Smash Ultimate Characters Buffed and Nerfed


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  • Sully 2345
    Sully 2345 3 hours ago

    No one cares about Mii's, how pathetic

  • Sully 2345
    Sully 2345 3 hours ago

    6:54 R.O.B. uses YEET. It's super effective

  • Sully 2345
    Sully 2345 3 hours ago

    I think Luigi got buffed because he uses his poltergust for his throw

  • Sully 2345
    Sully 2345 3 hours ago

    Since you can see what item Villager pocketed, I'll say he got nerfed

  • Inkling Kid
    Inkling Kid 11 hours ago

    roy worries me. his turn around neutral b may not seem like much but it DOMINATES the edge now. if you are caught using flare blade while your opponent is at the edge then it will cover all options. (attack if spaced correctly) including stall (i think.) now you have to get creative with your ledge options and try and work your way around it. And you have to think fast because you have to either make it back onstage or regrab the edge which, if you couldn't tell already, will leave you without invincibility. this is huge. but its still not as broken as clouds up air :)

  • Mayonetta Umbran Condiment

    Jeanne as an echo fighter for Bayonetta would be amazing!

  • AlphaNinja27
    AlphaNinja27 13 hours ago

    Wait,I’m confused on what the buff Jigglypuff got

  • Keegen McCorkle
    Keegen McCorkle 14 hours ago

    Favorite Scenes

  • Macreoni
    Macreoni 14 hours ago

    The thumbnail makes no sense

    Edit: ah I see it now

  • CupcakeDancerTheSecond - Serena x Lillie

    0:22: Donkey Kong captured Pauline... now he is capturing Peach

  • James Kerr
    James Kerr 17 hours ago

    2:37 ganon:yes my them all wat u were taught and wat u were made to do!

  • Garthantula
    Garthantula 19 hours ago

    Zero Suit looks more balanced with a fuller bust. She’s all hips now.

  • Platformer64
    Platformer64 20 hours ago

    Me: *See's Wolf's name*
    Me 2 milliseconds after seeing Wolf's name: "I mean he's coming from Brawl, just say buffed"

  • proofmr2
    proofmr2 21 hour ago

    its amazing how many of these you got wrong.

  • Fel24 Stratégie
    Fel24 Stratégie 23 hours ago

    4:34 That’s so funny

  • Jerard The Bacon
    Jerard The Bacon 23 hours ago

    Buff and nerf is usually used for attack damage , speed, defense and health. This guy talks about looks,which has nothing to do about damage,speed,health and defense.

  • Hilarious Legendary gaming Yoshi

    The reason nobody likes fighting yoshi is because he is so cute and nobody wants to see him get hurt

  • Wall Luigi kid
    Wall Luigi kid Day ago

    The reason this character selection is bad because your whining about it and you can talk about fox to you know

  • Jaguar Heath
    Jaguar Heath Day ago

    6:54 YEET

  • Allyson C.
    Allyson C. Day ago

    I agree with some of them, including Ness, Mario Bros, Villager, Yoshi, and Pichu

    ALL MIGHT Day ago

    6:54 XD

  • sos van burito 3000

    Sonic is not nerfed
    Ridley is nerfed

    • Sully 2345
      Sully 2345 3 hours ago

      Ridley is new to this game so we can't judge a book by him

  • Kenneth Maldonado

    I will play the the characters that are buff

  • ItzOcelot550
    ItzOcelot550 Day ago

    Ik this video was a joke, but even so, links detonating bombs would be a buff. You can choose whenever it’s detonated which helps in some cases.

  • Different Shirt Sacha

    wait so does donkey kank still have ding dong?

  • Chris Slitas
    Chris Slitas 2 days ago

    "Nobody cares about Miis."
    *Okay, I won't live my fantasies if that's how it is.*

  • supersonic456 'sonicshade'

    Who's main got nerfed

  • James rubio
    James rubio 2 days ago

    8:40 hey mii,s are cool

  • Roy Edy
    Roy Edy 2 days ago

    When Greninja Got Nerfed
    People Who Actually Wanted Nerfs: About Time!
    Meme People: So.... What Now?
    Greninja Mains ( me included ): Oh No!
    Tier List Lovers: A B Tier Nerf? Eh.
    Pokemon Players: Does This Mean He's Nerfed In The Pokemon Games Too?
    Greninja: WAHHH!😢

  • Davaroni
    Davaroni 2 days ago

    This video is retarded

  • Jude Moffat
    Jude Moffat 2 days ago

    Kirby my main and he got nerf ;-;

  • FNAFdude 3000
    FNAFdude 3000 2 days ago

    Were my boy king k.rool at

  • Keegen McCorkle
    Keegen McCorkle 2 days ago

    6:54 YEET

  • Keegen McCorkle
    Keegen McCorkle 2 days ago

    1:52 where did you get that footage?

