Guns Akimbo - Official Trailer (2020) Daniel Radcliffe

  • Miles' (Daniel Radcliffe) nerdy existence as a video game developer takes a dramatic turn when he inadvertently gets caught up as the next contestant with SKIZM, an underground gang live-streaming real-life deathmatches. While Miles excels at running away from everything, that won't help him outlast Nix (Samara Weaving), a killer at the top of her game. In select theaters February 28, 2020.

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  • Monika Gajjar
    Monika Gajjar 8 minutes ago

    E asa ny hota Pachhi pelo hero av chhi 😎

  • Sarah Jeanne
    Sarah Jeanne 8 hours ago

    But I'm confused how can the trailer be 2 months old when the meme of Daniel holding guns in a robe and tiger slippers is like 2 years old?

  • Jack Wilson
    Jack Wilson 9 hours ago

    I thought he was meant to be an auror

  • Lukas Ivarrud
    Lukas Ivarrud 11 hours ago

    You’re a skizzard, Harry.

  • Laurent DELVIGNE
    Laurent DELVIGNE 11 hours ago

    It looks like John Wick on LSD :-)))

  • Arijeet Dasgupta
    Arijeet Dasgupta 17 hours ago

    Harry Potter and the guns bolted to his hands

  • benedict bacala
    benedict bacala Day ago

    Harry said: This is better than wands!

  • fragile heart
    fragile heart Day ago

    i like the heroin.

  • Jester Clown
    Jester Clown Day ago

    Darwins game

  • P9T
    P9T 2 days ago

    yeah but how he gonna reload tho?

  • Marty Arararararagi
    Marty Arararararagi 2 days ago

    Huh. Idk if its a coincidence but Darwin's Game is kinda like this. Like even how DG's mc got thrown into this game or whatever.

  • Bryan Aguiar
    Bryan Aguiar 2 days ago

    The movie is freaking awesome but the trailer gave it all.

  • prod. m4ge_us3r
    prod. m4ge_us3r 2 days ago

    Am I the only one who giggled so hard at 1:17

  • Princess Nomnom
    Princess Nomnom 2 days ago

    Skizm:Guns or Wands?
    Skizm:How could you?Okay let's bolt guns to his hands so he can't use wands

  • Princess Nomnom
    Princess Nomnom 2 days ago

    The meme was like "GUNS ARE BETTER THAN WANDS"

  • KB 24
    KB 24 3 days ago +1

    Harry, looks like Voldemort's henchmen was looking for you.

  • Karam J
    Karam J 3 days ago

    Best Harry Potter mover EVER!!

  • Gwynn B
    Gwynn B 3 days ago

    Harry and Mr. Filch epic gun fight

  • Erzio •
    Erzio • 4 days ago +7

    " I'm Telling you Ron, these things are better than Magic Wands "

  • Yafen Cao
    Yafen Cao 4 days ago

    are you ok from guns akimbo

  • RussianGuyovich
    RussianGuyovich 4 days ago

    Damn Daniel back at it with the weird movies

    KING SLY 4 days ago +1

    I'm a skizzy💥👈🏻👉🏼💥

  • Giving It 100
    Giving It 100 5 days ago +2

    Daniel: I'm just a nobody.

    Me: Then who am I...

  • Hot sauce child
    Hot sauce child 6 days ago +1

    Harry Potter and the two glocks

  • Callum Parkes
    Callum Parkes 6 days ago

    0:59 nice Doom poster

  • Vilde Andersen
    Vilde Andersen 6 days ago +6

    Seriously one of the best movies I've watched in a long time!! And the soundtrack is amazing

  • Ak gaming
    Ak gaming 6 days ago +1

    Weirdest movie

  • fitzmarker
    fitzmarker 6 days ago

    This is an idea that *Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese* would come up with.

  • Sebastian dixsia
    Sebastian dixsia 6 days ago

    My favorit movie

  • Juzimaster
    Juzimaster 7 days ago

    They really had to pause music and really tell a line? Overused trailer Cliché.

  • RJ Binning
    RJ Binning 7 days ago

    This is garbage movie, shame on director

  • Mark Angelo Rana
    Mark Angelo Rana 7 days ago

    Does any watch this movie? Can u tell me whats the sound in 9:23 in the movie thanks

  • Krisha Mainit
    Krisha Mainit 8 days ago

    I wasn't updated except now that Voldemort already has his nose back? 0:37

  • I AM # 4
    I AM # 4 8 days ago

    Reminds me of that Hobo With A Shotgun movie for some reason?

