This HUGE Alienware gaming PC cost me just £40 ($50), but what's inside?...

  • Published on Dec 12, 2018
  • After checking out some of the local PC deals near me I came across this fantastic looking old Alienware Area 51 PC. With the description brief and my knowledge of these older systems limited, I decided to take a chance and buy it anyway knowing that the cases alone sell for quite a tidy sum of cash on the used/collectors market.
    So let's open up this mystery spec Alienware and see what hardware is hiding inside.
    We'd better also see if it works!
    Thanks for watching :)
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  • TheDailyShitPost
    TheDailyShitPost 23 hours ago

    i need a new case and PC how much for it with shipping to Canada

  • Clint Francis Barton

    the only area 51 I wanna storm

  • diwakar mishra
    diwakar mishra 9 days ago

    Make it modern beast Alienware with rtx 2080ti

  • Dee Bee
    Dee Bee 26 days ago

    Case still looks cool. Needs to be modded and used as a sleeper pc :-)

  • Hardin Origins
    Hardin Origins 27 days ago

    10 lbs of diesel??? Explain

  • Jade Dallion
    Jade Dallion 28 days ago

    I do agree that this full size AW tower is heavy like 50-70 pounds. Barely had enough room to fit under my computer desk to have enough air flow. Mine was a color blue and customized back then ( A Pre-Dell AW). It did cost me 2 grand...and sounds about right in this video 2-3k cost wise.

  • Patrick Turner
    Patrick Turner 28 days ago

    1:36 scarce? Is that you?

  • Ricky Taillefer
    Ricky Taillefer Month ago


  • uwu overload
    uwu overload Month ago

    Water cooled power supply

  • Elias Bargee
    Elias Bargee Month ago

    Stopped watching when an add I could not skip popped right in the middle of the video, so fucking annoying. I'll remove you from my recomm too. Bye

  • Jerry4050
    Jerry4050 Month ago

    Wow this is a vintage Alienware, I remember them from the early 2000s

  • Vasile R
    Vasile R Month ago

    Anyone else cringe when he says "profit" ??

  • Dayle Baynes
    Dayle Baynes Month ago

    Blow up the computer with a fire works

  • Adli Bery
    Adli Bery Month ago

    Those classic alienware case is kinda work of an art

  • Basil
    Basil Month ago

    I really like your videos, but where is Dave?

  • markitzero12
    markitzero12 Month ago

    This was made way before Dell acquired Alienware.

  • Thrift Pup
    Thrift Pup Month ago

    Motherboard needs bios update. Probably never been updated since bought brand new.
    Many fixes and patches with xp conflicting with ram operation, and other hardware associated with the motherboard. Call me crazy,
    But the Pentium processor could be facing cooling issues because of old thermal paste on the heat sink.

  • Pha Q
    Pha Q Month ago

    Put a Latte Panda in it!

    DILLIGAF Dude Month ago

    Build the absolutely most ridiculously powerful system in this case. Add some LED light strips to glow through those vents in the front. That'd be cool to see.

  • Furzzy the Fox
    Furzzy the Fox Month ago +1

    hmmm... 600W psu, AMD threadripper , 32 gigs of ram, 4k 160 fps........ ya know all that stuff........

  • It’s not randy It’s cameron

    I found one of these computers when I went dumpster diving

    • Richter
      Richter 22 minutes ago

      Do you have any tips about dumpster diving? I wanna try it out and see if I can grab myself something.

  • Roda
    Roda Month ago

    4:17 NANIII

  • 6Twisted
    6Twisted Month ago +24

    2 unskippable ads before I could even start the video. RIP TheXvid.

    • Jerry4050
      Jerry4050 Month ago

      I ain't paying for ad free since it's a subscription price that matches to Hulu

    • Gemini899
      Gemini899 Month ago

      @SparklMastr I still have chrome with addblock since 2008

    • SparklMastr
      SparklMastr Month ago

      Gemini899 chrome is pretty much killing ad block now

    • Gemini899
      Gemini899 Month ago

      they really force u to use ADDBLOCK

  • Mruca
    Mruca Month ago +4

    i had a boot loop with my pc i needed to do a bios update thats all

    • xxxavier
      xxxavier Month ago

      everyone needs to like this

  • Scott Vanderzanden
    Scott Vanderzanden Month ago

    Gut it and make it a modern game killer the case is still badass

  • 4g63gen1
    4g63gen1 Month ago

    A couple of years later the core 2 duo raped the pentium 4 and D. It was a game changer back then. Ran Crysis with a e6600 on high.

  • Buff Barnaby
    Buff Barnaby Month ago +1

    I would have bought it for Audigy 2 alone.

  • Nick Mac
    Nick Mac Month ago

    I thought this case was the Predator model not Area 51, a little confused.

  • Boris Slav
    Boris Slav Month ago

    I'd make a sleeper out of it

  • Inferno
    Inferno Month ago

    1.6 and l4d2 , samp beast

  • Pyroflamer
    Pyroflamer Month ago

    Turn that computer into rainbow puke by adding as much RGB as you can.

  • Geraldo's nose
    Geraldo's nose Month ago +1

    This thing looks so mid 2000's. I remember thinking they were pretty cool.

  • Mark Twyning
    Mark Twyning Month ago

    Is that Darth Vaders helmet ?

  • Andrew Dupuis
    Andrew Dupuis Month ago

    I have Alienware X51 R1 it best one i ever had I get 60 fps besides witcher 3. I get 25 fps to 30 fps i Am thinking getting gtx 1060

  • xdemoman
    xdemoman Month ago

    Yeah please put modern parts in it and keep the old alienware case

  • Tommy L
    Tommy L 2 months ago

    Areal 51 is a bold title to have so dress the parts and performance Upgrade her and make her light up like a mothership. Hope you still hanged on to it

  • T4IM
    T4IM 2 months ago

    OMG!!! That gfx reminded me of my old pc with amd turion 64 and geforce 6600 gt with molex.. Good old days!!!

