Sheldon makes a friend and invites him for dinner [young sheldon]


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  • Queen Julima
    Queen Julima 5 months ago

    That is ture story I read about it

  • Beatrice Abenir
    Beatrice Abenir 5 months ago

    Is that Tam from Miss Saigon?

  • A.I A.R.M.Y
    A.I A.R.M.Y 5 months ago

    Im vietnamese and i live in houston texas


  • Tam Nguyen
    Tam Nguyen 5 months ago

    The story is what happened to many Vietnamese refugees when they decided to leave the country, they'd rather die in the middle of the sea then be in custody of the communists. My neighbour's parents had to jump off the boat so their son (my neighbour) would not die from starving. The local Vietnamese shop owner entire family was shot dead except for him. He survived with bullets on his back. It was horrible.

  • fj gj
    fj gj 5 months ago

    The fucking catholic bit killed me

  • will25
    will25 5 months ago

    Well that was depressing

  • Sean Bui
    Sean Bui 5 months ago

    I am viet

  • Lina The Unicorn
    Lina The Unicorn 6 months ago

    I am also Vietnamese and my moms last name is also le

  • Juan Rodriguez
    Juan Rodriguez 6 months ago

    I think sheldon family was mean to sheldons friend

  • Darcy TheAsianDuck
    Darcy TheAsianDuck 6 months ago

    I’m from vietnam

  • sTINGY .-.
    sTINGY .-. 6 months ago

    Lol best episode

  • Pog Champers
    Pog Champers 6 months ago

    That’s racist for the alive animals on his plates wow just wow bro

  • Cameron Ronan Welsh Beast

    Feel bad for him

  • Cameron Ronan Welsh Beast

    "I bet you're fed up of things wriggling on your plate

  • Cameron Ronan Welsh Beast

    "are you in rambo"

  • Will Reiley
    Will Reiley 6 months ago

    What they teach him, how to be a communist, cool like in Rambo

  • Joseph Cassidy
    Joseph Cassidy 6 months ago

    This is so racist 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Professor Glitchy
    Professor Glitchy 6 months ago

    So emotional

  • name 55
    name 55 6 months ago

    Lol I went to Galveston yesterday

  • Daniel Montoni
    Daniel Montoni 6 months ago

    Funny but messed up

  • Paras Thussu
    Paras Thussu 6 months ago +1

    "Your Mom's name isn't Kim Lee?
    No Sir.
    Good... I mean its a small country." 😂

  • Brian Swintek
    Brian Swintek 6 months ago

    Their all bogus asf

  • Rice Tom
    Rice Tom 6 months ago

    Sheldon parents are racist

  • Chief
    Chief 6 months ago

    Where can I see this show?

  • Jadin Elimelech
    Jadin Elimelech 6 months ago

    This clip was the best I have ever seen

  • krispy _
    krispy _ 6 months ago

    I’m Vietnamese as well!

  • Sean Kiarie
    Sean Kiarie 6 months ago

    These guys kill me

  • it's zNeepo
    it's zNeepo 6 months ago

    What’s is this show called ???

  • Ding BingBongYT
    Ding BingBongYT 6 months ago +1

    Dam his mum is a bitch tbh...

  • Cody Dixon
    Cody Dixon 6 months ago

    Lmao, I make a heap of friends online and then we meet in real life, it's actually not that tough.

  • Stefan Besonen
    Stefan Besonen 6 months ago

    Silence...........WELL THAT WAS DEPRESSING

  • LaMASIA 5611
    LaMASIA 5611 6 months ago

    I’m sorry but that story was halarious, just when you thought it ended something worse happened lol. I’ll let myself out....

  • Issac Evans
    Issac Evans 6 months ago

    Racist and funny at the same time 😭

  • Ed from Chowderhead
    Ed from Chowderhead 6 months ago +1

    Is that fucking Bill Ponderosa?

  • Louis Schlidt
    Louis Schlidt 6 months ago

    I'm depressed now

  • Louis Schlidt
    Louis Schlidt 6 months ago

    Hahahaha the racsisim

  • Leeann Marie
    Leeann Marie 6 months ago

    who is kim lee...a massage attendant

  • Ahmed Idris
    Ahmed Idris 6 months ago

    1:34 this is a good joke

  • Spy cam I am watching you

    The stereotypical-ness is real and racism

  • West Side is da best
    West Side is da best 6 months ago +4

    The show isn't racist... Sheldon's mother and father are... Attitudes like that were common back then and that's the point of this scene.

