What Is The Speed of Dark?

  • Published on Jul 29, 2014
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    this is the video where I talk about THE SPEED OF PUSH: thexvid.com/video/Do1lm9IevYE/video.html
    Big thanks to Martin Archer for help with this episode: www.martinarcher.co.uk/
    And thanks to Guy Larsen for his shadow magic: twitter.com/guylar
    music by www.TheXvid.com/JakeChudnow
    and www.audionetwork.com
    shadows faster than light:
    making the moon brighter: what-if.xkcd.com/13/
    sunset and earth’s shadow and belt of venus in single pics:
    amounts of evening-types in a city: weatherspark.com/averages/33125/Honolulu-Hawaii-United-States
    superluminal scissors:
    wave animations:
    phase velocity vs. group velocity: resource.isvr.soton.ac.uk/spcg/tutorial/tutorial/Tutorial_files/Web-further-dispersive.htm
    faster than light dark patches:
    make a light interference pattern at home:
    the speed of ignorance:
    “animalcules”: www.leben.us/index.php/component/content/article/59-volume-3-issue-4/236-antoni-van-leeuwenhoeks-amazing-little-animalcules
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  • Cordelia Maynard
    Cordelia Maynard 8 hours ago

    What if someone had a fear of the dark, but had a fear of light also. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaattttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Spartan
    Spartan 11 hours ago

    what if light is always there but its just at brightness level 1%

  • RileyUnlimited
    RileyUnlimited 11 hours ago +1

    Thanks for my future A’s

  • catlancemc Yt
    catlancemc Yt 14 hours ago

    so kirby is faster than light and the same speed as dark

  • Adi Mishra
    Adi Mishra 14 hours ago +1

    What if we replace that shadow with a stick

  • DIY beast
    DIY beast 18 hours ago

    I have to stop watching this ,or else I'll be blind

  • Moritz
    Moritz 18 hours ago

    in the first few seconds he says how fast darknes is.
    Then he talks about we don't know...
    He defenetly took the wrong title.

  • DIY beast
    DIY beast 18 hours ago

    Who else came here because of that thinking in class video of loveliveserve

  • Super John64
    Super John64 Day ago

    Not as fast as my gas

  • Dinesstoday
    Dinesstoday Day ago +18


    හේයි හැමෝටම! මෙන්න මම වීඩියෝවේ සඳහන් කළ නිදහස් සාර්ථක මෝහනය. එය මගේ මෙන්ම ඔබේ ජීවිතයද වෙනස් කරනු ඇත. ඔබට එය මෙතැනින් ලබා ගත හැකිය

    FUZZZBUZZZ 420 Day ago

    Could we make a spaceship powered by shadows to move faster than light then?

  • Randall Mattel
    Randall Mattel Day ago

    TOTALLY AWESOME! So Glad I found this Great site, and these Lucid explanations to learn the Answers to things that have puzzled me for the longest time! Wow! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!

  • lilix Zanpakuto
    lilix Zanpakuto Day ago

    Since we’re talking about fears, my fear is that if we just want to die but we basically keep on living via reincarnation. AND YOU ARE AWARE THAT YOU WILL KEEP ON LIVING EVEN IF YOU KILL YOURSELF. that’s my fear.

  • langton mwanza
    langton mwanza 2 days ago

    I think the shadow part is a but of a lie, because when you move your finger to block the light, light that was already behind your finger at the time still travels to the wall or whatever, in essense if you moved your hand cast a shadow on a wall 500million light years away it would take 500million years for your movements to register

  • Dmitry Kim
    Dmitry Kim 2 days ago


  • Blackcat826
    Blackcat826 2 days ago +2

    0:06 thanks. Now I'm going to hear Iron Maiden for about a hour.

