I Met Chris Hemsworth And Tessa Thompson

  • Published on Jun 9, 2019
  • I can't believe I actually got to meet Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson and interview them for Men in Black
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  • Joshua Mitchell
    Joshua Mitchell 2 days ago

    i think he voices um..... kratos god of war

  • J Kyurem
    J Kyurem 2 days ago

    Mibby mib mib

  • Sailor Larien
    Sailor Larien 4 days ago

    I always forget how thick Chris Hemsworths Australian accent (and his muscles *smirk*) is...like I actually talk to people with a similar voice and that is just so weird to me

  • Archie
    Archie 4 days ago

    men in black international is a terrible movie

  • ryluigi uwu
    ryluigi uwu 4 days ago

    chris: h-
    me: you shut your beautiful fucking mouth you goddamn angel man, fucking gorgeous bitch

  • salad pey6
    salad pey6 5 days ago

    i ship chris and tessa

  • TheRetardedBadger
    TheRetardedBadger 5 days ago

    “Yea of course yeap dah duh tuh um” beautifully spoken Chris

  • lego netflix
    lego netflix 6 days ago

    Why does chris always sound like he's so god dam tired i guess that's just aussie for ya i should know..

  • King John
    King John 6 days ago


  • Samurai gaming
    Samurai gaming 6 days ago

    I can tell in Jack's eyes he's just holding in his swear words, lol jk...

  • Alex UnderBass
    Alex UnderBass 7 days ago

    Look at him fangirling :D he is like *don't act weird don't act like a creep*

  • killer bee
    killer bee 7 days ago

    Jack is trying to convince them to start a youtube channel

  • CoVert
    CoVert 8 days ago

    since when did jack do interviews?

  • Max Hatter
    Max Hatter 8 days ago +1

    I actually really enjoyed Men In Black International!

  • Galaxy Captain
    Galaxy Captain 9 days ago

    My first reaction was his voice is hella deep 😂

  • pioco56
    pioco56 9 days ago

    She seems so into Chris, it's kind of funny.

  • James Quinn
    James Quinn 9 days ago

    The movie was shit lmao

  • Mrs. Pops
    Mrs. Pops 10 days ago

    Another lovely videeeoooooooooooo ❤️

  • kayla taylor
    kayla taylor 11 days ago

    how many celebrities have you met?
    jack: _yes_

  • itsscorchu 12
    itsscorchu 12 11 days ago

    Jack talks to celebrities
    Felix go away water sheep

  • Allen Prince
    Allen Prince 11 days ago

    How the hell does Jack get to talk to so many celebrities? 😂

  • Leonas Tauras
    Leonas Tauras 11 days ago

    I wish to be in jacks place

  • God _Man64
    God _Man64 11 days ago

    Sèan **mocks Chris**
    Chris "Are you mocking me??"

  • Jim Bob
    Jim Bob 12 days ago

    why is chris hemsworth's voice so fucking intimidating

  • Emily Trigg
    Emily Trigg 12 days ago


  • Kusta Kuties
    Kusta Kuties 12 days ago

    I love these 2. 💝

  • Ares Post
    Ares Post 12 days ago

    The power couple of marvel

  • Human Being
    Human Being 14 days ago

    I saw the movie, it’s shit

    FLEX LUTHOR 15 days ago

    It makes me feel better that Chris Hemsworth told Jack (Sean) that he had anxiety when he started acting because I want to play a hero one day and it gives me hope for the future.

  • GoombaFYou
    GoombaFYou 15 days ago

    If you’re a fucking fair dinkum fucking full grown Aussie, this is what you’d have for fucking breakfast you fucking dog cunts. A VB, LONGNECK at twenty to eight in the fucking morning. Get that up ya! *drinks vb*

  • Tommy Luc2
    Tommy Luc2 16 days ago

    I don’t know if this is real

  • Night Vaxy
    Night Vaxy 16 days ago +1

    omgggg cris is mah favorite actorrr im so jealous

  • Mathu
    Mathu 17 days ago

    I like these actors, but the movie was such a train wreck shit show

  • Jake Dawson
    Jake Dawson 17 days ago


    LEGENDRY NINJA 17 days ago


  • 1upnolan
    1upnolan 17 days ago

    I wonder how deep Chris’s voice can go

  • Tom Robinson
    Tom Robinson 18 days ago +2

    Chris: You’re adopted.
    One second of pure awkwardness.

