Fantastic Fruit Salsa

  • Published on Jul 18, 2014
  • Makea the most wonderful Fruit Salsa using all of your favorite fruits!
    Salsa the Spanish word for Sauce in English. Typically will have spices mixed thru the sauce. Especially the Salsas with Tomato Jalapeno and onion, those would have cilantro, cumin maybe chilli. This sauce or salsa I prefer to be simple. Served with the cinnamon pita chips is just wonderful. Maybe a little lime juice and a little finely chopped Jalapeno pepper would add a nice twist.
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  • Punkinspice33
    Punkinspice33 2 years ago

    that would be great on ice cream

  • mommabear259
    mommabear259 5 years ago

    Margie I have watched pretty much every video & I love how you explain every detail than you so much for doing what you do!

  • BisFitty
    BisFitty 5 years ago

    Margie, I just came across your videos today and I would like to let you know that my wife and I think you are awesome!

    • Margie's It's No Secret Candies
      Margie's It's No Secret Candies  5 years ago

      Welcome to our Channel.
      If there is anything you would like to see and we can do it let us know!
      Thanks for watching.

  • Hannah Yost
    Hannah Yost 5 years ago

    Your still the best!