Buttermilk Fried Chicken with Sweet Pickled Celery | Gordon Ramsay

  • Published on Feb 11, 2017
  • Gordon Ramsay's very own version of fried chicken - a street food feast for the whole family, with a little help from young Jack. A real treat, but perhaps not for every night of the week!
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  • meep
    meep 14 minutes ago

    Gordon: Jack, name any French city.
    Jack: nice

  • meep
    meep 14 minutes ago

    Gordon: Jack, name any French city.

    Jack: Paris

  • Karl Schmidt
    Karl Schmidt 6 hours ago

    Ramsay: "We use your unborn sibling instead of chicken"

    Jack: "nice"

  • Food Rewind
    Food Rewind 7 hours ago


  • Southern Bass UK
    Southern Bass UK 11 hours ago

    Gordon Ramsay : The vinegar is actually my piss
    Jack : nice

  • Adam :]
    Adam :] 13 hours ago


  • Bryan Ferr
    Bryan Ferr 13 hours ago

    Sunog man na

  • Sassy the Sasquatch
    Sassy the Sasquatch 14 hours ago

    Gordon: I’ve poisoned your chicken so you will die when you eat it

    Jack: Nice

  • Grim CrownYT _
    Grim CrownYT _ 15 hours ago

    Farr imagine only being served 1 piece of chicken

  • Hero Kiryu
    Hero Kiryu Day ago

    He treated his son like chicken meat. Thats so wrong..

  • arti games
    arti games Day ago

    Man probs means pickled onion crisps😂

  • Man-eating Squirrel

    Jack's script
    Jack : Nice
    Jack : Nice
    Jack : Nice
    Jack: Nice
    Jack react to his script
    Jack : Nice !!

  • ASAP Shark
    ASAP Shark Day ago

    3:44 dont do cocaine kids.

  • 강준석
    강준석 2 days ago

    4:50 “매일 치킨 먹으면 안돼요?”
    “그럴순 없단다 그러면 새우튀김이 서운해 하잖니”

  • Yenni AV
    Yenni AV 2 days ago

    Yummy chicken😍🍗🥦🌽🥕.

  • Matt N
    Matt N 2 days ago

    Got a feeling non of his kids give a shit about becoming a chef and hes gutted

  • Kyzodus
    Kyzodus 2 days ago

    Absolutely noone:
    Jack: *nIcE*

  • N.J.H 04
    N.J.H 04 2 days ago +1

    I believe Jack doesn't faced any threats before in school, despite knowing his dad...

  • Damaged Metal WR
    Damaged Metal WR 2 days ago

    No one:
    Jack: I love Fried Chicken

  • Canabc Alias
    Canabc Alias 2 days ago

    Can you soak chicken in Donkey's semen to marinate? Donkey Sacked Fried Chicken? Donkey Sacked Fried Chicken may smell like Gordon's Late Mom's crotch

  • supakevin gt
    supakevin gt 3 days ago

    Wow :o nice nice

  • Anne Frank
    Anne Frank 3 days ago

    He said I love fried chicken like a 10 time sex offender

  • The MysteriousTurtle
    The MysteriousTurtle 3 days ago +1

    Imagine seasoning flour...

  • The MysteriousTurtle
    The MysteriousTurtle 3 days ago +2

    This guys kids know every spice by smell... LMAO

  • Blake XrosHeart
    Blake XrosHeart 3 days ago +1

    Hes family man, he always get his family to join him when he is cooking, quality time

  • spede
    spede 4 days ago

    Like if chicken leg bis

  • pgb 1
    pgb 1 4 days ago +1

    gordon: smell my fingers coming out of phoebe's ass

    jack:(shoves fingers in mouth) NICE.

  • Vagelis papandr06
    Vagelis papandr06 4 days ago +1

    *N* *I* *C* *E*

  • Troler Blitz
    Troler Blitz 4 days ago

    Gordon Ramsay must react to "How to basic" channel, it would be the best crossover

  • εxtῖͷͼtῖΘͷ
    εxtῖͷͼtῖΘͷ 4 days ago

    I eat 3 chicken every dinner when my mom cooks chicken

  • RBX The Gamer
    RBX The Gamer 5 days ago

    I just had a Gordon Ramsay ad at the beginning 🤣

  • my pp is smol, but
    my pp is smol, but 5 days ago

    Gordon: what is the capital of the Alpes-Maritime department on the French Riviera?
    Jack: uh... paris?
    gordon: you fucking donkey

  • GAGA M.M
    GAGA M.M 5 days ago

    gordon eres increible .