  • daniel trindall
    daniel trindall 18 days ago

    Why does Hemsworth sound nervous ik Jack has 22 mil on utube buttt he 8s very bofmxjecd jem big r

  • daniel trindall
    daniel trindall 18 days ago

    Jack bust a nut 6843 times

  • Freak Soldier
    Freak Soldier 18 days ago +2

    Dude you need to like interview Keanu Reeves. Just imagine 2 of the most wholesome guy in the whole universe in one room together.... depression and sadness will dissapear from the world

  • Sheepy Sheep
    Sheepy Sheep 18 days ago

    I could have sworn I heard Chris say “yeah” across the entire globe.

  • kitten Grey
    kitten Grey 19 days ago +1

    Really heartwarming and inspiring. Thanks Jack, very cool!

  • Forrest Fraser
    Forrest Fraser 19 days ago


  • august lavdal
    august lavdal 19 days ago

    Jack i feel you are losing the energy you usually have, not that i know... but it feels that way. I know I get much more relaxed when I have a beard and or I get more boring, so I think it would be nice if you could remove it but it's all up to you :)
    Btw, are you going for a goth or maybe something like a dark spirit? I like your style, but in all honesty I like you more without the beard. I will like you always, just don't do something really bad like a suicide forest. you know? Anyways you do you, and nice interview. I only said this so you could consider taking the beard, not trying to be a ass :)))

  • Faraway Brawl Hacks
    Faraway Brawl Hacks 20 days ago

    Tessa clearly got emotional during the "cuddle" talk

  • Turbogaming 1416
    Turbogaming 1416 21 day ago

    Tessa looked so uncomfortable in the beginning

  • Lezzy Dim
    Lezzy Dim 21 day ago

    I like it how I haven't found a comment talking about 3:39 and 3:41, that moment you and you friend say the same thing at the same moment XD

  • Mr. Enderman
    Mr. Enderman 22 days ago

    Chris and Tessa: talking stuff

  • B E S T FAMILY!!!! OlivianBobby

    Chris:I am the god of thunder
    Jack:No ur an agent.
    Chris:Oh wrong universe I’m acting

  • Water Window
    Water Window 22 days ago

    Yo can I please see that Dr Chris and Tessa show?

  • J Lai
    J Lai 22 days ago

    love the chill bg music

  • Vic W
    Vic W 23 days ago

    "I dO yOuTuBe"

  • Ryan Fontes
    Ryan Fontes 23 days ago

    I feel like Chris talks and if it comes from another person it will make sense but when coming from him it hurts my brain

  • Harry Mu
    Harry Mu 23 days ago

    THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDER (coughchriscough)

  • Springtrap and Red Eye King

    Try to meat Ben Youseff Meite
    He is in Ireland too

  • Turbo Gaming
    Turbo Gaming 24 days ago

    I love them they seem so easy to talk to

  • Ethan C
    Ethan C 24 days ago +1

    Next vid: Watching porn with Keanu Reeves and Belle Delphine

  • SellOut LLC
    SellOut LLC 24 days ago

    Did she say Ruth negga

  • Island Fool
    Island Fool 25 days ago +1

    yo it’s tessa brooks

  • Miranda M
    Miranda M 25 days ago +1

    I understand the lady i mean like it is freaking Chris Hemsworth!😂💞

    MOI SPEDECY102 25 days ago

    I love Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson. They're the cool gang.

  • unpro gamer
    unpro gamer 25 days ago

    Jack said that people look up to them and that's true but I look up to Jack

  • Captain Terrifiction
    Captain Terrifiction 25 days ago

    Jack: you should have gone for the head

  • Mr. Brightside
    Mr. Brightside 25 days ago +1

    3:39 *”Thanks Tony”*

  • SkippyDingleChalk
    SkippyDingleChalk 26 days ago +3

    7:41, sorry didn't catch that name.

  • SkippyDingleChalk
    SkippyDingleChalk 26 days ago +1

    When you realize that they were already in a movie together.

