Meek Mill: Championships (Live) - SNL


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  • TRU Visions
    TRU Visions 23 hours ago

    You're the best rapper in the world. I love the song going bad it's the best song in the world to.when you are up l turn up. love the part when you said you rich rich - l graduated call me big fish and that's the only thing I want for Christmas for Real

  • TRU Visions
    TRU Visions Day ago

    My baby brother is a big fan of you

  • QB NJ
    QB NJ Day ago


  • joe2torres
    joe2torres Day ago

    Damm this shit hit me..

  • Tony Gotti
    Tony Gotti 2 days ago

    J cole style 👍

  • zeldamaster103
    zeldamaster103 4 days ago

    the whole performance he was so articulate and crafty with his words, but then he forgot how to say snl

  • kevin tillman
    kevin tillman 5 days ago

    Them piano and the way he rap made this the best song on the album

  • ♐BRILL 39327
    ♐BRILL 39327 6 days ago

    God this shit so real. There's a lot of good rappers out right now but few hit you as hard as this

  • Angelo J. Simpson
    Angelo J. Simpson 7 days ago

    Trey Way on drums 🥁

  • Nucka Nick
    Nucka Nick 8 days ago


  • Elo Beats
    Elo Beats 8 days ago

    I know meek got emotional on this one, cant blame him

    QUANTINA DUNN 9 days ago


  • Martha Catoe
    Martha Catoe 10 days ago

    Love you meek 😍😍😍

  • Eric Leach
    Eric Leach 11 days ago

    One thing I've learned is no matter how great you are,you always gonna have hating ass fuck boys that can't relate.

  • Tedi Noel
    Tedi Noel 11 days ago +1

    Now is you against the state #i feel that

  • LeoElso
    LeoElso 11 days ago

    can we talk about the pianist playing those riffs right hand whilst playing bass lines left hand? S M O O T H

  • top City
    top City 11 days ago

    He should of done 100 Summer

  • John Dough
    John Dough 12 days ago

    Free 69

  • Desmond Mays
    Desmond Mays 12 days ago


  • 9Someguy
    9Someguy 13 days ago

    Best song on the album period

    ARIEBEE 13 days ago

    J cole is great live too. Very articulate

  • G.A.M.A
    G.A.M.A 13 days ago +1

    The instruments in the background makes you appreciate the lyrics even more. That's how it supposed to be... no take note new wannabe rappers.

  • Cory Taylor
    Cory Taylor 14 days ago

    #REALITY Believe it or not but we LIVE it

  • J leachy
    J leachy 14 days ago


  • Tanevea Davis
    Tanevea Davis 15 days ago


  • JuCity JT
    JuCity JT 15 days ago

    Musicians were supposed to do better then what they did

  • BiG Harro
    BiG Harro 15 days ago

    The watch he is wearing:

  • Rafael Liciaga
    Rafael Liciaga 15 days ago

    He killed it, I know yall felt that cause i did! DC for life meek never fallen off going down as one of the Greatest. Idc if he driving a 🐑 he deff the 🐐

  • christopher matthews
    christopher matthews 15 days ago

    If u from philly its hard not to relate. Victim to the system like a raindrop in da ocean they closing all the schools and all the prisons getting opened. #preach

  • Evander Pondja
    Evander Pondja 15 days ago

    Meek fã since dreamchaser 1

  • lay mariachi
    lay mariachi 15 days ago

    If you really in the streets this music is gospel to a nigga ... “ we wore old navy that shut felt like Christian Dior “ damn if you from the mud mud you can relate relate ..:,

  • Sonja Coleman
    Sonja Coleman 15 days ago

    Dam I noe what that smell iz Like God Blezz you meek Infinity2084 Stain emm

  • Dante Spain
    Dante Spain 15 days ago

    Gotta take the L and see where dude from to understand him fr fr. Gotta do it everyday...One outta millions MILLIONS who made it from the Tri-State

  • Bigga Bz
    Bigga Bz 15 days ago

    Bigga Bz Barz 3

  • Bigga Bz
    Bigga Bz 15 days ago

    Top 5

  • TerryClemons
    TerryClemons 15 days ago

    If you disliked this video, you part of the problem 💯

  • Demetrius L Patterson
    Demetrius L Patterson 15 days ago

    Who’s that on his shirt?