  • Keegen McCorkle
    Keegen McCorkle 2 days ago

    8:41-8:43 Seriously?
    Saying nobody cares about miis is like saying nobody cares about people

  • The Sassy Carrot
    The Sassy Carrot 2 days ago

    But now Luigi has his vacuum for his grab

  • Keegen McCorkle
    Keegen McCorkle 2 days ago

    If Zero suit Samus got nerfed to that,
    Snake did too.

  • Keegen McCorkle
    Keegen McCorkle 2 days ago

    Wario got nerfed, he has to wait 6 seconds to get his bike back

  • terry harper
    terry harper 2 days ago

    thank you for buffing my man Ryu

  • b thomas
    b thomas 3 days ago +1

    How did snake not get nerfed

  • Miiggles Memes
    Miiggles Memes 3 days ago

    I hope they didn't put custom moves in, because palutena's explosion was literally a custom move in smash 4. Hope not

  • Fenris Anguis
    Fenris Anguis 3 days ago

    This is painfully off. Luigi is definately worse a lot of these are off.

  • Dylwolf Gaming
    Dylwolf Gaming 3 days ago

    Although the down attack for greninja is somewhat bad, I think it’s good because you can continue combos on the ground

  • Christopher Pugh
    Christopher Pugh 3 days ago


  • Doodle Noodle
    Doodle Noodle 3 days ago

    I'm the thumbnail it looks like SU Samus is trying to shoot the old Samus

  • KJ SoutHSidE BaByi 42

    Zero suit Samus gotta buff 😉, bigger butt but smaller boobs 😜😜😜, I can tell her booty bigger because without her leg full kicked up by her knee she gotta a whole lotta booty cheek right there

  • VampireButcher17
    VampireButcher17 3 days ago

    Mario: Due to his Down-Throw and Up-Tilt changes, that pretty much means he got nerfed.
    Link: Not many people use the bomb, other than throwing it up to the sky. I think he's just the same.
    Kirby: I don't see a problem with his Burning Dash Attack, and it's quite powerful. I consider that to be a buff.
    Fox: It's not Melee? Agreed.
    Jigglypuff: More like... SUPER BUFFED!!!
    Ganondorf: I agree abo- wait a minute... Opponents can now escape aerial Flame Choke? That's a nerf.
    Mewtwo: The Air Dodging may have changed, but he still has one of the best recoveries. I feel like he's the same.
    Meta Knight: The game is not Brawl? No need to talk about him.
    Zero Suit Samus: Not just the thicc body change, she's been getting changes that cause her to get nerfed.
    Snake: Cypher can also be destroyed. Agreed.
    Diddy Kong: His down-tilt makes it harder to combo, and the recovery is now in a shorter distance. That's a nerf.
    Lucario: His counter activates faster. You are correct, he got buffed.
    Greninja: Not nerfed enough...
    8:40 - R O A S T E D !
    Pac-Man: I don't see anything about that in my opinion, so I feel like he's the same.
    Cloud: No need to talk about him, he got nerfed.

    Everyone else, I agree. Even Corrin, but I'm still maining him/her.

  • Jayden Shiba
    Jayden Shiba 3 days ago


  • Dj Dee
    Dj Dee 3 days ago

    Finally Kirby is Nerfed!!
    Just come on Ness and Lucas are the same??!!

  • DissassembledPen 666

    6:55 *YEET*

  • Random Artist
    Random Artist 3 days ago

    Peach’s f smash had time to charge, which is why the red lightning came for f smash but not up smash

  • Ryan
    Ryan 3 days ago

    I think Mewtwo got more buffed than nerfed. Since his up smash has a way larger range and stuff

  • RizingZero
    RizingZero 4 days ago

    5.4k people deliked this video because of how you displayed Samus as a sex object instead of a character.

  • Pedro David Castañeda

    Que malo sonic es pro igual que kirby😢😠

  • Jay Dunka_holic
    Jay Dunka_holic 4 days ago

    Lol really Nintendo 5:48





  • NickPearlTV
    NickPearlTV 4 days ago

    What about the new characters?

  • the7dedlysins
    the7dedlysins 4 days ago


  • Jakemandy Barrett
    Jakemandy Barrett 4 days ago

    6:55 I bet R.O.B might be the sa- *YEET* .... Nevermind, 100000000/10 throw. Buffed, 💯%.

  • Hassan The Mighty
    Hassan The Mighty 4 days ago

    They nerfed Lucario's aura

  • Vader 4311
    Vader 4311 4 days ago

    If your a link main switch to young link, he’s faster and doesn’t have the bomb detonation

  • A
    A 4 days ago


  • Emerald
    Emerald 4 days ago

    They buffed my duck-
    I'm so pROUD!

