Hopsin - Picasso

  • Published on May 8, 2019
  • Hopsin's new single PICASSO available everywhere:
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    [Verse 1]
    Hollywood, Hollywood, oh how I f*ckin' love you
    I cannot seem to break through from this curse that I've been stuck to
    I came in as a lil man but now my f*ckin' nuts grew
    Today's the day our ties are finally cut loose, f*ck you
    Uh-oh, it's my triflin' a** (Uh-oh)
    Pullin' up like, "Hi guys, I'm back!" (Hi)
    Goddamn, nigga, I'm so up that I can't get down
    Gotta skydive from that (Yikes!)
    Won't see the day I might relax
    I ain't never been a nice guy, in fact
    Y'all wishin' I would try nicer raps
    Sorry, I ain't got the right mind for that (Uh-uh)
    Look how cold he is, pimpin' just like H-O-V is
    Y'all are beyond saving and my rhymes stay inappropriate
    This is just how my show begins
    If you hatin', come blow me then
    F*ck you, here's some petroleum
    Give me my clout, you owe me it (Yeah)
    Whoa! Niggas better duck and run for cover like it's f*ckin' Iraq
    (Stand down, n*gga!)
    I'm pouring liquor for your a**, you ain't even die yet (Oh no!)
    I've been headin' up the ladder long enough
    It's time I hit the climax (Yikes!)
    Your career's goin' bye-bye, it's ironic you don't got a bypass
    N*ggas know that I've been ill
    Man, the whole time that I've been here
    I done made a fortune like ten mil'
    From the paper lines that my pen fills
    And if I don't spend it, my kids will
    I'm low-key but a big deal
    Hoes see me and they freeze up, that's why they all on my d*ck still
    They tell me I'm too hostile, I am Picasso
    B*tches like, "Remember me from high school?" Nah, ho
    Came up in this sh*t killin' n*ggas with the hot flow
    Y'all ain't got a f*ckin' thing on Hop, whoa
    Boy, you better rock slow
    Who am I? I'm Picasso
    Take the high road
    ASAP 'cause I ain't liable
    For no n*gga (Nope!)
    My f*ckin' head is in the cosmos
    Got it locked though
    B*tch, I'm Pablo Picasso (Mhm)
    [Verse 2]
    I've been told the new game plan's
    To make bullsh*t for the new age fans
    And you can't pop unless you take Xans
    And flex on the 'Gram like you do make bands
    What? Oh no, they like, "F*ck boom bap rap, you can't win"
    "Save that sh*t for the Wu-Tang Clan"
    That's when I bust in like the Kool-Aid Man (Yeah!)
    Look, I ain't the n*gga who pullin' up
    Tryna get shine by how much the Rollie glow (Nah)
    I'm here to rain on parades
    My sinister ways to f*ck up the rodeo (Woo!)
    I do my shows and hoes
    Be losin' control like I was the Holy Ghost (Stop!)
    When I deliver the pen*s it lies in the mouth, she call it Pinocchio
    Mmm, man, who want war with me?
    B*tch, I torture beats, I've been born to beast
    Still I abort MC's, oh so horribly
    Dog, your corpse'll be right on the floor with these
    Feet that I'll stomp you out with
    This my house, b*tch, and you can't afford the lease (Watch out!)
    (Whoa) F*ck all that Hollywood sh*t
    Over half of you not even lit that be ridin' my d*ck
    I got no problem with this
    I come through and your body is zipped, I could hardly resist
    N*gga, my hobby is pissin' on anyone I can offend
    I got no friends
    Whoever thinkin' they hot, go and tell 'em nobody's convinced, hmm
    They tell me I'm too hostile, I am Picasso
    B*tches like, "Remember me from high school?" Nah, ho
    Came up in this sh*t killin' n*ggas with the hot flow
    Y'all ain't got a f*ckin' thing on Hop, whoa
    Boy, you better rock slow
    Who am I? I'm Picasso
    Take the high road
    ASAP 'cause I ain't liable
    For no n*gga (Nope!)
    My f*ckin' head is in the cosmos
    Got it locked though
    B*tch, I'm Pablo Picasso
    Rock slow
    Who am I? I'm Picasso
    Take the high road
    ASAP 'cause I ain't liable
    For no n*gga (Nope!)
    My f*ckin' head is in the cosmos
    Got it locked though
    B*tch, I'm Pablo Picasso (Mhm)
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  • That Gamer
    That Gamer 22 hours ago

