7 Craziest Backyard Creations

  • Published on May 24, 2016
  • Have you ever wanted a water park in your backyard? GMM #928!
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Comments • 3 556

  • Don Savoy
    Don Savoy Day ago

    I need a GMM & Dangie Bros video

  • thisisJim85
    thisisJim85 3 days ago

    Hockey guy 1: THIS IS MY HOUSE!!!
    Hockey guy 2: This is actually my house, eh.

  • NappoTapo
    NappoTapo 5 days ago

    She said "Hi, i'm Laura, from Cgelsea, Massachusetts.

  • Toxic Prime
    Toxic Prime 9 days ago


  • Siena Agosti
    Siena Agosti 15 days ago

    My dad and his friend used to dig tunnels a few feet deep and my dad was in it and his friend peed on his head 😒😥🤢

  • Ted Zhang
    Ted Zhang Month ago +1

    Love how Link knows about the super dangerous brain-eating amoeba that has a 100% fatality rate

  • joseeddie41
    joseeddie41 Month ago

    Lets not forget roman Atwood made a monster truck arena

  • The Chef
    The Chef Month ago

    I don’t think they realize sascatchuan is in Canada

  • Silver Sliver
    Silver Sliver 2 months ago

    Gotta keep um separated

  • John Doe
    John Doe 2 months ago

    The Rhett and his Down syndrome friend show

  • Dakota Jones
    Dakota Jones 2 months ago

    It's a little to late to tell me digging a deep tunnel is dangerous I already fuf a 13 foot deep tunnel

  • Angela B
    Angela B 2 months ago

    I hate saying this but three of our neighbours on the same street all have mini backyard ice rinks...its kinda common in canada :)

  • Christopher Franzius
    Christopher Franzius 2 months ago

    Colin Furze BACKYARD BUNKER???

  • Ryuzakai Hirokai
    Ryuzakai Hirokai 3 months ago

    My dad made a bobsled run one winter.

  • Mina's
    Mina's 3 months ago

    I love their lady voices 😂😂😂

  • Cryptic AQ
    Cryptic AQ 4 months ago

    Love how he insist it was safe he could of easily hit a main gas line or electrical wiring and exploded half the block to ashes.
    You must gain permission from the city before you can go digging around into the earth, Thus they lookup blueprints of known gas lines and electrical wiring and tell you where its safe to dig or if you can at all.

    Extremely unsafe
    Most cities will use Underground Pipeline Markers, To allow you to see where if any such gas lines exsist but this is not a failsafe.

  • Conner Firkins
    Conner Firkins 5 months ago

    2019 people?

  • Lily Cat
    Lily Cat 6 months ago

    It's funny, because lots of yards (at least in Canada) have skating/hockey rinks

  • FlameMonarch
    FlameMonarch 6 months ago

    Imagine cutting through somebody's back yard on your way home from school and falling down a 7 ft hole

  • Caitlin Merlino
    Caitlin Merlino 6 months ago

    Actually the Ice version of knockers is curling lol

  • TheEbonyRaven
    TheEbonyRaven 6 months ago


  • Bat Brackets
    Bat Brackets 7 months ago

    The intro is stupid but put a like

  • Bethany Arneson
    Bethany Arneson 7 months ago

    I think the ice version of knockers is curling...lol.

  • Luna_Moon 08
    Luna_Moon 08 7 months ago


  • Toxic Twat
    Toxic Twat 8 months ago

    I don’t think Americans know what knockers are

  • Elli Sowers
    Elli Sowers 8 months ago

    Screw You firefighters!

  • Amber Joy
    Amber Joy 9 months ago

    its called pool not knockers

  • Svinja
    Svinja 9 months ago

    g o t t a k e e p e m s e p e r a t e d

  • Lucy Heartfilia
    Lucy Heartfilia 9 months ago

    Melanie Martinez!

    • CatBug
      CatBug 7 months ago

      Actually it's "It's my Party by Lesley Gore"

  • killermelon546
    killermelon546 10 months ago

    Oooo look a kid is sprinkling


  • Tracking Treasure
    Tracking Treasure 10 months ago

    BTW lacrosse is Canada's national sport ..

