Disney•Pixar’s Coco Premiere Livestream | Oh My Disney Show

  • Published on Nov 9, 2017
  • Alexys Gabrielle is live from the Hollywood premiere of Disney•Pixar’s Coco featuring Benjamin Bratt, Gael Garcia Bernal, and more! Coco opens in theaters November 22, 2017.
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  • Oh My Disney
    Oh My Disney Year ago +29

  • Yoosung Chung
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  • Oana Constantinescu
    Oana Constantinescu 4 months ago

    Uh.. What did you say

  • amit a.h. Devipujak
    amit a.h. Devipujak 7 months ago

    amit 9974718446

  • ayan khan
    ayan khan 8 months ago

    pleas say in hindi

    ROSA RETAMAL 9 months ago

    buena película !!

  • Axel Rodriguez Armas
    Axel Rodriguez Armas 9 months ago +1

    Hi is ariana grande

  • Dechin wangmu
    Dechin wangmu 9 months ago

    I love coco movie i want full coco movie in hindi

  • Eva Schon
    Eva Schon Year ago

    Anyone else skip through most of this just to get to Gael's interview? :D

  • gerry bathan
    gerry bathan Year ago +2

    #Cocopremiere ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💖🌈🏳️‍🌈

  • WWEdvdCOLLECTOR card

    wrestler of mexico

  • Debra Mulvihill
    Debra Mulvihill Year ago

    I love coco

  • Mallory Dinkel
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  • Tae for Taehyung
    Tae for Taehyung Year ago

  • Familia Coco
    Familia Coco Year ago +2

    DISNEY pixar (: 🙂

  • Lilly Afton
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  • Samina Hayat
    Samina Hayat Year ago

    Could you do the whole cartoon no one has done it I have been looking everywhere for it but I can't find it

    KAKA REKT Year ago


  • Bareaah Malik
    Bareaah Malik Year ago +4

    Gael's accent is so cool

  • Pearz
    Pearz Year ago

    I watched the whole thing😊💕

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  • Selene Valencia
    Selene Valencia Year ago +3

    how do you get to Disney Pixar?

  • danielaurista
    danielaurista Year ago +1

    Anthony just stays there and smiles.^^
    What a great premiere it must of been,them lucky peeps!

  • ika gacha
    ika gacha Year ago

    terbaik memang best

  • Renacimiento del Sol

    Olaf. Big mistake to throw that 21 minute movie before Coco. It was very disturbing. It felt as if we were in the wrong theatre. I’m sure it was done as a publicity stunt, and it worked very well for Pixar.

  • Madcamp Recordings
    Madcamp Recordings Year ago +2

    I loved coco! It was such a good movie with an emotional rollercoaster to put it together.

  • saiba Begum
    saiba Begum Year ago

    Coco is awesome and cool

  • Gabrielle Sivley
    Gabrielle Sivley Year ago +3

    Aw Anthony Gonzales is so sweet!

  • David Cordova
    David Cordova Year ago +2

    👍🏻😊😊😍😍😊😁😄. I love coco

  • ricardo cardenas
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    Great I got to watch it!..

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  • Neftalí Méndez
    Neftalí Méndez Year ago +1

    estaba clavado escuchando la anécdota de los discos cuando los interrumpe el director, jeje me quedé con la duda y la pena

  • Cecilia Rojas
    Cecilia Rojas Year ago +3

    Coco was so nice

  • Bunga Matahari
    Bunga Matahari Year ago +1

    cant hardLy wait!!

  • Rodolfo Iglesias
    Rodolfo Iglesias Year ago +4

    Me encantó coco ♥️

  • LivvieLockefan
    LivvieLockefan Year ago +1

    And my favorite part was the Idina video. So excited for Olaf's Frozen Adventure and it's getting me to go see Coca and give that a chance and I am optimistic that too will be good

  • María Zavala
    María Zavala Year ago +3

    Jgroff and Gael 😍😍😍

  • paola Rmz
    paola Rmz Year ago +4

    I really loved the movie coco it was really beautiful,the music, the theme and places.All my mexico in the movie

  • kev p
    kev p Year ago +2

    I Still Agree with the 999,999 TheXvid-Likers, I Still Hope That Disney Pixar Coco the 2017 Movie Stuff/Disney Pixar Coco the 2017 Movie Things Finally Destroys Disney Pixar Cars Things/Disney Pixar Cars Stuff Forever and Ever and Ever and Ever and Ever and Ever. Because Disney Pixar Cars Stuff/Disney Pixar Cars Things is the Worst Just Like The Sony Pictures Animation Company/The Sony Pictures Animation Studios, and They All Must Be Destroyed Forever and Ever and Ever and Ever. But Not Disney Pixar Coco the 2017 Movie Things/Disney Pixar Coco the 2017 Movie Stuff, Because Disney Pixar Coco the 2017 Movie will Super Win Over Disney Pixar Cars Things/Disney Pixar Cars Stuff and The Sony Pictures Animation Studios/The Sony Pictures Animation Company, and We Must Keep On Loving Disney Pixar Coco the 2017 Movie Stuff/Disney Pixar Coco the 2017 Movie Things Forever and Ever and Ever and Ever and Ever and Ever and Ever and Ever and Ever and Ever and Ever and Ever and Ever and Ever and Ever and Ever and Ever......AND EVER!!!!!!!! D-:

  • Cintss Cha
    Cintss Cha Year ago +6

    Kate and elyssa I hated the Olaf thing!!! I am so sorry!!! Not personal

  • francki blue
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  • Paul Keane
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  • Gabriele
    Gabriele Year ago +5

    Here only to catch a glimpse at John Lasseter's Coco shirt

  • Everest Canyon
    Everest Canyon Year ago +1

    Mozart? What is Disney doing to you? It can't be as bad as Ginger MacMifinchel can it?

  • Fun Kids Zone
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  • Azucena Colmenares
    Azucena Colmenares Year ago +30

    Gracias Pixar por mostrarle al mundo un poquito de Mi México. Nuestra hermosa cultura y tradiciones

  • Pixar Post
    Pixar Post Year ago +10

    Always a blast getting a look at the red carpet!

  • David K.
    David K. Year ago +24

    video starts at 00:00 lol (edit)

  • hi, I'm the one you wanna marry with

    this was incredibleee

  • hailey rae
    hailey rae Year ago +3

    I can't wait!

  • soul skun
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    Japanese please

  • BobinFlobo
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    So uh...
    I N C R E D I B L E S W H E N