Jim Brown criticizes Colin Kaepernick - Shannon on why he's 'terribly disappointed' | UNDISPUTED

  • Published on Aug 29, 2017
  • Shannon Sharpe explains to Skip Bayless why he's so disappointed in Jim Brown for criticizing Colin Kaepernick.
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    About Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED:
    UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.
    Jim Brown criticizes Colin Kaepernick - Shannon on why he's 'terribly disappointed' | UNDISPUTED
    Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
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  • Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

    Do you agree with Shannon?

    • Gary Brierley
      Gary Brierley 21 day ago

      Have him on your show Shannan and say that to Jim Browns face big mouth.

    • Randall Gay
      Randall Gay 5 months ago

      Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

    • D'Andre Anthony
      D'Andre Anthony 5 months ago

      I'm a Black man, and Shannon is delusional and uses horrible analogies.
      MLK, Rosa Parks and many others during the Civil Rights movement didn't rally, March, nor protest against the flag. Why? Because they were fighting for equality as Americans. Neither did they fight alone. Who fight alone for a greater cause. Nobody but the self seekers.
      Black veterans fought with the flag during slavery not only for the White man's freedom, but for our very own freedom from slavery.
      Colin Kaepernick was sitting for himself, and was told to kneel instead of sitting. Yet, said in an interview that he didn't need numbers nor approval from his teammates. Then, piggybacked off the attention...to do what. Build himself up and receive public sympathy to for collusion against the NFL.
      Everything about Kaepernick was about money the whole time. He used money (his donations) to disguise his true intentions to get more money.
      Shannon is analogizing MLK. Yet, MLK actually followed through with his activism.
      Kaepernick just displayed a symbol of attention for himself because he was upset about his contract, money, and the embarrassment of no longer being a starter. On top of that, he didn't get picked up from another team even after restructuring his 7-year contract.
      It's been nearly three years, and all Kap did was donate to get sympathy. Yet, he didn't gather organizations together to March, rally, have townhall meeting, meet with law enforcement, political special interest groups.
      Kaepernick's display of activism on the field was a total fraud.
      At best, Kap is a philanthropist not an activist.

    • Spiderman
      Spiderman 6 months ago


  • Brian Walker
    Brian Walker 12 days ago

    Shannon for president

  • Joshua C
    Joshua C 17 days ago

    Jim Brown is 100% right. Comparing Jim Brown's work to Kaepernick's stunt is apples to oranges.

  • SuperVince93
    SuperVince93 22 days ago

    Jim Brown was right to call out Kap. Kap is a sellout. He took the money and ran. This wasn't about police brutality against blacks. This was about Kap getting benched for Blaine Gabbert. I'm disappointed in both Kap and Shannon.

  • I’m A Legend
    I’m A Legend Month ago

    Respect to Jim Brown. He doesn’t disrespect the troops. Always stand for the anthem. Btw I’m not old and senile, I’m 15.

  • Ronald Macafee
    Ronald Macafee 2 months ago

    If America were judged on her character rather than her color(white)what would we have???

  • Ronald Macafee
    Ronald Macafee 2 months ago

    I wonder why Blacks are still struggling for human rights and equality today(2019) since whites are the majority and seemingly have the ability to give or withhold??

  • M Boss
    M Boss 2 months ago

    Well sh*t who cares about ur opinion damn not that 85+man

  • Nyce Nj
    Nyce Nj 4 months ago

    Why didn't Kapernick make his point in a different way? The man had many platforms to choose from. So to use the flag as his motivation for his career move was wrongfully done! Every conversation I've ever had with black people they always bring up race "because I'm black" let me explain something to all people who use race as an excuse are wrong right from the start! I don't believe that I in my 42 years of my life have ever know anyone who held anyone back or discriminated against because of the color of there skin... In my opinion people make there own beds! So if you can't understand what I'm saying maybe you should check yourself mentally because I'm sick of all the BS....

  • that somali dude mudug
    that somali dude mudug 4 months ago

    Jim brown goes to Israel all the time

  • Glorida Howell
    Glorida Howell 4 months ago

    Jim Brown look like he has either Alzheimer's or dementia so you don't take what he say as truth are reverence I don't even know if he knew what he was talking about because he is out of touch with reality and you can look at him and tell so why are you holding him relevant to whatever he says why because he speaking for the white man that's why

  • DaRico Whetstone
    DaRico Whetstone 4 months ago

    Don’t worry, it’s 2019 & he thinks it’s 2013.😂😂😂😂

  • jimipurple123
    jimipurple123 5 months ago

    Jim is very confused. Kap is a hero. Police brutality needs to stop.

