This HUGE Alienware gaming PC cost me just £40 ($50), but what's inside?...

  • Published on Dec 12, 2018
  • After checking out some of the local PC deals near me I came across this fantastic looking old Alienware Area 51 PC. With the description brief and my knowledge of these older systems limited, I decided to take a chance and buy it anyway knowing that the cases alone sell for quite a tidy sum of cash on the used/collectors market.
    So let's open up this mystery spec Alienware and see what hardware is hiding inside.
    We'd better also see if it works!
    Thanks for watching :)
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  • Bruce's vlogs / games
    Bruce's vlogs / games 18 hours ago

    Wish I could even afford a pc

  • Ian Greenhalgh
    Ian Greenhalgh Day ago +1

    Not unusually huge, just a standard ATX full size tower.

  • Peanut Butter Jack

    If you had an alienware back in the day. You were the coolest kid on the block

  • Just A Guy
    Just A Guy Day ago

    Alienware is like Apple overpriced junk.

  • Decoy
    Decoy 2 days ago

    Imagine living in a country where electronics are dirt cheap.

  • James Watson
    James Watson 2 days ago

    as for sound cards being redundant, thats not quite true my dude, they are incredibly important in music production and live performance (Y) but yeah your average gamer don't need one.

  • Banisher of Evil SOUL

    Build a sleeper out of it

  • Jake Britton
    Jake Britton 3 days ago

    Use new system parts and junk the rest. Might get $40 for the parts if your lucky. I wouldn't mind a agp 1950, as I am using a older nvidia gf3 card in my p4 system. If the CPU exceeds 3ghz, it may also be worth something. Dram might fetch $5. I still have my pcie x1950 collecting dust too. Always handy if in need, as it works with win7 out of the box without catalyst.

  • Izey Chan
    Izey Chan 3 days ago

    You should give it to me

  • thebreakingpointshow

    Did you say you were gonna but a new board in it and why don’t you just sell the case.

  • PfunkNH
    PfunkNH 4 days ago

    Love the content man

  • M. Bepunkt
    M. Bepunkt 4 days ago

    There is no IDE-cable, so its not old

  • Hellwyck
    Hellwyck 5 days ago

    Telling a joke isn't "banter". "Banter" is trading mock insults from one person to another, "heckling" if you will.

  • Danie Bredenhann
    Danie Bredenhann 8 days ago

    AMD Ryzen 3 or 5 series G system would work nice in that.

  • Zack Burkhart
    Zack Burkhart 8 days ago

    NOT a big pc at all

  • Taylor Sanchez
    Taylor Sanchez 9 days ago

    Revamp it 24gb ram, 2 2060 ti's. Make it a sleeper

  • Akkbar
    Akkbar 10 days ago

    worthless shit, thats whats inside

  • Brian
    Brian 11 days ago +1

    Calling Alienware retro...LMFAO Kids these days are clueless about retro. And yeah, my college years had just finished up when this was new. haha Retro wouldn't be what I'd describe this as and find it rather ugly. Didn't like much Alienware then or now.

  • SmokingGarfield
    SmokingGarfield 11 days ago +2

    The cable management in that makes mine look good

  • tech Master!
    tech Master! 12 days ago

    bruh where's that reboot.....slammin mobo swappie

  • iJustRich
    iJustRich 14 days ago

    Revamp it with new hardware!

  • komsot chan
    komsot chan 14 days ago

    The front of the case looks like a man's underwear.

  • [] OMG []
    [] OMG [] 15 days ago

    In these days Poor Gamers play GTA V. And those with some money to spare use low power laptops and search for a way to improve the FPS.

  • quakebox
    quakebox 16 days ago

    It has good chassis to be converted to a refrigerator.

  • Andrew Hayes
    Andrew Hayes 16 days ago

    Turn it into a Mame arcade cab

  • Youssef Janati Idrissi

    looks like a Nespresso machine

  • Mike B
    Mike B 19 days ago +1

    I had that same PC way back in 2003! amazing lol

  • Gambian Goose
    Gambian Goose 19 days ago

    Was the case meant to look like a Xenomorph or is it only me who sees it?

    • Utakito
      Utakito 18 days ago

      Shit, you right.

  • Rustic Shine
    Rustic Shine 19 days ago

    You're killing me here man!!! I have about 20 AGP video cards and still SHEELLLLVVERESS of classic old school gaming cards!! HIT...ME...UP!

  • Scotty MSU
    Scotty MSU 20 days ago +1

    Case is awesome.. turn it into a high power sleeper

  • Adil Chavhan
    Adil Chavhan 22 days ago

    1like - 1k subscribers

  • Smgmc64 Tech
    Smgmc64 Tech 23 days ago +1

    I have a aTi x1650

  • Matthew Duncan
    Matthew Duncan 24 days ago

    Turn it into a high end sleeper, but still install windows xp on it

  • Keith Verret
    Keith Verret 24 days ago

    I took a liquid cooler version of this case and rebuilt it as an ROG AM3+ FX setup!! Love this case and am still working on an rgb setup for it to match the keyboard and mouse!

