Honest Trailers - Get Out

  • Published on Jan 23, 2018
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    The movie that proves that an Honest Trailer automatically gets you three Oscar Nominations - Get Out!
    Watch the Honest Trailer Commentaries to get the writers thoughts on the movie along with deleted jokes!

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    Title design by Robert Holtby
    Producers - Dan Murrell, Spencer Gilbert, Joe Starr, and Max Dionne
    Written by Spencer Gilbert, Joe Starr, Dan Murrell
    Edited by Kevin Williamsen and TJ Nordaker
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  • Screen Junkies
    Screen Junkies  Year ago +1439

    Thanks for watching everyone!
    *if you're experiencing an audio problem it's not the video seems to be the app. Close and reopen your app!*

  • Etrigan
    Etrigan 17 hours ago

    I'm not going to nitpick but I do remember one movie where a black guy lived all the way to the end deep blue Sea even though it was a shity movie well people said it was a shity movie I thought it was interesting at least and who would have known LL Cool j would be the one to survive lol

  • Somebody You don't know

    Ssoooooo...... Who's Key and Peele then even you didn't told us .

  • T Shoemake
    T Shoemake 9 days ago

    This film's got everything, to my opinion, what i want to see in a horror film: a creative and original story that's well executed, fantastic suspension and tension, awesome acting, complex themes and metaphors and hidden details that you would notice the more and more times you watch it, and the best part: NO ONE WAS STUPID!! Yeah every character shown multiple signs of intelligence in the film one way or another and in the realistic ways possible.

  • PaddySnuffles
    PaddySnuffles 9 days ago

    I bet the cereal thing is supposed to be foreshadowing about her being evil. Like, why else would you eat cereal with a cup of milk on the side? Clearly something's very very wrong here!

  • prithvisubhedar
    prithvisubhedar 10 days ago

    Get Out is the exact same plot as 2005 Kate Hudson starter The Skeleton Key . The black magic has been switched with hypnosis and surgery. I did like the movie though.

  • Mark Timberlake
    Mark Timberlake 10 days ago

    Why were there candles in an operating theatre?

  • Weapon
    Weapon 12 days ago

    Didn’t realize the thing about getting out of the ticket or the headwear until this trailer. Dammit

  • Movie User
    Movie User 18 days ago

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't they say who they are on every episode!?

  • Stephanie West
    Stephanie West 18 days ago

    I can think of quite a few movies where the black character either outlasts all or at least most of the other characters in the movie

  • jonathan lavezzi
    jonathan lavezzi 19 days ago +1

    So I finally figured out why she is eating fruit loops in the milk separately
    It’s symbolism that she doesn’t mix white with colors

  • De'Angelo Fletcher
    De'Angelo Fletcher 20 days ago

    Yeah let's also try to ignore the fact that he cut a skull open with a plastic knife

  • Kaito Anderson
    Kaito Anderson 20 days ago

    Was “black hole, son” a deterrence to black hole sun by soundgarden? Because if it is you guys are legends

  • vwgames49
    vwgames49 20 days ago

    She eats fruit loops separate from the milk to symbolize "Separating the white from the colored"

    (P.S. I'm not racist and I eat fruit loops separate from the milk)

  • soundofeighthooves
    soundofeighthooves 21 day ago

    once you go black we dont want you back

  • Mark Lowney
    Mark Lowney 25 days ago


  • Yoli Ari
    Yoli Ari 25 days ago +1

    The black guy always dies by saving someone else as well...

  • LeeTravius Mckay
    LeeTravius Mckay 26 days ago +1

    "the lost Kardashian" 😂😂

  • Kristin Clarke
    Kristin Clarke 26 days ago

    The last Kardashian? I would have said Jennifer Connelly's secret sister

  • Aloys Schikelgruber
    Aloys Schikelgruber 26 days ago

    "Ben Carson"😂😂😂

  • Nic Helle
    Nic Helle 28 days ago

    Ben Carson!! lmfao

  • silverdragon122
    silverdragon122 Month ago

    This movie is extra deep if your a black guy dating/ have dated a white girl.
    Tell your goddamn families to stop trying so hard.

