This HUGE Alienware gaming PC cost me just £40 ($50), but what's inside?...


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  • Dylan Smith
    Dylan Smith Day ago

    Sounds like someone put in a different hard drive from a different pc. I used to have that problem switching hard drives from computer to computer. Always ran tge boot disk to load in the directory and worked fine after that.

  • Kilo Tango
    Kilo Tango Day ago

    Just curious, have you tried another PSU? Some variants of that GPU recommend 30A on the 12v Rail. I know that those listed requirements are usually somewhat 'safe' but I've not had the best experiences with Thermaltake either (horribly inefficient).

  • xCosmicMuffinManx
    xCosmicMuffinManx 9 days ago

    Alienware is never worth what you pay. I looked at buying an Alienware with all the specs my current pc has and would've paid about $2000 more than what I paid for my current pc, which I built. Alienware just over charges you because they are "Alienware" and make "Beast PC's"... don't buy a gaming desktop, just build it if you can.

  • Hymw
    Hymw 9 days ago

    Ahh I have the I believe later 2009 version of that Alienware Area 51 but I can't tell you that 2009 is the most certain year but ah the case is practically that same
    The Alienware 51 ALX

  • gavin tovrea
    gavin tovrea 9 days ago

    Can it play big chungus

  • Joshua Adkins
    Joshua Adkins 10 days ago

    Just do a complete rebuild for a mid range pc build from parts you got, or parts you can find cheap.

  • spagooti spabooty
    spagooti spabooty 10 days ago

    I would reuse the case because it looks sick af

  • Ted Marek
    Ted Marek 11 days ago

    Bad thing is old p4.s would overclock great..before Northwood..i had a double 100 percent 1.6 p4 using a vapochill case... And a killwr 2.0 p4 I had would overclock to 3.8ghz on water...backnthen we had to build our own wateeblocks with either a drillpress or mill
    There arent real overclockers anymore...u couldn't turn up ram voltage back then..u had to cut circuits on motherboards and add resisters or pots....and imaging no pci devider...
    Now I just buy sealed water colling imagine looking for pumps at aquarium shop. Or home depot pond pump.
    Inwas hitting 5.2gz out of 3.6p4s. Now just add more cores..and someone gets a 20= mhz overclock through bios..they think they are overclocking got
    Early 2000s rant over now..and ur lucky I didnt hit my late 90s 300 slot 1 Celeron overclocking rant

  • Ted Marek
    Ted Marek 11 days ago

    Thst was a 200 dollar sound card..i stole one from bestbuys..since they cost too much..mine had a break out box for front connections

  • Mace Warro
    Mace Warro 11 days ago

    Turn it into a windows XP computer with midrange parts to todays standards, test modern games on windows XP

  • Champika Wijerathne
    Champika Wijerathne 12 days ago

    I think I have a working agp card laying somewhere

  • Enzii
    Enzii 12 days ago

    are you sure it's the same? order date: 11 december 2018, video going live: 12 december.. means you got that specific PC in under 1 day?? ... dosen't really makes any sense to me or adds up you know ... sorry to dissapoint you or being negative about it, but nice video regardless.

  • Danijel Cerin
    Danijel Cerin 13 days ago

    Pull out the old components, and turn it into a Ryzen 7 2700, 32 Gb DDR4 3200 ram, nvidia 1080ti, samsung 970evo 500Gb NvMe SSD, 4 TB 7200 Rpm HDD... and voila, you have a capable gaming system... cost?! tooo much!

  • Bilal Malik
    Bilal Malik 13 days ago +1

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    • Taylor
      Taylor 3 days ago

      Who's paying for the expensive shipping?

  • Gregg Cummings
    Gregg Cummings 13 days ago

    i had one of these lol

  • bill miller
    bill miller 13 days ago

    run linux on it with Wine

  • Lachlan Hill
    Lachlan Hill 13 days ago +1

    U could make a nice sleeper build

  • Edaz
    Edaz 13 days ago

    It looks cool

  • TijuanaSmoke
    TijuanaSmoke 13 days ago +1

    I found this case on Craigslist for 50 bucks and put my main rig into it. Definitely a conversation piece. Mine was a bit different, the exhaust fan is a single 120mm and the hard drive bays face the side.

  • Mega MonsterManTV/Dia & Kiko


  • Neon Baebows
    Neon Baebows 14 days ago

    Wow I had that pc in sims 2 got it off EAs site as a free dlc lol.

