EU announces Brexit deal has been agreed with Boris Johnson | Full Press Conference

  • Published on Oct 17, 2019
  • The EU's chief Brexit negotiator, Michel Barnier, holds a press conference as a new Brexit deal is announced. (Subscribe:



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Comments • 432

  • Fraz C
    Fraz C 26 days ago

    EU has negotiated a Boris deal as they did a May deal however as both Boris and May deals will/would not get through HoC without major amendments then I don't see it being ratified in the end. Then there's the DUP to be convinced that this is acceptable ! let's see you do that

  • Wales Express
    Wales Express 28 days ago

    So, every members state should get the same deal, this is corruption at its best, UK should just get kicked out and that's it

  • bloop blooper
    bloop blooper 29 days ago

    Translations are fascinating. ☕

  • Arek Krolak
    Arek Krolak 29 days ago

    voice over makes the man illegible :(

  • Maria DOLORES Rodriguez Ferrere de MERCADO

    the translator is annoying you cannot listen to anyone..nor the woman nor the speaker..awful

  • Rick Jones
    Rick Jones 29 days ago

    Snowden and Assange are gd Heros people they exposed corruption and should be freed with a taxpayers home for themselves and the admiration of the people and full pardons with purple 💕 hung around their necks for disobeying an order that went against the constitution and peoples rights. Since when was it ever made a law to expose crimes? Murders get better attention from the press than a hero of our people from an American free thinking person to the world

  • John Abramyan
    John Abramyan 29 days ago

    One thought... This is ongoing for 3 years or so. What is the big deal about Brexit? Who cares really? Stay in EU , or not, but make up your mind.

  • Crispin Dannug
    Crispin Dannug 29 days ago

    The two big issues confronting the UK: 1. collecting customs duties and tariffs via an efficient computerized mechanism of payments and accounts monitoring, and 2. safeguards at the customs gateway at the border of Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Both require compliance with EU protocols. Moreover, the UK government civil service must adjust and align their monitoring standards and systems to allow for on-time reporting to the EU and all concerned.

  • Crispin Dannug
    Crispin Dannug 29 days ago

    The venom of socialist EU and the minions of George Sorros are sapping the strength of UK. I hope PM Boris Johnson can act well on the DEAL Agreements. The MPs in the House of Commons of all stripes must support Boris for a viable UK economy in the post-Brexit based on the principle of comparative and equitable advantage of the island state of UK.

  • Stephen Arscott
    Stephen Arscott 29 days ago

    . . .

  • Jason TV
    Jason TV 29 days ago

    Democracy has been comprised, prepare for their next stage of the Elitist agenda

  • Jayne Lane
    Jayne Lane Month ago +1

    Just do it, everyone is getting bored.

    • Joe Mitchell
      Joe Mitchell 27 days ago

      Better still just forget it now we know it's all just a con.

  • Choco Later
    Choco Later Month ago

    Bullshit in the left ear in French.
    Bullshit in the right ear in English.

  • Inka graphisme et impression

    Seen from Belgium, the EU has negotiated more with opposition MPs than with Mr Johnson. The EU seems very confident that the opposition will ask for a referendum on whether or not the people accept the agreement reached.
    And if the media scared the British as they scared the Europeans who spend too much time in front of their television, it is a foregone conclusion for the EU...

  • fritzbaba
    fritzbaba Month ago +1

    its a fraud all over by the comonwealth elite

  • nacer LONDON
    nacer LONDON Month ago

    Since 3 years they dont agree ,and sadenly 1 week behind 31 oct .they say we have a deal , strang🤔🤔 my be coz of the queen speech

  • Mark Gable
    Mark Gable Month ago

    Well its not as if the Eu had much choice. The UK is the biggest market for Europe's companies. You can play hardball with remain idiot Maybot. But Boris is a Brexiteer . Totally different dynamic.

  • iDea James
    iDea James Month ago

    when the deal is so bad that no deal looks better you know it wont pass HOC. no deal here we come.

  • Angelo Schincariol
    Angelo Schincariol Month ago +2

    At the end, the European Union has won the blame game. And this practically
    with the same deal they signed with Teresa May. Big win

    • Robert
      Robert Month ago

      easiest deal in history..

  • Camcolito
    Camcolito Month ago

    Bend over and take your backstop!

    ABOVE THE LAW Month ago

    Where does it mention the UK is leaving the EU?.

  • Metral Patrick
    Metral Patrick Month ago

    get back Bojo, get back to where u once belonged...

