My Parents Think I Am Gay But I AM NOT

  • Published on Mar 6, 2019

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    Well, that’s Robby’s story. Now it’s time you shared yours. And please subscribe to the channel.

  • Lightblow237
    Lightblow237 6 hours ago


  • tm67 trash
    tm67 trash 6 hours ago

    What's wong with being gay it means happy

  • mango llama
    mango llama 6 hours ago

    They thought gAmEr was GAYmer

  • Alexander Stevens
    Alexander Stevens 9 hours ago

    You're lucky your family's so accepting😅

  • x_ teamjoanne _x
    x_ teamjoanne _x 10 hours ago +1

    Parents: you should have told us a long time ago that you were gay 😀
    Child: *wait what?! I’m GaY??
    Nobody: 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Chuong Mai Quoc
    Chuong Mai Quoc 19 hours ago

    Not you all of you guys

  • Chuong Mai Quoc
    Chuong Mai Quoc 19 hours ago

    You gayyyyy:))))))

  • Luke Horton
    Luke Horton Day ago

    Bo Burnham ghost wrote this.

  • Rhayna
    Rhayna Day ago +1

    Sooo Jim where he at?

  • Aaron Avila
    Aaron Avila Day ago


  • Alexandra Centeno

    This is so funnyyyyyy

  • Ellar Marina
    Ellar Marina Day ago

    wow, his got great parents:)
    all we need now is parents that accept wen girls be pregnant at a younger age💀😹

  • Try_ DIY
    Try_ DIY Day ago +1

    Parents: it’s ok son we love you the way you are

  • arthur morgan
    arthur morgan Day ago

    Welcome to scotland or Ireland

  • indecisive abolition 3 4

    I can kind of relate but I also need help, allot of people at my school think I'm gay, and are always try things to "get me out of the closet". So can you guys please tell me how to convince them I'm not gay🏳️‍🌈😰

  • Calista Tullos
    Calista Tullos Day ago

    Mom: u R gAy?
    Me: uhh mom I’m a GIRL
    Mom: oh ya sorry I forgot that

  • Spadeetsu
    Spadeetsu Day ago


  • yxxki
    yxxki Day ago

    i actually kinda love how supportive they are tho-

  • Jacoby Irvin
    Jacoby Irvin Day ago

    I feel sorry for robey because his mom and dad called him gay but if my mom and dad called me gay I be sad and 😬 and I hope you guys all like feel like Roby if your mom and dad say your gay.

  • isis deltoro
    isis deltoro Day ago

    Matt? :V

  • Caoimhín Hdhdhdhddjdjhshhx

    My grown up sister thinks I’m gay but I’m not

  • 此処アッシャー

    3:51 - *WHEEZE*

  • Apple Juice
    Apple Juice Day ago

    Parents: It’s okay, you should’ve told us your were gay
    Robbie: *W A I T I ‘ M G A Y ?*

  • Salem the Bat Cat

    Robbie: * Gets married to a girl *
    Parents: Aw you don't need to pretend to love this girl, just come out of the closet.

  • Coolguy Coolguy1


  • Coolguy Coolguy1
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  • Vidzak99
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  • Restricted Snipes
    Restricted Snipes 2 days ago +1

    More like


  • rhilin audrey casipit


  • Juju War22
    Juju War22 2 days ago

    Actually DIDN’T happen

  • Bhavik Leer
    Bhavik Leer 2 days ago

    1:25 he says I gave up my joystick XD

  • Giovanny Abundiz
    Giovanny Abundiz 2 days ago

    How are your parents so stupid

  • Giovanny Abundiz
    Giovanny Abundiz 2 days ago


  • the random channel #Lizzy

    Parents: "LOL you gay boi."

