ULTIMATE Veggie Burger Taste Test

  • Published on Aug 28, 2018
  • Which fake meat makes for the the tastiest vegetarian treat? We held the ultimate veggie burger taste test to find out! GMM #1366
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Comments • 6 021

  • Gabby Metcalfe
    Gabby Metcalfe 2 days ago

    i love how the burgers came out in tiny bbq's

  • Stephen Hillstrom
    Stephen Hillstrom 2 days ago

    Vegans have no souls

  • Brie’s Thoughts
    Brie’s Thoughts 2 days ago

    Just realized all of the wasted leftover burgers :/ 😳😳😳😳☹️

  • Michelle Bechor
    Michelle Bechor 6 days ago

    I think they should have done it the opposite way- start the judging with plain patties, then each round start going more burger-style. Meanwhile, I’m one of those weirdos who loves mushy veggie burgers. I love Dr. Praegers lol tho I don’t eat it often as, in the end, all these veggie burgers are still processed foods and generally high in sodium which is a no-no 😅

  • DJ No Serotonin
    DJ No Serotonin 7 days ago

    I used to buy the Boca patties for about $2 at my local Vons so I used to buy those often and sometimes splurge on Gardein which was about $6 there

  • Ben Angel
    Ben Angel 11 days ago +5

    I love what they say at the end. If you're a vegan and don't like flavor, then maybe Amy's is for you.

  • Allura Rayford
    Allura Rayford 11 days ago +1

    They did the wrong burger for Morningstar. Their griller burgers are the best.

  • Wade McLure
    Wade McLure 13 days ago

    But once you smell the Beyond Beef burger raw, and the stink it leaves in your house from cooking it... You'll not want to eat it again. Smells like a combination of Spam & Vienna Sausages (Maybe I'll try it again, but grill it outside next time)

  • Project Excho
    Project Excho 15 days ago


  • Krystal Paul
    Krystal Paul 15 days ago

    OMFG I can't get some of these in Canadaaaaaaaaa!! 😭

  • Nights Only
    Nights Only 16 days ago

    You guys should try mixing each vegan burger with different % beef and/or use beef powder to make it taste more like beef! It won’t be a vegan burger anymore but it will still help to make your diet healthier and reduce the consumption/killing of cows!

  • Nights Only
    Nights Only 16 days ago

    I have tried The Impossible Burger and The Beyond Meat burger. I would say they are 90% the way there in texture and 70% in taste. I know the point is to make this burger replace meat and be 100% vegan but they can still reduce the amount of cows killed every year by using beef powder or even having variants of the burger be different percentages real meat. It could reduce the cost as well as make it taste so much better! I have tried both and they do wonders to make it taste like a 100% beef burger! Still healthy and helps to reduce the amount of cows that are killed for food. Mixing in parts of real beef would be a good way to leap forward temporarily and have more people willing to use this as an alternative now instead of in the future.

  • Jeff Shapiro
    Jeff Shapiro 16 days ago +1

    The impossible burger is by far the best Veggie Burger. Only available currently at restaurants (Cheesecake Factory)

  • A guy in a box That’s suffocating

    Why did link have no eyebrows in the thumbnail??

  • Team CB
    Team CB 19 days ago +1

    I just had the Beyond Meat Beyond Burger and I gotta say, Buy it. Just don't even read the rest of this comment, It's my new favorite now!

  • Vernon Curtis
    Vernon Curtis 23 days ago

    April 1, 2019: Today Burger King introduces the IMPOSSIBLE WHOPPER,, made by Impossible Foods in Redwood City, CA, to St. Louis. Also today, Red Robin is rolling out the IMPOSSIBLE BURGER in a handful of Bay Area locations. Sorry BEYOND BURGER was not chosen to try this out for the chains.

  • Kaylala B.
    Kaylala B. 25 days ago +3

    It's nice hearing an unbiased opinion on veggie burgers for a change! Thanks guys 👍

  • Jason FRostt
    Jason FRostt 26 days ago

    They look tasty *nom nom*

  • Justice Duchovny
    Justice Duchovny 27 days ago

    I hate you both so much I want to punch you

  • SoSa BoI SaUce
    SoSa BoI SaUce Month ago

    so many "beyond" puns

  • Amirah Al-hammadi
    Amirah Al-hammadi Month ago

    6:31 CHIPOTLE

  • Chick-fil-A
    Chick-fil-A Month ago +2

    If you don’t eat any actual animals then you are just working to destroy their habitats faster, which in turn kills them. Going vegan OR vegetarian doesn’t work because there’s an extreme flaw and do you really think that if it was eat or be eaten you wouldn’t eat another animal to be nice to it? At the end of the day we’re all animals, we just know how to talk to each other.

