The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star

  • Published on Oct 1, 2019
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Comments • 139 544

  • Little Baby Jeongguk
    Little Baby Jeongguk 4 hours ago +1

    “No one will buy my pallette..”

    **Breaks website**

  • Nailah Abdullah
    Nailah Abdullah 7 hours ago

    Wait is this the first episode?

  • Big Shrengus Wazowski-Neutron

    shane on planes is literally me getting a shot

  • analy cervantes
    analy cervantes 10 hours ago

    2:29 how come no one is bringing this up??? Why wasn’t this addressed or at least talked about more in the second episode?! LIKE WTF?!? Who was it?!?

    • beez
      beez 4 hours ago

      analy cervantes ikr he literally click baited us and this was all just a big promotion for his pallette

  • Lilith Zehra
    Lilith Zehra 13 hours ago

    Long ass ad for my makeup collection pt. 1

    BLACK MUSCLE GODS 14 hours ago

    25 million??? 🤭 I obviously have a long way to go

  • Andrea x
    Andrea x 16 hours ago

    47:18 that hit differently 🥺

  • Jennah Ann
    Jennah Ann 16 hours ago

    I’m just now watching this ahahahha

  • Cassandra Rumbaugh
    Cassandra Rumbaugh 16 hours ago

    Ima re watch it one.. two
    More times ...

  • LonelyPoni
    LonelyPoni 17 hours ago +1

    10:54 what’s the background music playing?

  • Sophia Solis
    Sophia Solis 17 hours ago

    Bro the music makes the smallest things soo fucking intense,I’m pre anxiety attack 😂😂

  • Emily Furtak
    Emily Furtak 18 hours ago

    Shane laughing saying I really am in debt is me every day of my life. 😂

  • ricothe kid
    ricothe kid 19 hours ago

    34:32 why was Jeffree side eyeing Shane?

  • Olivia Bartlett
    Olivia Bartlett 23 hours ago

    girl why is there a too faced ad before this vid? i think not ma'ammm. hop off too faced

  • Dayarilys Robles

    This is like my 7th time ive seen the series and when ever i see the intro i feel like im on Netflix watching a movie or something.........AND I LOVE IT😍

  • Anisa Scego
    Anisa Scego Day ago

    Andrew’s laugh makes everything funnier 😆

  • lucas young
    lucas young Day ago +2

    I'm dead at how scared andrew is of Jeffree through out this entire series

  • Rosi Bam
    Rosi Bam Day ago +1

    yas we stan polluting the environment with unnecessary flights :)

  • 2021Christian Sanfelice

    Shane your stupid

  • Rix Chiro
    Rix Chiro Day ago

    I wanna see them.. I might cry and collapse at the same time 😂

  • Lucille Ware
    Lucille Ware Day ago

    plane makes noise, jeffree thats successes baby

  • jennifer wacker
    jennifer wacker Day ago

    Sacramento born and raised

  • my guy David
    my guy David Day ago +1

    I miss old shane

  • RangerDanger
    RangerDanger Day ago

    Snorlax had me SENT

  • Mario Bros
    Mario Bros Day ago

    About smaller planes crushing, here where I live there has been like 3 planes crushing the past two years, and recently another crush, soooo

  • Mario Bros
    Mario Bros Day ago

    I'm just starting watching this series😂 Let me see what I was missing out.

  • Hayley Williams
    Hayley Williams Day ago +8

    “Why would any buy mine i mean look at me” ur gorgeous shane

  • Pastel W O F L I E

    We love you Shane! Don’t be insecure 😌♥️

  • Cara Bollinger
    Cara Bollinger 2 days ago

    Can anyone tell me what the name of the song is as they are leaving the morphe store is?

  • Dupree Blosch
    Dupree Blosch 2 days ago

    My new default when I don't know what else to say: 'Hi Andrew!'

  • Ayath Akhras
    Ayath Akhras 2 days ago

    I cried when everyone cheered for shane. His face was soo innocent. He doesnt realize how precious he is for us.❤😭I can already see that he will become so so successful. Not that he isnt now. But MORE successful❤.

  • Deniz's vlogs
    Deniz's vlogs 2 days ago

    but who tf tried to fuck cameron dallas

  • Blockay
    Blockay 2 days ago

    Is no one going to acknowledge how fucking fast Jeffree grabbed that falling soda.