  • Lucian James
    Lucian James Month ago

    The original (alternate) ending was a lot better.

  • sergio loza
    sergio loza Month ago

    Mumford’s son 🤣

  • IvyHilts
    IvyHilts Month ago


  • Thomas Punk
    Thomas Punk Month ago

    American Psycho Honest Trailer. Please!!!!

  • vincent salt
    vincent salt Month ago


  • Joseph Muir
    Joseph Muir Month ago

    Hahaha, progressives are many times the most racist people in the room at any given moment.

  • Krish Krishna
    Krish Krishna Month ago

    "AHALYA" a 2015 thriller short film by Sujoy Ghosh

  • GoldenSquid 296
    GoldenSquid 296 Month ago

    Why was ghostbusters 2016 so bad? The ratings where ok

  • Jarod Farrant
    Jarod Farrant Month ago

    TSA is the real hero of this movie.

  • Blanquette St8ment
    Blanquette St8ment Month ago

    One of the most pretentious movies of 2018

  • SOXCAL_13
    SOXCAL_13 Month ago


  • House Of Detroit Podcast

    Ben Carson😂😂😂

  • John Schow
    John Schow Month ago

    This movie was low key amazing

  • PhazonEnder
    PhazonEnder Month ago

    That's why I love the 22nd Amendment.

  • Sean Hartnett
    Sean Hartnett Month ago

    Ben Carson.

  • Sean Hartnett
    Sean Hartnett Month ago

    Worst movie I have ever seen. Worse than a movie with a 0% rating.

  • Sean Hartnett
    Sean Hartnett Month ago

    Hilariously it did well in the us because we are stupid.

  • William Nichols
    William Nichols Month ago

    Freeeeeeeeee Willy!!!!

  • AJ Estur
    AJ Estur Month ago

    I honestly laughed out loud at the Kardashian joke. Give that someone a raise.

  • StrongishSpore9
    StrongishSpore9 Month ago

    Turbotax "there's nothing to be afraid of"

    RHELLIM, VATTEN Month ago


  • Novia LL Cheng
    Novia LL Cheng Month ago

    Baby driver

  • Junelle Salmon
    Junelle Salmon Month ago

    They literally said every episode I’m kegan Michael key and I’m Jordan peele. You may want to revisit every episode.

  • W Abc
    W Abc Month ago

    keener keener keener stir some tea sometimes your words just hypnotize me 😂😂😂

  • roger smith
    roger smith 2 months ago

    Never saw thi smovie.. it looks dumb and not smart.. you try to capture a black man to steal his body to live init by racist whites?
    but then if they are rasist why not get a white persons body to steal since they hate blacks?
    dont get it..

    • roger smith
      roger smith Month ago

      +W Abc no logical though.. for twisted racists put jews on bottom of list for their smarts in banks and would want them as well. but its just a sci fi.. so I guess to each his own

    • W Abc
      W Abc Month ago

      see wisecrack edition's video on the philosophy of Get Out. they're "negrophiles", don't like the black people, but they envy their body. this makes sense bc most racist whites are really just insecure and deep down think black people are stronger than them personally, so that the black people must be kept down in society at the bottom. bc if you can survive slavery and oppression and drugs brought by the CIA and being at the bottom of the economy for so long, while white people are so comforted by their riches they wouldn't be able to survive long in a struggle, then that says something.

  • AfroDaddy
    AfroDaddy 2 months ago +2

    The fruit loops thing symbolises the separation of whites from other races.

  • Simon Dewitt
    Simon Dewitt 2 months ago

    This movie sucked, Key and Peele are terrible. Lil Rey was hilarious though

  • NoDak Ninja
    NoDak Ninja 2 months ago +2

    I'm guilty of eating fruit loops like that.