  • z3k3
    z3k3 8 days ago

    I can’t be the only one who actually wants to watch it

  • No Name
    No Name 8 days ago

    *I’m a w0t?!??!*

  • Kate Loise
    Kate Loise 8 days ago

    Can't unsee Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter

  • quando vc ler os comentários eu estarei lá

    harry potter cansou de usar varinha

  • Gajendra Singh
    Gajendra Singh 9 days ago

    Dude's that is a fully action movie, and ultimately nice.Daniel does a great work in it,I have watched it and it's totally full of guns and killings and very nice from start to end. Harry Potter is ultimate series and Daniel still could do more ultimate works.. Keep it up man..👍👍

  • Christian Beck
    Christian Beck 9 days ago

    How could his hands function to pull the triggers if they have bolts going through them?

  • mohammad tavakoli
    mohammad tavakoli 9 days ago

    harry potter in search of muggles world.

  • Silver Phoenix
    Silver Phoenix 10 days ago

    Sorry Harry potty, that's a pass from me based on that alone.

  • IGotThisGeorgeLopez1
    IGotThisGeorgeLopez1 10 days ago

    Is Nic Cage in this ?

  • RasBumBaKl0t420
    RasBumBaKl0t420 10 days ago

    Should have saved the fact that he wants to help her. Way to spoil the movie

  • Yagiz Kocak
    Yagiz Kocak 10 days ago

    hiç türk yok mu ya ? İnşallah Türkçe Dublajı Çıkar

  • antipodean
    antipodean 10 days ago

    Love his American Accent.

  • มัจฉานุ ดุจเกษมสุข

    Harry Potters and The New Gun??

  • The Official Holy Water
    The Official Holy Water 10 days ago +3

    This movie was actually AMAZING unexpectedly i would totally rewatch it

  • Gregory
    Gregory 11 days ago

    Wtf Harry your mom let you play thieves and cops :/!!

  • syed moulaali
    syed moulaali 11 days ago

    It' s a harry poter

  • Dippidi Dope
    Dippidi Dope 11 days ago

    Make another one please

  • brian gaming YT
    brian gaming YT 11 days ago

    A question why do they used wand when they can use guns

  • Averi B
    Averi B 12 days ago

    I still am looking for his scar..

  • Lucatdat
    Lucatdat 12 days ago

    No thanks

  • Joey Whelan
    Joey Whelan 12 days ago +3

    The harry potter movies would have been over so much earlier if he just had guns.

  • Dharma Aji
    Dharma Aji 12 days ago +1

    Riktor is the new voldemort

  • Big Goose
    Big Goose 12 days ago

    Harry Potter on crack

  • bearisol
    bearisol 12 days ago +1

    i dont think ive ever heard him with an american accent, he doesnt sound like himself AT ALL
    1:08 is that rhys darby (murray hewitt) or am i going insane?

  • g p
    g p 13 days ago

    Crap movie

  • TiaguinhoZ
    TiaguinhoZ 13 days ago

    Why Harry Potter are speaking bad language?

  • Chris Hanline
    Chris Hanline 13 days ago

    I really wanna see this. Too bad about the toddler-brained director.

  • Laurens Pang
    Laurens Pang 13 days ago

    things went really weird after lord of the rings for the dude

  • pollodormido2
    pollodormido2 13 days ago +1

    He is the next Deadpool!

  • Laura Almond
    Laura Almond 13 days ago

    This looks awesome!! Can't wait. ✌🏻

  • Krunal Gode
    Krunal Gode 13 days ago

    Great Movie

  • Virus Visov
    Virus Visov 14 days ago

    hope this will be one of the greatest pictures of 2020

  • Jayden Gotcher
    Jayden Gotcher 14 days ago

    I watched this movie, and in my oppinion,it is super freaking badass.

  • Lixxx ay
    Lixxx ay 14 days ago

    Danielle Radcliffe plays in the best movies

  • Jesus Christ Denton
    Jesus Christ Denton 15 days ago +1

    Ah yes, Hardcore Harry

  • Alexander Arias
    Alexander Arias 15 days ago

    Okay I see all the Harry Potter memes in the comments but is the movie dank af

  • andi o brien
    andi o brien 15 days ago

    The real max payne film we had waited for

  • poop criminal
    poop criminal 15 days ago

    I can't wait to see how he reloads through out the film with his hands nailed to the guns

  • Rajan Pandey
    Rajan Pandey 15 days ago

    Is there any next part coming?

  • Kaiser Morty
    Kaiser Morty 15 days ago +2

    "I'm telling you, Ron, this is better than wands!"

  • Nick Riviera
    Nick Riviera 15 days ago

    Wherever you see written "A feast for the eyes" you already know

  • Rahul Dehariya
    Rahul Dehariya 15 days ago +1

    harry potter with muggle weapons

  • Arthur Morgan
    Arthur Morgan 15 days ago +1

    Harry potter and the 1911s of boom

  • CosmicScum
    CosmicScum 15 days ago +21

    When Harry Potter is tired of using magic wand

  • arab india
    arab india 15 days ago +1

    darwin game

  • basic instinct
    basic instinct 15 days ago

    Harry uncensored