Anna Kendrick Thinks Mommy Bloggers Are Creepy

  • Published on Sep 12, 2018
  • Anna Kendrick struggles to talk about A Simple Favor without spoiling the film, and she talks about researching mommy bloggers and her comedy rivalry with Ryan Reynolds.
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    Anna Kendrick Thinks Mommy Bloggers Are Creepy- Late Night with Seth Meyers

    Late Night with Seth Meyers
  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 644

  • Tracey Banda
    Tracey Banda Day ago

    I can totally relate to the need to get a pet first before having kids. I get overwhelmed so easily. I'd need to ease my way into raising a human being too. Kids are a lot. Highkey annoying😐

  • Joisu121
    Joisu121 2 days ago

    She's such a good actress! That's why it's awesome watching her tell stories! always really expressive and entertaining!

  • Real Mom, Real Tired

    LOL and yes, 100% the REAL moms teaching other moms to breastfeed. Praise you! I watched so many breastfeeding videos it was ridiculous. Still not sure I was doing it right!

  • Lily L.
    Lily L. 8 days ago

    5:14 “I expected her to be mean because she’s tall and beautiful” literally me around girls

  • Castle
    Castle 10 days ago

    *The adults love you too Anna*

  • molan
    molan 15 days ago

    Anna Kendrick needs to be a our child :P

  • Albert Yang
    Albert Yang 17 days ago

    Good job trying not to stare at her cleavage; especially when you were referencing breast feeding... Freudian mental suggestion...

  • Question Mark
    Question Mark 18 days ago

    Anna Kendrick, Blake Lively, and Sara Bareilles should do a comedy special

  • Jim M
    Jim M 18 days ago

    She's an adorable little bundle of sexy!!!

  • TiTianaa Why a last name

    “ It’s not like ‘OMG! Where Samantha!?’ but for real *’wheres samantha.’* “
    “ I did a bit where I was like ‘Suck it!’ but like REALLY *’suck it’* “

    MIKHI ESQ. 24 days ago


    MIKHI ESQ. 24 days ago

    I love her so much she is my huggest fan and little princess and also Stephanie is my favorite Anna Kendrick character including poppy from TROLLS

  • Nick S
    Nick S 27 days ago

    She’s soooo hot, and he’s... better than Jimmy?

  • Damilola Kassim
    Damilola Kassim Month ago

    Is Seth tall?

  • Mabs Kha
    Mabs Kha Month ago

    Why is she so damn perfect

  • armen 05/12/66
    armen 05/12/66 Month ago

    She’s wearing that dress not to burn up on re entry she’s hot

  • ԋαɳʂ ωolʇ
    ԋαɳʂ ωolʇ 2 months ago

    she is nearly 40 years old and not married SHE IS CREEPY

  • I say shotgun, you say wedding

    She reminds me of Brie Larson

  • Jon Bell
    Jon Bell 2 months ago

    *sighs adoringly*

  • Oswin
    Oswin 2 months ago

    They have the *exact* same nose...

  • Dylan W
    Dylan W 2 months ago

    I am now going to go and explore the breastfeeding videos offered by the internet.

  • Apurva Arora
    Apurva Arora 2 months ago

    Her expressions are just wow. 🤗🤗

  • Baby Kaela and Mommy
    Baby Kaela and Mommy 3 months ago
    Come watch Kaela

  • Tom The Boulder
    Tom The Boulder 3 months ago

    best movie waifu. :3

  • Jake S
    Jake S 4 months ago

    As a 35 year old male I'm jealous of Anna forehead hairline.

  • Cubelarooso
    Cubelarooso 4 months ago

    Procreation is child abuse.

  • Lily Val
    Lily Val 4 months ago

    OK the breastfeeding joke. 😱 Dude !

  • Laur Aubrey
    Laur Aubrey 4 months ago

    How can it be normal for kids to have cameras in there business all the time

  • Rooiku
    Rooiku 4 months ago

    Ok I liked her before but now I really love her xD

  • Bryan Mills
    Bryan Mills 4 months ago

    We NEED a Seth and Anna go day drinking

  • Jido Fisterfilly
    Jido Fisterfilly 5 months ago

    Gollums Wife

  • Nice El
    Nice El 5 months ago

    But was is Stacy?

  • The Boss
    The Boss 6 months ago

    I'll be a mum next month,and to be honest my husband and I have just made the decision that we're not going to post our child on any social media networks. To me I ask myself the question, what would be the purpose for it?

  • Wyian Bucog
    Wyian Bucog 6 months ago

  • Sara Danielsson
    Sara Danielsson 6 months ago

    Is it just me or does Anna look like a female version of Tom Holland in the thumbnail??😅😂

  • Kai Sea
    Kai Sea 6 months ago

    Mummy bloggers ARE creepy. Saw an article the other day about how a woman's child found her posts and was upset, and she just refused to stop writing stuff. It's awful.
    It's good she can talk about not being naturally good with kids, but I have to wonder if she's trying to soften an actual dislike of children and make it more palatable? I don't think disliking kids is unnatural or weird. Kids are annoying little shits, much as I enjoy looking after them at work. It's only concerning when people are actively nasty toward children, going out of their way to upset them or be a jerk to people who do like kids. Thankfully those types are rare.