    I love hopsin and hope the best for him

  • Poseidon Watergod
    Poseidon Watergod Day ago +1

    A lot of people in the music industry Sleep on Hopsin on purpose because he’s that good and they are afraid I don’t know why people are afraid to give credit where it’s due 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • AntiReptile 3122


  • C.S.I
    C.S.I Day ago

    What did pablo picasso do. Plz tell me

    WINCHESTER 3 days ago

    bu yorumu gören türkler beğensin.

  • Epic Technician
    Epic Technician 3 days ago

    His bawdyyyy😍
    ...but yea,he KIILED THAT SH*T!!!🤣

  • Epic Technician
    Epic Technician 3 days ago

    His bawdyyyy😍😭🤣
    ...but yea,he KIILED THAT SH*T!!!

  • Lubabalo Cele
    Lubabalo Cele 4 days ago

    Nigga you've got a lot of fans in South Africa. Visit us one day we'll bring you a Sangoma

  • Scrapyard Skating
    Scrapyard Skating 5 days ago +4

    Normal people open doors
    Hopsins busts in like the cool aid man

  • Demetrie Alger
    Demetrie Alger 5 days ago

    Do a collab with Denzel curry

  • travieso
    travieso 6 days ago

    my penis lies in her mouth (pinocchio) hahahaha👏👏👏

  • Blake Michon
    Blake Michon 7 days ago +1

    COME BACK HOPSIN!! Pleaseeeee

    MOBBLIFE MUSIC 7 days ago


  • OneAutumnLeaf
    OneAutumnLeaf 7 days ago +1

    Where did he get that outfit bro shits fire

  • Chris Dougherty
    Chris Dougherty 8 days ago

    i said to god, "jahova, you owe me a blow job." when i was angry ... he fell on me weeks later, and blew hot air on my arm, and wiped his brow, and said "whew, what a hard job that was." LOL,. true story

  • Chris Dougherty
    Chris Dougherty 8 days ago

    master splinter was not a rat, hes a ru. he stood on trees and said "HA"

  • Chris Dougherty
    Chris Dougherty 8 days ago

    happy birthday me! thanks bro. HOP , to the RU red thine eyes and see the truth.

  • Suraj Rai
    Suraj Rai 8 days ago

    That bj scene

  • wantansoup1
    wantansoup1 9 days ago

    Old hop is back. No shame was shameful

  • Tough Streetz
    Tough Streetz 9 days ago

    Anyone know what tracksuit he is wearing a 1:00 ?

  • Enrique Robinson
    Enrique Robinson 9 days ago

    Your beat is wack as fuck

  • Nelson Hill
    Nelson Hill 10 days ago


  • alexz98d
    alexz98d 10 days ago +2

    Hopsin needs to blow up , without an Em collab , even though that'll be dope too.

  • ZR1 LT5 Chris
    ZR1 LT5 Chris 12 days ago

    Hopsin reinvented himself. Turned into 🔥

  • Brad Silsbee
    Brad Silsbee 12 days ago

    eh tbh its his weakest yet

  • Isardella
    Isardella 12 days ago

    I love you man 🙏🏽🔥

  • Velvetant Films
    Velvetant Films 13 days ago

    that X painting you did, makes the chorus very relevant

  • Valentin beatz
    Valentin beatz 13 days ago

    HARD AS FUCK 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • LittleTimmy Has A Tommy

    Love this man to death for years but the very thing he mocked he could blow up on that kool aid line was fire