  • Oz Tox
    Oz Tox 2 days ago

    How slow is noise

  • Imad Almosawi
    Imad Almosawi 3 days ago

    Darkness don’t have speed
    Because darkness is just there .. light need speed in order for it to move from place to place,,,, but do not mix between shadows and darkness ...because there is a lots of differences between them

  • MTRX 2010
    MTRX 2010 3 days ago

    haha. shaddows not an object. it's an absence of light, not the presence of light. -Also LOL @ kruger-dunning effect. I've referenced this many times, because i run into it daily on the internet.

  • Antonio Becker
    Antonio Becker 3 days ago +1

    *makes computer react to information by "dark"*
    *gets ftl computer*

  • Andre
    Andre 3 days ago +3

    0:40 - 2:24 May I ask anybody to explain to me why a shadow might be faster then light.

  • Crypticspex
    Crypticspex 3 days ago +1

    I have optophobia during 6AM cuz' school...
    Edit: Thankfully it just disappeared during the last day of school.

  • Eager Meatball
    Eager Meatball 4 days ago

    I wish he was my science teacher...

  • Eager Meatball
    Eager Meatball 4 days ago +1

    Is it weird that I’ve thought of this before and that the dark may have the same speed as the light and ig I was right

  • insanity dog
    insanity dog 4 days ago

    If light was a ball and it flew in a dark room would light have a shadow

    • strobaal tv
      strobaal tv 3 days ago

      No, fire doesn't have a shadow eather.

  • Stijn van Drongelen
    Stijn van Drongelen 4 days ago

    0:20 The existence of Cherenkov radiation is only possible because particles with mass can in fact go faster in light (in a medium; not in vacuum, as far as we know).

  • FluffyDucky
    FluffyDucky 4 days ago


  • sang marocain
    sang marocain 5 days ago

    الم تر الى ربك كيف مد الظل

    XXDOJ 5 days ago +1

    Speed of light
    Speed of darkness
    Speed of slowness
    Speed of fastness
    Speed of movement
    Speed of gravity
    Speed of rotations
    Speed of noises
    Speed of loudness
    Speed of quietness
    Speed of.......
    *Speed of How Many People Watch Nudy Stuff*

  • Fourtive
    Fourtive 5 days ago

    Im not afraid of the dark. Im afraid of what's hidden in it.

  • hot dog
    hot dog 6 days ago +1

    4:42 someone got Caught by the police

  • 56ssdProductions
    56ssdProductions 6 days ago

    What is the speed of speed

  • Jenna Easley
    Jenna Easley 6 days ago

    Is there a Vsauce video on the speed of causality?

  • thedragen2 _
    thedragen2 _ 6 days ago +1

    Me: the intro is dark
    Vsause:hey Vsause Mikel here
    My cat:*jumps*

  • jakob todd
    jakob todd 6 days ago

    Hey vsauce help me out real fast. If the average man can walk 5 mph then why has it been 14 years and my dad hasn’t came back

  • Abhinav Verma
    Abhinav Verma 6 days ago


  • tarak p
    tarak p 6 days ago +1

    What is the speed of 1 second Sir?
    Could you make a video of that please!!

  • Radio Active
    Radio Active 7 days ago

    That guy with the lemon juice on his face......should have just looked in the mirror, and if he had a brain, he would have realized the error of his thinking.........

  • Billy Jones -Altitude-

    What's the speed of Instant

  • Eren Yeager
    Eren Yeager 7 days ago

    petition to have michael as your physics teacher

  • Paul Petty
    Paul Petty 7 days ago +2

    That bubble that comes out from the shadow looks like a type of surface tension

  • Matt Peña
    Matt Peña 7 days ago

    It should be faster. Right?

  • Mr. Magnus
    Mr. Magnus 7 days ago

    Speed of the dark is the same as the speed of light

  • Viktor Wisdom
    Viktor Wisdom 8 days ago +1

    only ligt exists. darkness is the abscence of light

  • Anthony Chesser
    Anthony Chesser 8 days ago

    8:19 could be a good Illusion

  • Isaac Jeffery
    Isaac Jeffery 8 days ago

    5:55 dang it..
    I love so close to the north line thingymajiger

  • The Brad Marks Channel
    The Brad Marks Channel 8 days ago +6

    Everybody knows that lemon juice doesn't make you invisible.
    It's lime juice.

