• Published on Oct 18, 2019
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    How to get better marks meme
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  • Clumsy
    Clumsy  Month ago +882

    what's your gender identification?

  • Mad Crotuxz
    Mad Crotuxz Day ago

    No one:

    Literally no one:
    Me:I play Pokémon go everyday

  • KFG23 Gaming
    KFG23 Gaming Day ago

    i’m writing with my nose right now

  • Enchant Wolfard {1-47}

    I use bing because it tells me exactly what I want to hear.

  • GingerWithUhJ
    GingerWithUhJ 3 days ago

    I'm typing this whole thing with my nose
    Edit: this edit was not typed with my nose

  • Zakowsk
    Zakowsk 3 days ago

    *knock knock*
    Whos there
    Boo who?
    Boomer bile (only l4d2 playera understand this)

  • David Bernabe
    David Bernabe 4 days ago


  • Slouie :]
    Slouie :] 4 days ago

    I just typed nose with my nose
    First try.

  • Symple Lukas
    Symple Lukas 5 days ago

    That one about Pluto doesn’t even make sense because Pluto is a planet

  • The mobile Gamer
    The mobile Gamer 6 days ago

    5:40 I screenshote this to draw the stuff 😎

  • F1R3 G4M3R
    F1R3 G4M3R 6 days ago


  • AndrewStudios
    AndrewStudios 7 days ago +1


  • Pastel Princess
    Pastel Princess 7 days ago

    haha I just typed "nose" with my nose!

  • Arkhalis 842
    Arkhalis 842 8 days ago

    4:02 That's me.

  • WhiteBlock CC
    WhiteBlock CC 8 days ago

    2:20 okay what did he expect, radio doesnt give level ups
    edit: holy heck why give the exact wrong equipment to them

  • Sonia Espinal
    Sonia Espinal 11 days ago

    i just spelled something with my nose

  • Sonia Espinal
    Sonia Espinal 11 days ago

    Bye Zeta

  • Claire Eastgarden
    Claire Eastgarden 11 days ago

    omg. emichuru is in one of the memes. what the fuck did I just die. Finally someone I frikkin know who tf is.

  • Genadiy Kopets
    Genadiy Kopets 12 days ago

    Google turn on boohbah boohbahfree rrythfzaqffhtg. Rdzsaq2ee5ygknvxn2 qed ex zzz's and I am

  • Federal Bureau of Investigation


  • Cristian Fuentes
    Cristian Fuentes 12 days ago

    Think big boiiiii

  • Night Owl
    Night Owl 12 days ago

    0:22 ive had that shit happen and it started a 3 hour argument because i DIDNT look, turns out she was into me...

  • Lemon Zest
    Lemon Zest 13 days ago

    My left stroke just went viral

  • Ninja Real
    Ninja Real 13 days ago

    Stop panakin
    Jesus has a planakin.

  • Addison Stevens
    Addison Stevens 14 days ago

    3:20 there a lot wrong with this.

  • RU2TO F
    RU2TO F 15 days ago

    1:34 Im from Finland oh russians

  • Big Chungus
    Big Chungus 16 days ago +1

    Clumsy: "Like and subscribe in 5 seconds or you'll have bad luck forever."
    Me: *Pauses video to have infinite time.*
    *_You weren't supposed to do that!_*

  • iqbaltrojan
    iqbaltrojan 16 days ago +1

    please tell me that's real
    -ly how the shooter died

    • Addison Stevens
      Addison Stevens 14 days ago

      Maybe it is on Pluto. Oh wait scientist discovered it don’t exist. (3:20)

  • Ian Miller-Hogg
    Ian Miller-Hogg 17 days ago

    l love the plastic straw meme cause its true and i watch Daidus, emirichu and Eroldstory.

  • Impactic
    Impactic 17 days ago +1

    Hey I know I’m late, but as a PIMO (physically in, mentally out) Jehovahs Witness I can say that I feel really bad for going to doors.

    Plz spread awareness they’re pretty much a cult.

    They shun you if you leave and it sucks.

  • Rebelryne_1shot
    Rebelryne_1shot 17 days ago

    3:50 bro not joking just watched that movie and finally stopped crying from his death and i see this

  • John Longmeyer
    John Longmeyer 17 days ago


  • Medic Main
    Medic Main 18 days ago

    1:35 When the Medic starts speaking french

  • Fwuffy Tiger
    Fwuffy Tiger 18 days ago


  • Cido Cido
    Cido Cido 19 days ago

    When you didnt understand the homework
    And you get your old homework and write answers same there and its correct
    İ used homework to destroy the homework

  • Eliteえっぁ
    Eliteえっぁ 20 days ago

    I wrote this comment with my nose lol

  • Apollo_ 909
    Apollo_ 909 20 days ago


  • Time Finder
    Time Finder 20 days ago

    N O S E

  • HuffmanTeamGaming
    HuffmanTeamGaming 20 days ago

    Disliked. You can't hit me with DOUBLE bad luck. I dare you to try, it'll reverse back on to you.
    Trying to hex a hex master. pfft.

  • MoonLight -
    MoonLight - 21 day ago

    6:19 i hate that i understand this...

  • txknique
    txknique 22 days ago

    0:20 nice to see my religion in a meme

  • Zak B
    Zak B 22 days ago


  • Oh yeah chungus
    Oh yeah chungus 22 days ago

    Don’t act like y’all don’t sleep naked

  • Amos Sutherland
    Amos Sutherland 22 days ago

    Paper disintegrated metal rusted sips perfect

  • Geth Wuh
    Geth Wuh 22 days ago

    the like and sub counter cant give me bad luck if it can't tick down, i pause the video before the timer finishes #DDM

  • Gamer Girl
    Gamer Girl 22 days ago +1

    How dare you disrespect us hardworking girls?!

    CURLYZHYPER YT 22 days ago +1

    Nos e

  • Apple Pie Studios
    Apple Pie Studios 23 days ago

    Video: subscribe in the next 5 seconds or get bad luck for five years of you life
    Me: I’ve had bad luck all my life this wouldn’t change a thing

  • Nelson yeet
    Nelson yeet 23 days ago

    jd is all mighty

  • Asian Morales
    Asian Morales 23 days ago

    7:46 literally how the last player is in a pubg match

  • the dank dogo
    the dank dogo 23 days ago +1

    Ah yes we did all think Bulbasaur would be president

  • APowrFulAttackr
    APowrFulAttackr 23 days ago

    you are not a true gamer if you like ps4 and xbox because ps4 users are gay. Well at least most of them.

  • APowrFulAttackr
    APowrFulAttackr 23 days ago

    gamers that like ps4 are gay.

  • Nugget Likes nuggets
    Nugget Likes nuggets 23 days ago

    j9w3 I cant write nose with my nose

  • Xyb3r Anims
    Xyb3r Anims 23 days ago


  • Zalt
    Zalt 24 days ago


  • BurnedOut_BR
    BurnedOut_BR 24 days ago


  • Remiporter
    Remiporter 24 days ago +1


  • TofuDaTurtle
    TofuDaTurtle 24 days ago

    Killian is big brain. :O

  • Pinneappleisyummy it still is

    Clumsy: Puts a 5 second timer to subscribe
    Me: Pauses the video and skips the timer