  • DZ Ddteo
    DZ Ddteo Month ago +2

    Deal ! Parliament will have to vote for it now , no more excuses

    • DZ Ddteo
      DZ Ddteo 29 days ago

      Skiddins well Boris is one of the gang so that’s as far as it can go , this or no deal you can’t please the ERG and Lib Dem’s they are the extremists

    • Skiddins
      Skiddins Month ago

      Contains everything the DUP and ERG said they wouldn't agree to.

  • silvério rebelo
    silvério rebelo Month ago

    these EU people are sinister: they have made everything possible to destroy brexit with the excuse they could not change anything in the deal they imposed to Theresa May - and now we discover that a totally new deal was possible... in three weeks time...

  • Vintage Recall
    Vintage Recall Month ago +1


  • Dan Bruffell
    Dan Bruffell Month ago +7

    Its not brexit. Any agreement will just be an EU treaty. It cant be brexit if the eu agree....

      ABOVE THE LAW 29 days ago

      @Skiddins They were told many things. If the primary Treaties are not dissolved then they are still a member no matter how they try to spin it.

    • Skiddins
      Skiddins Month ago

      @ABOVE THE LAW The majority were told they could have a Norway or Switzerland type deal.

      ABOVE THE LAW Month ago

      @Dan Bruffell Well it is because the majority voted to leave. NOT STAY IN WITH A DEAL.

    • Dan Bruffell
      Dan Bruffell Month ago

      @ABOVE THE LAW its not fooling many people. Certainly not 17.4million voters.

      ABOVE THE LAW Month ago

      There can be no EU exit until the primary treaties the legal links that bind the UK to the EU are unshackled. This is another scam to fool the plebs, and they should be angry. VERY ANGRY.

  • Conrad Weis
    Conrad Weis Month ago

    So Barnier got bent over by King BORIS!!!!!

  • Matt Carlin
    Matt Carlin Month ago +3

    Seems like Boris has not only sold the uk down the river, but also the others in the EU who have been watching hoping themselves to leave
    This is Mays deal( treaty) with a tweak . Sold out Boris

    • Matt Carlin
      Matt Carlin Month ago

      Kenneth Maley and nothing about the upto 500billion in hidden liabilities
      Total capitulation by the uk GVT , this could be the end of the Tory party at the next GE
      Shocking treaty again
      Looks like Boris just like all the other ex PM's are protecting their future jobs and pensions

    • Kenneth Maley
      Kenneth Maley Month ago +1

      This is bino only changed the back stop still the same as May's
      Deal just Google 40 horrors lurking in small print of May's brexit deal.

  • streams of consciousness

    Why, when they talk of protecting the integrity of the single market, do they believe that the EU single market is more important than the UK single market?

    • streams of consciousness
      streams of consciousness 22 days ago

      The eu sells more to us than we do to them, so it’s them who needs access to us.

    • An Fon
      An Fon Month ago +7

      The UK is the one needing access to he larger market. The EU could ultimately do without

  • evelyne féron
    evelyne féron Month ago +2

    ne parlez pas à deux en même on ne comprends RIEN même si on parle les deux langues....

    • Peter Lund
      Peter Lund Month ago

      They are in different channels. Use headphones.

  • W Guo
    W Guo Month ago +1

    Hopefully some ppl realize they cannot neglect the remainers' voice, also some ppl realize Brexit is not reversible.

    • Andrew Andy
      Andrew Andy Month ago

      Hello W Guo. The Remainers' voices were given full and due consideration during a British referendum 23/06/2016.

  • Scott Stuart
    Scott Stuart Month ago +7

    Ok second referendum it is then.

  • Virtuous Warrior #YesIAm

    HE was killed, HE was buried, HE was resurrected.. Whoever believes in HIM shall be saved. JESUS CHRIST IS LORD. Fresh Start, New Beginnings, Eternal Life. #gospel #truth #derekprinceministries

    • M R
      M R Month ago

      @Virtuous Warrior #YesIAm Derek, Prince of Darkness?

    • Virtuous Warrior #YesIAm
      Virtuous Warrior #YesIAm Month ago

      @M R lol

    • M R
      M R Month ago +1

      Derek Prince of Darkness?

  • A Kelly
    A Kelly Month ago +7

    Apart from backstop it's Mays deal?! Do they think we are idiots!

    • Anthony Burke
      Anthony Burke Month ago

      @A Kelly
      He just took out the good things for NI from the backstop! The backstop is still there, a border down the Irish sea

    • A Kelly
      A Kelly Month ago

      @Ilia Kemp He solved the backstop issue but now hoping everyone thinks it's a good deal.

    • Ilia Kemp
      Ilia Kemp Month ago

      So, with only 1 thing changed, May told EU NO, Boris say YES..that won't be agree on next Saturday in Parliament ,..WHY is Johnson now behave as if HE JUST SOLVED the whole thing?