  • Curtis King
    Curtis King 8 days ago

    What about quantum entanglement? Isn't that kind of faster than light? Well in a way.

  • Spiritual Self
    Spiritual Self 9 days ago

    Umbra means shadow in my language

  • nathanielton
    nathanielton 9 days ago

    What is the speed of micheal?

  • CrinklyChips
    CrinklyChips 9 days ago

    bottom right corner at 1:03

  • TSC Jordan playz
    TSC Jordan playz 9 days ago

    I forgot what I was watching

  • Slimy Boy
    Slimy Boy 9 days ago +3

    (Pulls out scissors)
    Michael: But let’s cut to the chase.

  • A Guide To: 2019
    A Guide To: 2019 9 days ago

    What’s the speed of reality?

  • Foot Lettuce
    Foot Lettuce 10 days ago

    Is that baldi who casts a shadow on the moon with his fingers?

  • TheShibeRealm
    TheShibeRealm 10 days ago

    if light is faster then dark how did the dark get there first

  • AnaqiTube TV
    AnaqiTube TV 10 days ago

    Vsauce:"shadow blister effect"
    Me: wait why don't we have that for Roblox studio

  • Guillermo atrio
    Guillermo atrio 10 days ago

    I mean the darkness is the absense of light so if there isnt light It Will be darkness so its instant
    Im wrong here?

  • Yarrince Castro
    Yarrince Castro 10 days ago

    That looks like a dick in the moon

  • John Reichwein
    John Reichwein 10 days ago

    And heres the thing ,we have to backtrack on our road trip when we come to the realization that one of our "facts" are acutely false and then you ask yourself do we really know what we think we know? Or are we always going to be restarting our trip on our voyage to find absolute truths ? And that I think is the real fuel that moves us .

  • Floris Kuipers
    Floris Kuipers 10 days ago +2

    Watching this with an oled screen is awesom

    • Christopher Green
      Christopher Green 9 days ago

      @Floris Kuipers what? What's the point? I don't understand the logic..

    • Floris Kuipers
      Floris Kuipers 9 days ago +1

      @Christopher Green The screen turns off if there's black in the picture instead of it still being on and lookong greyish

    • Christopher Green
      Christopher Green 9 days ago +1

      What is that?

  • glitch gamer
    glitch gamer 10 days ago

    Speed of light=speed of light

  • Dark Elite
    Dark Elite 11 days ago

    0:14 Resident evil confirmed

  • creepy_ glitcher
    creepy_ glitcher 11 days ago

    Me at 3AM watching porn:

  • Doesnt Matter
    Doesnt Matter 11 days ago

    So here's a dumb question, how fast can our eyes register light? Is it slower that the speed of light, if so how can we measure that speed relying on our eyes?

  • The PerSon Yrneh
    The PerSon Yrneh 11 days ago

    What is the speed of Vsauce?

  • DogVTF
    DogVTF 11 days ago

    Michael: appears


  • MakeMeDinner
    MakeMeDinner 11 days ago +3

    08:19 Brain.exe stopped working.

  • Freddy Vasquez
    Freddy Vasquez 12 days ago

    Earth is flat though 🙃 haha

  • Dylan Campbell
    Dylan Campbell 12 days ago

    Sorry homeslice you are wrong about the information thing. information can travel faster than light with quantum entanglement. If i have two entangled particles and i send one to the other side of the universe then I measure mine I can know the position of the other one without having to measure it. That is information.

  • Lionel Ducote
    Lionel Ducote 12 days ago

    Very interesting, Night is the earth in it's own shadow, Easy enough I get it. Actually I never thought about the dark, I thought it was the absence of light just like cold is the absence of heat. So in a shadow is the only dark there is....

