⚽️PREMIER LEAGUE SONG - 2018/2019⚽️

  • Published on Aug 9, 2018
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Comments • 3 211

  • Yin Sharon
    Yin Sharon 22 hours ago

    Why is fulham on epl?

  • Thomas Cowan
    Thomas Cowan Day ago

    Liverpool is the best. But Wolves are good 2.

  • Zant Nour
    Zant Nour Day ago

    wow let's see how well you will in premier league 19 / 20

    CHARLIE BOY 3 days ago

    You missed out Cardiff

  • Artur 110
    Artur 110 4 days ago

    and Raúl Jiménez??? Where are??

    KING DARRY 4 days ago

    Let’s be honest mustafi carried us

  • fortnites trash
    fortnites trash 4 days ago +10

    Waiting for the 19-20

  • Mahmoud Kassab
    Mahmoud Kassab 4 days ago

    U can hear Harry kane perfectly 😂😂😂

  • Tekkerz X Gaming
    Tekkerz X Gaming 4 days ago

    That my school moto

  • Owen
    Owen 4 days ago


  • Muhammed Emin
    Muhammed Emin 4 days ago

    Süper lig song

  • Wolvesfan 123
    Wolvesfan 123 6 days ago +31

    Wolves in the relegation scene lol! 😂👌

    • Wolvesfan 123
      Wolvesfan 123 2 hours ago

      Ádám Balázs Nagy very true 😂

    • Ádám Balázs Nagy
      Ádám Balázs Nagy 2 hours ago

      It's better tha 2015-2016 where Leicester was in the relegation zone.😂😂

    • Iron Özacar
      Iron Özacar 17 hours ago

      7th place for Wolwugal

  • Vaisu
    Vaisu 11 days ago +1


  • Andrea Duthie
    Andrea Duthie 13 days ago

    Oh, I’m Siri!

  • Gamer Mad
    Gamer Mad 16 days ago

    All 4 not five! Hey 42oons please listen to my comment I would love to see a review on each team this season maybe you could do one monthly each season

  • Asombro Viral
    Asombro Viral 18 days ago +2

    *The Premier League 2019-20*
    *My Prediction*
    🏆 Champions + Champions League
    🎫 Champions League
    🎟 Europa League
    🎐 Relegated
    🎫 Arsenal
    Aston Villa
    🎐 Bringhton
    🎟 Chelsea
    Crystal Palace
    🎟 Everton
    Leicester City
    🎫 Liverpool
    🏆 Manchester City
    Manchester United
    Newcastle United
    🎐 Sheffield United
    🎐 Southampton
    🎫 Tottenham Hotspur
    West Ham
    🏅 Derby County
    🏅 Leeds United
    🏅 West Bromwich Albion

  • Amitav Jain
    Amitav Jain 18 days ago +1

    anyone here after City won again??

  • zTripleKill
    zTripleKill 18 days ago +1

    Who's here after City won the league?

  • Kuba Karpik
    Kuba Karpik 22 days ago

    Whats original song?

    • Kuba Karpik
      Kuba Karpik 5 days ago

      @Haz JK yes. Or probably i don't recognized it. So please can You tell me title?

    • Haz JK
      Haz JK 5 days ago

      You've lived under a rock your whole life

  • Life As Archie
    Life As Archie 24 days ago

    So yeah this song I just like listening to so much yeah

  • Life As Archie
    Life As Archie 24 days ago

    Yeah basically this song is like just really good and amazing okay

  • Life As Archie
    Life As Archie 24 days ago

    I listen to this so much at the moment it's really good

  • Brandon Maverick
    Brandon Maverick 25 days ago +2

    City should be glad they didn't sign Jorgino😂😂😂😂😂

    • Lily Walsh
      Lily Walsh 25 days ago +1

      Worse Chelsea player since Torres

  • Life As Archie
    Life As Archie 26 days ago

    I like listening to this at the moment and it's just amazing

  • amelia McEvoy
    amelia McEvoy Month ago

    ha 2.30 my mum works for ' Hughwarts express'

  • charliebravo
    charliebravo Month ago

    Wolves clube de Portugal, move Wolverhampton to Portugal, THE WOLVERHAMPTON AIRLIFT!!!

  • Lucas W.
    Lucas W. Month ago

    0:22 "There won't be any arrivals" That proves that spending nothing gets you to the Champions League final.

  • Owen Drinkeld
    Owen Drinkeld Month ago

    It seems it was only yesterday I watched this

  • H3 RLCS GOD 06
    H3 RLCS GOD 06 Month ago

    we came 7th😂

  • Leonardo Iñaky
    Leonardo Iñaky Month ago

    Jajajaja Mesut Özil (Autolike para no desaparecer)

  • Harry Mohan
    Harry Mohan Month ago +1

    Who’s here after city won

  • the gamer
    the gamer Month ago +1

    0 : 22 didn't spurs buy Lucas moura?????

