Aladdin - Official Trailer

  • Published on Mar 12, 2019
  • Join Will and cast for the first extended look at Disney's Aladdin. In theaters May 24, 2019.
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  • ?Nani? k
    ?Nani? k 13 hours ago

    Ah thats hot

  • Boby rggs
    Boby rggs 13 hours ago

    Ingat lagunya....seperti masi kecil 20tahun lalu

  • dududavi [GD]
    dududavi [GD] 13 hours ago

    2:24 is this a sign ?

  • Menzei Legend
    Menzei Legend 13 hours ago

    baia baia ,no entendí nada pero... estuvo genial

  • Some Weirdo
    Some Weirdo 13 hours ago


  • Gay Loser
    Gay Loser 13 hours ago

    Ahahahaha. Thas hot. Thas real hot

  • Priscila Gomes
    Priscila Gomes 13 hours ago

    Estou super ansiosa pelo filme

  • mths uwu
    mths uwu 13 hours ago

    alfin mejoraron al genio NDEAA

  • Ayato
    Ayato 13 hours ago


  • Skiper EDM Music
    Skiper EDM Music 13 hours ago


  • Paulette Rocha
    Paulette Rocha 13 hours ago

    I’m extremely disappointed

  • Samuel Lopez
    Samuel Lopez 13 hours ago

    T series who?

  • PP Scratcher
    PP Scratcher 13 hours ago

    When Disney releases animated Aladdin *years later* Will Smith: it’s rewind time

  • Minatozaki Sana
    Minatozaki Sana 13 hours ago

    They didn't invite Marques Brownlee...

  • James loatheart
    James loatheart 13 hours ago

    Can’t stop smashing that like button 😍

  • Souly
    Souly 13 hours ago

    I'm blue da be di da be di

  • el hater tumba anos
    el hater tumba anos 13 hours ago

    q pedo con el was smith

  • Hisham Ayyash
    Hisham Ayyash 13 hours ago

    Thank you Fresh Prince for the trailer I am dying to watch it one of most favourite when I was kid!

  • murdered by malice
    murdered by malice 13 hours ago

    I went to watch the vid to make a Will Smith joke but the whole comment section took all the original jokes

  • Fiuuz
    Fiuuz 13 hours ago

    Ah thats hot

  • Denise Griffin
    Denise Griffin 13 hours ago

    Will Smith never disappoints on screen unafraid to master his skill ❤forever taking it to another level of great creativity

  • Cesar Henriquez
    Cesar Henriquez 13 hours ago

    Wait this is real? I thought it was a joke

  • Big Woof
    Big Woof 13 hours ago


  • Yerachmiel Bernstein
    Yerachmiel Bernstein 13 hours ago

    The thumbnail looks like the start to a bad porno 😂

  • Peaches And Cream
    Peaches And Cream 13 hours ago +1

    Tbh this doesn’t look as bad as people say it is

  • KBat 2006
    KBat 2006 13 hours ago

    What if will Smith played Thanos in endgame now that would be cool GENIE I wish for will Smith to play Thanos in endgame

  • Drew W
    Drew W 13 hours ago

    no thanks

  • jasmyn aminah
    jasmyn aminah 13 hours ago

    i can’t with these comments🤣

  • Nani - Senpai
    Nani - Senpai 14 hours ago

    This movie is going to be out on the last day of school!

  • CIENCIA Y CULTURA Documentales en HD

    Where is Carton?🙂

  • Christian Chavarria
    Christian Chavarria 14 hours ago

    Damm looks so cool.

  • iam the god god is great I'm anil

    Child like most

  • R.O.B
    R.O.B 14 hours ago

    Man, Jafar needs to be WAY more raspy in order to sound even close.

  • Ty Lindia
    Ty Lindia 14 hours ago


  • Elijah Fuller
    Elijah Fuller 14 hours ago +1

    Love it will

  • BaDPrO 0
    BaDPrO 0 14 hours ago

    ~¿alguien que hable español?~

  • Levi Ackermån /-/ watashi no ai

    Ahh that’s hot, that’s hot

    BLVCK OCEVN 14 hours ago

    You know what? This actually looks really good

  • Kurdan
    Kurdan 14 hours ago +1

    Sponsored by T-Series

  • Itszdoodoo Baby
    Itszdoodoo Baby 14 hours ago


  • Xios For Ever
    Xios For Ever 14 hours ago

    Couldn't they find someone better for Aladdin?

  • Alisha Treadway
    Alisha Treadway 14 hours ago

    My childhood all over again I love it gotta see this movie 😍

  • WashiestDrop198
    WashiestDrop198 14 hours ago

    What even is the point of these live action remakes? It ruins the point of the original films.

  • NES 3
    NES 3 14 hours ago

    Jeanie became an AVATAR? XD

  • SuperNobodysbusiness
    SuperNobodysbusiness 14 hours ago

    It looks good, is it legit ??
    Sorry about all caps... (really excited)

  • drexlerd maxema
    drexlerd maxema 14 hours ago

    A ce mamo el smith

  • Sarah Sawan
    Sarah Sawan 14 hours ago +1

    Can y'all decide if Alladin's brown or arab? They have completely different cultures, don't know why western media keeps mixing them up

  • Safety Officer
    Safety Officer 14 hours ago

    Will Smith the genie... Wow, can't wait to see this movie!

  • Mostafa Samy
    Mostafa Samy 14 hours ago

    I just can't wait

  • Bae Bae
    Bae Bae 14 hours ago

    2:03 i like those extra drum beats

    DACHINGWARD M3M3 14 hours ago

    Ohh that's hot, that's hot

  • queen_ basic
    queen_ basic 14 hours ago

    *so this is happening huh...?*

  • Brahian Fagundez
    Brahian Fagundez 14 hours ago

    Me ta jodieendo!😱

  • PUBGM [Arc]
    PUBGM [Arc] 14 hours ago


  • SaferLoom
    SaferLoom 14 hours ago +1

    M E M E S ?

