The Mist Full Movie Stephen King Horror Movie


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  • Rachel Wagoner
    Rachel Wagoner 2 hours ago

    Y did kill them at the end the could of made it

  • Marco Gaudiosi
    Marco Gaudiosi 5 hours ago

    Half of the cast of The Walking dead is in this movie.

  • I make Videos
    I make Videos 5 hours ago

    Dead meat said this took place in Maine but... 5:02

  • I make Videos
    I make Videos 5 hours ago

    A free movie :)

  • Onyx
    Onyx 8 hours ago

    Didn't see jumbo bed bugs...

  • Ernest Walden
    Ernest Walden 17 hours ago

    This movie had the worst ending I ever seen lol. I felt bad for the guy when the army showed up 5 minutes after killing his only son. That had to hurt lol.

  • iTs FuCking Tr3y WaY!!

    Dam he killed his son wtf and the music was on point dammm this was a crazy movie 🍿

  • iTs FuCking Tr3y WaY!!

    G herbo 4 minutes of hell so this is we’re he got the song from

  • iTs FuCking Tr3y WaY!!

    Yo they had g herbo song in this movie that’s crazy it cought my ass off guard at that point.


    It’s death

  • Daniel Bowling
    Daniel Bowling 2 days ago

    Walking dead cast.... JS

  • never mind
    never mind 2 days ago

    wow... the acting is so realistic

  • pgtoguro 541
    pgtoguro 541 2 days ago

    Thanks for the upload dam good ending but still sucks!

  • compact disc
    compact disc 2 days ago +1

    Captain holt from Brooklyn nine nine went to the wrong spot after his retirement

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  • yosikei -dayo
    yosikei -dayo 2 days ago


  • ワロタクスゼイアン


  • おとむー
    おとむー 3 days ago +5


  • 50分前で草
    50分前で草 4 days ago +1


  • M60gunner1971
    M60gunner1971 4 days ago

    John Carpenter and Steve King Obviously smoked each others pole on this one.

  • Salvador Chavez
    Salvador Chavez 4 days ago

    In my opinion this is the best horror movie I’ve ever seen. It’s scary and suspenseful. These days we have some horrible horror movies but this is just awesome. 10/10

  • Meryem Kaibous
    Meryem Kaibous 4 days ago

    How this survived on TheXvid ?
    Thanks for uploading

  • Christina Laws
    Christina Laws 4 days ago

    Bruh this ending has me heated goddamn.

  • Teheskimo
    Teheskimo 4 days ago

    Man, reminds me of when you could find almost any movie on TheXvid

  • Reid Chase
    Reid Chase 5 days ago

    I rather watch the kill count.

  • Glocks 4days
    Glocks 4days 5 days ago

    Thank you so much for having this movie up I really appreciate it dude

  • David Parkell
    David Parkell 6 days ago

    Well, at least it's just fiction. Nobody died.

  • Jacob Otstot
    Jacob Otstot 6 days ago

    Most mindfuck of an ending ever.

  • Ia! Ia! Carrthulhu
    Ia! Ia! Carrthulhu 6 days ago

    Game Over: Bad End

  • John Cooper
    John Cooper 6 days ago

    Been wanting to see for a long time...thank you

  • Erin Retief
    Erin Retief 6 days ago

    This is the first horror movie I've ever watched and I love it

  • Gianni Cavallo
    Gianni Cavallo 7 days ago

    good movie

  • Jose Zavala
    Jose Zavala 7 days ago

    LMAO really bruh 666 dislikes i knew i was going to get haunted tonight

  • bohemoth1
    bohemoth1 7 days ago

    Won't a man see a lady home? Whatever happened to the Feminist MOVEMENT and women being better than men?

  • Mia Larsson
    Mia Larsson 7 days ago

    Too bad they dropped the ball at the end. Great movie up until those last few minutes

  • Kenneth Smith
    Kenneth Smith 8 days ago

    The ending tho 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • yoshiflash5
    yoshiflash5 8 days ago

    I love the Ollie Guy

  • Faith Smith
    Faith Smith 8 days ago

    Me when I stub my toe 19:23
    Me when I hit my funny bone 19:30

  • toilet bowl pete
    toilet bowl pete 9 days ago

    Is that John marston he's painting in the beginning?

  • Is Me
    Is Me 9 days ago

    That ending was devastating

  • Elroy Simpson
    Elroy Simpson 10 days ago +1

    Love it

  • South African Vegan
    South African Vegan 10 days ago

    Old lady: "stoning people who p*** you off is perfectly okay, they do it in the Bible don't they? And I got lotsa peas!" *angrily shakes can of peas* What a savage Grandma, lol!

    • South African Vegan
      South African Vegan 10 days ago

      And another funny moment at 1:13:25
      Old lady: "I had you in school didn't I?"
      Jim: "Yes, me and my sister Pauline!"
      Old lady: *nods* "Pair of underachievers... after you, Jim."
      Jim: "Yes ma'am..."

  • Ghost
    Ghost 10 days ago

    I remember when I watched this movie when it came out and I've never forgot the ending until now.

  • the shaman of enterprise

    2 years and hasn't been taken down whatsoever
    Are you a wizard?

  • 2Much K
    2Much K 10 days ago +1

    Yes I've watched this numerous times & YES I'm watching again

  • Chucky Mcgown
    Chucky Mcgown 11 days ago


  • Ashok Yadav
    Ashok Yadav 11 days ago

    What the fuck he did at last moment? He should have wait .

  • Shekinah Kat
    Shekinah Kat 11 days ago

    I don't get it?can someone explain to me?I don't get the ending

  • ignat anggara
    ignat anggara 11 days ago

    Jan, 2020 anyone

  • Jasper Sergio
    Jasper Sergio 11 days ago

    That ending..... FUCK!!!!! My jaw dropped for a straight fucking 5 minutes, this is my first time seeing this and this is absolutely brilliant, this might of just gave me insomnia for the night, I havent been surprised by a film in a very long time...... This is why you dont watch spoilers

  • Ian Fernando
    Ian Fernando 12 days ago

    What a relief that bitch is dead

  • Phionah
    Phionah 12 days ago

    The ending though😢😭

  • Safa Khoshhal
    Safa Khoshhal 13 days ago +1

    Eww that nasty giant thing

  • Safa Khoshhal
    Safa Khoshhal 13 days ago +1


  • Safa Khoshhal
    Safa Khoshhal 13 days ago +1


  • Grammie Copper
    Grammie Copper 13 days ago

    Am I wrong but a lot of the actors look like they were on the TV show, "Walking Dead" - looks like it to me. I'm only about 15 minutes into the movie. 🤔 idk

  • Anomaly
    Anomaly 14 days ago

    10:30 sound fixed. yay.

  • Betty Smith
    Betty Smith 14 days ago

    Wow! A few actors from the Walking Dead 😁👍

  • Gus Klimt
    Gus Klimt 14 days ago

    Alright Stephen King..we get're an atheist...religious people are all crazy..🙄

  • Lily DiMaggio
    Lily DiMaggio 14 days ago

    How you manage to do this, no clue. But fucking claps to you