    • Gerry
      Gerry Month ago

      the gamer in January 2018

  • Watford Till I Die
    Watford Till I Die Month ago

    Watford part cracked me up 😂

  • Fan of music
    Fan of music Month ago +1

    And today will be finish this Season of the premier...

  • Judy Chen
    Judy Chen Month ago +4

    1:39 is that the Rome legend that have the commentator go crazy

  • Judy Chen
    Judy Chen Month ago +3

    Will the next premier league song 19-20 song be bring this all together

  • Quetzalcoatl
    Quetzalcoatl Month ago +3

    1:00 Slavery.

  • Kendo Martin
    Kendo Martin Month ago +2


  • fede20 03
    fede20 03 Month ago

    Here after arsenal draw with burnley. EMERY OUTTTT

  • hein do
    hein do Month ago

    When a team seventh place says could they survive the drop

  • Tzatziki le Puceau
    Tzatziki le Puceau Month ago +4

    "Go down, no way"
    Oh look!

  • Couldn’t think of a name

    For people still living in June 2019
    Liverpool have a massive title race with Manchester City and Huddersfield, Fulham and Cardiff get relegated

  • Brownie5641
    Brownie5641 Month ago

    Rate the fact wolves are 7th 😂

  • Wojti
    Wojti Month ago

    Song name?

    EPICCOLBY Month ago

    I have Callum Hudson Odoi on dream league football 2019

  • hama Madridy
    hama Madridy Month ago

    Do You see Little Pea? 4:09

  • Rocken HD
    Rocken HD Month ago +1

    Fly emerytes (Arsenal)
    DIY army (Spurs)
    Blue moon (man city)
    Yokohaza (Chelsea)
    Chefromlet (man united)
    Fact88 (Newcastle)
    Westhamway (west ham)
    Flower power (Leicester)
    Salah uncharted ( Liverpool)
    Sportpeas (Everton)
    FxEd (Watford)
    Cherries (Bournemouth)
    Hughwarts express(Brighton)
    Werewolves (wolves)
    Don’t visit Cardiff (Cardiff)
    Dychlek (Burnley)
    Daftbet (Fulham)
    Broke (Huddersfield)
    No UKTV Media(Southampton
    ManbentX (Crystal palace)

  • Angkasa Bilal Gatayu
    Angkasa Bilal Gatayu Month ago +1


  • Dr Savage
    Dr Savage Month ago

    Siri actually says no way me too!

  • William Diaz-Berthiaume

    Best prem song so far! Good job 442oons!!

  • Thomas Sidley
    Thomas Sidley Month ago

    Yay stoke are in championship I don’t like stoke because I am a port vale supporter but they are in league 2

  • Hios Harald
    Hios Harald Month ago +16

    Little did City know that Tottenham would beat them in the UCL😂

  • Mhhvvh Hhhvhbg
    Mhhvvh Hhhvhbg Month ago +1

    Funny thing is Huddersfield are actually getting relegated

  • Rose Hickson
    Rose Hickson Month ago +1

    Thx for motivating me 442oons :)

  • jack Horrocks
    jack Horrocks Month ago

    whats evertons crest meant to be

  • Joseph Foley
    Joseph Foley Month ago +10

    Wolves as a possiblity to go down

    Bollocks and I'm a wba fan!

  • Soccer!
    Soccer! Month ago

    0:28 Hahahaha this is so hilarious now that everyone and their mom wants Hudson-Odoi.

  • aye
    aye Month ago +1

    Look at Wolves now

  • Jordan Highcock
    Jordan Highcock 2 months ago

    Siri actually says that

  • Aidan Shiu
    Aidan Shiu 2 months ago

    how come hendo is the only capitan who wears the armband in the videos?

  • Joshua Webb
    Joshua Webb 2 months ago


  • Adam Rapcan
    Adam Rapcan 2 months ago

    what song is this

  • deathkillr124 3
    deathkillr124 3 2 months ago +2

    Bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye farewell mesut

  • Hysterical Gamer
    Hysterical Gamer 2 months ago +2

    5 games left in the season...

    Does anybody else feel like the season has only just started

  • Harry Laverick
    Harry Laverick 2 months ago

    Aresnal shouldn't be in the title race at all were shit
    (I'm an arsenal fan)

  • Jo Bowler
    Jo Bowler 2 months ago

    3 Adjustments to next year: Fulham,Huddersfield dead,Wolves entering the top 6,Everton moving away from Liverpool,LOL

  • Ben Reilly
    Ben Reilly 2 months ago

    Good song

  • DailyBumps Fan
    DailyBumps Fan 2 months ago

    Wolves finally get a mention

  • Emanuele Sette
    Emanuele Sette 2 months ago

    2:23 Bastardo

  • Mohammad Vahidi
    Mohammad Vahidi 2 months ago +35

    At first there was possibility of wolves go down 😂😂😂

  • Mariya Rubi
    Mariya Rubi 2 months ago +15

    If you think Huddersfield Town is bad then like my comment
    Manchester city or Liverpool will win the league the premier league of2019

  • Zulky 223
    Zulky 223 2 months ago

    Hey Dean What is song?

