ANTHONY JOSHUA vs KSI Part 1: Speedbag Challenge | William Hill Boxing

  • Published on Oct 11, 2019
  • Anthony Joshua takes on Andy Ruiz Jr. in one of the biggest boxing matches in recent history on 7th December 2019.
    But first he takes on KSI....
    Part 1 sees the two go head to head (alongside host David Alorka and Tanya Morgan) in the speedbag challenge.
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  • All Might
    All Might Day ago

    Now they both won💯

  • Adoring Fan
    Adoring Fan 4 days ago

    I wouldn't mind going 12 rounds with Tanya

  • Martin Ross
    Martin Ross 19 days ago

    He scored 69? Nice.

  • Ross
    Ross 25 days ago

    Shes a nice little bit uh fanny int she?! She know anything about boxing or just regurgitating what shes been told??.....yeah......I like that, bet AJ's still doing well...........sexually.

  • Pablo Lopez
    Pablo Lopez 29 days ago

    Imagine if KSI hit Logan like that yesterday😂😂😂😂

  • Na Li
    Na Li 29 days ago

    The fuck they mean 52? he had like 72 if you actually count it.

  • dd ,sincos
    dd ,sincos Month ago

    Whoese that girl in white

  • Green Monster
    Green Monster Month ago


  • DragonNomak
    DragonNomak Month ago

    as much as i like Andy Ruiz i hope AJ beats him next month

  • IxBreathlessxIッ
    IxBreathlessxIッ Month ago

    Everyone saying csi hiding his "skills" but in reality speed bag doesnt show much. Csi just cant do it.

  • Mitchell m
    Mitchell m Month ago

    Logan's chilling with Ruiz and a burger

  • Shane Griffin
    Shane Griffin Month ago

    That tosser KSI laughs at everything, annoying prick

  • Fedica Fernando
    Fedica Fernando Month ago

    I love how their shoes match their shorts/trousers 😂

  • Chadd
    Chadd Month ago

    That chick pretty hot

  • Mark Wrench
    Mark Wrench Month ago

    Forget all this promotion. You're a big enough star without it during training camp. Focus on the fight or you might lose... You've got Eddie to be the mouthpiece. Come on KSI; you've got this!

  • Yasmeen Nazir
    Yasmeen Nazir Month ago +1


  • HukeV2
    HukeV2 Month ago

    I think JJ or what he is called is a pussy and he don t know how to fo that

  • Isaiah Tufele
    Isaiah Tufele Month ago

    ksi can't fight for shiiiiii

  • OskysWork
    OskysWork Month ago

    You can see the girl is looking at them in despair

  • FraJa1980
    FraJa1980 Month ago

    KSI looks a little like Jeff Mayweather.

  • Rex
    Rex Month ago

    KSI is such a tool

  • Thewatcheronthewall
    Thewatcheronthewall Month ago +1

    Imagine if Anthony joshua decided to go transgender and started fighting female boxers, this is the crazy reality we live in today. Hope AJ sparks Ruiz he needs to be more disciplined next outing.

    TR3NDY G4M1NG Month ago

    1:44 *NICE*

    FKFGLOBAL x Month ago

    Rah the bruddas really didn't let the babe touch the bag.. No respect for the time keeper.

  • Alex T
    Alex T Month ago

    Why you call this bodybuilder !?!? He doesn’t have a clue about boxing

  • Antonio Marshell
    Antonio Marshell Month ago

    Wtf is that accent

  • SuperGGLOL
    SuperGGLOL Month ago

    KSI is a clown

  • jord 121
    jord 121 Month ago

    trying too hide his skills? more like he doesn’t want too embarrass himself because he probably can’t hit the bag properly.

  • Hamo Vic
    Hamo Vic Month ago +1

    What’s the girl with white jacket’s Instagram?? Somebody help ya man out

  • Rich Boy P
    Rich Boy P Month ago

    Nobody :

    Literally not a soul :

    Aj : 🎵🔊you can’t tell me how to do this 🎵🔊 🥊🥊🥊

    Me : I wrote that song it’s on my page

  • Orange Juice
    Orange Juice Month ago

    Aj got 69 punts... hmmm yes he's a man of culture

  • Zeroo
    Zeroo Month ago

    I'm glad AJ's last hit didn't count

  • EK7
    EK7 Month ago +1

    JJ paid no attention to the woman 😂

  • kooler69 420
    kooler69 420 Month ago

    camera man wobbly asf

  • kaveh rostami
    kaveh rostami Month ago

    Who is this ksi .I donot no who is this fucking guy funny things is compare him with aj

  • DailyVloggYT
    DailyVloggYT Month ago +1

    Imagine pacquiao in this😂

  • Tafida Gadzama
    Tafida Gadzama Month ago

    Better to watch KSI than the WBC bullshit!

  • Boy X
    Boy X Month ago

    Who else got this vid as their recommended?

  • sushil rai
    sushil rai Month ago

    Ksi is not practicing

  • richardreynoso91
    richardreynoso91 Month ago

    Ksi is a pathetic human being

  • Rick Hagemeijer
    Rick Hagemeijer Month ago +1

    Wtf is ksi wearing

  • Im_That_Monk
    Im_That_Monk Month ago

    This TheXvid war is ridiculous lol

  • Jordan M
    Jordan M Month ago

    Hopefully AJ and Fury can get some work with ksi

  • Avraj Sagoo
    Avraj Sagoo Month ago

    Is this the anthony joshu who got his assss whopped by a fatasss

  • James Cole
    James Cole Month ago +1

    AJ looks focused again 🙄

  • Henry Salisbury
    Henry Salisbury Month ago

    2 insipid black guys both getting knocked out 😎

  • Xerqt
    Xerqt Month ago


  • Jack Macken
    Jack Macken Month ago +1

    Hahaha jj did it like that cos he can’t actually punch the speedball

  • Grimreaperedwhite
    Grimreaperedwhite Month ago


  • Emma P
    Emma P Month ago

    Well that was embarrassing for JJ. Can’t even win when he’s cheating 😬

  • Kings
    Kings Month ago

    Andy Rui RUN 🏃‍♀️

  • Harry Chen
    Harry Chen Month ago

    Three black men one whit girl hmmmmm

  • Michel S.
    Michel S. Month ago

    Instagram of that Girl?

  • Liam Otoo
    Liam Otoo Month ago

    RIP Logan

  • The Conqueror Beast

    AJ my guy but TANIYA TANIYA TANIYA hotters brav

  • Kimchi Choe
    Kimchi Choe Month ago

    I am searching for Logan’s comment

  • parvez biswas
    parvez biswas Month ago

    So the girl don't deserve a introduction,.. Ok.. 😐

  • Pumpkin Slices
    Pumpkin Slices Month ago

    ayo tanya hella cute and thicc so she is da girl...

  • Mo Abiani
    Mo Abiani Month ago

    Bruh ksi trolls and still loses like he does in one question go.

  • damo 11
    damo 11 Month ago

    Just look at AJs calves!! They like a 13yr old schoolboy