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  • FilmSelect Trailer
    FilmSelect Trailer  Month ago +157

    00:03 Fantastic Beasts 2
    01:59 Deadpool 2
    04:23 Avengers Infinity War
    06:39 Ready Player One
    09:01 Lost In Space
    11:44 Terminal
    13:36 The Spy Who Dumped Me
    15:27 TAG
    17:25 Sicario 2
    19:49 Adrift
    22:13 Christopher Robin

  • Eli
    Eli Day ago


  • Mikołaj Błaszczyszyn

    23:06 - Hello there
    23:08 - General Kenobi

  • Michael Rosemain
    Michael Rosemain 3 days ago

    And infinity war dread

  • Michael Rosemain
    Michael Rosemain 3 days ago

    Oh fuck there's deadpool

  • alphatoothlessGamer
    alphatoothlessGamer 5 days ago


  • gabriella busi
    gabriella busi 8 days ago

    is too hard for me imaginate dumbledore with a so lovely ass XDDD

  • Angel Aung san htay
    Angel Aung san htay 10 days ago


  • Dave
    Dave 10 days ago

    I expect that there will be far less magic than expected, as usual.

  • Aru Akane
    Aru Akane 10 days ago +1

    Ready Player One is basically VR chat and VR 😂😂😂

  • vicusmaxima
    vicusmaxima 11 days ago

    Anybody else disturbed by Fantastic Beasts? Wth is the story going to be? (eg.: his life wasn't this action filled, his wife's name is Porpentina) Where are the robes?! wtf?!?!?! it is supposed to be a HP world! The American style/system sucks in the story. The crappy hairstylist is back, too.
    Also, Netflix is playing it fast and loose with the word "original".

  • Zoaz
    Zoaz 12 days ago

    That guy playing Dumbledore needs long brown hair and a beard or he doesn't fit the books.

  • Najma Abdulkani
    Najma Abdulkani 13 days ago

    Too many sci fi movies

  • Fernando Galeano
    Fernando Galeano 17 days ago

    No need to See the fallowing movies after fantastic beasts 2 , you already Have my tumb up.

  • Emiko Orange
    Emiko Orange 20 days ago

    Did anyone else think of [Spirited Away] when that scene of the guy riding the water dragon showed?
    Because I did

  • yamipablo
    yamipablo 21 day ago +1

    19:49 50 shades of cast away

  • Jew Crew
    Jew Crew 21 day ago

    Clayton fox sux cox

  • Dineo Yolanda Molebatsi

    Lost in space was fantastic cant wait for S2

  • Sofie Mack
    Sofie Mack 22 days ago

    wait Voldemort is in infinity war?


    HD movie 👇👇👇

  • Just A Dinosaur
    Just A Dinosaur 22 days ago

    Avengers Infinity War is the one thing that will complete my life. I have waited for something like it since I was three

  • Saucebox
    Saucebox 22 days ago

    i always dream im in the wizarding world... i wish it was true ;-;

  • Timothy Whieldon
    Timothy Whieldon 22 days ago

    wow, all of these movies look like dog shit.

  • Maddie Peska
    Maddie Peska 24 days ago +3

    I’m so excited to see infinite war! It’s out today and I’m like crazy excited! It looks like the best movie ever with all the super heroes. Smartest thing ever! If some of the super heroes die I will be so sad

    • Queen Brat31
      Queen Brat31 7 days ago

      Maddie Peska i dont feel so good...

    • Jessica Vidarte
      Jessica Vidarte 8 days ago +1

      Maddie Peska trust me I've seen the movie it's sad

    • Yatukih001
      Yatukih001 20 days ago

      I´m not paying for any of these. If I pay for a mainstream film the next thing I know there is a fake ass shooting on the news and I have to regret my money went into that.

    • Ficky Pikachu
      Ficky Pikachu 21 day ago

      TJ Haverland best movie ever haha

    • TJ Haverland
      TJ Haverland 22 days ago

      Maddie Peska How was the Movie?!? 🤔 😮🙂☺

  • brian appshole
    brian appshole 24 days ago

    Avengers Infinity War was not the best i was disapointed it didnt even seem like a avengers movie ,they tried to make u feel bad for thanos and they had every one split up im so pissed i paid 20 bucks for that ticket ,first time in years i went to the cinema and it was a disapointment and cap didnt even have his shield cgi was awsome !!!

