Cooler Heads with Alec Baldwin and Kate Beckinsale

  • Published on Oct 21, 2019
  • Alec Baldwin hosts while Kate Beckinsale and Jimmy compete in a football trivia game where each wrong answer gets a cooler full of a mystery substance dumped on their heads.
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    Cooler Heads with Alec Baldwin and Kate Beckinsale
  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 782

  • Brian Galindojr
    Brian Galindojr 3 hours ago

    Kinda looks like trump with the cheetos

  • Denner Araujo
    Denner Araujo 5 days ago

    her first answer is actually wrong wtf lol

  • assailed treasure
    assailed treasure 5 days ago

    so dumb and fake skit

  • Teymur Bagirov
    Teymur Bagirov 7 days ago

    Это ж насколько надо себя не уважать, чтобы выставлять себя посмешищем

  • Shukria Apso
    Shukria Apso 7 days ago

    It certainly was ! Hahahaha

  • Susanna Budiman
    Susanna Budiman 7 days ago

    Ooo d Pearl harbour connection ^^

  • thisguy
    thisguy 7 days ago

    Anyone else think all the questions were really really easy?

  • Msuak PS
    Msuak PS 8 days ago +1

    Poor Jimmy I feel bad for him 🥺☹️💔

  • kk8866
    kk8866 13 days ago

    Bull F***ing shit!! Equality? My Ass.

  • Michael Delaware
    Michael Delaware 19 days ago

    Yes, it is rigged, but I still laughed. Fallon is entertaining in this bit.

  • John Mayer
    John Mayer 25 days ago

    Jimmys dry cleaner must hate him 😂

  • Elliot Brault
    Elliot Brault 27 days ago

    Is it me the only one that knows that a tight end in soccer doesn’t exist

    AHS ATX Month ago +1

    His lips look like Donald Trump’s

  • Cheyenne Brennan
    Cheyenne Brennan Month ago

    Am I the only one who thinks guacamole and cheese puffs/cheetos together sound quite nice?

  • Toys Gaming
    Toys Gaming Month ago

    jimmy always loses lmao

  • Jason DeSomer
    Jason DeSomer Month ago

    That was really funny lol

  • Danol123
    Danol123 Month ago

    Poor jimmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaay!
    Kate is wierding me out in this vid for some reason and i’m turned on by it.

  • Vania Orozco
    Vania Orozco Month ago +1

    Wtf is her shirt?!😂 my guess is a car sun visor with a band around it!

  • nittoburn4
    nittoburn4 Month ago +1

    7:11 Heyyyyy, atleast now Jimmy matches Kate!

  • surfert2490
    surfert2490 Month ago

    Problem with kate is she doesn’t seem to be the nicest person not saying she’s mean but for instance red carpet drew barrymore came across the street to visit strangers for going the distance and sign and take pics and kate literally got out of her car and went straight in, it’s just she appears a lil snobby is all but she is beautiful

  • Astafar13
    Astafar13 Month ago

    This game is the exact same formula every time. Jimmy gets the first one wrong and gets something liquid and sticky (nacho cheese, guacamole, egg nog). Jimmy gets it wrong again and gets something dry to stick to the liquid (Cheetos, tinsel, cheese balls). The guest gets one wrong and gets something harmless (popcorn, leaves, caramel corn). Then Jimmy gets the last one wrong and gets something else liquid (Gatorade, buffalo sauce, Pepto Bismol). Wow very amazing what a game.

  • veronica ramos jacobo

    Omg poor jimmy I was expecting something happened with the girl 😂

  • Jemppu
    Jemppu Month ago

    Okay, stopping at 0:48 just to say that her outfit looks MOST unfitting for this 😱 Okay... lets see...

  • Rich Richie
    Rich Richie Month ago

    the host's 'weapons':
    Conan - jokes around
    Ellen - the gifts
    Jimmy Fallon - games that wasted food ingredients

  • Javier Azogue
    Javier Azogue Month ago

    They should have dumped a bunch of flowers. It's the least

  • letsgetchino 666
    letsgetchino 666 2 months ago

    I know he was over blew lmfao😂😂😂

  • Msuak PS
    Msuak PS 2 months ago

    Poor Jimmy I feel bad for him 😂😂😂
    I agree with you Jimmy it's a dumb game lol 😂😂😂

  • GratifyingMyself
    GratifyingMyself 2 months ago

    The joke was that they savage Fallon and give Kate a fleeting touch. The game is initially shown to be fixed against her because she is English and knows nothing about American Football (nobody wants to either). Then the twist comes to fruition that it was Fallon who got the savage treatment despite her helpless ignorance on the subject.
    The fix is the joke. And it's sad people don't get it.