  • Where Is The Sauce Of Lamb

    Oof Cloud was nerfed

  • KirbyBoyGames YT
    KirbyBoyGames YT 5 days ago

    Kirby and link did not get nerfed

  • Steven Villman
    Steven Villman 5 days ago +1

    I really care about Yoshi, and I plan on maining him (at least until I unlock King K. Rool and King Bowser Koopa)! Therefore, I'm glad that Nintendo buffed him.

  • DacDaMan710
    DacDaMan710 5 days ago

    Kirby's dash attack is not really a nerf it's the perfect buff many because the last dash attack wasn't so good.

  • Kirby Superstar
    Kirby Superstar 5 days ago

    Btw I pre-ordered ultimate

  • Eva M
    Eva M 5 days ago +1

    Back in my days nana was op

  • Calverin - Commands, Games, and More!

    Loved the part on Jigglypuff-Puff Main 4ever

  • dankey kang
    dankey kang 5 days ago

    1.2 million!?

  • Jacob Hawkins
    Jacob Hawkins 5 days ago +1

    Yes my boy pikachu is buffed he was good anyways now he’s better!

  • Camperguy137
    Camperguy137 5 days ago

    ok larry. lemme get one thing straight. yobbi!

  • Jake Ecke
    Jake Ecke 5 days ago

    6:54 YEET

  • Kirby Z
    Kirby Z 5 days ago

    Pac-Man was actually buffed. He can cancel his water with an attack input, hit his trampoline to set up free smash attacks, and his grab is way, WAY, WWAAYYYY better than his Sm4sh grab.


  • Fer Paredes
    Fer Paredes 5 days ago


  • the drawing man
    the drawing man 5 days ago

    They buffed the *T H I C C*

  • Theroux
    Theroux 5 days ago

    UPDATE: Luigi got nerfed hard.

  • Watercolor Kirby
    Watercolor Kirby 5 days ago

    I'm hoping Kirby is at least mid-tier like he was in Brawl.

  • A Professional Mayo Player

    "I think Young Link is just going to be a faster version of Smash 4 Link." *shows Melee jab and fire arrows*

  • Watercolor Kirby
    Watercolor Kirby 5 days ago

    Snake's ass got nerfed.

  • Dick
    Dick 5 days ago

    the witch is dead

  • meta527II
    meta527II 5 days ago

    What is wrong with these twits? I’d understand them taking out Samus’s bikini because it’s too sexual, but WHY DID THEY TAKE OUT HER BIKINI WHILE LEAVING IN SHULK’S UNDERWEAR? ARE THEY STUPID?!!?

    • meta527II
      meta527II 5 days ago

      Articuno Thanks. I was told that they took out her bikini but left in Shulk’s underwear, which would make them look like hypocrites, but I was only lied to.

    • Articuno
      Articuno 5 days ago

      meta527II if you’re talking about her blue and orange clothing, they’re still there

    • meta527II
      meta527II 5 days ago

      Articuno What’s still there? Samus’s swimsuit? I was told they took it out.

    • Articuno
      Articuno 5 days ago

      meta527II it’s still there...

  • Dark Void
    Dark Void 5 days ago

    They buffed Diddy and Falcon, two top tiers, but nerf megaman? k

  • William Webster
    William Webster 5 days ago

    Mewtwo got better

  • TrannyLoving Teammate


  • Ryder Sans's Husband and Boyfriend

    :3 Ima Get mewtwo in smash for 3ds

  • Very Strange Guy
    Very Strange Guy 6 days ago

    zero suit samus has the biggest nerf

  • Jamie Smith
    Jamie Smith 6 days ago


  • Jamie Smith
    Jamie Smith 6 days ago +1

    I hate this channel because you said sonic was bab

  • Joshua Graybill
    Joshua Graybill 6 days ago

    You should host a weekly character combo contest when the game comes out. Have some mods or trusted viewers filter through the submissions and select the best clips from one character each week. It would provide you good content and promote meta expansion and experimentation.

  • Lucasthecatmario
    Lucasthecatmario 6 days ago

    my name is Lucas which is why im so happy they brung him back

  • Modern_Bowser123
    Modern_Bowser123 6 days ago

    *Y E E T*

  • Modern_Bowser123
    Modern_Bowser123 6 days ago

    *its all about dat zero suit* 😔

  • Five nights at Pokem0n 30

    "Zero suit samus joke"


  • ロボマスタRobomaster

    My boi ROB yee

  • DustyLocket
    DustyLocket 6 days ago


  • Phan Tom
    Phan Tom 6 days ago +1

    Okay... Came so I can see the miis... But okay