  • Keisha Thomas
    Keisha Thomas 26 days ago

    Yaaay Fantastic Beasts!!!! TAG looks funny af, and OMG Christopher Robin!!! 😍Cause I love Winnie The Pooh

  • Aru Akane
    Aru Akane 27 days ago +3

    "The name's Cable"
    Dude,you should be working for my TV!

  • Aru Akane
    Aru Akane 27 days ago +2 Fantastic Beasts story was b4 Harry Potter's story cuz Dumbledore seems to be younger 😂

    • AlphaTengua
      AlphaTengua 24 days ago

      which makes no sense what so ever...

    • Jaybee Moon
      Jaybee Moon 26 days ago

      Aru Akane Fantastic Beasts story takes place about 70 years before Harry Potter.

  • Soriel Reyes
    Soriel Reyes 27 days ago

    who is going to see infinity war

  • Sacha SULLIVAN
    Sacha SULLIVAN 27 days ago

    1:56 wait... what?

  • Sacha SULLIVAN
    Sacha SULLIVAN 27 days ago +2

    Since when did dumbledore become a middle aged man?

  • Strakos0
    Strakos0 27 days ago

    lol Sombra's "pop"

  • Erica Tolentino
    Erica Tolentino 27 days ago

    Film Select, what's the song you use at the end of the video?

  • Va Bella
    Va Bella 27 days ago

    No no no i want it to be harry potter.... daniel please come back 😭😭😭

  • basically coolaid
    basically coolaid 27 days ago

    Fantastic beast 2 yay

  • Nadiah Razak
    Nadiah Razak 27 days ago

    Sigh.. saw the thumbnail and i thought it was Spirited Away.

  • whutzat
    whutzat 28 days ago +2

    Jude Law as young Dumbledore??????
    (leaps off the Harry Potter Universe train)

  • Thisperfectplace
    Thisperfectplace 29 days ago

    Click bait thumbnail! Assholes

  • Panda
    Panda 29 days ago

    lost in space is not a movie

  • Ronald Hapita Jr.
    Ronald Hapita Jr. Month ago

    I wish they make a peculiar children 2 :'(

  • justin katipa
    justin katipa Month ago

    That fat Maori boy on dp 2

  • SweetnessnBK
    SweetnessnBK Month ago

    Is that Winnie the fucking Pooh?!?! OMG!! I cant wait!

  • Dito
    Dito Month ago

    Dumbledore outsourcing again

  • Thezomslaya
    Thezomslaya Month ago

    Tag is why Hawkeye is absent from the avengers

  • Lucie Pokorná
    Lucie Pokorná Month ago

    BEST MOVIE TRAILERS 2018 (March)

  • onad cap
    onad cap Month ago

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  • Davesnothere
    Davesnothere Month ago

    the next john wayne....the next clint eastwood COULD BE josh brolin. so underrated!!

  • Xavier Armstrong
    Xavier Armstrong Month ago

    Omg at :23 he got booty 🍑😂😂😂😂😂

  • Freethinking Влади́мир

    FFS Netflix produtions exist only to promote the ususal liberal agenda's.

  • Merari Antunez
    Merari Antunez Month ago

    I Wanna Watch Sicario 2 So Bad !!!

  • mleedeau
    mleedeau Month ago

    Infinity war and sicario,,, thats it. and maybe pooh

  • love love
    love love Month ago

    1:46 shoot!! The deathly hallows sign😍😍😍oh how i miss harry potter😖😖😖😖

  • Midori Takoi
    Midori Takoi Month ago

    Damnn captain America became so strong!

  • Saleima Romain
    Saleima Romain Month ago

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay yeah baby yeah

  • Vlogs Entertainment

    Me:we are losing time!
    Doctor strange:losing time? I got what you need!
    Me:you could have had took that out!

  • Vlogs Entertainment

    Fantastic beasts had almost the same Harry Potter music theme

  • Vlogs Entertainment

    Lost in space is already on NETFLIX guys!

  • Battle Gamer11
    Battle Gamer11 Month ago


  • Audrea Neblett
    Audrea Neblett Month ago

    Anyone else stuck on the millennial mullet?!😂😂😂😂

  • Happy Clown
    Happy Clown Month ago +1

    why cant they make a movie worth watching not pile of shit man fuck.