  • Shuaizu
    Shuaizu 2 months ago +1

    Her laugh is so adorable

  • shanaziah
    shanaziah 2 months ago +1

    i was about to die when i saw her beautiful outfit. until i saw the comments... 🤣

  • Hayden Mejia
    Hayden Mejia 2 months ago

    This had me in tears 🤣

  • Qwe#man
    Qwe#man 2 months ago +1

    I want some nachos

  • gphillimo
    gphillimo 2 months ago

    I think the next thing they would've dumped on her if she lost was cotton balls or marshmallows. Something that wouldn't stain or make a mess of that dress. So she was in a win win situation 🤣

  • William Stark
    William Stark 2 months ago +2

    Kate Beckinsale is the PERFECT woman. Her face, body, hands, feet, hair, voice, accent, personality... all absolutely PERFECT and cannot possibly be improved upon.

  • trolololmfao
    trolololmfao 2 months ago

    michael sheen lucky as fuck. right time, right place. he went balls deep and creampied her when she was just a young actress in underworld, vulnerable

  • Yuriy Kuzin
    Yuriy Kuzin 2 months ago

    I've put like immediately when I saw the Kate. Hey you, do the same right now. She's so beautiful :)

  • Omkar Gharat
    Omkar Gharat 2 months ago


  • Kbe123
    Kbe123 2 months ago

    Hahaha this was hilarious

  • saravanan sachidhanantham

    7 minutes jimmy getting bullied on his own show

  • Industrial Glory
    Industrial Glory 2 months ago

    What a waste of avocados

  • Amy Hockings
    Amy Hockings 2 months ago +1

    There goes 50 trillion dollars worth of avocados

  • abbyhale94
    abbyhale94 2 months ago

    She is so. Fucking. Pretty. She just never ages!

  • Swetha Nambiar
    Swetha Nambiar 2 months ago +1

    It looks like an Ogre threw up on Jimmy 😂😂

  • masterxyr
    masterxyr 2 months ago +1

    he should have hugged her at the end :D

  • Mr 888
    Mr 888 2 months ago

    Damn......Kate Beckinsale bought a top just for this game to match the seat.

  • G&MM
    G&MM 2 months ago

    Actually I looked it up and the correct answer was Ashton Youboty.

  • randy lalrinsanga
    randy lalrinsanga 2 months ago

    Of couse this is rigged....Kate would get super angry if all the awful things were dumped on her...the one time she got dumped, it is with dry leaves...Jimmy took all the nasty ones as he can better handle it than Kate.

  • Hipa Lahi
    Hipa Lahi 2 months ago

    Kate’s outfit👌🏾

  • DJ
    DJ 2 months ago

    Holy hell

  • Romulo Ferreira
    Romulo Ferreira 2 months ago

    let's be honest, nobody wants to see kate get dumped anything but gold, diamonds, cash, and more beauty.. jesus look at that woman

  • Ranjith Reddy
    Ranjith Reddy 2 months ago

    Its funny how they gave smimming goggles to Jimmy

  • 1875HIBEESFC
    1875HIBEESFC 2 months ago +3

    ‘I’ve definitely heard of tight end. I think it’s B’
    She got the answer wrong but got the letter correct

  • Preeti Poddar
    Preeti Poddar 2 months ago

    I love Jimmy but I hate food wastage in these games. There must be a huge number of staff in the tonight show with Jimmy Fallon who are paid to clean the mess afterwards but it's insane the kind of work they have to do clean up and throw out food

  • Andy Knudsen
    Andy Knudsen 2 months ago

    Stupidly rigged

  • Vikram j
    Vikram j 2 months ago

    fixing strategy of this game- just answer option B😜

  • ffmfg
    ffmfg 2 months ago

    "Craphonso's first name is derived from his father's two given names, Craig and Alphonso, and is pronounced roughly "Crah-fonzo"." ...WOW. I mean, why would you do this to your own child?

  • Tom Kenney
    Tom Kenney 2 months ago +1

    Kate's always a winner with me.

  • Binky Sim
    Binky Sim 2 months ago +1

    Looks like she’s wearing bubble wrap 😂

  • Sally Quinn
    Sally Quinn 2 months ago

    I wish that, at least once, a glamorous star would come in here and not be afraid to get covered in gunge

  • Kunjimon Muhammed
    Kunjimon Muhammed 2 months ago +1

    6:24 take hair dryer and blow her hair jimmy so pissed off