  • Yolo
    Yolo 2 days ago

    For the gay people watching this video if your not gay and someone says your gay it really pushes your buttons

  • Sunny - brawl stars,and more

    Him meant

  • The Shuteye Project
    The Shuteye Project 2 days ago

    Imagine being gay 🤣

  • Alex Fullbuster
    Alex Fullbuster 2 days ago +1

    Robbie is a Gay-mer

  • بدر المالكي

    If you're didn't get nerve they never think that you a g🏳️‍🌈y

  • CarnivalBros
    CarnivalBros 2 days ago

    1:20 I would have taken that Alaska offer any day...

  • Pyrodiepie joins the battle

    Thank you for the $3 donation from I'm g-
    I'm not gay guys , I swear
    I'm not gay
    I'm not GAY

  • iiA7medPlayz
    iiA7medPlayz 2 days ago

    Gamer huh ?
    We are all beside you buddy

  • iiA7medPlayz
    iiA7medPlayz 2 days ago

    Gamer : exists
    Parents : wtf is my child doing ? Omg I'm sure he is gay

  • Poppy The Poop
    Poppy The Poop 2 days ago

    I'm gay and no one believes me.

  • Wippycrippy
    Wippycrippy 2 days ago +1

    3:14 I laughed so hard

  • indian_gal _kim
    indian_gal _kim 2 days ago

    Omgggg i am laughing so hardd lmaooooooo.

  • Ksenia Rotermer
    Ksenia Rotermer 2 days ago +1

    Well it's better than being gay with homophobic parents

  • Alia Salaiz
    Alia Salaiz 2 days ago +1

    Parents just don't get it

  • Xxx Tentacion
    Xxx Tentacion 3 days ago

    Man he just need to admit that is his best bro and they were playing video games

  • Famille Nicolas
    Famille Nicolas 3 days ago

    If you hate parents ho doesn't fead kids wen dey did bad tings. Like... MEAN PARENTS ARE MAKING Their children's health.😕😠

  • * honeybee *
    * honeybee * 3 days ago

    Honestly, I really want parents like that.

  • Sap App
    Sap App 3 days ago

    Your like me but I'm not gay

  • Pineapple Juice
    Pineapple Juice 3 days ago

    when your parents assume you’re gay because you hung out with one of your friends

  • Starofthesea Hello
    Starofthesea Hello 3 days ago +1


  • Another Comedy
    Another Comedy 3 days ago

    Well I mean he is a GAY-mer.

  • EndyRambar ‘
    EndyRambar ‘ 3 days ago

    JK Rowling wants you to be gay, you are gay!

  • Daniel Pride
    Daniel Pride 3 days ago

    I had almost the same story

  • Random Guy20
    Random Guy20 3 days ago

    No more gaming Dimitri, if we find out you are playing capitalist video games, you are going to gulag

  • Aləxvids116 123
    Aləxvids116 123 3 days ago

    why doesn't he just go gay already friken his parents dont care

  • mike the gamer dude
    mike the gamer dude 3 days ago

    I like how you take a problem of LGBTQ+ rights and use it for subscriber's

  • tara
    tara 3 days ago


  • GATCHA Pandie:3
    GATCHA Pandie:3 3 days ago

    It’s the thought that counts :3 c:

  • Cool Dude
    Cool Dude 3 days ago +3

    Robbie's Parents: Robbie and his friend had an intense sexual relationship!

  • Sandro Lagadze
    Sandro Lagadze 3 days ago

    You sound gay

  • Draco Malfoy
    Draco Malfoy 3 days ago

    *He forget to say "no homo" when his Parents saw them together.*

  • Aboha Molla
    Aboha Molla 3 days ago

    Bro tell them the truth and get ready for punishment for playing gaames😂😂👍🏼🍻

  • Caren Maraj
    Caren Maraj 3 days ago

    Im gay and my parents keep telling me that im not😂😂😂

  • MrBlueBottle
    MrBlueBottle 3 days ago

    My friends call me gay coz I’m a gamer

  • mr pit pull
    mr pit pull 3 days ago

    atleast your parent accept it calmly if my parent found out i be kick out like literally

  • Corgi
    Corgi 4 days ago

    Just say " *no homo* "

  • Nelson Ramos
    Nelson Ramos 4 days ago

    gamer or gaymer?