  • Noabon
    Noabon Month ago +1

    maybe im missing something but i was looking for the outro song for so long because i loved it but i found it yay

  • Cat Torres
    Cat Torres Month ago


  • Cesar Zanic
    Cesar Zanic Month ago

    I just climax

    DATTARAO KALE Month ago

    Bad cusidar

  • Jaymart De Dios
    Jaymart De Dios Month ago

  • iAn McFlurry
    iAn McFlurry Month ago

    does anybody know the song title of the outro 23:25?

  • Karyana -
    Karyana - Month ago

    What about jurassic world?

  • Keita Suminoe
    Keita Suminoe Month ago

    i dont really give a shit

  • Reece Braaten
    Reece Braaten Month ago

    Was that bill skårsgard

  • The7TurningPoints
    The7TurningPoints Month ago

    ....who did subtitles for this.......

  • Boy Salasag
    Boy Salasag Month ago

    If you fan of Avengers Infinity War like my comment lol haha

  • Abby Louise Rexroth

    Who ever did the subtitles is an idiot.

  • Mckenna Slonaker
    Mckenna Slonaker Month ago

    Did anyone else notice the always symbol made at the end of the fantastic beasts trailer

  • Jan Curvo
    Jan Curvo Month ago

    Dude, if the avengers movie is going to be like the subtitles posted here, fuck ...i'm out !!! Who did the job, by the way ... a fifth world cow-shit-eater hindu ??? Damn it ... isCRAPtacular !!!

  • Michael Hardesty
    Michael Hardesty Month ago

    You know I could picture uganda knuckles poping up during infinity war saying Do You Know Da Wae

  • Skye
    Skye Month ago

    then batman and superman came

  • Skye
    Skye Month ago

    Mr kowalski is back fuck yeah!

  • Skye
    Skye Month ago


    FIGHTZ Month ago

    Tbh i like the Fantastic Beasts moves already more than anything from Harry Potter. Would love to see it last a LONG time. The MC is a nice change. Reminds me on the old "heroes" like James Bond etc but a lot less "cool".

  • Dhawrk
    Dhawrk Month ago +2

    Name of the outro song please

  • Angry Ant
    Angry Ant Month ago

    Infinity war muddu feckers

  • Jeffrey Greenstein
    Jeffrey Greenstein Month ago

    Lost in space is a show but each episode is a hour. and I've watched it it's so cool.

  • Abl Masr
    Abl Masr Month ago

    Adios 17:52

  • chocolate ninja
    chocolate ninja Month ago

    Margot resembles V in V for vendetta

  • Cryssontierre Wayne

    So... Save the digital/virtual world to save the real world... Is it just me, or does this remind you of Digimon?
    You know besides the Tron and Sword Art Online vibes I'm getting... I know it's from a book... But damn, that line... I miss Digimon.

  • Jhon Francis Hurano


  • Angel Balmonte
    Angel Balmonte Month ago

    I want harry potter in their

  • mafiawolfgirl
    mafiawolfgirl Month ago

    No wonder Hawkeye isn’t in the war lol

  • Jm Monares
    Jm Monares Month ago

    Some of this is series not a movie

  • Mare Vare
    Mare Vare Month ago

    Avengers Infinity War Another utter crap from Marvel, this time a big time! Doctor Strange, Black Panther and Galaxy Guradians, theres only Harry Potter, Jack Sparrow and Avatars missing ....

  • Sam_Hospy
    Sam_Hospy Month ago

    Got me with Pooh bear 😂😂🤣🤣🤣😄

  • YungVamp
    YungVamp Month ago +1

    A sexy Dumbledore?! Sign me up~!

  • zacki doodles
    zacki doodles Month ago

    The first 3 and the last was the best

  • Leah Janulgue
    Leah Janulgue Month ago

    Finally Spider Man shows up

  • John Smischney
    John Smischney Month ago

    that aqua horse looks fake as shit

  • Vera Yuanita
    Vera Yuanita Month ago

    I like new movie with good quality.

  • Fey Truet
    Fey Truet Month ago

    No fantastic 4 or xmen

  • Jackie Welsh
    Jackie Welsh Month ago

    Ready player one a jolly good watch

  • DeLicious Food
    DeLicious Food Month ago


  • Ilovepussy
    Ilovepussy Month ago

    I'm Peter Parker, hi I'm goku!