food Busker
      Food Busker  Year ago +1

      Glad to hear it Gary, nice one chef

    • kalinux
      kalinux Year ago +1

      Scallops and black pudding is an amazing combination! Try it with some pea purée and pea tendrils.

  • banana banana banana

    oh man i just had sake last night with horse sashimi. it was the bomb! now i need more sake 😂

    • banana banana banana
      banana banana banana Year ago

      yep its a thing in japanese izakayas!

    • peshmerge44
      peshmerge44 Year ago

      banana banana banana horse sashimi? Didn't know that was a thing 😂

  • David Luna Velasco
    David Luna Velasco Year ago +4

    that was something we needed. That's a guide to get smashed with sake.

  • Markus Wirth
    Markus Wirth Year ago +3

    how to: get drunk with food busker

  • Roberta N.
    Roberta N. Year ago +3

    How does this guy not have more views?? He's so fun to watch and very educational too

  • Jeff Ward
    Jeff Ward Year ago +23

    I really enjoyed this type of video. It reminds me of some of your coffee videos. I think you have a career in this TheXvid thing, Jonh. Keep up the great work.

    • Food Busker
      Food Busker  Year ago

      Nice one Jeff, glad you enjoyed it chef

    • gazcan1
      gazcan1 Year ago +2

      This channel is not getting the traffic it deserves, unfortunately.

  • Krahn
    Krahn Year ago +1

    That is totally Western Sushi. Pretty much the opposite of Japanese Sushi. But still looked good.

  • Adam Moon
    Adam Moon Year ago +2

    Great vidoes.. more stuff like this please

    • Food Busker
      Food Busker  Year ago

      Glad to hear it Adam, more coming your way 👍

  • Andre ._.
    Andre ._. Year ago +4

    Japanese food is amazing. Sushi Samba looks insanely GOOD

  • Jappeli026
    Jappeli026 Year ago +7

    We should totally get married Mr. Food Busker. I mean, we have so much in common:
    You love sake, I love sake
    You love Japanese food, l love Japanese food
    You love sushi, I love sushi
    You love making videos, l love watching your videos
    You love making food, l love eating food

  • Anurag Roy
    Anurag Roy Year ago +2

    Increase the peace!

  • Pablo Insano
    Pablo Insano Year ago +2

    First Yo Yo YO!

    • Yew Tree
      Yew Tree Year ago

      Paul Spiers you beat me to it