  • Lonnie David
    Lonnie David 15 days ago

    jacket tuff

  • Rocket Power
    Rocket Power 15 days ago

    Not my cup lf tea.

  • Tony Harris
    Tony Harris 16 days ago

    3:05 They Didn’t Allow Him To Say “Racism” in the last verse, It really goes “We had to beat the streets, beat the system, Beat Racism” They made him say “gun violence” instead, These Motherfuckers Thought They Was Slick Smh, Fucked Up.

  • Earle Biddle
    Earle Biddle 16 days ago +1

    Much props to meek mill, you inspire an old to stay on the right. Remembering where I came from and how far I can go. Thanks lil brother. Stay uo!!!

  • Frey Jepson
    Frey Jepson 16 days ago

    From a rough place and now your not. I do not think even half of this audience can relate, but more power to you meek.

  • Lea Coleman
    Lea Coleman 16 days ago


  • LeGawd James
    LeGawd James 16 days ago

    Info on the jacket he’s wearing??

  • Rudy Mulamba
    Rudy Mulamba 16 days ago

    Classic status. My favorite song on the album. Meek is WHOLE legend❗️❗️

    ROZE BLAZE 16 days ago


  • John Brown
    John Brown 16 days ago

    Lamest audience I’ve ever fucking seen wtf this man just poured out his entire life story and all y’all clapping at the end like it’s little Kimmy’s talent show wtf

  • Star Jackson
    Star Jackson 16 days ago

    North Philly in the building. He speaking the fucking truth omg the suggle real 😙😶🙄😜

  • HmanSP
    HmanSP 16 days ago

    Great performance 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Greg Ingram
    Greg Ingram 16 days ago

    🔥 🔥 🔥💯

  • Parkview Porter
    Parkview Porter 16 days ago

    Living this song everyday of my since I was 14 ...gun shots sound like music hanging out the buick

  • alo95ful
    alo95ful 16 days ago +1

    Iconic 💯‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️

  • first time
    first time 17 days ago

    Best rapper alive

  • Elisa Griffith
    Elisa Griffith 17 days ago

    Biggest snitch and piece of ass! Tell them about how you gave up that ass!! Can't even rap BITCH MILL

  • Blorf
    Blorf 17 days ago

    Sounds like every other rapper. They should try being original.

    • I see stupid people
      I see stupid people 14 days ago

      +Yasmine Johnson Are you dumb? He's terrible. Just like every other rapper.

    • Yasmine Johnson
      Yasmine Johnson 17 days ago +2

      Are you dumb? This sounds nothing like other rappers.

  • ICantthinkOfcoolYoutube Name

    Wonder what Taxstone think bout this new Meek 😎

  • Jafaar Ali
    Jafaar Ali 17 days ago +1

    Meek his lyrical genius word to word... he only needs to stop shouting and doing too much....

  • Jay Vee
    Jay Vee 17 days ago +1

    A beast he is indeed. Lyrically, mentally and emotionally Meek has truly grown and continues to. Loved this. This live performance goes right up there with J. Cole's work on Letterman

  • SmashBro 30
    SmashBro 30 17 days ago +1

    Nice work Meek. Good message for the people. Stay woke.