    FIGGER NAGGOT69 12 days ago

    I am speed

  • Basti Ramirez
    Basti Ramirez 13 days ago

    *_I AM SPEED_*

  • MrMiky
    MrMiky 13 days ago +2

    12:38 when you look at something you like, the size of your pupils will increase

    • ÆRch M3GA
      ÆRch M3GA 10 days ago

      The size of your pupils also increase if it's dark around you.

  • Daniel Thompson
    Daniel Thompson 13 days ago +2

    Most convoluted explanation for something which is 100% intuitively obvious

  • Oeshen Playz1036
    Oeshen Playz1036 14 days ago

    if you look at the scissor it waould look like i warped but really it wont

  • Oeshen Playz1036
    Oeshen Playz1036 14 days ago

    the scissor thing make sence because the light would warp and it makes it look like the scissor warps

  • Adam De Salle
    Adam De Salle 14 days ago

    I know this video is pretty old by now,but as an A Level Physics student who is struggling with the topic due to my teachers not making it exciting, this video has really open my eyes to how important and fascinating Physics can be. Thank you Michael so much!

  • Hel_Face
    Hel_Face 14 days ago

    1:14 that's a peen!

  • auron lorenz
    auron lorenz 15 days ago

    Wouldn't the shadow lag behind on the moon tho?

  • Meme Box
    Meme Box 15 days ago

    A: Yes

  • OffBrand
    OffBrand 15 days ago

    I'm not scared of the dark... I'm scared of what's in the dark

  • alAL 03
    alAL 03 15 days ago


  • Petscop 2 for life
    Petscop 2 for life 16 days ago

    5:55 i live in Scandinavia and during one summer i had a nightmare and woke up, and the time was 4am and the sun was still shining. i thought it was day time, until i checked my phone.

  • Hossam Hazem
    Hossam Hazem 16 days ago

    Is this a content for college students or can any body understand it because i think my 16 years old boy should watch it?

    BIG MEME 17 days ago +2

    *The speed of memes*

  • CLK 311
    CLK 311 17 days ago

    Nevermind. Its 300 sumthin thousand miles per second. 617,000,000 miles per hour. Closer than i thought sorry.

  • CLK 311
    CLK 311 17 days ago

    Wat are u talkin bout bro? U said several hundred thousand kilometers thats a couple hundred thousand miles. The speed of light is estimated at 997,000,000 mps

  • Michael Poik
    Michael Poik 17 days ago

    Will we ever run out of Vsauce videos?

  • Mixiezz
    Mixiezz 17 days ago +10

    person: the sunset is so pretty!
    person 2: look at the sun setting!
    me: look at the the shadow of the earth coming closer!

  • Yürüyen Ansiklopedi
    Yürüyen Ansiklopedi 17 days ago +3

    shadows can kiss?
    rule 34 it is then

  • GoldenCookieFTW
    GoldenCookieFTW 17 days ago +2

    Answer: 0:31
    Michael: lEts gO fuRTheR

  • Brizz Taylor
    Brizz Taylor 17 days ago

    mind blown..

  • Controversy Owl
    Controversy Owl 18 days ago

    Seems like the topic of nothingness in metaphysics. Things like negative properties and objects, absences, holes, edges, etc. and whether they exist, have casual powers, etc. The intersection of the knife and darkness seems the same.

  • Nata Gogokhia
    Nata Gogokhia 18 days ago

    i cant stop watching those videos. HOW CAN YOU RESOST AGAINS THAT TITLE? This is the most interesting source of information i have ever came across

  • Kemuel Cox
    Kemuel Cox 18 days ago +6

    Speed of light?
    Psh. More like light of speed.

  • Théo Wu
    Théo Wu 18 days ago

    thank you

  • pubg play
    pubg play 18 days ago

    Why there is a limit of speed for anything

  • Greg Larson
    Greg Larson 18 days ago

    Vsauce:More like Fax
    Me:Not Funny Vsauce not Funny

  • Greg Larson
    Greg Larson 18 days ago +2

    Vsauce:But that doesn’t mean two shadows can’t kiss.