Rich Wilkerson Jr - VOUS Conference 2019: No One Else Is Coming

  • Published on Jul 18, 2019
  • What if the hope of the Gospel was on the shoulders of a singular people? What if no one else was coming to deliver the Gospel? We are that hope. We are that people.

    Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. kicks off VOUS Conference 2019 by laying the groundwork to this year’s theme, "No One Else is Coming." In it, he speaks on Jesus’ final prayer before the cross for believers to come together as the body of Christ.

    As Christ followers, we need to bring the broken home. To complete our mission we need unity but comparison, competition, criticism, and character flaws hinder us.

    The Church needs a new narrative. One that speaks of a community helping those with problems, loving beyond mistakes, and caring without judgment. The Church where people can belong before they believe and behave.

    We cannot wait for others to spread the good news because no one else is coming. Let us rise to the challenge, showing the world that Jesus didn’t come to condemn us, but rather to love and save us.

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  • Reina Corado
    Reina Corado 16 days ago

    Sin paz y sin Santidad nadie Verá al Señor. Hebreos 12:14

  • Val Rianne Billones

    This is Real Talk.

  • Alliana Claire
    Alliana Claire Month ago

    The Hope in any community is found in every believer to that community. Speaks ALOT!.... No one else is coming.. we have all the resources that we needed, it is our character that puts us in a posture where we can be trusted with things by God!. Praise God!!!

  • lindsey weber
    lindsey weber Month ago

    Amazing message. So ready for the other main sessions to be put up too because they were actual fiiiiiiiree.

  • Oliwia Monika Sosińska

    STORY TIME: I was born in a Christian Family, Catholic to be specific, then I was Baptized when I was few months old, I had my First Communion at the age od 9, I had the Sacrament of Confirmation at the age of 17 and at the age od 19 I started to feel this huge emptiness, I felt like Catholic path is not going to be mine. When it comes to my friends: some don't believe in God at all (but sometimes I laugh in spirit when they're angry for instance what they say it - oh my god, Jesus why etc. and I always remember when Pastor Rich mentioned about the story of atheists being scared In the plane and asking God for help and I find is super funny but also true), some are Catholics on paper and do nothing in particular about faith, some just pray but don't attend Church just like me but some do and are not in a agreement with what Catholic Church represents in Poland. I have discovered your Church and Hillsong Church "accidentally" by following Courtney Jane Barry now actually Lopez on Instagram and basically all of Selena Gomez's friends. And I started to do more and more research, listen to PERFECT AMAZING WONDERFUL MARVELLOUS music and I realized that was not a coincidence AT ALL, because I was supposed to find it and start my new faith journey and I know that one day I'll be living in a city where I attend Pentecostal Church. Now when I live in a different city in my country because of "college" I found there this type of Church and I know its ridiculous but I'm so scared to go there for the first time... Maybe I still need some time to overcome this but I know I dont just sit and do nothing, because last Christmas I bought myself my FIRST OWN Bible, prayer book and every day I try do pray, I watch your videos EVERY SINLGE SUNDAY and maybe for now that is just it. But I am the happiest now, cause I know all happened for a reason. And I just want to say that people who are around you Pastor Rich are the luckiest ever and I have tears in my eyes sometimes, because I would LOVE TO meet you one day and attend your Church, I said it many times but it is on my bucket list. It all is so difficult for me, because only two of my friends understand me and no one is into Pentecostal Church, not even a single person in my family and I have to be strong so one day I will be around people who believe in the same as me. Growing up I did not have much contact with God, but it is never to lake, just like Sarah had the Isaac when she was very old... It was written in a very short way. THANK YOU TO EVERY ONE WHO READ IT AND MAY GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU AND YOUR BEAUTIFUL FAMILIES!!! SENDING LOVE and sorry for all the language mistakes, im a polish girl.