  • Renesemee Lion
    Renesemee Lion 2 days ago

    Omg 💘

  • lol
    lol 2 days ago +8

    I’ll love to be Andrew, he literally gets to do the coolest stuff with Shane

  • Christina Collins
    Christina Collins 2 days ago +1

    I love that Jeffrey Star and Shane are like wholesome friends and it’s amazing

  • Eman Tarek
    Eman Tarek 2 days ago

    It's crazy to see how many people love him like OMG it's a nation 🖤

  • tra2h art
    tra2h art 2 days ago +38

    Shane giving his bodyguard attention is the cutest and purest thing

  • Brittney Jackson
    Brittney Jackson 2 days ago

    The opening song has been stuck in my head since the first episode came out

  • Cloud Nine Ky
    Cloud Nine Ky 2 days ago

    also, I honestly want Shane to start back doing the creepy conspiracy videos

  • Cloud Nine Ky
    Cloud Nine Ky 2 days ago

    when Shane kept saying “busted” i was dying 😂😂 but honestly Shane isn’t fat, he’s perfect

  • Willow
    Willow 2 days ago +41

    I love how Shane seems like he doesn’t realize how many people support and love him!

  • NappySquirrel
    NappySquirrel 2 days ago

    Shane you are so sweet and genuine and hilarious and oh my goodness so candid. Love you 😘

  • Paloma Puebla
    Paloma Puebla 2 days ago

    Look Shane no whine should be telling you your fat there the people god hates (god loves every body) because your you and there opinions don’t mater there the whines how have a envy and are use to calling people fat without even bowing what there going thro

  • reece hellum
    reece hellum 2 days ago +1

    The editing is amazing in these videos

  • Clarissa Jaramillo
    Clarissa Jaramillo 2 days ago

    Jeffery is power

  • Dana Ponton
    Dana Ponton 2 days ago


  • jessica Nixon
    jessica Nixon 2 days ago

    When I saw the part of someone outside of Shane's house omg it scared me be safe shane
    Edit: Also wheres cheeto in the beginning

  • Bri Herondale
    Bri Herondale 2 days ago

    Late but, WATCH YOUR PAWS!

  • Thu Nguyen
    Thu Nguyen 2 days ago

    Fake friends do really suck they actually do.👎🏽

  • Andrea Gutierrez
    Andrea Gutierrez 2 days ago

    I come here after watch a video of @rosymcmichael.... she's so a great beauty vlogger, artist, and fan of bouth of you...

  • Charming Perez
    Charming Perez 2 days ago

    Shane, you are so humble & we love you so much for it! ❤️

  • Nils Håkon
    Nils Håkon 2 days ago +1

    What is the name of the song he used in the honey ad?

  • Rose D
    Rose D 3 days ago

    Lmfao 39:45 I tell you I spit laughed

  • Bill Anderson
    Bill Anderson 3 days ago

    The first three minutes were so chaotic, without any context or explanation that I almost hung up and moved on. Whoever thought this was a good opening was sadly mistaken. This is possible the worst opening ever. But in the end who cares because it got 25 million views, so it can't be bad. Right?
    What's much more annoying: the number of times Shane comments about being fat, or asks "does this make me look fat" and not one single person has the balls to tell him the truth - yes you're fat and that outfit is not doing you any favours. Get over it. If you don't want to be fat, then stop doing stuff that makes you fat and do things that make you be not-fat.

  • nootnoot niamh
    nootnoot niamh 3 days ago


  • Chasing Yashiro
    Chasing Yashiro 3 days ago

    They have the most pure friendship I've ever seen honestly. I can't help but be happy watching them interact it's just so wholesome

  • Cheshire Erlinberts
    Cheshire Erlinberts 3 days ago +2

    I was already thinking abt it before shane even said it felt like he's with a mob boss lmao it gave me a bit of chill 😂

  • Bella Mae
    Bella Mae 3 days ago +6

    But like seriously Shane has lost so much weight I’m proud of him and he’s so handsome I just love him for him and his personality

  • tiffany curfman
    tiffany curfman 3 days ago

    CAN SOMEONE PLEASE ADRESS 2:30 (911 & RYLAND W A FKN BASEBALL BAT!) like im still so confused why this was shown for 2 seconds and never talked about........