  • William Dawson
    William Dawson 14 days ago

    make it a sleeper system

  • Odelll
    Odelll 14 days ago

    gut it, mod some usb3.0 ports inplace of the usb2(?), throw in a hotswap caddy bay with 4+ 8TB NAS drives and install Unraid allowing you to turn it into one cool home NAS/Plex server.

  • grillpig
    grillpig 14 days ago

    Throw the the insides away and turn it into a toster. ;D

  • shellcool0wns
    shellcool0wns 14 days ago

    This is the PC that got me into PC gaming, and i still stand by it being my best memory ever. (this Alienware looks way early 2000's? mine was late 2008 ish era)
    This is a very early revision to this version of the Alienware area 51 I had as my first pc, mine didn't have the lock on the front, didn't have these 4 lower USB ports, Didn't have the power/activity indicators and such in the front and the side of the case looks to be a slightly different design.
    I used mine in its stock spec until September 2015, it had a Asus P6T deluxe V2, i7 920, two GTX 260 core 216 editions (1792mb vram versions) and 6GB ram and it originally came with two 500gb hardrives in raid 0.
    I got the PC in the above spec for £850 in late December 2009 (ebay second hand)
    In 2012 ish the hardrive setup died and i upgraded to a 120gb ssd like we all did back then and threw in a then huge 3TB hardrive as storage and another 6GB ram and overclocked to the best i could get the 920 too
    That 3TB hardrive died in 2014 after only 2 years service, but i replaced it with two 2tb drives
    In september 2015 when i got my first paycheck i bought a GTX 970 and slapped that in replacing the 7 year old GTX 260's
    Then march 2016 I Upgraded all the internals to a Z170 Asus Pro gaming, i7 6700k, 16GB ram, Evo 212 cooler and a new power supply (this case actually has some weird over sized power supply that's larger than standard so there was a gap above or bellow the supply)
    Whenever the NVME Samsung 960 released i got the 500gb model instantly as i was super hyped for it's release, it's still cool and damn, it's alot cheaper now lol
    Then in April 2017 I wanted to give my then girlfriends PC my 970 as a upgrade so i got a 1070 for £320 New off some lad who won it in a competition (replacing her two GTX 260's (hint hint))
    But that Alienware only had that 1070 for a breif time, only 2 weeks passed and i ordered a Thermaltake core P3.... and the Alienwares fate was sealed after me owning it for 7 years and 4 months :( now he sits in the original Alienware dust cover in the bottom of my wardrobe, gutless, waiting for me to get the PC parts back from my Ex Ex so i can rebuild it to it's OG spec

  • RsKoNeR
    RsKoNeR 14 days ago

    Lol what makes it a area 51 computer
    Everyone saying area 51 is an alien science thing but really it's just a air force flight school and the other half is nasa

  • Arong36
    Arong36 14 days ago

    That Audigy 2 is a great sound card, and has custom modern drivers.

  • Pete Laframboise
    Pete Laframboise 14 days ago

    Modern system. Those cases are awesome

  • Frostbitedelight
    Frostbitedelight 14 days ago

    My dad bought 6 of them for $70

  • Skyrat
    Skyrat 14 days ago

    To be honest, its basically a nice case, with some scrap hardware inside. Shove some modern stuff inside and it'll be a highly desirable machine again

  • TheVega Connection
    TheVega Connection 14 days ago

    By the looks of it, the case is based on an old full tower ANTEC case.

  • Rick Tata
    Rick Tata 14 days ago

    Well the case and power supply are worth 50.00. That is the only thing usable out of that old pile of crap

  • John Smith
    John Smith 14 days ago

    You’re from Brighton, aren’t ya?

  • Cookie {.-.}
    Cookie {.-.} 14 days ago

    I thought it was a coffee dispenser

  • flanked
    flanked 14 days ago

    A buncha nonsense.

  • ?
    ? 14 days ago

    Use same case, change to modern hardware

  • tony tilman
    tony tilman 15 days ago

    you can buy some pci video cards that are just as fast as agp really

    • tony tilman
      tony tilman 15 days ago

      4gb of ddr ram is also mental lol older systems were hard to find with over 2 gb

  • Max Maximoff
    Max Maximoff 15 days ago

    A 2019 Gaming pc components inside a 2006 Alienware gaming pc.

  • Lucif
    Lucif 15 days ago

    Had an Alienware X52! Should have have kept it...would have made a sick ITX build :(

  • Archie Somerset
    Archie Somerset 15 days ago

    It look like a toaster

  • 1024
    1024 15 days ago

    Hey I have s couple of AGP GPUs!