    • stoic romulan
      stoic romulan Month ago

      @I’m A Legend go back to the hood?🧐 Lol that comment prove what you really think👁️

    • I’m A Legend
      I’m A Legend Month ago

      jimipurple123 more whites are killed by police than blacks so you can zip it and go back to the hood

  • Othello
    Othello 5 months ago

    "While Colin Kaepernick was kneeling, he should have been wearing a MAGA hat. Maybe that would have helped make his message more clear.

  • O.P Quis
    O.P Quis 5 months ago +1

    Uncle Tom A§‼️Jim b. we all know that.SMFH

  • Corner Sportsnet
    Corner Sportsnet 5 months ago +2

    Jim Brown is older now back in 68 he wouldn't act like he is acting now

  • Jovon delahoussaye
    Jovon delahoussaye 5 months ago

    separate the men from the boys 💯

  • Clayton Ives
    Clayton Ives 6 months ago

    Colin Kaepernick is a human being that did something he brought America and the world that social injustice is very rampant

  • barry durham
    barry durham 6 months ago

    Kapernick is a punk
    Terrorist supporter
    Cop killer supporter
    And don’t forget a low life

  • John Trump
    John Trump 6 months ago +1

    Abe Lincon and the Republican party freed the slaves from the Democrats kneeling to flag disrespects the people of this country Shannon once called Romanowski a racist fck him !

  • Glorious Pandemonium
    Glorious Pandemonium 6 months ago

    What you dont understand is protesting in NFL football games is a lot different from marching to the capital to protest! Since Colin cant get a job in the NFL he should go serve his Country!

  • slumsstreet .News
    slumsstreet .News 6 months ago

    Dr. 👑 was begin

  • slumsstreet .News
    slumsstreet .News 6 months ago

    Colin is right in his stance but brown isn't wrong either

  • Mike Minnick
    Mike Minnick 6 months ago

    ESPN stick to sports. These shouldn't be on here. Shannon is a racist man. He talks ppl in a horrible manner. Reason I walked away from it and fox sport. Sport's
    Kap is a pos Muslim.

  • tracy miller
    tracy miller 6 months ago

    Yes, Shannon!! Get ‘em!!

  • Abdul Rahman
    Abdul Rahman 7 months ago

    Wow. Much respect to Shannon to say how it is.

  • Vincent Robinson
    Vincent Robinson 7 months ago

    Shannon Sharpe ALWAYS hits the nail on the head 🔨

  • Adrian Pereira
    Adrian Pereira 7 months ago

    Kap is a sellout Shay. Sports went from entertainment to personal greed.

  • Jordan Coteff
    Jordan Coteff 7 months ago

    Amen Jim Brown! Well said!

  • 1stLTroastabotch
    1stLTroastabotch 7 months ago

    I don't want to hear some Idiot talk about something he knows nothing about

  • R- Sunday
    R- Sunday 7 months ago


  • Michael Higgins
    Michael Higgins 7 months ago +2

    Is Jim Brown not entitled to an opinion (that is different from yours).

    • jimipurple123
      jimipurple123 5 months ago

      He was a protester with malcolm x and the king. He supported Muhammad ali back in the day. Jim is a very sad man.

  • Bruce Terhune
    Bruce Terhune 7 months ago

    If Shannon said that to Jim Brown, face to face, he would be lying flat on the floor.

  • Bruce Terhune
    Bruce Terhune 7 months ago

    Tell me Shannon are you surprised?????? Calm down. We are not living in the sixties. Remember you have a sports show. Is this sports????? I think not. Talking politics does not become you. Stop shouting. You are making an As s of yourself. You know sports, but you are seriously deficient when it comes to politics. I didn't think you were ever going to finish. Thank God you finally did.

  • Slam 420
    Slam 420 7 months ago

    Colin was protesting because his career was over and this got him in the spotlight again

  • J.A. Posadas
    J.A. Posadas 8 months ago

    Skip step up....

  • Drew Branch
    Drew Branch 8 months ago

    Shannon Sharpe coming out like Law & Order,he is so right though 😂

  • jaylien parks
    jaylien parks 8 months ago

    Lord have mercy this man is outstanding

  • Chris Salim
    Chris Salim 9 months ago

    Even as a white man, Shannon Sharpe makes me proud to know that I'm NOT out of my mind for attacking (verbally of course) my other white friends for TOTALLY missing the point of the protest. CK made it CRYSTAL clear "I meant no disrespect toward the military or people that died for the flag and if you felt that way I didn't intend to." Okay Colin has addressed YOUR issues with him.When are some of you going to address HIS issue? What are you afraid of?

  • DJ Roberts
    DJ Roberts 9 months ago

    How is Shannon still on tv.