  • Tamati Whitlock
    Tamati Whitlock 6 months ago

    Oh no no no

  • chris kaluza
    chris kaluza 6 months ago

    That kkk and shrimp story in the Galveston bay is true I live in Galveston wow

  • ironmammoth
    ironmammoth 6 months ago

    is that shiphtur?

  • MLVF Gamer
    MLVF Gamer 6 months ago

    What why is this on trending

  • NELA from Auckland
    NELA from Auckland 6 months ago +1

    Don't press "read more"


    You're almost there

    Congratulations you have reach you're destination

  • Glywnnis Wells
    Glywnnis Wells 6 months ago

    she didnt say Jesus in the prayer

  • Louis Win
    Louis Win 6 months ago

    “Your mom’s name isn’t Kim Lee is it?”😂😂😂😂

  • GodEyes
    GodEyes 6 months ago

    >#39 On Trending

  • Carlos Vazquez
    Carlos Vazquez 6 months ago +1

    -why would you think you knew his mom?
    +/shots fired\

  • SquishLad On Discord
    SquishLad On Discord 6 months ago +2

    Hate Shelton's mum and dad in this

  • vu dat
    vu dat 6 months ago

    Sheldon father sex with vietnamese whore

  • vu dat
    vu dat 6 months ago

    Oh my god vietnamese

    DUNG NGO 6 months ago

    What told in this vid is so true. Whoever fought in Vietnam war would never forget the horified experience of life & death like Sheldon's dad, he probably hang out w/ a girl Kim Le back then. And what those "boat people" like Tam family went through is typical...Sheldon's mom undermined Catholic is the same as my Christian friends bashing Pope when he visited America...

  • Ggg Ggg
    Ggg Ggg 6 months ago

    There so racist

  • YamiAlex224
    YamiAlex224 6 months ago

    Is Sheldon's mom ok I mean she is acting freakier than normal. Did her mom have her tested

  • JB 4
    JB 4 6 months ago

    "Well that was depressing" 💀

  • GT Gaming
    GT Gaming 6 months ago

    “Well that was depressing”lol

  • erzan
    erzan 6 months ago +9

    The American Dream.
    The American Reality.

  • BanananaNathan
    BanananaNathan 6 months ago

    We need tam in Big Bang theory.

    • BanananaNathan
      BanananaNathan 6 months ago

      i know im viet, I just dont use the sign

    • vu dat
      vu dat 6 months ago

      BanananaNathan his name is Tâm

  • AEO Co
    AEO Co 6 months ago +3


  • Hanne Lawrensen
    Hanne Lawrensen 6 months ago

    Sheldon's father is a bastard

  • I'm DuBzzY
    I'm DuBzzY 6 months ago

    Sheldon’s Mom is racist

  • octspector t
    octspector t 6 months ago

    This boi was talking about the kkk

  • Staedler Staedlerr
    Staedler Staedlerr 6 months ago

    Never trust w philipino

  • Ara Araarachii
    Ara Araarachii 6 months ago +9

    "I was trying to be nice. "
    Me always hahah

  • soon pham
    soon pham 6 months ago

    Vietnamese luôn ;)

  • oamorranger004
    oamorranger004 6 months ago +34

    His mom is so racist

    • The Dark Wolf
      The Dark Wolf 6 months ago +11

      oamorranger004 she represents the typical Americans tho.

  • K. H.
    K. H. 6 months ago

    Sheldon's fam low-key racist BAHAHAHA~

  • Finshdhd Bcijxjd
    Finshdhd Bcijxjd 6 months ago

    How’s this 35 on trending

  • Emily Sims
    Emily Sims 6 months ago +16

    'Actually I am Catholic ' 'too bad'

    • Emily Sims
      Emily Sims 6 months ago +1

      Yes I know that's why I thought it was funny

    • Yuri Bandolon
      Yuri Bandolon 6 months ago

      Emily Sims I think tam came from the other side of the roman catholics they're common in asia after all maybe thats why she said that

  • Joey Time
    Joey Time 6 months ago

    The books need credit

  • Wolfy Films
    Wolfy Films 6 months ago

    "It did,until the kul klux klan burnt it down"

  • Armando Gonzalez
    Armando Gonzalez 6 months ago +6

    Vietnam war / we call it the American war 😂😂😂

  • Rhys Lloyd
    Rhys Lloyd 6 months ago +1

    If you like Sheldon like this

    • Master 5000
      Master 5000 6 months ago

      Rhys Lloyd why would people watch this if they didn’t like it you sad just sad

  • angel rain
    angel rain 6 months ago

    The racism is too cringey

  • River CF
    River CF 6 months ago

    Well that was depressing

  • River CF
    River CF 6 months ago


  • RT Entertainment
    RT Entertainment 6 months ago

    Racist family lol

  • Chhan Sokh
    Chhan Sokh 6 months ago

    Is the #producer study enough about the history (the year that boy talked about his story #CambodianPirate?) before producing the scene!? I like all the scenes I watched but this one. If I wasn't nice I would say WTF but no I would not say that.