  • CharlesFoster Kane
    CharlesFoster Kane 2 months ago +1

    Actually in "People Under the Stairs, the young man, Fool, is black and he triumphed in the end.

    • CharlesFoster Kane
      CharlesFoster Kane 18 days ago

      +W Abc oh for crying out loud, I was simply naming one movie. My comment in no way, shape or form even suggest that African Americans in film have been portrayed unjustly. I love Wes Craven films and was pointing that out. I apologize if my comment is offensive, truly.

    • Stephanie West
      Stephanie West 18 days ago

      Texas chainsaw massacre 3, Friday the 13th part 5, Halloween H2O, Dawn of the Dead, nightmare on elm Street 3, night of the demons, Saw 6, Halloween resurrection, gothika, deep blue Sea, the thing, I still know what you did last Summer, 28 Weeks later. This is just a few of the movies I can think of where the black person either lives to the end or out lives most of the other characters in the movie

    • W Abc
      W Abc Month ago

      congrats you have found the one in a million horror movies that do not kill the black person first or set them as an antagonist.

  • Ty Lito
    Ty Lito 2 months ago


  • Golden Witch
    Golden Witch 2 months ago

    This spoiler-tagged honest trailer was way less spoilery than the damned official trailer. Already no point in seeing this since the trailer basically reveals everything D:

  • John Bixby Bixbyking500
    John Bixby Bixbyking500 2 months ago +2

    *Ben Carson*
    I actually fell over laughing

  • Joy Okwuonu
    Joy Okwuonu 2 months ago

    So trueee...yup...lesson is do not get into interracial relationships with white girls.

  • Dee Banks
    Dee Banks 2 months ago

    Cereal/milk is an inside joke.
    And body switching didn't really have anything to do with extending age (like in "Being John Malkovich")... it had more to do with gaining the opportunity to experience things differently (visualization, sexual capabilities, physical agilities, etc).

  • Dee Banks
    Dee Banks 2 months ago

    Still hilarious!

  • Dee Dee
    Dee Dee 3 months ago

    Always bring blackup. . . loooool y'all need to stop!

  • sbarnett37tiger Barnes
    sbarnett37tiger Barnes 3 months ago

    Get Out is one of the best movies I've ever seen no question.

  • Jake Sampson
    Jake Sampson 3 months ago

    I was under the impression that the milk being drunk through a black straw was symbolic of sperm and a... you know. That's why she was just looking at pics of black guys whilst she did it. And it was just those few frames

  • Karanam bujji babu
    Karanam bujji babu 3 months ago +1

    I am TS motherfuckin A 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Grant Kilday
    Grant Kilday 3 months ago

    ...i eat cereal seperate from the milk...

    LUCKIEONASIS 3 months ago

    On every episode of key and peele they introduce themselves at the beginning of the show

  • Crazy Cookie
    Crazy Cookie 3 months ago

    "Forget serial killers, demons, and evil clowns, because a more terrifying, inescapable, unstoppable force is coming to get you........RICH WHITE PEOPLE!"😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • BlackLion 1000
    BlackLion 1000 3 months ago

    Ben Carson 😂😂😂

  • Margarita M.
    Margarita M. 3 months ago

    Ben Carson xD

  • Margarita M.
    Margarita M. 3 months ago

    So...uhh...how do you guys eat your fruit loops?

  • abdullah hassan
    abdullah hassan 3 months ago

    I honestly was sad that the girl was evil, like I hate it when you thing they’re made for each other and she out here trying to get his brain

  • Finley Cooper
    Finley Cooper 3 months ago

    She ate the fruit loops seperate from the milk because the milk is the white people and the coulerd cereal is the black peaple it shows the white people are separated from the black people

    • I Identify as a Dragon
      I Identify as a Dragon 3 months ago +1

      Actually an interview with the director tells us that it was just her weird way of eating

  • Kelly DeMoin
    Kelly DeMoin 3 months ago

    Best lines:
    “Fear..rich white people”
    “The lost Kardashian” (died a little)
    “Everybody hates Chris”

  • Joe Collucci
    Joe Collucci 3 months ago

    Race race race race... we'd be better off just getting past it. BTW love the end of this clil

  • Vishal Chowdhury
    Vishal Chowdhury 3 months ago

    Please do shutter island

  • SouthParkCows88
    SouthParkCows88 3 months ago

    This movie was terrible, a skeleton key remake but with surgeons instead of keys.