  • Dylan Hooton
    Dylan Hooton 10 months ago +1

    I would wish that homemade roller coasters are both cheap to have and to make so I would have one in my family's backyard. ;)

  • Shade Aims Games
    Shade Aims Games 10 months ago

    British girls have knocker's too

  • Joe Chapman
    Joe Chapman 10 months ago

    David Hahn's backyard nuclear reactor should've made this list. What is crazier than a Boy Scout polluting his entire neighborhood with radiation?

  • The Space Of Ades
    The Space Of Ades 11 months ago

    Yesterday, I went to a backyard theatre someone made. And that might not sound impressive, but it had better quality than some actual theatres!

  • Declan Fenniak
    Declan Fenniak 11 months ago

    That hokey rink is not that impressive I know lots of people who made lots of them

  • Shining Sakura
    Shining Sakura 11 months ago

    To be fair to the kid with the tunnel, There are sewage, gas, electrical, phone/internet, ect underground. That can potentially blow up the neighborhood or kill him quite quickly before he knew what was happening and could get away and will kill him. On top of that you have to have the city dot out where everything is.... how I know is my family had to contact the city to dot out the lines before we could finish an in ground project. It's the law. Also it honestly is not that safe, sorry kid.

  • Josh Welch
    Josh Welch 11 months ago

    Over pronounced Saskatchewan

  • Autumn Filbrun
    Autumn Filbrun 11 months ago

    heve you plaed fortnit

  • Everything is stupid
    Everything is stupid 11 months ago

    Is that the rink from a timmies commercial?

  • cheeseburger
    cheeseburger 11 months ago


  • AuroraAquarius
    AuroraAquarius 11 months ago

    U guys are horrible at minecraft

  • isi unicorn65
    isi unicorn65 11 months ago

    I rent my house so.......

  • Radio Bros
    Radio Bros Year ago

    I know tons of people that make their own hockey rink each winter

  • 25 buttholes
    25 buttholes Year ago

    not even gay or bi but link is hot damn im confused lol

  • Ryleigh S
    Ryleigh S Year ago

    Ice knockers is hockey? Have you guys not heard of curling?

  • just a cool dude
    just a cool dude Year ago

    Random time stamp of the day 2:27

  • Mel Holiday
    Mel Holiday Year ago

    I love this: "My brother wouldn't help me, so it was pretty hard..."

  • Mel Holiday
    Mel Holiday Year ago

    "Let me push you, Son!"

  • Kara Meoak
    Kara Meoak Year ago

    I live in a suburban neighborhood so we can't build stuff in our backyards😕

  • D Omega
    D Omega Year ago

    That's stupid. That kid should have kept going.

  • Henry Marckisotto

    I worked for a family owned pool company for a few years and the owners were husband and wife who employed the wife's sister and sisters husband. Each had 2 kids so 4 total but everyone was still kids at heart so using pool liner and plumbing for water they made a huge slip and slide on their property which was pretty good size. You'd go so fast on the slip and slide they had to use sandbags that they reinforced with padding at the end just to stop you safely. Someone was actually injured when they first made it without the padding at the end. ❤ Dan & Stacy best bosses ever!

  • Lola Pulkin
    Lola Pulkin Year ago

    I love Melanie Martinez but I’m 18 which means I’m not a naive child. They’ve never once referenced a modern song. Obviously they wouldn’t start now. To those who think it’s Melanie Martinez it kind of is but it’s not. At all. It’s who she was inspired by

  • Dec78Boston
    Dec78Boston Year ago

    the kid had to get rid of the tunnel:(

  • Natsuki Brendon Urrrie And most thing in between

    Omg the beginning a Melanie Martinez song play yay now time to watch the rest of the vid

  • Chicago 23
    Chicago 23 Year ago

    who else saw the oilres logo on the homeade Zamboni

  • CooperAnimates
    CooperAnimates Year ago

    No the rollercoaster was built by phineas and ferb

  • Lost Girl
    Lost Girl Year ago

    Melanie Martinez jokes yes!! it's my party and I'll cry if I want to!!!

  • Lost Girl
    Lost Girl Year ago

    Melanie Martinez jokes yes!! it's my party and I'll cry if I want to!!!

