Plane Crash Leads To Unbelievable Survival Story

  • Published on Jul 18, 2019
  • This is one of the survival stories of all time. A plane crashed in the Andes and the survivors were stranded for a total of 72 days! But how did they survive the frozen wild for that long?
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  • The Infographics Show
    The Infographics Show  27 days ago +1478

    I remember reading the book about it and I was really impressed by their resilience... Do you choose life or morals if you were in their position?

    • Sawyer Pruitt
      Sawyer Pruitt 2 days ago


    • M.J 7
      M.J 7 2 days ago

      I don’t know.

    • M Detlef
      M Detlef 2 days ago

      The Infographics Show You DON’T wait WEEKS to go looking for help!!!!!

    • Hardcore Gears
      Hardcore Gears 3 days ago

      I saw its documentary on nat geo

    • Lynne Buttress
      Lynne Buttress 3 days ago

      There was a part in the book. Where this woman refused to eat somebody else. So she starved... and the group respected her wishes and left her body. (They didn't eat her) so yes some people chose moral over survival.

  • tjitjo
    tjitjo 14 minutes ago


  • BobbyG
    BobbyG 2 hours ago

    How did they get on in the rugby match?

  • Harry Holden
    Harry Holden 3 hours ago

    Look I’m selfish if I’m hungry I don’t have any friends anymore but I now have dinner

  • MuffPie Sandwich
    MuffPie Sandwich 3 hours ago

    if I was a mexican like they were I would've starved myself to death immediately

  • Infinus YT
    Infinus YT 8 hours ago

    San martin(if you learned about argentinian history you will know what i talk about) be like: PATHETIC.

  • flightjam
    flightjam 9 hours ago

    Would like to see this made into a movie

  • Can we hit 10000 subs with a pig

    The movie was amazing.

  • ifrnks
    ifrnks 13 hours ago

    I watched the movie it’s called Alive. It gave me chills

  • Azul Marina
    Azul Marina 14 hours ago

    It was pretty dumb to highlight that it was Friday 13th. It ruinned a serious video.

  • Fern Torres
    Fern Torres 15 hours ago +1

    I came from Stephanie soo muck-bang talking about this

  • Han Solo
    Han Solo 18 hours ago

    I like fortnite

  • Helljumper
    Helljumper 18 hours ago

    Eat me. But carve my body with respect 😔

    • James Quinn
      James Quinn 12 hours ago

      They would of had respect for those who died they would of carved the flesh and then buried the bodies its the least they could do if you watch the movie Alive made in 93 you can tell they didn't want to eat the dead

  • Angel Arroyo
    Angel Arroyo 19 hours ago

    They entered the twighlight zone.

  • Patholgoic
    Patholgoic 19 hours ago +1

    If me and my friends where on that plane I would be like bro just do it.

  • i am ZERO
    i am ZERO 21 hour ago

    I dont care if they eat my body to survive .. At least i can help them even when i die ..

  • i am ZERO
    i am ZERO 21 hour ago

    I dont care if they eat my body to survive .. At least i can help them even when i die ..

  • Don _10293847567
    Don _10293847567 21 hour ago

    So it was still a weekend to remember.

    PŁAGUE FN 21 hour ago


  • Marvin Werner
    Marvin Werner 22 hours ago

    Yeah that's disgusting - I wouldn't eat another human period

  • Ashan maduranga
    Ashan maduranga 22 hours ago

    Of course, I would have done the same. Everything we have been doing just to survive. Such a Great Video though. wish to see more like that. Best of luck.

  • David Stewart
    David Stewart 23 hours ago +1

    These graphics do not match the tone of this story

  • KaiBald101
    KaiBald101 Day ago

    i fell like they did the right thing, because if they didn t do this how could they tell the story

  • Rafael Ruiz
    Rafael Ruiz Day ago +1

    I love this video!🏳️🏁🏁🚩🚩🚩

  • Aneizi
    Aneizi Day ago

    I'd rather die than eat human meat.

  • Esthrotical
    Esthrotical Day ago

    They are hating on them for trying to survive? If you were stranded somewhere and you were the only survivor, with 3 dead body's nothing else. You would obviously eat the body.

