Spirits In The Sky - West Coast - August 29th Pappy & Harriet


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  • wampusia
    wampusia 9 years ago

    There are no tour dates scheduled as of now, you can find the tour section on the official website.

  • easternmind
    easternmind 9 years ago +1

    The new material is so amazing! Teargarden is going to be fantastic!

  • fantazjusz33
    fantazjusz33 9 years ago

    could someone transcribe the lyrics? I cannot decipher most of the song.

  • wishingbone29
    wishingbone29 9 years ago

    i will always love you!!
    the most talented guy in the whole world, i realy think that you're the best musition ever and your lirics are so deep. ans the music... makes me.. amm wow!! for 13 yrs i cant stop listning to you. and i'm so glad that you're in your beutiful time :)
    love you frome the deep of my soul

  • Tim Johnson
    Tim Johnson 9 years ago


  • nirviral
    nirviral 9 years ago

    is this cover of a song?

  • C .Jacobsen
    C .Jacobsen 9 years ago

    it's a one-off tribute they did for Sky Saxon from The Seeds,who recently passed away.He was a good friend of Billy's and appeared in the Superchrist video.

  • pumpkinzer0
    pumpkinzer0 9 years ago

    holyshit....I love it ^_^

  • subotaj
    subotaj 9 years ago

    Love you my dear Billy!!!!

  • Giuseppe Massari
    Giuseppe Massari 9 years ago