  • goutham edara
    goutham edara 6 months ago

    Sheldons mom is the highlight of this show. She is awesome

  • hopefulbread Gaming
    hopefulbread Gaming 6 months ago +17

    "Until the ku klux klan burned it'

  • Joel Bollinger
    Joel Bollinger 6 months ago +6

    This is sooooo racist but a tiny but funny

    • Johnny Lu
      Johnny Lu 5 months ago

      Deustileaf They Were Kind Of Making Fun Of Tam Like Georgie, And Sheldon’s Saying “Well That’s Too Bad” When He Said That He’s Catholic And Sheldon’s Dad Being Kind Of Disrespectful When Tam Was Telling His Story

    • Deustileaf
      Deustileaf 6 months ago +1

      Joel Bollinger how can it be racist if it is partially true

  • KeisukeTWT -
    KeisukeTWT - 6 months ago

    Omg his story is actually super sad 😔

  • Bazzo Gazzo
    Bazzo Gazzo 6 months ago +1

    Sheldon makes a friend and invites him for dinner [young sheldon]

  • Plague doctor ray Forensca

    Sheldon’s brother reminds me of me

  • Karina San
    Karina San 6 months ago +3

    They are so terrible, OMG.

  • iAquaex
    iAquaex 6 months ago

    So fucking racist😂😂

  • Professor Johnny
    Professor Johnny 6 months ago +5

    Young sheldon meets young shiphtur

    • UltimaG troll
      UltimaG troll 6 months ago

      Professor Johnny yeah they look alike xD

  • Johnny Lu
    Johnny Lu 6 months ago +5


  • Aleksandar Trifunovic
    Aleksandar Trifunovic 6 months ago

    That story is somewhat of every Serb during WW2

  • NoahsWorldHD
    NoahsWorldHD 6 months ago +60

    Just realized how racist this is

    • Andy P
      Andy P 6 months ago

      Zen Kazeno but if you can take a joke its well funny😉

    • William Dobbs
      William Dobbs 6 months ago


    • Isaac
      Isaac 6 months ago

      Stop being a little bitch

    • DG Kim
      DG Kim 6 months ago

      stay wake

    • Zen Kazeno
      Zen Kazeno 6 months ago +1

      NoahsWorldHD I was cringing at how racist it is! 😭😭😭 Poor Tam!!!!

  • DopeCurry Edits
    DopeCurry Edits 6 months ago +4

    This is so true loads of white peoples are so stereotypical even tho I like a load of them lol

  • Sam G
    Sam G 6 months ago

    Cambodian pirates... pirates call others pirates.

  • Ken
    Ken 6 months ago +12

    That was very depressing. And they haven't even started dessert yet!

  • Retsepile Sello
    Retsepile Sello 6 months ago +21

    Tam is actually my fav character

  • Tom tonka
    Tom tonka 6 months ago +154

    This doesn't make any sense. Sheldon's mum is a racist in tbbt.

    • Mariale Delgado
      Mariale Delgado 5 months ago

      Son of a Gun I’m so agree with you 👍

    • will25
      will25 5 months ago

      Tom tonka exactly

    • Drugs
      Drugs 6 months ago

      Mellena Brave no it's not, also who ever said I was offended, I just found it funny that the person made a racist statement while calling others racist.

    • Mellena Brave
      Mellena Brave 6 months ago +1

      Drugs not to mention that said accusations are not at all unfounded seeing as you and everyone like you still clearly benifity from the racist system you created while people of color are killed, abused, and separated from their families. Not even our children are save now. I advice you to sit down and reflect on yourself because if you really are more enraged over somebody potentially implying that you are racist rather then being enraged over your people's own racist practices, laws and leadership you probably are, in fact, a priveledged person who has a lot of internalized racism in themself.

    • Mellena Brave
      Mellena Brave 6 months ago +1

      Drugs you realize that generalization is a common thing and the only reason somebody would feel offended is if they see themselfs in said accusations?

  • Anthony G
    Anthony G 6 months ago +5

    That’s a job for hot sauce lmfao 😂😂😂

  • Wasted Soul
    Wasted Soul 6 months ago +23

    LoL sheldon's dad banged a vietnamese woman.

  • Butter Golem
    Butter Golem 6 months ago +28

    I just realized why the dad asked the moms name