  • Cristina Alexis
    Cristina Alexis Year ago

    Y’all need to start showing what y’all are looking st

  • Primarina
    Primarina Year ago

    People in a backyard can make a better loop waterslide than Action Park.

  • circularsquare
    circularsquare Year ago

    The first backyard water park (not the loop) was on cool pools

  • That1TechDude
    That1TechDude Year ago +1

    I boil seawater in my backyard, I make hundred of pounds of salt.

  • Aaron Petersen
    Aaron Petersen Year ago

    Damn house seller! Lol

  • Cullen Fisher
    Cullen Fisher Year ago

    a lot of people have there own ice rink

  • Taco Games
    Taco Games Year ago

    That hole is extremely safe.

  • Shaggy from Scooby-Doo

    I feel like the WaterParkGuy would be Ned Flanders and the BLUEDIRT would be Homer Simpson

  • Whizzy
    Whizzy Year ago

    Hey, I’m British. Reply or like if you are too!

  • Amal loves Panic!-ing all day everyday

    "Who knows what he's digging"

  • J b
    J b Year ago

    phineus, ferb, is that yall?

  • make0urday66
    make0urday66 Year ago

    Hi I'm a fireman and you triggered my triggers

  • A and J
    A and J Year ago


  • Lil Pump
    Lil Pump Year ago

    Plot twist; Travis grew up to dig himself into a financial hole.

  • GummybearStudios
    GummybearStudios Year ago

    The fact that they didn't include Ai Pioppi (an entire theme park in someone's backyard) is sad

  • Windu
    Windu Year ago


  • K Kënnëdÿ
    K Kënnëdÿ Year ago

    my brother in law's name is travis

  • Rach31
    Rach31 Year ago


  • Andréanne Hébert

    This type of hockey rink is actually pretty common in people's backyards... (in Canada) ;)

  • Dewey Roth
    Dewey Roth Year ago

    "I'm going higher than my own depth." Not to be confused with deeper than his own height!

  • Miranda L.
    Miranda L. Year ago

    You can do whatever you want in your backyard.....unless the HOA is in your neighborhood.

  • the double rainbow

    Mm mm mm mm cooki- I ment nice vid

  • Miss GammerGirl
    Miss GammerGirl Year ago +1

    We don’t cheat

  • Sandra Wilson
    Sandra Wilson Year ago

    my grandma garden has cabin house in it

  • Granny Smith
    Granny Smith Year ago

    Lol, I thought link said “we’re gonna be playing mind crap!” Instead of minecraft 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Steve Everett
    Steve Everett Year ago

    How rude I’m Canadian!😂 jk !haha! LOL!

  • Laura Heidenreich

    You guys are all idiots, Phineas an Ferb ah I am stupid and watch kid shows all day.

  • calli soleil
    calli soleil Year ago +1

    Im glad their backyards are in the...back

  • ink! sans
    ink! sans Year ago +1

    which one is link the bearded one or the non-bearded one?

  • パイロシニカル

    "Who knows what he's diggin'?"

  • Oculi Corvus
    Oculi Corvus Year ago

    Collin Furze built an underground bunker in his backyard...

  • Music is Our Life

    It says that the app is not available in the United States

  • Awesome Rozen
    Awesome Rozen Year ago

    It's my backyard and I'll build what I want to (build what I want to)


  • Outlaw
    Outlaw Year ago

    I'm from England and what is knockers I thought it was called pool

  • SSimon
    SSimon Year ago

    my uncle made a backyard hockey arena

  • Stacey Wang
    Stacey Wang Year ago

    It's my party and I cry if I want to cry if i want to cry cry cry🎶 OMG CRYBABY

  • Anthony Eisert
    Anthony Eisert Year ago

    Sorry canada

  • kylie faith
    kylie faith Year ago

    They mocked Melanie Martinez 😢

  • CanadianLizard 28

    I'm from Saskatchewan

  • TheCookieDragon TCD

    I think a construction worker or a miner would know if a hole is safe, not really a fireman

  • Sparklebutt
    Sparklebutt Year ago

    You should've named weird moments in Phineas and Ferb XD