  • Chris' Real Talk
    Chris' Real Talk 2 months ago

    Turn it into a retro sleeper PC. Ryzen 2700x or thread ripper. 64 + GB ram 500GB SSD for OS (win10 with XP skin theme) 6TB storage. AMD Vega GPU crossfire (if supported). Yes I'm an AMD fanboy lol. And of course some RGB theough the vents (acid green and red)

  • Dizzle Rizzle
    Dizzle Rizzle 2 months ago


  • xx_Elven_xx
    xx_Elven_xx 2 months ago +1

    I remember seeing those at sears for like $5,000 when i was a kid.

  • meagainpl
    meagainpl 2 months ago

    This Alienware case looks like a toilet people from 1980 would imagine being in 2020

  • MrXerax300
    MrXerax300 2 months ago

    Turn it into a sleeper pc

  • Crazed 357
    Crazed 357 2 months ago

    I’ve had one of those back in the vista days

  • Rubi Joyal
    Rubi Joyal 2 months ago

    yeah total revamp

  • lil' cyka
    lil' cyka 2 months ago

    Silly things

  • Everett Tech
    Everett Tech 2 months ago

    You were the coolest kid on the block if you had one of these back in '05.

  • Mark B
    Mark B 2 months ago

    I remember lusting after an Alienware Area 51 when I was younger. I had a pretty high spec Time PC at the time (Athlon 3000, Radeon 9700, 1GB ram) but the Alienware was like an Aston Martin to my Jaguar

  • OldSchoolGamer
    OldSchoolGamer 2 months ago

    id buy this alienware

  • Benjamin Louie
    Benjamin Louie 2 months ago

    I thought that was a coffee machine

  • Raven Rosail
    Raven Rosail 2 months ago

    Dude The boot loop is because the BiOS are useless ..... upgrate the BiOS and try to boot XP then. but before you try to install fresh BiOS try reseting them by removing the Battery out the motherboard, dry the system completely wait 17 minutes then insert the battery back restore power and try booting up.

  • Bottlo Scotch
    Bottlo Scotch 2 months ago

    Keep the case but change everything else, try put a 1060 6gb and amd ryzen 5 2600 in there. As for motherboard. Take your pick. Just a suggestion bud

  • David Cfranta
    David Cfranta 2 months ago

    Me put 500 euro in a pc
    *30 fps fortnite :(

    • David Cfranta
      David Cfranta 2 months ago

      @GnomePower1000 but cs go i have 200 fps in medium

    • GnomePower1000
      GnomePower1000 2 months ago

      thats what you get for playing fortnite!

    • Copiryte
      Copiryte 2 months ago

      @David Cfranta if this was this pre-build if it was you got scammed
      i5370k £50
      6 gb ddr3 £15
      motherboard £55
      gt710 2gb £35
      psu £50
      case probably around £40

      overall cost £245
      i feel bad for you please go watch a youtube video for a build guide that won't scam you.

    • David Cfranta
      David Cfranta 2 months ago

      @Copiryte i5 3570k 6 gb ddr3 mobo assus idk model and gt710 2 gb alim 450 corsair and atx

    • Copiryte
      Copiryte 2 months ago

      Please tell me your specs

    AYAMSEMPAK 2 months ago

    Give me the link i Will buy it
    Edit: i only want the case

    • Pizza Souls
      Pizza Souls 2 months ago

      AYAMSEMPAK but no one responded

  • George Vernon
    George Vernon 2 months ago

    whatever you do DONT connect it to the net lol, XP isnt supported anymore ...

  • camaro rider
    camaro rider 2 months ago

    Roll it up and smoke it

  • NexGenTacTiks
    NexGenTacTiks 2 months ago

    RGB to the max plz

  • Adamski Villegas
    Adamski Villegas 2 months ago

    Still better than mac

  • Bxchyy
    Bxchyy 2 months ago

    $10 of diesel??? What did you drive??

  • Manga Fan
    Manga Fan 2 months ago

    A gameing rig

  • Unfree Radical
    Unfree Radical 2 months ago

    I've got a couple of AGP cards lying around if you want one.

  • Aldiansyah Pratama
    Aldiansyah Pratama 2 months ago

    Remove the old hardware, put them in the trash can.., and keep the case for next project.., because the most expensive here, is the case, it has somekind of 40' - 50' car vibe..

    • Wrainer
      Wrainer 2 months ago

      Make it the sleeper of computers

  • noyukikun
    noyukikun 2 months ago

    ykno thinking about it if i had this id gut it sell the insides and use the case for a new build minus rgb cause its a full metal case

  • George Maddox
    George Maddox 2 months ago +2

    just threw my alienware case away. found it inthe back of a truck and upgraded it as my main machine for 4 years. beautiful retro case

  • xxslavlordxx
    xxslavlordxx 2 months ago

    I live near beachy head lol

  • KKKriSS T
    KKKriSS T 2 months ago


  • Emil Thiesen
    Emil Thiesen 2 months ago

    Boi id pay 100 for that cabinet

  • Tekno Zombie
    Tekno Zombie 2 months ago

    Sleeper pc

  • Domagoj Kuveždić
    Domagoj Kuveždić 2 months ago

    New components in that case

  • johnsann dacuag
    johnsann dacuag 2 months ago

    Yeah aliens might laugh at us to see an alienware like that :D

  • LWAY tuber
    LWAY tuber 2 months ago

    The real question is can it run Crysis though?