  • Jpw102599
    Jpw102599 Month ago

    "a fuggin polenta patty"

  • Punderful Things
    Punderful Things Month ago

    Morning star red meat alternatives are very meh, but the other burger options are great! I hope you try them sometime!

  • Panja Mysy
    Panja Mysy Month ago

    I already knew the winner before they began...Mmmmmhmmmmm!!!

  • Roselaine Maximilien
    Roselaine Maximilien Month ago +1

    My little brother introduced me to the beyond meat burger and I love it.

  • Bitter ฺ Sweet ฺ Lemonade

    “Today we name the DADDY of all veggie patties”

  • Thetheninjagummybear
    Thetheninjagummybear Month ago +2

    These look like good options. I'm looking to go pescetarian soon.

  • Emily Allison
    Emily Allison Month ago

    ITS (not) MEAT AGAIN

  • surrender
    surrender Month ago

    vegetarians don't eat meat not because they don't like the taste but because they know what's better for our environment :/

  • The Food Nut
    The Food Nut Month ago

    For me Beyon Meat patties are the winer. I can make any burger with them.

  • robinrutschman
    robinrutschman Month ago

    Sorry, you forgot the best burger, the IMPOSSIBLE burger...

    • The Food Nut
      The Food Nut Month ago

      For me the best burger is a vegan big mac. i'm addicted to that.

  • Ret Gnu
    Ret Gnu Month ago

    @6:06 "I see corn floating in this patty- not the first time that's happened." Is that meant to be a poop joke? XD

  • Cat Takahashi
    Cat Takahashi Month ago

    I'll have to show my mom this episode. Shes not vegetarian or vegan she just loves her veggies. 😁

  • NoExitLoveNow
    NoExitLoveNow Month ago +11

    I like a good bean burger. I like the spicy bean taste.

  • Erin N
    Erin N Month ago +1

    I was vegan for a year before I ever tried the Beyond Burger, and I had the same reaction! It’s sooo good, especially with vegan cheese and all the other good toppings 😍😍😍 Impossible Burger is great too but it’s almost too meaty sometimes 😂

  • wildcard.edits
    wildcard.edits Month ago

    I’ll stick to my cheap veggie burgers

  • Anthony Rasa
    Anthony Rasa Month ago

    Beyond Meat is the best on the Market

  • g
    g Month ago

    as a vegetarian, veggie burgers and vegetarian burgers are different!! some brands have both, and with those brands, veggie burgers are just as they sound, but vegetarian burgers are also plant based and are meant to taste more like meat burgers.

  • Hashiel williams
    Hashiel williams Month ago

    I just had a doctor burger it was so good

  • William Meadows
    William Meadows Month ago

    Lost your man card.

  • Oda Nygaard
    Oda Nygaard Month ago

    You should do a video where you eat various foods that are either vegetarian or normal, and try and guess which is which !

  • Zelda Rogers
    Zelda Rogers Month ago

    You didn’t do the bubba veggie burger!!!

  • Catwithnohat f
    Catwithnohat f 2 months ago

    Now even target carries the Beyond meat burger. And White Castle sells a beyond meat slider

  • Feli El
    Feli El 2 months ago

    Did you through out the rest of the burgers?

  • Travis Klopp
    Travis Klopp 2 months ago

    Hamburgers aren't made of ham they are beef lol

  • Candy Sparklez
    Candy Sparklez 2 months ago

    I cant stop laughing and rewinding to 2:24 HOW AM I GOING TO MAKE IT THROGUH THIS

  • Dennis Hillberg
    Dennis Hillberg 2 months ago

    4:19 Link: Let's se what Amy taste like

  • Dennis Hillberg
    Dennis Hillberg 2 months ago +1

    why have a bad tastless vegan/vegetarian burger when u can have a delicious glorious real meat burger that taste amazing

    • Breakaway 70
      Breakaway 70 27 days ago

      Dennis Hillberg health and ethical reasons

  • QuirkyKirkPlays
    QuirkyKirkPlays 2 months ago +1

    Bruh that Vs in the middle is ripped straight from Street Fighter 4, just recolored!

  • Kayla Kraus
    Kayla Kraus 2 months ago


  • Marquan Limehouse
    Marquan Limehouse 2 months ago

    I became vegetarian for my resolution, so I'm returning to this video to get the good word.

  • Kroneexe
    Kroneexe 2 months ago

    The future is vegan ❤️🌱

  • Daniel Havens
    Daniel Havens 2 months ago +1

    My God that beyond burger is wicked overcooked.