  • Cyber Media Intel
    Cyber Media Intel 17 days ago

    Oh really meek mill giving me chills surprised

  • Gangsta Vic
    Gangsta Vic 17 days ago

    Meek the truth

  • Diamond Girl
    Diamond Girl 17 days ago

    This means white ppl are listening 👍🤟

  • John Nicholas
    John Nicholas 17 days ago

    We wearing old Navy making it feel like Christian dior got dam meek fucked with u since the straight back braids

  • Toto Rina
    Toto Rina 17 days ago

    Free Soufiane B Morralles

  • deodasavage
    deodasavage 17 days ago

    He is more than a rapper

  • IGotThatBagOnMe
    IGotThatBagOnMe 17 days ago +1

    Really dope meek got the Glow he really shining right now

  • Kevin Elliott
    Kevin Elliott 18 days ago

    Meek is my favorite rapper

  • Ash Pile
    Ash Pile 18 days ago

    dog right the f on brother, flawless gig much admiration ✌️

  • bigjayking24
    bigjayking24 18 days ago +1


  • Filip Kranjac
    Filip Kranjac 18 days ago


  • Gonja Sensai
    Gonja Sensai 18 days ago

    Black Youth

  • Jude Jane
    Jude Jane 18 days ago

    What brand his pants? Anybody know? So cool!

  • Qrazy Gaming
    Qrazy Gaming 18 days ago +1

    I need to learn how to play that on piano 😭

  • hemi charger R/T
    hemi charger R/T 18 days ago +1

    Back in the day we use to ride pedal bikes now we up to date ridin around wit metal like 9millys 40 cals 380s Berettas like is u no this jawn then u a real meek fan

  • N A
    N A 18 days ago +1

    Being from philly this song so true ...growing up in poverty will have you in survival mood i am proud of Meek

  • The Oree's
    The Oree's 18 days ago

    I did 10yrs and came up in PA and this song is nothing more than the truth. 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Cal Daniel
    Cal Daniel 18 days ago +1

    This shyt hit hard meek.... fire 🔥..and he up there preaching

  • Christopher Lee
    Christopher Lee 18 days ago +1

    Sub to my channel if u Love Meek ! or Dont

  • Felix Cruz
    Felix Cruz 18 days ago +7

    This song is 100x more inspirational live.
    *Amazing performance.*

  • Joe Palmer
    Joe Palmer 18 days ago

    Preach 4 Philly 💪🏾

  • Shalaya Spencer
    Shalaya Spencer 18 days ago +1

    Live music puts you on another level of understanding people’s words... Luv Meek Mills music

  • Stacie
    Stacie 18 days ago +1


  • Karen Shigeno
    Karen Shigeno 18 days ago

    😍😍😍😍 meek this album was everything

  • Quarmetrice Stith
    Quarmetrice Stith 18 days ago

    🗣That waa greeeat💪😍

  • Marco Bonfiglioli
    Marco Bonfiglioli 18 days ago


  • Stonerz Inc.
    Stonerz Inc. 19 days ago

    Best song off the album 💯💯💯‼️‼️‼️🗣🗣💨🔥

  • Jerry Wilson
    Jerry Wilson 19 days ago +1

    Need that twenty nineteen album meek I hope you go platinum meek much love brother

  • charlie Brown
    charlie Brown 19 days ago

    He so nice he bleeps himself🔥🔥🔥

  • Bright Fame
    Bright Fame 19 days ago

    Talk meek!!!!!!!

  • Ronald Coleman
    Ronald Coleman 19 days ago

    Realist song on the album !

  • Fast Money
    Fast Money 19 days ago +1

    This man was raised a few blocks from me philly stand salute meek Ayo that piano hittin 🔥🔥

  • Carmyn Hepburn
    Carmyn Hepburn 19 days ago

    This Jawn different

  • Edwin Martinez
    Edwin Martinez 19 days ago

    Dick chasers in the house milli vinnli

  • Randy Marvin
    Randy Marvin 19 days ago

    Nicki didn't deserve such a down to earth dude she's to corny

  • Jeff T
    Jeff T 19 days ago

    Meek killed this with the piano 🔥

  • Michael Knorr
    Michael Knorr 19 days ago

    #MeekMill 🐐

  • Joe Riggs
    Joe Riggs 19 days ago


  • cantbepurchased
    cantbepurchased 19 days ago

  • RealHipHopSince1980
    RealHipHopSince1980 19 days ago

    great performance. probably my favorite track on the album. I need that camo jacket as well.