  • Coal Black Ultima
    Coal Black Ultima 4 days ago

    I have ADD which makes my anxiety worse and makes my school work freak me out. And about a year and then some ago, my only full blooded brother passed from suicide... My friends say I'm annoying because I want to be happy and talk about it. It hurts me but it's getting better, but my friends aren't talking to me as much as before and I have no one to tell that I'm in a double closet, I'm genderfluid and Bi and I tried to tell my mom but she said I wasn't and my dad brushes me off the only person that knew and would listen to me is gone now.

  • loko Sena
    loko Sena 4 days ago

    Start work, get money and go away from your parents houses

  • Ryan Mondle
    Ryan Mondle 4 days ago

    How do u pass your test if u play games

    Him:Play Reading Eggs 🤪🤪

  • Jason Kameda
    Jason Kameda 4 days ago

    "Whot? I'm GeY?" 🤣😂🤣

  • Toxic And Brianna
    Toxic And Brianna 4 days ago

    I’ve had a similar situation happen to me and it was not a pretty scene. It actually almost resulted in calling the police

  • Chaping x snipe Edward

    own a xbox s fit the closet

  • Bianca Castro
    Bianca Castro 4 days ago

    A wise man once said that EVERYONE is a little bit of gay on the inside.......and that wise man was Harry Styles

  • Love Gal000
    Love Gal000 4 days ago

    Parents these days

  • József Dancs
    József Dancs 4 days ago

    "I'm not gay!" "Guys I'm not gay!" "I'M NOT GAAAAY!"

  • Ethan Johnson
    Ethan Johnson 4 days ago

    Somebody in the world:I wish my patents could accept that im gay

  • Ethan Johnson
    Ethan Johnson 4 days ago

    You do relise that You have a purple shirt

  • Ethan Johnson
    Ethan Johnson 4 days ago

    No yo mama

  • Panda Q
    Panda Q 4 days ago

    Ok good, you're good with my kind. Aka the lgbt

  • It’s Jeffy
    It’s Jeffy 4 days ago

    I ship Robbie and Tim. Like if you do too

  • Fadhila Lucky
    Fadhila Lucky 4 days ago

    It would be truly good to have a special needs teacher or someone at his school to speak to his parents on his behalf. They truly shouldn't have been so hard on him about the gaming/gay thing and occupying who time with studying either

  • franzgamer1 franzgamer1

    Robbie: Im a GAMER not GAY!
    Parents Hear: Im a GAYMER yes GAY!

  • Jin Biased
    Jin Biased 5 days ago

    Imagine having the liberty

  • Liitleshortbisexualgirl 78

    His voice almost sounds like the one from edds world (not being rude)

  • Foxy9000 Austin
    Foxy9000 Austin 5 days ago

    I'm gay

  • ESW_ST33le
    ESW_ST33le 5 days ago +97

    Robby:plays games with a friend thats a boy
    Parents:Ur GAY?
    Robby:brings girl
    Parents:oh ur making friends

  • Night Light
    Night Light 5 days ago

    What just leve you it not tru love

  • Apex santino
    Apex santino 5 days ago

    I'm gee?!

  • nothingg much
    nothingg much 5 days ago

    I would rather have son murderer in jail than gay

    • It’s Jeffy
      It’s Jeffy 4 days ago +1

      nothingg much then I hope you never have children

  • Hamnah Ahmed
    Hamnah Ahmed 5 days ago +40

    My parents think I am straight but I’m not
    *Actually happened*

  • Dried Apricots Jar. Dried Apricots.

    At first, I thought that Roby was gonna FALL over Jim, his parents would've seen it and think that he was gay, when they tried to keep the video game on the top cabinet.😅😅😅😅

  • It’s Kay
    It’s Kay 5 days ago

    What?! I’m gay???


  • JayzDeluxe GD
    JayzDeluxe GD 5 days ago

    How bout you kiss the boy thats so cool

  • Corey Beech
    Corey Beech 6 days ago

    I’m gay and I found this kind of funny 😂