    • Oliwia Monika Sosińska
      Oliwia Monika Sosińska Month ago

      @Florence Murwira I am sorry for responding after 5 days... Thank you for all your kind words and sharing your own story! It's so AMAZING you have a husband, who is also a believer. I FREAKING LOVE THAT!!! I've only met guys who were atheists in my life and as Pastor Rich said - how can you be with someone who does not believe in God? something like that, he tried to explain that it is pointless and it hit me so much even though I had realized it before. And you went through it all together, growing, searching for something new which can give you peace, that's so GOALS, so simple yet so hard to find these days :( I know now I need to be with a man who also wants to join Pentecostal Church or already is in one, no more bf atheists in my life. Sending love!

    • Florence Murwira
      Florence Murwira Month ago +1

      Oliwia l am so humbled l read your story to the end. Soo proud that you are searching for God for you. When you understand who you are in Him everything will fall into place. I was just like you... grew up in Methodist Church because all my ancestors went parents are still in there... went to a Dutch Reformed boarding school..married my then Catholic husband...Then as we grew together we had to find our path to freedom..getting to know God by studying the Bible on a Daily basis and we both decided that we wanted to go to a Pentecostal church. Nothing wrong with the other churches at all because the church is us but we felt that if we needed to grow we had to choose a path that was good for us. Blessings Sis in Christ

  • v. hito
    v. hito 2 months ago +3

    Powerful talk !! This is a real man of God !!!

  • Talisha Bennett
    Talisha Bennett 2 months ago +4

    I love the way he expressed Unity... My husband has to hit that hard for people in our church to see it. We serve many in the military so they understand what uniformity is. We are former Air Force. But to see how unity unfolds is so beautiful.

  • Talisha Bennett
    Talisha Bennett 2 months ago +1

    The people IS one...

  • Frankline B
    Frankline B 2 months ago +1

    'BIG' is a state of mind!!! so powerful

  • meghan belhumeur
    meghan belhumeur 2 months ago +1

    Found Rick by Kourtney Kardashian’s IG story. Good preacher! Maybe put the scripture verse in the description? God bless!

  • jon m
    jon m 2 months ago +1

    That’s Jesus.

  • Abby Goldie
    Abby Goldie 2 months ago +1


  • Vizo Kuotsu
    Vizo Kuotsu 2 months ago +2

    After long this talks alot to me tonight bless you rich

  • Dani Jacklynn Coombs Currence Moats

    Hey Rich God Bless U

  • Caroline Dutton
    Caroline Dutton 2 months ago +3

    Best sermon I have ever heard! VOUS Church does an awesome job at being culturally relevant while still bringing glory to God and staying rooted in scripture. God is so good!

  • Parvati Gudle
    Parvati Gudle 2 months ago +2

    Really and honestly i would like to say soon you're gonna Travel all around the World 🌎 and spread The Gospel of Jesus King!! And God is gonna use you more and more.....You're preaching ways are 🔥 fire!! You are the only one who Doubles and multiplies my Faith ....(sorry for Grammatical mistakes)

    • Bilikisu Adeyemi
      Bilikisu Adeyemi Month ago

      You don't need his answer when you have your own answer.

  • Flowing Water
    Flowing Water 2 months ago +5


    • Marta Delgado
      Marta Delgado 2 months ago +1

      If the Word is being preached, big church means lots of people receiving the Gospel!!!

  • Supagenki
    Supagenki 2 months ago +1

    I wish I could have been there in person. But its a blessing to be able to be there in person, EVERY SUNDAY! The message to me is, when you are doing what you are called to do by god, the people who have rejected theirs will try to dis-way you from acting upon yours. Live a peaceful life, but be a warrior of god. Hardening your heart, by making your vision clearer every day. Don't give into the root of bitterness, found in trying to make, everyone happy. You simply can't because not everyone wants to be happy. Just posted a video on my channel about my experience at VOUS Church! If anyone is out there, watching these videos, and has not gone to VOUS in person, I highly recommend giving it a watch! Thank you for the message Pastor Rich!