  • 247StayFrosty
    247StayFrosty 24 days ago

    set it on fire

  • Derposaurus
    Derposaurus 25 days ago

    intel pentium :P

  • Robert Twist IV
    Robert Twist IV 26 days ago

    Me: Sees that it has a built in floppy drive and Windows XP
    "I'm sure that this will be one beast of a PC"

  • Extremely_Tired
    Extremely_Tired 26 days ago

    Add RGB, and add some newer components.

  • Quentin Syliboy
    Quentin Syliboy 26 days ago

    cut out the side panel, put a laptop screen in it and turn it into a gigantic All-In-One emulator box.

  • Abot-ZivvoZ
    Abot-ZivvoZ 26 days ago

    Make it a sleeper pc with windows 10 in it upgrade EVERYTHING

  • ThatXoneXguy
    ThatXoneXguy 28 days ago

    That thing is fucking ugly

  • Matthew Kutas
    Matthew Kutas 29 days ago

    I got sleeper pc with almost same looking NZXT case from 2006

  • personasandmoodswings
    personasandmoodswings 29 days ago

    the case is fireeeee

  • Wolfboy7dc
    Wolfboy7dc 29 days ago

    Can I buy it form you

  • Mr Screamer
    Mr Screamer 29 days ago

    Install an Intel NUC board and use the rest of the space to install a fireplace.

  • W. M.
    W. M. 29 days ago

    the Case ist the best rest
    intel scrap will be inside

  • Marco Willemse
    Marco Willemse Month ago

    I wanna buy it, but where?

  • Hazim Reitz
    Hazim Reitz Month ago

    Well, any old steel made pc case is heavy especially if someone have more than 2 hdd

  • AIO inc.
    AIO inc. Month ago

    Not a bad computer, clean it up and it'd make an excellent first computer for someone. Some basic games would probably run just fine, definitely some older titles would run fantastic. Probably wouldn't have much trouble with browsing or more mundane tasks, either.

  • MyNames Wolf
    MyNames Wolf Month ago

    i have that pc but dont use it

  • BAMABOY 5150
    BAMABOY 5150 Month ago

    Modernize it.

  • cody wiess
    cody wiess Month ago


  • Ghulam TV
    Ghulam TV Month ago

    I think you should gut it out

  • Alain Ancheta
    Alain Ancheta Month ago

    Can it play fortnite?

  • Yannis Martynov
    Yannis Martynov Month ago

    Considering the "neo-retro" look of the case, perhaps a socket 775 "retro gaming" behemoth would be a good option? Top level hardware of the 775 era, or at least as top as it can go on a budget friendly effort, optimized to run emulators, as well as triple-A titles up to... maybe GTA IV? Assassin's Creed II?

  • UnTried VantiK
    UnTried VantiK Month ago +2

    *in soviet Russia pc cleans its self*

  • J. Luo
    J. Luo Month ago

    Sleeper pc pls

  • DamageIncM
    DamageIncM Month ago

    I think I might have tried an X1950 or something like that (I think it was "X1950 XT or whatever), on an AGP motherboard back in the Pentium 4 days, hoping it would make some games go faster, like those on the Unreal engine. But I think AGP was a bottleneck, because despite technically upgrading in terms of GPU, there was no improvement in performance. - Then again, it might also have been the CPU that wasn't top-of-the-line bottlenecking it. I did overlock it to the point that it was just becoming 85 degrees Celsius, even with an aftermarket cooler and paste. - Oh well, I'm on to a second generation Ryzen soon, though. It will be such a breath of fresh air... Not that I'm coming off the Pentium 4. XD - But I AM coming off a FIRST generation i5. It's 7 generations later for Intel, but moving to AMD now, even though I had no luck with their GPU back then.

  • DamageIncM
    DamageIncM Month ago

    The plastic reminds me of the plastic parts for K.I.T.T.

  • DamageIncM
    DamageIncM Month ago

    By the look of the comments, people don't understand what a "sleeper" anything is.

  • DamageIncM
    DamageIncM Month ago

    I remember those earlier Alienware products being the coolest, but most expensive, PCs ever. - That was like 15 years ago, though. They're just tacky now...

  • Anthony Weber
    Anthony Weber Month ago

    I hate wifes and tell us to get ride of out beloved junk PC's 😅

  • Michel Cote
    Michel Cote Month ago

    For original purpose it would be nice to return it to factory default, It would not be as useful but rely cool.

  • 飛騨zip
    飛騨zip Month ago

    I love those old graphic cards with weird paintings on them.

  • Kevin De Bondt
    Kevin De Bondt Month ago

    Do something with it soon. Sleeper PC would be best!