  • Sky Kowalski
    Sky Kowalski 26 days ago

    Im so jealous i want to meet chris hemsworth so bad 😭 ur so lucky

  • Invade Corrupt
    Invade Corrupt 26 days ago

    Is it me or does this feel fake

  • notAstereotypicalAsian 1

    *Me interviewing chris Hemsworth *
    Chris: Hey , you have a little something going on in ur pants.
    Me: *looks down to find a bulge and wet spot*
    Also me: iTs NotHinG!

  • - Red -
    - Red - 26 days ago

    Look at jack out here, meeting famous people.
    Idk to be jealous or proud T^T

  • Cameron Zames
    Cameron Zames 26 days ago

    Why is Jack meeting all these people that I'm in love with?! I don't understand why he's getting these opportunities but I am so glad.

    • bluegirl blue
      bluegirl blue 24 days ago

      But it was so awkward

    • bluegirl blue
      bluegirl blue 24 days ago

      But its not was so awkward they looked so uncomfortable

  • Connor Wade
    Connor Wade 26 days ago

    Can Jack get a MCU Camio

  • GIDEON gaming
    GIDEON gaming 27 days ago +1

    Chris has a long neck

  • Killcamp
    Killcamp 27 days ago

    The movie is trash

  • uwu
    uwu 27 days ago

    Tessa looked so uncomfortable at the beginning, is she okay?

  • Renato Lerma Jr
    Renato Lerma Jr 27 days ago

    Cool video

  • ApplePie
    ApplePie 27 days ago

    Jacks started making his way round all the Chris’s

  • Piotrov
    Piotrov 27 days ago

    are you starting an interviewer career

  • Itbelikethat
    Itbelikethat 27 days ago

    My sweet boy out here conducting interviews I love you

  • MasonMorrisProductions

    Damn, you met Chrimse hemsworth and testicle Thompson? Shiiit

  • Hezekiah Rowland
    Hezekiah Rowland 28 days ago

    Chris Hemsworth and Jack. Both OG gods

  • Nate Dunbar
    Nate Dunbar 28 days ago +1

    Bull shit

  • Nate Dunbar
    Nate Dunbar 28 days ago

    What the Fuck!

  • MidgetFox Gamer
    MidgetFox Gamer 28 days ago

    Why does Tessa Thompson look like she is saying in her head "Do I ask where the bathroom is and dip or what I'm fucking shaking." 😂

  • Dumbadat Dumbadat
    Dumbadat Dumbadat 28 days ago +1

    Why does jack get to meet all the marvel characters?

  • Ryan T.A
    Ryan T.A 28 days ago +1

    too bad you didn't have that group hug!

  • DaBigPanda
    DaBigPanda 28 days ago

    This video taught me one thing, that all you need to do to make friends is to be an actor on marvel and men in black

  • Matt TanTan
    Matt TanTan 28 days ago +3

    He should start the interview with the celebs with his intro

  • Bluryach
    Bluryach 28 days ago

    is he speaking english

  • JR1o7
    JR1o7 28 days ago

    This was hilarious! I loved it so much! They all seemed so real! It was a bit awkward but that made it relatable and nice to watch! It was so funny!

  • L
    L 28 days ago

    Why were Chris and Tessa being so awkward? 😂

  • Fandom Editor
    Fandom Editor 28 days ago

    Love this! Its amazing to know Jack has got this far

  • Alex Angel
    Alex Angel 28 days ago


  • Angel Finley
    Angel Finley 28 days ago

    Jack how do you keep meeting famous ppl??

  • Mr Bob
    Mr Bob 29 days ago

    I saw this movie on a date😂

  • Emma The Unicorn
    Emma The Unicorn 29 days ago

    Tessa Thompson I - 😍😍😍😍

  • brian morales
    brian morales 29 days ago

    3:39 "thanks sony" "wow" same time different people

  • JonSnow0318
    JonSnow0318 29 days ago

    How and why did jack interview them ? Im lost..

  • Billie Eilish Snactched My Wig

    3:39 repeating that "Thanks Tony" lol

  • Tricia Ferreras
    Tricia Ferreras 29 days ago

    Tessa is not having it.