  • Éva Wilkinson Vlogs
    Éva Wilkinson Vlogs 2 months ago


  • Creature Corner
    Creature Corner 2 months ago

    I’ve tried all but 3 of those burgers and I love Litterally all of them

  • Mike R.
    Mike R. 2 months ago

    Damn, they look so good, but every veggie burger I've tasted has been terrible

  • Bakoobie
    Bakoobie 2 months ago

    5:55 did link say the f word or fuggin.

  • kamiliachadli
    kamiliachadli 2 months ago

    Gardien!!! #vegan

  • Jayden Hutchins
    Jayden Hutchins 2 months ago

    gotta be honest all boca burgers are kinda garbage. their meat ones are gross, their veggie ones are gross. there is no winning with that brand lmao. good if you're feeding a bunch of people though, it's pretty cheep after all.

  • AyeThaKiddGotSwagg
    AyeThaKiddGotSwagg 2 months ago

    Those are some nice buns

  • Carl Lelandt
    Carl Lelandt 2 months ago

    Just had a "Beyond Famous Star" at Carl's Jr's. A criteria I have that most people don't, when it comes to evaluating a really good burger, is "mess factor." If it isn't a bit messy, then that also will count against it. I ordered the (Beyond Meet) Famous Star with nothing on it, not even cheese. I did ask for a small amount of mayo to be added. That's all, nothing else but the bun, of course. The burger was excellent. And it was just right juicy-messy! They have done it!

  • R. Searle
    R. Searle 2 months ago

    Ranch taste test please.

  • James Asper
    James Asper 2 months ago


  • Wittletaungy Marchbank
    Wittletaungy Marchbank 2 months ago


  • Mary Udomah
    Mary Udomah 2 months ago

    I enjoy meat. I love a good burger, but I’ll absolutely try Beyond Meat if I can find it.

  • Ham SandWich
    Ham SandWich 2 months ago

    Is yoursoloud is reading this
    Rhett and link being unsanitary for _ minutes

  • NiLo
    NiLo 2 months ago

    I'm vegetarian 😂

  • SEZE
    SEZE 2 months ago

    I only know about Beyond meat from Jenna Marbles

  • Brian Sherry
    Brian Sherry 2 months ago

    Boca has a vegan patty, should have used that one.

  • ForTheLoveOfManatees
    ForTheLoveOfManatees 2 months ago

    I've been a vegetarian for 18 years of my life and the veggie burger I have always bought they got rid of first... what have I been doing??

  • Mckenzie Mahal
    Mckenzie Mahal 2 months ago

    The buns look soo good

  • mynameis ______
    mynameis ______ 2 months ago

    Can you imagine how much food they waste

  • Richard Roberts
    Richard Roberts 2 months ago

    In the UK we have a burger from Linda McCartney. And imo it's better than the beyond burger. I can't comment on the others though as we don't have them in the UK.

  • Dvon 13
    Dvon 13 2 months ago

    Omg you changed your hair

  • henk visser
    henk visser 2 months ago

    I was trying to see the clip about the burger test but there is this 15 minute ad about beyond burger....

  • The Mole
    The Mole 2 months ago

    plywood is also gluten,soy, dairy free

  • Christian Williamson
    Christian Williamson 2 months ago

    Now you need to try an impossible burger. You cant buy them in stores, that I know of. But Fatburger sells them. As does Umami Burger. I feel like the impossible burger slightly edges out the beyond meat burger. But both are really good. The thing I love about the impossible burger and they beyond meat burger, is you feel lighter, and have a little bit more energy than you do a regular burger. You guys should try an impossible.

    • Nemision
      Nemision 2 months ago

      They said right at the beginning that they were tasting it on GMMore

  • Jay Alan Ungart
    Jay Alan Ungart 2 months ago

    Or, just let the vegetarian bleed out..

  • Haruki Shirota
    Haruki Shirota 2 months ago


  • Molly Malone
    Molly Malone 2 months ago

    i’ve been a vegetarian for 14 years and i tried beyond meat burgers last year for the first time and cried lmao. the best way i’ve had them is actually in the oven!!! they get super juicy and they’re the most flavorful

  • Yasmeen Ajaj
    Yasmeen Ajaj 2 months ago +1

    You guys should test out veg sausages next. Beyond Meat also has a soy- and gluten-free sausage that you guys might love. Try Tofurky and Field Roast sausages, too.

  • John Sandmeier
    John Sandmeier 2 months ago

    Ya'll forgot the Field Roast burger!

  • Desi J Richert
    Desi J Richert 2 months ago

    You guys are a complete cliche. Go live on a deserted island, please.