  • Mr zelion Videos
    Mr zelion Videos Month ago


  • Vish Diesel
    Vish Diesel Month ago

    Stick a Radeon 7 in it

  • John McGaugie
    John McGaugie Month ago

    let us know, it's been a few months

  • Joakim B3gballs
    Joakim B3gballs Month ago

    Make it a sleeper pc ^^. cause the chasi is so cool...:)

    CODYBIGBORE 69 Month ago

    Make it modern

  • unemployed
    unemployed Month ago

    Put a 9900k, rtx titan, and some of that g.skill royal rgb ram in it.

  • eLJaybud
    eLJaybud Month ago

    Bought an old lemon in a way to heavy case. Yeah don't take advice of this Muppet. 🤣

  • tuq dafuq
    tuq dafuq Month ago

    I have Dell XPS 720 case that i am going to use for my build, picked it up for $40 (it had all the original components inside but it wouldnt boot :/ ) I just picked up an MSI Z170A Gaming M7 mobo for $40, i think i will have a decent rig when i'm done.

  • tuq dafuq
    tuq dafuq Month ago

    Sleeper build! I love me a good sleeper build.

  • tuq dafuq
    tuq dafuq Month ago

    diesel? what kind of vehicle do you drive?

  • Thomas s
    Thomas s Month ago

    I say gut the inside build a modern PC and side of it


    u should change everything but the case that case looks amazing make it like i7 and
    gtx 770

  • GameBoy Freak
    GameBoy Freak Month ago

    looks like a classic car lol

  • XxX xLastInLinex         XxX

    Ebay is your best friend.. upgrade it with R1 - R4 Aurora Motherboard so retains the Alienware Boot Splash Screen. Then grab a CPU something like a i7 980x, i7 875K (If you choose an R1 or R2 Aurora Board) or if you move up to and R3 - R4 then maybe a i7 3820/3770K or Xeon E3-1270v2 since they are super cheap on Ebay. Then the rest is up to you with SSD's and dropping in a mid to high end gpu and maybe a 650w + 80plus PSU or higher depending on your GPU etc. I'd say a GTX 980 Ti would suffice or an RX 580.

  • Peter
    Peter Month ago

    Just get it working. Could be the graphics card, but doesn't have to. Stress every component separately (Memtest for the ram, Prime for the CPU, furmark for Ram and Graphics card ... if they are usable in a system that old ...). You should get a taste of whats going on pretty quick. Find the faulty part, change it and then test it again.

  • balmung1992
    balmung1992 Month ago

    That soundcard is still a pretty solid piece of hardware despite being ~16/17 years old.

  • bikegirl2
    bikegirl2 Month ago

    jam it up ur ass xx

  • ツ Katakana
    ツ Katakana Month ago

    thigs ugly as fuck

  • David Nation Sr
    David Nation Sr Month ago;postID=6394926879808570342;onPublishedMenu=allposts;onClosedMenu=allposts;postNum=0;src=postname

  • ChuckTheBeast
    ChuckTheBeast Month ago

    I thought the Area 51's are triangular...

  • Citroen Games
    Citroen Games Month ago

  • RayStonez-Main Channel

    You should remove all the old parts and throw a AsRock B360 in and a RTX 2080ti and also a i9 9900K

  • 2K Tan
    2K Tan Month ago

    I love the old vinyl graphics on the side of those old ATi cards... it was so cool and unique.. I wish GPU manufacturers still did stuff like that :/

  • ste wills
    ste wills Month ago

    x1950 pro :O Nostalgia right there.

  • Alien Beam
    Alien Beam Month ago

    I love this company!!!! Look at ma username .am a alien fan lol

  • D Carroll
    D Carroll Month ago

    The case alone is worth 3x what you paid. I'm so jealous.

  • skdz gameplays
    skdz gameplays Month ago

    Nice! I'm still running a Dell xps 720 h2c

  • Nomad OG
    Nomad OG Month ago

    Dude remove everything and turn it VERY modern

  • Apache 404
    Apache 404 Month ago

    The cpu died, I had a pentium boot loop.

  • Chiddy Plays
    Chiddy Plays Month ago

    Just usb boot Linux Ubuntu it would work well should work fine or even better

  • TheDuckumz
    TheDuckumz Month ago +1

    I hope that case has been resprayed at some point in its life because for the retail price of these back in the day i would have shit myself if it arrived with that poor of a finish

  • Josh Jwillway
    Josh Jwillway Month ago

    Looks like a xenomorph

  • Ivan Lovric
    Ivan Lovric Month ago

    Do you even lift bro 🏋️🏋️🏋️

  • Bosnian Dragon
    Bosnian Dragon 2 months ago

    I threw my Alienware like that in trash. Still got another one.

  • WellBeSerious12
    WellBeSerious12 2 months ago

    - Keep the case
    - Sell the old parts
    - Install modern (Ryzen, gaming) parts
    - Keep it
    - Mod the inside for better airflow
    - Add LED parts (front grills, other parts) for a SINGLE color (like terra green, teal, or orange)
    The outside looks better than most cases still.