  • sky peters
    sky peters 6 months ago

    TheXvidrs with millions of subscriber like Cole and Sav are kinda weird. Like why do you share your kids ENTIRE lives on TheXvid. That’s gonna vote them in the ass later on.

  • T Clark
    T Clark 6 months ago

    She seems pretty does Meyers

  • Mike Davison
    Mike Davison 6 months ago

    Anna is just the perfect ratio of cool, geeky, quirky and adorable!

  • Swany Soup
    Swany Soup 6 months ago

    Haha, Love Anna! She’s sharp as a tack and hilarious

  • supercaliflawjalisticexpialadoshus

    I just really can't stand her, no matter how much I try 😓

  • JD Diggy
    JD Diggy 7 months ago

    Was it Stacy

  • MiaLens
    MiaLens 7 months ago

    Foil with grease stains. Are we done glorifying celebrities andthe entertainment industry? Kay thanks.

  • Shepherd boy
    Shepherd boy 7 months ago +1

    5:13 - "I expected her to be mean because she's tall and beautiful." LMAO! Hahaha

  • Al Bell
    Al Bell 7 months ago

    I'll have to check out one of these "glamorous breast-feeding videos."

  • TheAngry PregnantLady
    TheAngry PregnantLady 7 months ago

    How funny! I'm a first time mom with a BLOG!!! Give it a read

  • Aris Dynamedion
    Aris Dynamedion 7 months ago

    The fake audience laughter though.

  • Rio Joy Cruz
    Rio Joy Cruz 7 months ago +6

    Am I the only one re-watching the way she sits at 1:04
    so graceful

  • MSK
    MSK 7 months ago

    I agree 😆😆😆

  • tash8820
    tash8820 7 months ago

    She is so freaking amazing!! 😁

  • Anna kendrick is awesome

    "You know" can someone cound how many tim3s she said that ?😂

  • Gooogle Cooper
    Gooogle Cooper 8 months ago +1


  • alma
    alma 8 months ago

    I don't know about you, bit I find so easy to watch an interview with Anna, she's naturally funny and so lovely. She seems like a really simple and nice gal.

  • Joel Widgins
    Joel Widgins 8 months ago

    She's nnToxiclghghghtd.

  • FF Documentary
    FF Documentary 8 months ago

    So funny face

  • schrecknet
    schrecknet 8 months ago

    good company

  • Scrumptious Red Beans
    Scrumptious Red Beans 8 months ago

    Is it me but I always thought Seth Myers and Anna Kendrick were the same person... this is some Hollywood magic

  • Andrea Koo
    Andrea Koo 9 months ago

    the title is misleading ... but yes very tru

  • Jennifer Dwyer
    Jennifer Dwyer 9 months ago

    Is no one gonna talk about how she pronounced the t in aesthetic

  • Ken Lasso
    Ken Lasso 9 months ago

    I’m not a mommy or a blogger but I think Anna is super sexy

  • Ray's Room
    Ray's Room 9 months ago

    the movie was fabulous!

  • Emily Gsll
    Emily Gsll 9 months ago

    🔥 🔥 🔥 This video will bl,ow your mind 🔥🔥🔥
    🔥🔥▶ ◀🔥🔥
    🔥🔥🔥 Thank me later.

  • Nada
    Nada 9 months ago

    Okey l'm sorry i used to hate her but not any more 😂😍

  • emmeline lauvi
    emmeline lauvi 9 months ago

    She sat down so god damn gracefully I'm sure she's a princess like no one can be that smooth

  • christopherscottb
    christopherscottb 9 months ago

    Was gonna make some comment about how awesome she seems, but then I remembered that there's no reason why anybody would give a rat's ass about what I think about a celebrity. So I'll just keep the fact that she seems way awesome to myself.

  • Stefanie with an F
    Stefanie with an F 9 months ago

    i relate so much

  • Hyou Vizer
    Hyou Vizer 9 months ago +1

    "Yeah..i was thinking about dogs"
    So relatable

  • C M
    C M 9 months ago +1

    I dont get why its funny how she says to let that kid go wait in the car BY HIMSELF. IF SHE WERE TO SAY THAT EXACT COMMENT ABOUT A DOG, NO ONE WOULD LAUGH. NOT A SOUL. and the comment section would be blowing up about how insensitive that comment was. but because its about a child, everyone is like "omg im so glad she's so open about how bad she is with kids". DOGS DIE IN CARS LIKE THAT AND SO DO KIDS if its too hot in there, so thinking that something like that is "funny" is beyond disgusting. If you're not good with kids, dont try to be. you'll put their life in danger. like why do people think its funny and attractive to talk about how bad at something you are?

  • dugfriendly
    dugfriendly 9 months ago

    Anna & Tina Fey both have that laugh while burying the shiv style - so awesome.

  • Vilma K
    Vilma K 9 months ago

    I love her dress! And heels!!