  • A man has no name

    I met them. they came to my university in Mexico (Tec de Monterrey) to give a conference and i had to chance to talk to them after the conference. Another story one of them tol me is that he had found a piece of candy and he hid it in his pocket it lasted him for days as he would just give few licks per day when nobody was looking. It took him 30 years to confess this to the other survivors.

  • kittydog fan #1
    kittydog fan #1 Day ago

    Wait halfway I realized he had a gun from the co pilot they could have shot it

    • James Quinn
      James Quinn 12 hours ago

      They could of but at the time they didn't need it so they weren't thinking of it as a tool to survive with it could of been used to give off a position to anyone they might have saw 3 shots in the air is the international SOS with gun fire

  • shakhir r
    shakhir r Day ago +11

    Always felt sorry for Nando the most, imagine surviving that but losing your mother and sister :(
    poor guy

  • Anant Sharma
    Anant Sharma Day ago

    They could have used the cloth to warm them

  • Trevor H
    Trevor H Day ago

    Read this in a book lol

  • Blue Moon218
    Blue Moon218 Day ago

    Marine corps motto is “do or die”. I don’t judge these men what so ever

  • Philsons Lament
    Philsons Lament Day ago

    In that situation morality and respect for the dead comes second to surviving. Those living still have a chance and loved ones out there. Is keeping the dead in tact and not being eaten worth condemning the survivors to death? Why would the dead’s flesh be more important than a living being. You have to do what you have to do to survive

    • James Quinn
      James Quinn 10 hours ago

      Let's not forget it was the 70s and something like that was RARELY heard of they didn't have the internet or anything and could only get there info from the media so it was also a different time period

  • tankshot 325
    tankshot 325 Day ago +2

    If you werent there, then you dont have the right on condeming the act ln how they survived.

  • Mittens YT
    Mittens YT Day ago

    They actually had a lot of rations left, but they saw a plane flying overhead and thought that it was a search party and ate the rations, all of this was before they had decided to eat the bodies of the dead.

  • Armando Ortiz
    Armando Ortiz Day ago

    Fairchild sa-22 d must be a subsidiary of Boeing..

  • MagmaStress
    MagmaStress Day ago

    There is a movie about this. What is it called? I remember watching it.

    • James Quinn
      James Quinn 3 hours ago

      @MagmaStress no worries mate i actually downloaded the film and just finished watching it i think I need to order the book

    • MagmaStress
      MagmaStress 11 hours ago

      James Quinn thanks

    • James Quinn
      James Quinn 11 hours ago

      Alive is the name of the film

  • Jeff W
    Jeff W Day ago

    I would become a cannibal if there are many others to be saved in the same situation and the group all agreed. I would not become a cannibal to save myself or 1 or 2 other people.
    Ill admit it... I have ate kids before.

    Sour Patch Kids are pretty sour and eating many will make your tongue sore.

  • noahmeme2
    noahmeme2 Day ago

    Bloodreina would be impressed

  • Cassidy Jones
    Cassidy Jones Day ago

    This should be a "I shouldn't be alive" episode if it isnt already

    • James Quinn
      James Quinn 11 hours ago

      No it isnt haha and its unlikely it will since there is a full length feature film called Alive based on this incident the book is gripping as well

  • Stefan Pigford
    Stefan Pigford Day ago

    This helps alot to know.
    1st. If you're flying over frozen mountains. Bring survival gear.
    2nd. Bring communications device.
    3rd. Bring Xtra clothing
    4th. enough dry food for 2 months aleast.
    5th. Heating element to stay warm.

    • James Quinn
      James Quinn 11 hours ago

      And when the trip is as short as that no one in there minds would think of the worst happening ot was a freak accident nothing more Chili and Uraguay are actually pretty close geographically a plane flight doesn't take that long so to be fair no one would of expected the worst to happen

  • Albatraoz125
    Albatraoz125 Day ago

    Minecraft in a nutshell

  • Kara Tio
    Kara Tio Day ago +3

    Never fly cheap, I learned that lesson from spirit airlines

  • Kelly Doyle
    Kelly Doyle Day ago

    Imagine being mad at them. They did what they dad to do

  • Komol Das
    Komol Das Day ago

    Watch the movie 'Alive' 1993 based on this incident.....& thank me later

    • James Quinn
      James Quinn 12 hours ago

      Already watched it XD i saw it in 2004 in my first year of high school

  • Marty Brats
    Marty Brats Day ago

    For any body who doesn't know, there's a movie about this story and it's incredible