  • Jessie
    Jessie 2 months ago

    Dr.praegers are gross. I tried all types and they are all mushy. Except for the quinoa one. Which had such a bad after taste I couldn’t eat it.

  • Alli Nicole
    Alli Nicole 2 months ago

    Honestly my favorite veggie burgers that I have found so far are the Amy’s and beyond burger. Amy’s has multiple styles to which is great.

  • undergroundsoul94
    undergroundsoul94 2 months ago

    if you want a fantastic tasting veggie pattie that doesn't try to imitate meat and still works in a sandwich, try the vegetable masala burgers from trader joe's. my family goes through two boxes a week, they're so good

  • Swaggy P
    Swaggy P 2 months ago

    Rhett and Link always make my days better!

  • rklover13
    rklover13 2 months ago

    As someone that is borderline vegan, and has stupidly microwaved veggie patties and downed the cardboard, thank you for doing this! This really made me happy, and I learned about some new brands, and it was just cool that there was no snarky comments.

  • Parth Gupta
    Parth Gupta 2 months ago +1

    Link takes the smallest bites I’ve ever seen

  • Camryn W
    Camryn W 2 months ago

    Ambi the only person who thinks the beyond burger smells awful?

  • Madison Reagan
    Madison Reagan 2 months ago

    I knew the beyond burger would win 😂

  • Repa K
    Repa K 2 months ago

    Too bad I can't get beyond in finland 🙄

  • Jenny Wilde
    Jenny Wilde 2 months ago

    Dr. Praeger's California burger and Amy's Sonoma burger are my personal favorites. I never really liked red meat before becoming a vegetarian so I don't mind that they aren't trying to be meat.

  • bostonchick21
    bostonchick21 2 months ago

    It’s ironic that they used a video at the end with Carls Jr in it, since they now sell the beyond burger.

  • Jason Helmich
    Jason Helmich 2 months ago

    I’m gonna stick to beef

  • Katie Ward
    Katie Ward 2 months ago

    The last restaurant i worked in we served beyond burgers on our menu and we would always actually get complaints from vegetarians and vegans saying that we served them regular burgers because of how much it tasted like beef.

  • Albino Gorilla
    Albino Gorilla 2 months ago +2

    I've nothing against vegetarians or vegans but I hate vegetarian/vegan foods that try to imitate meat foods. I love indian vegetarian and other types because they are their own thing not a lesser version of another food item. P.s. if you're still killing rodents and etc eating vegetarian or vegan because the farmers kill them to keep them from eating your food. Just sayin.

    • Sam Hickey
      Sam Hickey 2 months ago +1

      +Zoe Logan I do wonder what people think the livestock is fed with when they bring out that particular argument. The amount of plants, water, and land required to produce meat is many times more than simply living off of plants. It's frustrating because it's an argument I've heard so many times before, and almost everyone that says it to me seems to act like it's an amazing "got ya" statement, when in reality it's unarguably false and incredibly unoriginal.

    • Zoe Logan
      Zoe Logan 2 months ago

      Jon Snow I was just trying to prove that your ps argument was actually in support of the vegan lifestyle bc you contribute to a decrease in the amount of rodent animals that get killed on farms. Also, the fact that people choose to not eat meat bc of health reasons kinda has nothing to do with the be point i was trying to prove. Them not killing as many animals is just an added benefit of their diet. No need to call someone an idiot over a simple little fact that I was trying to enlighten you with. :)

    • Jon Snow
      Jon Snow 2 months ago +1

      You're using an idiot strawman argument, also not all vegans or vegetarian people choose not to eat meat because of the killing of animals, some have certain health issues or just want to live a meat free lifestyle .

    • Zoe Logan
      Zoe Logan 2 months ago +2

      Albino Gorilla animals consume way more things that are farmed than vegans/vegetarians do. I think it’s like 3 times as much. So, being vegan/vegetarian decreases the amount of murder you’re supporting drastically. Rodents are never going to stop wandering into farms. Although, we can stop eating the things that contribute to more of it and stop contributing to Eating the animals altogether. So your ps statement is actually supporting the vegan/vegetarian argument.

  • Rygar Gaming
    Rygar Gaming 2 months ago

    vegans are gaaaaayyyyy

    • Jon Snow
      Jon Snow 2 months ago +2

      Your comment is traaaaaaaaash

    • missy aman
      missy aman 2 months ago

      are you saying they are superior?

  • dndstumpy08
    dndstumpy08 3 months ago

    Bocca burgers are good if you use them with cheese ans toppings like round one. Johnny rockets used bocca burgers and they were really good with all the different special toppings.