  • Aaryan JASSAL
    Aaryan JASSAL 2 months ago +2

    Huddersfield's Getting Relegated This Week

  • Marco Cavallari
    Marco Cavallari 2 months ago +1


  • Alien Panda
    Alien Panda 2 months ago

    Pls no....

  • Travis Larson
    Travis Larson 3 months ago

    Don’t stop dreaming

  • samuka djassy Coutinho num podi

    Please José Mourinho , please fuck you little shit goddamm you

  • Channel Zorgo
    Channel Zorgo 3 months ago

    Bye josè mourinho hello ole gunnar skojær

    Best United manager

  • Angel Reyes
    Angel Reyes 3 months ago +5

    My top ten predictions
    1. Liverpool
    2.Manchester City
    5.Manchester utd
    7 wolves
    8 watford
    9 Bournemouth
    10 Lecister city
    Golden boot top 6
    1 aguero
    4 Aubameyang
    5.Eden hazard
    6. Manè
    Like if you agree with any list

    • TJC 17
      TJC 17 Month ago


    • Bucker H
      Bucker H 2 months ago

      I didn’t make the list

    • Angel Reyes
      Angel Reyes 2 months ago

      Worlds Most ard geezer misspelled Leicester

    • Bucker H
      Bucker H 3 months ago

      Angel Reyes you updated it one day ago 😂

  • Mattlolly 145
    Mattlolly 145 3 months ago


  • Nathaniel Bourne pro wrestling

    1. footballs coming home
    2. Living for the prem
    3. Don't stop dreaming
    4. Football countdown
    5. 2017-18 song

    • Nathaniel Bourne pro wrestling
      Nathaniel Bourne pro wrestling 3 months ago

      Pharrell footballs coming home is the best.

    • Pharrell
      Pharrell 3 months ago

      1. Football Countdown
      2. Living for the Prem
      3. Don't stop dreaming
      4. 17-18 Song
      5. Footballs coming home

  • GR8 M8
    GR8 M8 3 months ago +1

    Literally anyone: Hi
    Neil Warnock: F**k off

  • Levente Kondé
    Levente Kondé 3 months ago +2

    man utd the best team in the word

    • f1rc gold
      f1rc gold 21 day ago

      They haven't won a game in 3 weeks

  • Adil Chana
    Adil Chana 3 months ago +1


  • Antonio Joaquim Rodrigues
    Antonio Joaquim Rodrigues 3 months ago +6

    My predicitons
    1 Liverpool
    2 M City
    3 M United
    4 Arsenal
    5 Spurs
    6 Chelsea
    7 Wolves
    8 Leicester
    9 Everton
    10 West Ham
    11 Watford
    12 Bourmelhouth
    13 Burnley
    14 C Palace
    15 Brigthon
    16 Newcastle
    17 Cardiff
    18 Huddersfield
    19 Southampton
    20 Fulham

  • cribbling cribbling
    cribbling cribbling 3 months ago

    Mesut: bye bye bye bye

  • Supporter Lyonnais
    Supporter Lyonnais 3 months ago +7

    What an amazing animation! I'm a french suscriber, can you do the song of Ligue 1. I am an Olympique Lyonnais 's fan.

  • Sandra Lacroix
    Sandra Lacroix 3 months ago


  • Fernando Pizarro Villagarcía

    After matchday 27:
    Top left (6th): CHELSEA
    Top right (5th): MAN. UNITED
    Middle left (4th): ARSENAL
    Middle right (3rd): TOTTENHAM
    Bottom left (2nd): MAN. CITY
    Bottom right (1st): LIVERPOOL

    • Gaming Legend
      Gaming Legend Month ago

      Fernando Pizarro Villagarcía
      chelsea 3rd

  • AJ Footy
    AJ Footy 3 months ago

    Ummmm Southampton????

  • Alex Iada
    Alex Iada 3 months ago


  • Hubert Szablewski
    Hubert Szablewski 3 months ago

    Uuhhhhrrfsertgv nkfifjffr

  • vule king
    vule king 3 months ago

    Balkanci imali nas

  • Kingdom of Prussia
    Kingdom of Prussia 3 months ago +1

    Jose should have been with the relegation candidates asking if they would last the season...

  • Gaming Legend
    Gaming Legend 3 months ago +1

    you should've made salah a piece of salad
    get Mo Salah - Mo Salad

  • Chronic Shadow
    Chronic Shadow 3 months ago

    I bought the Moneychester United merch

  • Publito YT
    Publito YT 3 months ago +2

    This is a great Video And THATS A FACT

  • summayia Ali
    summayia Ali 3 months ago +2

    Leicester I love you!

  • El OMG
    El OMG 3 months ago

    2:16 to 2:20