  • funnyblog100
    funnyblog100 3 months ago

    Actually the black characters don't always die first in horror movies. Take George A. Romero's classic Night of the living dead for example. The black guy was actually the smartest character in the movie and the one who survived the longest.

  • artandcard
    artandcard 3 months ago

    In contrast to keeping the white milk and colored cereal separated, Mr. Peele points out in his DVD's commentary that the psychotic Ro-Ro character is sucking on a black straw-- a black straw sunken into pure white milk.

  • Blood Feast Island Man
    Blood Feast Island Man 3 months ago

    Even I know the difference between key and peele...

    Go ahead and get shwrecked. Call me in the morning. I'll be up.

  • Ahmed Clay
    Ahmed Clay 3 months ago

    hahahaha black hole son ?

  • jmaria
    jmaria 3 months ago

    please do the snowman

  • Mhlengi Ntswane
    Mhlengi Ntswane 4 months ago

    Rich White People🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🔥mcm man🤣

  • Alex Bond
    Alex Bond 4 months ago

    She ate the fruit loops and milk separately because she doesn’t mix white and color.

  • W. Ray
    W. Ray 4 months ago

    Please do the Halloween movies because the new one is coming out this weekend 🙂

  • W. Ray
    W. Ray 4 months ago

    Are you addicted to Honest Trailer? 🖐

  • Tarisai Kunaka
    Tarisai Kunaka 4 months ago

    Been listening to a lot of lemonade, dem beckies everywhere hahahahahaha

  • wendywanda
    wendywanda 4 months ago

    Im a ts mtfkn a

  • Victor Bastardo
    Victor Bastardo 4 months ago +2

    Honest trailers for POLICE ACADEMY and BLAZING SADDLES

  • Groundhog Day 1993 is AWESOME!

    I wouldn't have voted for Obama a 3rd time ~ I don't like politicians who lie all the time. :-|

  • Dalma Flanders
    Dalma Flanders 4 months ago

    Can you do a dogs purpose?

  • Waifu buns
    Waifu buns 4 months ago

    Windows phone?! Is that a thing??... I studied IT for 2 years and I've never seen a windows phone.

  • nidhi chaudhary
    nidhi chaudhary 4 months ago

    There should have been some reference to the whoe where are the keys scene.

  • Dr Phot
    Dr Phot 5 months ago

    Sounds about White!

  • Bill Clinton
    Bill Clinton 5 months ago +1

    The lost Kardashian!! 😂😂😂

  • RariGold
    RariGold 5 months ago

    For Allison Williams I would go to the sunken place on god

  • CharlesFoster Kane
    CharlesFoster Kane 5 months ago

    Ben Carson!!! Lol!!!

  • louisaparker
    louisaparker 5 months ago

    Stepford Whites - that's one of the best "honest titles" I can remember.

  • Alex Is AWESOME Mig
    Alex Is AWESOME Mig 5 months ago

    I had a windows phone

  • Qu Re
    Qu Re 5 months ago

    But they do say who is who. They introduced themselves every episode.

  • Bill CosbyDidIt
    Bill CosbyDidIt 5 months ago

    "Ben Carson" LOLOLOL

  • Luna
    Luna 5 months ago

    Rich white people

  • leonkennedy1259
    leonkennedy1259 5 months ago

    I was so disappointed with this movie. I heard how it was so good but only to find out it was pure crap. It wasn't good at all. A Quiet Place is another overrated piece of crap.

  • Princess Sutton
    Princess Sutton 5 months ago