Poundz Explains 'Opp Thot' To A Classical Music Expert | Classical Kyle | Capital XTRA

  • Published on Nov 4, 2019
  • As one of the fastest growing songs in the UK this year, 'Opp Thot' has become an instant hit and propelled rapper Poundz to new heights of popularity. When that happens, there's only one thing to do - sit down with Classical Kyle.
    The pair talk all things 'Opp Thot' whilst Kyle gets awkward around all the 'booties' in the music video and Poundz even teaches the loveable Beethoven fan the viral dance which accompanies the song.
    Putting it simply... issa classic.
    #Poundz #OppThot #ClassicalKyle
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Comments • 1 143

  • The Long White Cloud
    The Long White Cloud 58 minutes ago

    "Opps are... People, that give off bad energy. You know? I could be a opp thot?" 🤣🤣🤣

  • A1BadBoy 105
    A1BadBoy 105 6 hours ago

    Vitamin D 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Scorchie 7
    Scorchie 7 6 hours ago

    Poundz’ laugh dead me🤣🤣💀💀

  • Pascall Diamond
    Pascall Diamond 7 hours ago

    Vitamin d 😂

  • Admin Administorator
    Admin Administorator 7 hours ago

    A poshy and a roadman

  • Harley Brady
    Harley Brady 8 hours ago

    Kyle “is that right?”
    Poundz “yeah the bad b’s will like you still”

  • iamMoTv
    iamMoTv 8 hours ago

    Why does no one tell this guy the truth about the lyrics? Would be a lot funnier

  • Bite TheBait
    Bite TheBait 10 hours ago

    "Yes I think I saw several booties" lmao I'm dead

  • Huriicane
    Huriicane 11 hours ago

    "Give me neck means, like.. bop to my song.."
    *next line*
    "..don't use no teeth just give me that slop top."

  • JSKY
    JSKY 12 hours ago

    Poundz is mad 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • hello there
    hello there 13 hours ago

    this is cringey.

  • Leah Smith
    Leah Smith 18 hours ago

    😂😂😂pissing my self his reaction

  • Ellie Larner
    Ellie Larner Day ago

    Control yourself kyle, too much booty going on he can’t handle it😂👏🏻

  • Joe Fellows
    Joe Fellows Day ago

    Is he taking the piss

  • Brutal XVII
    Brutal XVII Day ago

    Kyle defo a fed😂😂

  • Shayaan Faruqui
    Shayaan Faruqui Day ago

    1:23 man said thoughts is familiar with third 🤣

  • Shayaan Faruqui
    Shayaan Faruqui Day ago

    The music video would probably give Kyle a heart attack

  • Yxng JJ
    Yxng JJ Day ago

    This is Poundz's english teacher lmnl

  • Julia Lambourn
    Julia Lambourn Day ago

    Man said give me that neck come bop bop is a dance move 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Zati
    Zati Day ago

    Get S1 & Sav12 on this asapppp

  • Daniel Adeosun
    Daniel Adeosun Day ago

    "that neck, the vibe init"
    my mans mocking it

  • Daniel Adeosun
    Daniel Adeosun Day ago

    why he look like he 16

  • H I
    H I Day ago

    Kyle is gonna go call his wife a bad b because he doesn’t know what it means 😂😂😂

  • Piero Freestone
    Piero Freestone Day ago

    Does anyone know where I can find jeans like he has in lolll

  • XxQueensanxX SG
    XxQueensanxX SG Day ago

    This is killing me 🤣

  • Silent Assassin
    Silent Assassin Day ago

    Kyle: “Um, sorry got distracted”
    Pounds: “Oh what you get distracted by”
    Me: 🤣😂😂💀💀💀

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  • Marz O
    Marz O Day ago

    He’s waffling so hard 💀💀😂😂😭

  • Wiola Mechla
    Wiola Mechla Day ago

    "Itd a jamaican ice pole"
    U mockee it broo😂

    DJDUBLTV Day ago

    Me and Poundz just dropped a 🔥🔥🔥 interview on my channel & we talk about the Opp Thot video, his come up, what he wants to do outside of rap & LOADS more! Defo worth checking out 👀👀

  • Liam Woodley
    Liam Woodley Day ago

    Feel bad for this guy 😂

  • YTnoblewarrior
    YTnoblewarrior 2 days ago

    Just playing along with it he is so stupid Kyle is bare annoying

  • Henry Hauber
    Henry Hauber 2 days ago

    This guys needs some pussy 🐱

  • erv2n
    erv2n 2 days ago

    This dude is a god tier troll and is laughing about us listening to 21 Savage

  • x.br4d.x
    x.br4d.x 2 days ago

    "i think the bad bs will like you" 😂😂 im weak

  • Rita Samuels
    Rita Samuels 2 days ago


  • JV92Sav
    JV92Sav 2 days ago +1

    'yh datz my house'XD

  • X
    X 2 days ago

    So thot means thought now lolll

  • BubbleGumPrincess47
    BubbleGumPrincess47 2 days ago

    Like a neck movement ?!!?!!?! Lol

  • BubbleGumPrincess47
    BubbleGumPrincess47 2 days ago

    Thot now means - a way of thinking

  • DJ. A. J.
    DJ. A. J. 2 days ago

    Give the guy an Urban Dictionary please

    👇🏿👇🏿Who agrees

  • DJ. A. J.
    DJ. A. J. 2 days ago

    My face is permanently creased like my airforces 😬😖

  • Zidane Batista
    Zidane Batista 2 days ago

    2:09 im dead

  • Zidane Batista
    Zidane Batista 2 days ago

    1.01 o

  • Riyaan Gabeyre
    Riyaan Gabeyre 2 days ago

    he’s fully mocking it😂

  • 2 40
    2 40 2 days ago

    Don't use no teeth gal give me that slop top slurp 😂😂 that bit got me

  • AdrienIsNotOk
    AdrienIsNotOk 2 days ago

    Man said he was distracted

  • Dacksy
    Dacksy 3 days ago

    "yeah its about thinking" yes lad

  • Riley Emerson
    Riley Emerson 3 days ago

    The interview guy sucks

  • Gunzdown
    Gunzdown 3 days ago

    Funny ass nigga

  • Matt Taylor
    Matt Taylor 3 days ago

    Sometimes in the mornin you might need vitamin D instead of breakfast 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • Mya Forbes
    Mya Forbes 3 days ago

    If i was poundz id actually get irritated with him interrupting the song lmao

  • Mya Forbes
    Mya Forbes 3 days ago

    He talks soooo much

  • Scorchie 7
    Scorchie 7 3 days ago +2

    Poundz is actually one of the most funny and genuine rapper of this gen. he’s actually so jokes😂😂

  • lol lol
    lol lol 3 days ago +1

    Amount of times he lied

  • lol lol
    lol lol 3 days ago +1

    Waffling bare innit

  • John Dhdhd
    John Dhdhd 3 days ago

    1:47 the way he said ‘what you get distracted by’ loool😂

  • George Loewy
    George Loewy 3 days ago +1

    Kyle gets mugged every time

  • Filipe Playz ko
    Filipe Playz ko 3 days ago

    He’s chatting so much shittttt🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Yung SaeC
    Yung SaeC 3 days ago

    just listened to Poundz chatting bear shit for 11 mins