  • Rosemary Rose
    Rosemary Rose 5 days ago

    with that amount of salt he used for fried chicken, I guess Gordon would say every food in my country is salty..

  • Archi Vun
    Archi Vun 5 days ago

    I got the Gordon Ramsay add on a Gordon Ramsay video

  • Rayner T
    Rayner T 5 days ago

    Gordon is a good father

  • Daz Aragami
    Daz Aragami 5 days ago +1

    Jack: oh god I love chicken.......
    *Breathes heavily through teeth

  • Jay Jay
    Jay Jay 5 days ago +1

    Gordan: It’s SALTY, BLAND & DRY!
    Jack: Nice :)
    Gordon: GET OUT!!!


    Wow.. I used this kind of Reciepe. it is yummy

  • 10000000000000000 Subs With Videos ?

    It's like a Father teaching his son how to do Buttermilk Fried Chicken with Sweet Pickled Celery

  • Dadramel
    Dadramel 6 days ago

    Jack reading the comment section: Not nice

  • Stuart Drewery
    Stuart Drewery 6 days ago

    GORDON: hello Jack! I got fúcking rich and fúcking famous mostly not from my fúcking cooking but from fúcking swearing on fúcking TV!
    Gordon: What was that?
    JACK: Fúcking NICE!
    Gordon: That's my boy.

  • Stuart Drewery
    Stuart Drewery 6 days ago

    Gordon: I really love fried chicken! (especially when i made it myself).
    Jack: "I'M PRETTY SURE I love it more than you do!" I asked if we could have it EVERY DAY and you said "it's a treat, we'll have it once every 3 weeks".

  • ThePugInHollywood
    ThePugInHollywood 6 days ago

    And he always says cool

  • ThePugInHollywood
    ThePugInHollywood 6 days ago

    The kid is like he is class

  • Nefez Issa
    Nefez Issa 6 days ago

    Whate he make cram in chiken.

  • Nautilus
    Nautilus 6 days ago

    Who fckin eat 1 pcs of fried chicken only? Bloody hell.. a 1pc of chicken is not enough to satisfy my hunger

  • SkyleRx
    SkyleRx 6 days ago +2

    Gordon : Fart in Jack mouth
    Jack : ...


  • Sami Jasharoski
    Sami Jasharoski 6 days ago

    Everyone: NICE

  • AbsolutelyDusty
    AbsolutelyDusty 6 days ago +1

    Gordon : Lemme beat your meat for you.
    Jack : *NICE*

  • General Ex
    General Ex 6 days ago

    Jack: doesn't like the taste and coughs, NICE

  • Marie Ganar
    Marie Ganar 6 days ago

    Gordon Ramsay hate to eat people's raw but, he want to make raw foods

  • Tweedy Naima50
    Tweedy Naima50 7 days ago

    Lucky son

  • Paulo Vidal
    Paulo Vidal 7 days ago

    Linda familia

  • dimi terzov
    dimi terzov 7 days ago

    jack: ok

    gordon: nice

    jack: wait wtf

  • Fizzlefuse
    Fizzlefuse 7 days ago

    Some chicken is marinating in buttermilk in my fridge right now.
    I have to say, the buttermilk Gordon is using and the one I could find in my country seem a little different. Ours is is less buttery and more fluid. It's the best i could find, I hope it will still be tasty.

  • Djordje Lutovac
    Djordje Lutovac 7 days ago +6

    Gordon: we are gonna use your grandmas ashes as the smoked paprika
    Jack: N I C E

  • Farhad Hossain
    Farhad Hossain 7 days ago

    *Eats fried chicken with a knife & fork* -_-

  • oopsie poopsie
    oopsie poopsie 8 days ago

    He said nice 3 times