    BRIAN NORTON 2 months ago

    Lookee here a gay douche bag and scumbag there is no God because he doesn't exist in my heart or life
    Lookee here a gay douche bag and scumbag there is no God because he doesn't exist in my heart or life

    BRIAN NORTON 2 months ago

    Who cares about this trash and garbage there is no God because he doesn't exist in my heart or life
    Who cares about this trash and garbage there is no God because he doesn't exist in my heart or life
    Who cares about this trash and garbage there is no God because he doesn't exist in my heart or life
    I am so glad that God isn't part of my life because I would never worship him

    • areftie
      areftie Month ago

      @BRIAN NORTON Love you, Brian. I know it can feel that way, but I'm believing you'll one day let his love in. Jesus died on the cross precisely to prove how much he cares about you.

      BRIAN NORTON Month ago

      There is no God because he isn't real because he is dead and i would never worship him because he doesn't care about me

    • lpieowl
      lpieowl Month ago +1

      BRIAN NORTON the very one who denies Jesus, is the one who needs Him!!!
      Apart from Christ, WE are nothing. We are freely given this gift of salvation, of NEW life, but we have to let go of pride and SEE for ourselves! God bless you brother

    • Marta Delgado
      Marta Delgado 2 months ago

      BRIAN NORTON I pray you open your heart to the good news of the Gospel!

    • Maria Lobosco
      Maria Lobosco 2 months ago +1

      For sure, you need God,you need Jesus. He loves you,died for you and paciently is waiting for you.

    BRIAN NORTON 2 months ago +1

    Who cares about this trash and garbage there is no God because he doesn't exist in my heart or life
    Who cares about this trash and garbage there is no God because he doesn't exist in my heart or life
    Who gives a crap about the kingdom of God because he isn't real

    • Florence Murwira
      Florence Murwira Month ago

      Brian Norton if there is no God why are following what children of God are doing. Don't you have better things to do.? Guess what there is a reason why you keep hanging and listening to the good news of God the Father Jesus and the Holy Spirit. You will be testifying soon and God is not mad at you..

    • N Sd
      N Sd 2 months ago +3

      Who cares about this trash and garbage, cause I don't believe in a "there is no God". Who cares about this trash and garbage of a world, cause I got a hope, and that is my Lord. Who cares about this trash and garbage of what the world says, cause my God lives in my heart, and He lives to save and give life to the broken, like me. He is more real than you are.

  • say say
    say say 2 months ago +7

    Your on fire Rich. Thank you great sermon as usual. Glad I found you and your wife . Your ministry is flourishing your a great inspiration.
    Ps white pants look cool. God bless

    • Devin Atkins
      Devin Atkins 2 months ago

      I love how you are being used by the holy spirit to challange the church to do bigger and better things tha k rich for answering the call to serve God I myself have answered the call as well and i find a new challange and a goal to attempt to accomplish everytime i watch a sermon from this video i take to speak more life to people and trully meet the locals in my area theres this older gentlemen that i always pass by on my morning runs i thi k hes homeless at the beach but God has put it on my heart to talk to him and i havent one because its a diffrent culture out here in hawaii but i will reach out to him now

  • Natalie Ohlsson
    Natalie Ohlsson 2 months ago +1


  • Samuel Arrázola
    Samuel Arrázola 2 months ago +1

    Awesome! We need all the preachings from that weekend 🙏🙏

  • Melissa Magee
    Melissa Magee 2 months ago +1

    Really struggling at the moment in a massive storm and have been letting the enemy in but thank you for this. This preach has made me open my eyes and get up and out tomorrow

  • Chris Vasquez
    Chris Vasquez 2 months ago +3

    amazing word. love you Rick praying for nothing but the best for your church love you brother! 🔥🌻

  • Nosa Novia
    Nosa Novia 2 months ago +5

    Been waiting for this message since I saw the snippet of it on Instagram. Excited for this and for the other content from this amazing conference 💃💜💜💜🧡

  • Vickky1319
    Vickky1319 2 months ago +1

    So good! 👏👏👏

  • Debra Dodd
    Debra Dodd 2 months ago +1

    Awesome Preaching:No one else is Coming!!
    Jesus said He would Build His Church Upon This Rick!! 🙌✝️🙌

    • N Sd
      N Sd 2 months ago


  • Ninni
    Ninni 2 months ago +1

    been waiting for this! greetings from germany

  • robert ostrander
    robert ostrander 2 months ago +4

    thank favorite week of the year! Vous Conference