  • themanwiththething
    themanwiththething 15 days ago

    my friend had this in green growing up and it came with a 7800gt lol

  • Bob Ross
    Bob Ross 15 days ago

    Thumbnail looks like a pencil sharpener

  • Lee Fall
    Lee Fall 15 days ago

    Should make this a Windows XP gaming system... People still want these for old games that don't work on windows 10. Could sell for at least 100 I reckon. And there is defo a market for old sound cards.

  • Dankcouchie420
    Dankcouchie420 15 days ago

    Ryzen build get some noctua fans and other modern components and put it in that case

  • å å
    å å 15 days ago

    Do a custom paint of the case and sell it for about $70 idk how 2 change it to £

  • s lloyd
    s lloyd 15 days ago

    Turn in to a high end!

  • Someone Nobody
    Someone Nobody 15 days ago +1

    it looks like cheep shit inside and out

  • Unsealed Toast
    Unsealed Toast 15 days ago

    New components

  • Dwaine Turner
    Dwaine Turner 15 days ago

    My first thought was to use it as a door-stop, then I thought "This was not fair".
    My serious then was, it's probably running so hot now this is the way forward.
    Cut 2 to 4 slots into it, make a couple of lifting arms and there you have it.
    Your own Retro 2 to 4 slice TOASTER. 🤔👍🏻🤓

  • Ashton Needler
    Ashton Needler 16 days ago

    100% make it a sleeper

  • Fredrick Tuso
    Fredrick Tuso 16 days ago

    Buy an AGP video card from around that era to show us how it's aged (probably a $20 investment in a great video), and then rebuild it. Do something like a 4th-gen i7 if you want to flip it and go Ryzen if you want to really modernize it.

  • Fredrick Tuso
    Fredrick Tuso 16 days ago

    That takes me back.

  • Kevin Pogue
    Kevin Pogue 16 days ago

    I own one of these. I replaced the graphics card and power supply about 6 years ago, the motherboard, CPU and Memory about 2 years ago. I am running Windows 8.1 on it and it works fine, and I am watching this video on it now.
    I do want to update the graphic card again soon. Taking it to the local computer store does attract a lot of people who want a closer look at it, a real conversation piece.

  • dave antony
    dave antony 16 days ago

    i had an old rex x1950 pro and a q9300 based system and it could play cs:go just fine =] and i did for along time

  • Alexandru Miron
    Alexandru Miron 16 days ago

    do the second option please

  • johnnycarrotheid
    johnnycarrotheid 16 days ago

    The x1950 Pro was brilliant back in the day, last gasp of the AGP cards, and tbh kept it running for aaaages till my RAM packed in.
    Tbh i think it's still in one of my old boxes of PC bits lol
    Definitely vote for a Q6600, + Mobo and throw in whatever card you can get on the cheap.
    My kids on a Q6600 with 8Gb DDR3, 120Gb SSD, and a GTS450 and scary what that thing can still manage to run, and run very well.

  • Zimmer Roberts
    Zimmer Roberts 16 days ago

    But can it run The Sims 4?

  • Snorlax Reviews
    Snorlax Reviews 16 days ago

    Make it into a sleeper

  • Candon Ramos
    Candon Ramos 16 days ago

    Update it with new hardwares

  • WarWolf
    WarWolf 16 days ago

    I have a pentium g4400 If I were to replace it with a literal slice of RaW pOtaEtO it would run better

  • HellfireBlaze
    HellfireBlaze 16 days ago +1

    Retain the look, upgrade the parts. You could trick people into thinking an old Alienware is running 2018 games at max settings lol

  • Hitler Cat
    Hitler Cat 16 days ago

    chuck it in the river

  • CrazySnake96
    CrazySnake96 16 days ago

    i recommend making a super high end pc

  • Khalbrae
    Khalbrae 16 days ago

    Sleeper builds are best.
    Also throw it off of beachy Head as you have suggested! /s

  • Haydon Beagley
    Haydon Beagley 16 days ago

    Make a sleeper build using that case! I'd love to see that case live again!

  • Lukas Klan
    Lukas Klan 16 days ago

    Run memtest, check condensators and temperature..and give agp card for low budget.. upgrade can be done anytime

  • f simmons
    f simmons 16 days ago

    Sleeper pc build

  • Matt Hunter
    Matt Hunter 16 days ago

    id restore it to an XP retro machine, i bought a boxed PNY Verto Nvidia geforce FX 5500 for $21 never opened , and i left it that way , Nostalgia hits harder as time goes by . this card was a identical replica model, type etc of the very first graphics card i ever purchased to upgrade an emachines socket 478 system back in 2004. I vote for you to make it a retro windows XP machine

  • DerpySnake
    DerpySnake 16 days ago

    Ddr400? Damn, this thing is a beast!