  • Lonad Danol
    Lonad Danol 14 days ago

    hopsin pls never stop more pls

  • Daniel Freestyle
    Daniel Freestyle 14 days ago +6

    the Secret Meassege is that he is Trapped

  • Lucy the Dachshund 67
    Lucy the Dachshund 67 14 days ago


  • Heaven Squires
    Heaven Squires 14 days ago +2

    Omg this go hard

  • X DOZ D.o.D
    X DOZ D.o.D 14 days ago

    Good job i really like it well done

  • Swoop
    Swoop 14 days ago

    Diss on wheezy Gucci and lebron because you can get at anyone

  • armand le bayon
    armand le bayon 15 days ago

    "when i deliver the p*nis it lies in her mouth she calls it pinocchio" fucking legend bro

  • ioanna __
    ioanna __ 16 days ago


  • Lucas Walker
    Lucas Walker 16 days ago

    please do it i miss him alot and he hasent responded in so long :(

    • Flameless
      Flameless 14 days ago

      Lucas Walker watch his song I don’t want it 🤦‍♂️

  • Jay Gudda
    Jay Gudda 16 days ago

    Fake niggas get famous, but day anit gettin shit.not why Jay Gudda dah highest controling shit.kill'em hard, no pussy or hoes fah life nigga.👺👺👺.💯 love G.i kno how u rock, dont need my help to pave u.but i will do my job as dah boss an pay you.

  • ColdSteelRain17
    ColdSteelRain17 17 days ago

    Mm, man who want war with me?

  • Arben Lakuriqi
    Arben Lakuriqi 17 days ago +1

    fantastic work

  • F.B.I
    F.B.I 17 days ago +5

    Damn only heard abt him from Eminem fall and I am not disappointed

  • Sunny Ym
    Sunny Ym 17 days ago

    That's a cool painting of abraham lincoln thexvid.com/video/IDEOrwj0asU/video.html

  • Truth Wisdom Knowledge 1994

    0:40 Sub Zero entered the building

  • GTCherryRed73
    GTCherryRed73 17 days ago

    Glad to see hopsin still dropping music videos

  • Kayan Gomes
    Kayan Gomes 17 days ago +4

    1:43 "when i bust in like the kool aid man" best part

  • Cool Boi
    Cool Boi 18 days ago

    OG loc whats you doin with MadDogg lyrics?

  • Mathew Ziegler
    Mathew Ziegler 18 days ago +2

    hop, today has been one the worst days of my life. Im just bingeing your music because I feel the same.

  • Mastertheftplayz
    Mastertheftplayz 19 days ago


  • Thomas Burson
    Thomas Burson 20 days ago

    Hopsin rap needs you the music game took a big hit wit you stepping down sad times for hip hop 😔

  • Scotty80y Gaming
    Scotty80y Gaming 20 days ago +2


  • malek shut up!
    malek shut up! 20 days ago +1

    how is he so underrated?

  • kaparadox asylum
    kaparadox asylum 20 days ago

    Dont go dorian gray

  • Paul Borst
    Paul Borst 21 day ago

    1:53 Hate to nit pic BUT, the blowjob girl rotates her head out toward the camera on the "down" stroke? Uhh, no ... that's NOT how it works.

  • Vitor Oliveira
    Vitor Oliveira 21 day ago


  • Manuel Sanchez
    Manuel Sanchez 21 day ago

    Sick sounds similar to token

  • Rum Rai
    Rum Rai 21 day ago +1

    Everyone seems to know lil pump, lil yatchy and lil this and lil that. All them combined dont even have a fraction of the talent Hop has.

  • Six Onyx
    Six Onyx 21 day ago +1

    Fuck everyone who sleeps on hop. Eminem need to do a collab with Hopsin cuz tmr isn't promised. Xxxtentacion was gonna collab with hop but passed away so it never came out.

  • Wave Guy
    Wave Guy 21 day ago


  • Sunny Ym
    Sunny Ym 21 day ago