  • Dr. Gwen Dorsey
    Dr. Gwen Dorsey 9 months ago +2

    You are Mr Sharp today totally agree with you. Much respect today Mr Sharp. Jim Brown should never throw rocks...

  • Tito Rodriguez
    Tito Rodriguez 9 months ago

    When Shannon gets to be Jim Browns age their will be a young black man with a agenda who will dismiss him time has proven this.
    Black people need to embrace all opinions from each other agree to disagree,their will never be that one person with all the answer as a group all situations can be Dealt
    with..... just my Puerto Rican opinion.

  • Rosa Evangelista
    Rosa Evangelista 9 months ago

    Jim Brown has an opinion on Kapernick, that's all it is is an opinion. Using an NFL great, or an NFL great allowing himself to be used to undermine what Kapernick is all about. Jim Brown went from a great football player to black exploitation films. What kinda social activism has he done if he hadn't tried to uplift his own people. Some people won't say what they know to be fair or right if it will jeopardize their job. Kapernick is a true seed of Jacob, and chose to stand in solidarity with his brothers as The Most High wants us to be. Politricks has no place in sports. Jim Brown...you still on the wrong team.

  • Jason Gaspar
    Jason Gaspar 9 months ago

    It sucks ppl think colin Kaepernick is trash cuz of his political views .man has skills. Gotta look beyond the b.s.

    LANSTAR PHOENIX 9 months ago

    shannon sharpe is probably my favorite commentator because of his respect for truth and knowledge and most of all his humility i mean cmon he works w skip lol kudos to you shannon

  • Calvin Newborn
    Calvin Newborn 9 months ago

    People praising Jews, Muslims and Christians

  • Calvin Newborn
    Calvin Newborn 9 months ago

    It's just sports period just like Rome. They are just meat on the hoof! They are no heroes Everyone he talks , they got where they are because of White Folks. Their dollar is worth just as much as my dollar!

  • Calvin Newborn
    Calvin Newborn 9 months ago

    The paper is fake! The system is fake! Whites gave all of them breaks!

  • The Pipeline
    The Pipeline 9 months ago +1

    Who cares about jim Brown

  • The Pipeline
    The Pipeline 9 months ago

    Shannon he on them people pay roll. He all ways been this way good look JIM BROWN

  • ACE
    ACE 9 months ago

    The Colin Kapernick issue really put a divide between media memebers/players. It showed that when it comes to hot issues such as this one, they know who they can trust and who they can not.

    TUFF GUY RIO 9 months ago

    I see a lot of comments saying “ Kap hasn’t experienced any racism and lived a good life and is half black” so because a person hasn’t experienced something means they shouldn’t speak out on it if it’s wrong? People will take up for animal rights but not their fellow human beings! Just because I’ve eaten good all my life doesn’t mean I shouldn’t speak out for people who haven’t and are dying of starvation! It doesn’t matter what life he’s lived and what he’s experienced he’s sticking up for injustice and people without a voice!

  • Daniel Moshe Johnson
    Daniel Moshe Johnson 10 months ago


  • Daniel Moshe Johnson
    Daniel Moshe Johnson 10 months ago


  • Patrick Kenney
    Patrick Kenney 10 months ago

    So don't have an opinion that doesn't fit the narrative otherwise you'll become a pariah. Colin Kaepernick has the right to protest, Jim Brown has the right to disagree with that protest, and American people have the privilege of voicing their beliefs when they elect our leaders. Stop with all this B.S.

  • Mark C
    Mark C 10 months ago

    Ahhh racism is alive and well thanks to today’s sports media.
    MLK is rolling over in his grave!

  • Craig Ezell
    Craig Ezell 10 months ago

    So Kaepernick can be free to take his stand, but Jim Brown can't?Judge him not,Shannon,unless you've walked in his shoes. You weren't there during the thick of things decades ago.And no,Kaepernick is not all that smart compared to others before him.He's a lightweight.

  • James Reedus
    James Reedus 10 months ago

    Preach brother, enlighten them folks.

  • David Niggemeyer
    David Niggemeyer 10 months ago

    MLK Jr. did NOT disrespect the American Flag. He revered the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of the United States of America, and American history. He NEVER embraced violent rhetoric, such as "Pigs on a blanket, fry them like bacon!" Unlike Colin Kaepernick who has embraced the Black Lives Matter Movement whose tactics he opposed during the 60s. He also had specific goals unlike Colin Kaepernick whose issues are defined by others.

  • Zachary
    Zachary 10 months ago

    Jim Brown sits with Trump but won’t kneel with Colin. Thanks Shannon and Fox Sports.