  • cheung yu choi
    cheung yu choi 14 hours ago

    Jack the monkey??

  • Eric Langlois
    Eric Langlois 14 hours ago

    If that rendition of A Whole New World is in the movie, sign me up. Also I had my doubts about Will Smith's Genie at first but looking good so far!

  • Lemonade Sky
    Lemonade Sky 14 hours ago

    I doubt this will top the animation but hey I’ll probably watch it.

  • Estrella P
    Estrella P 14 hours ago


  • ChikenSoodleNoup
    ChikenSoodleNoup 14 hours ago

    it’s rewind time

  • eric correa
    eric correa 14 hours ago

    Cant wait to see the princess jasmine of agrabah the white women.. yay.. 😒

  • The Black TV ' Show
    The Black TV ' Show 14 hours ago +1

    Like Wtf

    RNBNMYSOUL 14 hours ago

    Uncle Will! 😊😊😊

  • Melenium
    Melenium 14 hours ago

    I think what the trailer looks like, it's gonna be a good movie

  • Julian Koehler
    Julian Koehler 14 hours ago

    Robin Williams would be so proud.

    _EL PRINCIPE_ MiLiTo 14 hours ago


  • weds byssainthe
    weds byssainthe 14 hours ago

    Please Will be a good genie he is my favorite character

  • Laurie Revilla
    Laurie Revilla 14 hours ago

    Can't wait!!!

  • Jay Splashh
    Jay Splashh 14 hours ago

    Assassins creed: Aladdin

  • Love Machine
    Love Machine 14 hours ago

    Can someone please make the Genie European so crazy whites don't literally slit their wrist. Even though it supposed to be based on a mythical character in the middle east. Just make the entire cast Irish so they can believe they actually existed during the belief of Genies and not incubating in the caves of Europe. Please I beg of you!!!

  • Alejandro Rangel
    Alejandro Rangel 14 hours ago

    Mi película favorita de Disney

  • Bert Acuna
    Bert Acuna 14 hours ago

    Will Smith you look cool but I hate all of this

  • javier vazquez
    javier vazquez 14 hours ago

    This is stupid! They should have never remade this.

  • Arata Namae Nashi
    Arata Namae Nashi 14 hours ago

    Holy sech

  • Kobe Umaña
    Kobe Umaña 14 hours ago


  • Dr. Awkward
    Dr. Awkward 14 hours ago

    Herro goys. Did yough know it's now Indian?

    Sponsored by T series ☠☠☠💀💀💀

  • The Cherised Soul
    The Cherised Soul 14 hours ago

    Will, your too good for this..

  • Spring gjfkf
    Spring gjfkf 14 hours ago +1

    Con che tu ma re

  • Gtier gaming
    Gtier gaming 14 hours ago

    You're a great actor but man that genie is pure cringe

  • Nathalie Juliana
    Nathalie Juliana 14 hours ago

    Amo esse filme. Estou louca pra ver.

  • Ramses Avila
    Ramses Avila 14 hours ago

    Ahhhh that's hot!

  • Breenow_Xct
    Breenow_Xct 14 hours ago

    *It's rewind time*

  • Jay-R M. Loria
    Jay-R M. Loria 14 hours ago

    This looks good though.

  • Overwatch Plays
    Overwatch Plays 14 hours ago +1

    looks amazing but no one will ever match Robin Williams performance as the Genie

  • Somber Forest
    Somber Forest 14 hours ago

    I wish for more wishes

  • Aspen Playz
    Aspen Playz 14 hours ago

    Only if you get me McDonald’s

  • Dark Voyager
    Dark Voyager 14 hours ago

    It’s confirmed T-series truly is stupid

  • 1Bleue1
    1Bleue1 14 hours ago

    MarkASS Brownlee

  • Steven Lenevych
    Steven Lenevych 14 hours ago

    Осталось ждать Чип и Дейла

  • Devin Campbell
    Devin Campbell 14 hours ago

    Kinda disappointing. When i think of Aladdin, animation comes to mind. I think they came to far into the human like qualities and as unpopular as the opinion may be. Avatar like qualities is what i would have strived for. But we shall see how it does compared to the original

  • brad noneya
    brad noneya 14 hours ago

    If this year could stop being a fever dream that would be great.

  • this isnt it
    this isnt it 14 hours ago

    lets be honest it doesn't matter who the genie is because no can surpass or even come close to Robin Williams

  • Verse Contro
    Verse Contro 14 hours ago

    Just stop the movie where it is. Change will smith into jaffar and get a zack galifinakis or someone like that to play genie.I promis you everyone will forgive the obvious cgi

  • yusuf Bakışçı
    yusuf Bakışçı 14 hours ago

    Waryy goodd

  • HORUSS tutoriales y mas

    No entiendo ni mierda pero eres grande will :v

  • Filipino reaction
    Filipino reaction 14 hours ago

    ow my god this is my idol

  • Alejandro garcia
    Alejandro garcia 14 hours ago

    Algun español?alguien?

  • Jaime M Chucari
    Jaime M Chucari 14 hours ago

    will r u gonna be on MIB international? maybe credit scene

  • Misz Bella Levi Israel
    Misz Bella Levi Israel 14 hours ago

    Nobody looks like any character the monkey it’s pretty close that’s it I always pictured Aladdin to be a lot cuter and jasmine as well look like they selected just bout any damn body lol the singing was trash too I don’t know if this is worth a watch

  • tjong_ celebes
    tjong_ celebes 14 hours ago +1

    Dinantikan cuy,