    • Anthony Burke
      Anthony Burke Month ago

      But NI is still basically staying in the cu and following all EU rules and regulations

  • W Gaff
    W Gaff Month ago

    There is alot of positivity in establishing this agreement but it seems unsettling for the lynchpin of this entire agreement to be left with a government that have refused to take their seats in the last 3 years

  • B.B. BALJEU, Esq.
    B.B. BALJEU, Esq. Month ago +3

    Let’s extricate the British-identifying Irishmen and resettle them in Rhodesia

    • M R
      M R Month ago

      You provide the time machine and get yourself on KickPharter.

  • Leighton Cooke
    Leighton Cooke Month ago +14

    The EU is probably relieved to be rid of the UK.

    • Shahist Filozof
      Shahist Filozof 29 days ago

      @Adrian Fundescu english! I dont understand your language might be romanian but I dont understand!

    • streams of consciousness
      streams of consciousness Month ago

      Camcolito how nice that we can all end on a note of agreement, that both the U.K. and the eu can be happy that we are out

    • Real Newsforever
      Real Newsforever Month ago

      @666 BRLN 999 The EU Beast is my enemy forever.

    • 666 BRLN 999
      666 BRLN 999 Month ago

      as a german i'm just happy when the brexit bullshit is over, it covers too much space in news, there is lots of important stuff going on which gets a bit stuffed under the carpet.

    • Adrian Fundescu
      Adrian Fundescu Month ago

      @Shahist Filozof Pe ce te bazezi????Zi Zau cu limba scoasa....etc...

  • BuffMummy Fit Foodie
    BuffMummy Fit Foodie Month ago +6

    Bien dit MR Barnier. Toujours aussi posé et élégant 🥰

  • JJ sassey
    JJ sassey Month ago

    Stick your deal Mr Barnier where the sun dont shine the British do not want it. NO DEAL with The EU - European Globalist Corrupt Dictatorship NAZIs Run by the Germans for the Germans

    • JJ sassey
      JJ sassey Month ago

      @An Fon I am ENGLISH you idiot. F OFF

    • An Fon
      An Fon Month ago

      @JJ sassey English is not even your mother tongue.... No point here you troll.

    • JJ sassey
      JJ sassey Month ago

      @An Fon Never done drugs that is a youth thing you sound to know a lot about them though. What are you a dealer When I was young we had more sense.

    • An Fon
      An Fon Month ago +1

      Stop doing drugs buddy

  • M R
    M R Month ago +3

    It's very much like May's deal - but there is one crucial difference: Johnson's ego.

  • Anthony Newman
    Anthony Newman Month ago +1

    Cant you see what they have done! Delay Brexit, Get the people fed up with the process! PRETEND to negotiate a new treaty and the people will vote Yes. YOUR STILL IN THE E.U

    • M R
      M R Month ago

      Indeed - all set for an extension so this stupidity can be ended without the UK imploding.

  • paul hutchins
    paul hutchins Month ago +4

    You've let us down eu.... Kick the english out....

  • The great challenge
    The great challenge Month ago +1

    This despot needs to go

    • Destshade
      Destshade Month ago

      @The great challenge representational democracy. read what it is. thanks.

    • The great challenge
      The great challenge Month ago

      Unelected people needs to go off of my dime. And trust me, we will also go and leave your pathetic union in shambles.

    • An Fon
      An Fon Month ago

      You are the one who need to go. Sad and pathetic with no arguments to back that BS argument

  • M R
    M R Month ago +3

    Rees-Mogg must be pretty happy that his company's massive profits are safe from ATAD. Ker-ching!

    • M R
      M R Month ago

      @Ironhide She's just a Russian shitposter. Its for Putin pay.

    • Ironhide
      Ironhide Month ago

      @Albert Pike Post from an intellectual light weight.

    • M R
      M R Month ago

      @Albert Pike Good shitpost, Al!

    • Albert Pike
      Albert Pike Month ago +2

      Copypasta from an EU bot.

  • M R
    M R Month ago

    6:35 In Brexiter talk, that's "rule taking". But it allows billions to be protected from ATAD, so the press barons will be OK with that.

    • M R
      M R Month ago

      @Albert Pike Good shitpost, Al!

    • Albert Pike
      Albert Pike Month ago +2

      Copypasta from an EU bot.

  • M R
    M R Month ago

    Blimey - anything to avoid ATAD. Billions!

    • M R
      M R Month ago

      ​@Albert Pike OK shitpost, Al. Seen better.

    • Albert Pike
      Albert Pike Month ago +2

      Copypasta from an EU bot.

  • noah
    noah Month ago

    So boris did his job. But labour wont do theirs and vote for it. It's all on labour now.