  • Rafael Coad
    Rafael Coad 16 days ago +2

    Id keep it the same and just keep it as sort of a peice of history

  • billy bob
    billy bob 17 days ago

    turn it into a toaster

  • basedhalcyon
    basedhalcyon 17 days ago

    You need to put a modern build in that tank of a case

  • Alpha namens
    Alpha namens 17 days ago

    My roommate bought one back around 2005-06, I do remember it came with an ATI X800XT, it cost $5000.

  • R3D
    R3D 17 days ago

    Just a modern upgrade.

  • Chris Nixon
    Chris Nixon 17 days ago

    Dude, first thing you do with a 2nd hand PC purchase is wipe it & reinstall Windows followed by all drivers. Only then can you say whether there's a hardware issue. I do this professionally and 99% of the time it's crudware embedded with the OS.

  • Brandon Hollar
    Brandon Hollar 17 days ago

    Full modern technology restoration with the case as the only part left

  • Buzzer
    Buzzer 17 days ago

    I have the same pc but the purple Version

  • Asa Moore
    Asa Moore 17 days ago

    I have a slightly newer version of this case. I have upgraded the motherboard and processor as well as storage. the case is solid though.

  • j marco
    j marco 17 days ago


  • King Chach
    King Chach 17 days ago

    I have a silver one that has a water cooled i7 7700 and 1070

  • Melvin Martinali
    Melvin Martinali 17 days ago

    I love thay case so much

  • Elliott's Lab
    Elliott's Lab 17 days ago

    Build a sleeper love that old case just needs a internals

  • Thomas Hibbard
    Thomas Hibbard 17 days ago

    Look at the PSU power again, it's 420W PEAK power, 350W total output. A lot of old cheaper PSUs did that, the issue is you have no idea how long it'll run at that peak power. Could be a minute, could be an hour, you never know.

  • iFrenzyy_V7
    iFrenzyy_V7 17 days ago

    put it into a washing machine

    • iFrenzyy_V7
      iFrenzyy_V7 17 days ago

      then turn it into a washing machine

  • mushieslushie
    mushieslushie 17 days ago +5

    This old Alienware before owned by Dell. That is an Antec case with different plastic

  • TheKnight OfCydonia
    TheKnight OfCydonia 18 days ago +1


  • Pink Lightning
    Pink Lightning 18 days ago +1

    Restore it

  • Pink Lightning
    Pink Lightning 18 days ago

    Holyshit a PGA478 processor

  • Konrad C
    Konrad C 18 days ago

    orange peel on that case is top notch

  • darkSorceror
    darkSorceror 18 days ago

    Throw those ancient internals in a skip and drop it off Beachy Head, and upgrade it to something that someone will actually want to use

  • Jesse Herala
    Jesse Herala 18 days ago

    1300x and nvidia 2050 when it comes up ':D.. but not intel in any case nevah... too over priced shit

  • DarylHarder
    DarylHarder 18 days ago

    Alienware pc,s are sexy as fuck and really nice cases and at the time they where produced they where top of the line specs

  • DarylHarder
    DarylHarder 18 days ago

    I hate you why cant I find a nice Alienware lmfao

    SHADOSTRYKR 18 days ago

    I hope to have one of these cases one day

  • Lost Evesy
    Lost Evesy 18 days ago

    I’d just sell the case on its own .. if you’re selling it, if you’re keeping it have it as a sleeper build if you have room or keep it traditional for an Xp machine and give it the best 2003 era components

  • PassFissn
    PassFissn 18 days ago

    dump it

  • noth606
    noth606 18 days ago

    I have very similar specs in my P4 XP box, just different motherboard(p4c800 dlx) and 1M cache instead of the 512kb but otherwise identical 3.2ghz HT. For XP and old Dx9 games it's a great machine.
    The 1950 pro is about as fast as you get on AGP.

  • Keir Rasmussen
    Keir Rasmussen 18 days ago

    Damn I have a nearly new Audigy 2 sitting on my shelf with the front panel that goes with it. Probably not worth anything these days but its still a cool old gaming relic to have.

  • Alex TuberTudor
    Alex TuberTudor 18 days ago

    Turn into something new and good, it is enough if you can get an i3 8100 and a gtx 1060 3gb or 6gb.