    • James Quinn
      James Quinn 12 hours ago

      Most people already know the movie lol i watched the movie back in high school 11yrs after it was made so yes 2004 was when we watched it in English at school

  • mason maclean
    mason maclean Day ago +2

    I am a Vegetarian. I would do anything to survive and probably would have done the same and eat the pilot. life is life!

  • Nischal Bahuguna

    That's so hard. Respect..

  • Rapid
    Rapid Day ago

    Friday. The. Thirteenth.

  • Ghanem B
    Ghanem B Day ago

    I have seen the movie ALIVE in the 90s.

    SNOW FLOCKSツ Day ago +1

    Me watching this when i am in the airport
    :in the plane:me running away singing f*ck this sh*t I’m not

  • Dence Tayaban
    Dence Tayaban 2 days ago

    If I know I'm not going to make it... Just eat me... I'll even prepare my arms for you first :)

  • Barok Lamore
    Barok Lamore 2 days ago

    The video will be more awesome! If he spoke slowly!!

  • Yazoonxdninja
    Yazoonxdninja 2 days ago

    I’ll only drink water if I were them. It’s weird I think it’s actually possible to live more than a year without eating, only by drinking water.

  • Seif Fadly
    Seif Fadly 2 days ago

    Always wanted to taste human meat

  • Paul Alessie
    Paul Alessie 2 days ago

    They did also make a documentary of this.

  • Ida Scott
    Ida Scott 2 days ago

    this editing is too fast and distracting

  • Asskickerthe4
    Asskickerthe4 2 days ago

    Is just me or is it coincidence that this happened on Friday 13th?

  • Cpt Slow
    Cpt Slow 2 days ago

    Isnt there a popular movie about this?

  • YourAverageAussie - youtube

    rimworld in a nutshell except you don't get rescued and there's about 20+ more raids during that 70 day period

  • James Wilson
    James Wilson 2 days ago

    If this was a plane full of soccer players they all would have died in the fetal position 😱

  • Crab Rave
    Crab Rave 2 days ago

    Guess they won’t forget it.

  • Daw ism
    Daw ism 2 days ago

    Why are you booing me I'm right

  • Hoops & Boxing
    Hoops & Boxing 2 days ago

    I'm not sure if I'll be as tasty as your fav steak cut but salt and pepper might help..

  • Christopher Ridore
    Christopher Ridore 2 days ago

    I would of

  • Mel Waban
    Mel Waban 2 days ago

    Those people who frowned on what they did deserve to be thrown into those mountains to see for themselves if they will not eat dead friends for survival.

  • Mel Waban
    Mel Waban 2 days ago

    I would have done the same just to survive. It's principle vs survival man! Common sense!

  • Carlos Spartan
    Carlos Spartan 2 days ago

    2:08 wait did you say Friday 13th?

    *now i know why that whole mess happened*

  • Subscribe for free Sex
    Subscribe for free Sex 2 days ago +1

    Cannibal Corpse

  • Meepz
    Meepz 2 days ago

    ironic that they crashed on friday the 13 xd

  • T MH
    T MH 2 days ago

    This is why I strongly recommend carrying a bottle of hot sauce always... you never know when you’re going to need it.

  • Elemental_ Editz
    Elemental_ Editz 2 days ago


  • Igot7 Army
    Igot7 Army 2 days ago

    *Firday the 13th*

  • Sikander Hassan
    Sikander Hassan 2 days ago

    Alive is the movie. Watch it.

  • Alli YAFF
    Alli YAFF 2 days ago

    Those people judging them probably would have done the same thing.

    • James Quinn
      James Quinn 11 hours ago +1

      Of course, they would of thats what no one thought of personally if i was on the plane and i was dead i would expect my body to be consumed if there was no food in death i could still save someone else life and to me thats beautifully poetic my dead body can help someone survive and live a life they deserve