    • M R
      M R Month ago +1

      No. That's tabloid mentality. Not everything is Labour's fault.

    • ItsMeMatze
      ItsMeMatze Month ago

      Without the DUP the vote will fail anyway.

  • Nicholas Ennos
    Nicholas Ennos Month ago

    Mrs May's turd reheated

  • Charlie 06
    Charlie 06 Month ago

    It’s not computer ! JC she’s not a good translator . She’s missing bits . That are important !

    • Tom Clarke
      Tom Clarke Month ago

      She's probably reading from a draft anyway

    • Grimsby Imp
      Grimsby Imp Month ago

      redaction is a game of omission.

  • Will Johnson
    Will Johnson Month ago +2

    If Barnier is smirking, it's not good.

    • Fingers
      Fingers Month ago

      Dumb people writing dumb comments, is not good.

  • MSW 2015
    MSW 2015 Month ago +1

    Where's Mandy Mandelson?

    • M R
      M R Month ago

      @Albert Pike With Putin? I hear he likes backstreet stuff.

    • Albert Pike
      Albert Pike Month ago +1

      At a backstreet 'sauna'

  • Sophie Lefrou de la Colonge

    We are waiting for the text of it !!! Bravo 🍾🎊🎉🎈 ! Bravo Monsieur Barnier !!!!

  • Level9ing
    Level9ing Month ago

    It`s great seeing all the idiotic Brexiteer comments from people with a mental age of twelve .... Scratch that twelve year olds would have more sense.

  • sterling Forever
    sterling Forever Month ago +10

    The calm before the STORM

  • Trevor Taylor
    Trevor Taylor Month ago +6

    This man's grinning to much tells me we've been stitched up good and proper time for an election and to get rid of the lot we need a complete change come in the Brexit party please

  • Kate Nicolson
    Kate Nicolson Month ago +8

    Does anywhere have a copy of the agreement for the public to read?

    • Trance_World_Artists 2014
      Trance_World_Artists 2014 29 days ago

      @bierrollerful noooo noooo nooooooo!
      My comment was meant to be sarcastic, but you couldn't see that, ur so fucking thick !
      Ive edited it because I missed out a letter in the word bureaucrats.

    • bierrollerful
      bierrollerful 29 days ago

      @Trance_World_Artists 2014 I love how you spend the time to edit your message but didnt have to time to check any of the other responses which would have saved you from looking like a total dunce.

    • Trance_World_Artists 2014
      Trance_World_Artists 2014 29 days ago

      You plebs have no right to view a copy .
      Only bureaucrats in Brussels have that right.

    • Kate Nicolson
      Kate Nicolson Month ago

      @bierrollerful thank you

    • bierrollerful
      bierrollerful Month ago +1

      ​@Kate Nicolson

  • Ahmad Ali
    Ahmad Ali Month ago +2

    you were late because you are french .... lets not waste more time on le bullccchiit .... ::)

    • Tom Clarke
      Tom Clarke Month ago

      After over 3 years it's hardly something to complain about and he did apologise.

    • Maanze
      Maanze Month ago

      French being late is part of European pomp.

  • Samul samuelson
    Samul samuelson Month ago +2

    6000 fake Iranian refugees in Australia ( search on Google )

  • Micegift
    Micegift Month ago +1

    Why is it that all the questions are being asked in English but are being answered in French? 🤔

    • Skiddins
      Skiddins Month ago

      @Peter Lund "When there was less at stake", kind of made the point again.

    • Peter Lund
      Peter Lund Month ago

      @DZ Ddteo I have heard him talk a lot in English when there was less at stake so I don't think that's the reason.
      It *was* the reason why Sylvie Goulard spoke nothing but French during her two hearings in the European Parliament, except for a few symbolic (and prepared) sentences in English and German. Her German is excellent, btw. Her English is not, but it wasn't worse than that of several other commissioners-designate.
      That arrogance alone was reason enough to vote against her, in my opinion.

    • DZ Ddteo
      DZ Ddteo Month ago

      Peter Lund there is that but I think I’d to do more with the French policy : promote francophonie like the brits would with the commonwealth

    • Peter Lund
      Peter Lund Month ago +1

      Barnier's English is fine. He is speaking in French and using an interpreter to make sure he doesn't make a mistake. If anything goes wrong, it'll be the fault of the interpreter (and nobody will care much). If *he* made a mistake, it could have serious consequences.
      (And waiting for the translation into French also buys him a little more time before he has to answer.)

    • DZ Ddteo
      DZ Ddteo Month ago

      Because English and French are the recognised diplomatic languages , the French made sure of that in 1945 , that’s why the podium bares both

  • Warren Edwardes
    Warren Edwardes Month ago +1

    I love the stereo voices