• Published on Jan 16, 2022
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Comments • 531

  • Lexx White
    Lexx White  +278

    You're definitely right about the name. I mean really, who wants to announce to their buddies that they just picked up a Rogue ST-D?

  • Mike the Whizz

    I think in this age of golf, we don't always need explosive clubs. A "nice driver" is exactly what the vast majority of golfers need and I think the Rogue ST looks and plays the part beautifully

  • O.B.1 Slam

    It's weird because while everyone is talking about the Stealth, I've been leaning towards the Rogue. To me the Rogue looks absolutely stunning (I love the simplistic design) and the numbers seem to suggest it performs really well. I can't wait to try this out and see what Cobra have to offer as well.

  • Franklin Niester Jr

    Really appreciated your take on these new drivers Peter. At age 58, I really have understood the quest for distance as ive gotten older, but, i have really come to the conclusion that, i would rather sacrifice distance in order to ensure fairway finding.

  • Nick Bailey

    Out of all the Rogue reviews I feel like this was the one that did it justice. The Stealth promotes all the noise which is fine but it's making people overlook drivers like this and Mizuno. Well done by not sidelining the Rogue just because nothing is "new" about it.

  • Jonathan Sherlock

    I love my G425 so much and there isn’t enough in the Rogue to make me want to change. If I didn’t have the G425 I could be tempted though. The only thing to consider is that you can get some deals on the Ping but will probably be paying full price on the Callaway from a little while yet. The most interesting thing is that more and more people are now saying the the Rogue is the best driver to drop this month and maybe people are realising that the hype that came with the Stealth just doesn’t match performance.

  • Tonyrojas2000

    What I’ve notice recently it’s that the Stealth has been offered at a lower price from some retailers,, once people, apparently , are not getting the expected results that TaylorMade has announced. From the beginning of the Marketing War of this two brands ,I’ve always preferred trying the Rogue first and I think this review has helped me a lot. Thanks!

  • Robert Yu

    Great review and analysis Pete. I have concerns regarding the long term durability of the Stealth's face. The Rogue appears to be a good combination of speed and forgiveness. I also like the shaft choices that are offered for the Rogue at no upcharge.

  • Matt Cross

    Your Reviews so far this year have been top notch and some of the most thorough I have seen. Great work Peter! Thanks for your honest input on the new equipment this year!

  • Jack Brightmore

    Looking forward to the new cobra driver coming soon. It's a strong lineup this year so far!

  • Mark Williams

    If it performs and feels great then I'd have no issue with the look and sound. I've had a Callaway Fti square driver from 2007 in my bag for years, and replaced it this year after damaging it, 2 drivers later I've just ordered another Fti from ebay for 60 quid because I hit that further and straighter than anything new I've tried 🤷‍♂️ looks ugly, sounds horrible, but I hit the fairway and hit it a long way, really doesn't bother me what the name is or who thinks it looks rubbish and laughs at it, I'll be laughing when it's 20 yards further up because I have a club I'm comfortable with instead of the "latest gear," other than my putter and 3 wood, all my clubs are second hand, and I've managed to get down to a 6hc so far, couldn't be happier with what's in my bag (Or will be when that ugly thing arrives)

  • robocop30301

    I was on the fence between 425 and Rogue Max. Liked the feel and results of both. But the Rogue definitely wins I'm the looks department. I'm in.

  • Mark Hilton

    Good honest review Pete

  • Tony Bytheway

    Never been a fan of the look of Callaway drivers. Be interesting to see this compared to the new Mizuno STZ 220 and see if Mizuno's claims on consistency/stability line up to what Callaway have done. All the companies know distance is pretty much maxed now so the improvements are about how good your miss hits are.....which is what golf is all about really.

  • craigg1982

    I've tried them all, and the Ping G425 still comes out on top for me

  • Rob Nieth

    Tomorrow I’m getting fit for driver and fairway woods. Thanks to this fantastic review it will make my decision easier with the driver. I’m not a great ball striker and the forgiveness across the face of the Rogue would best suite me. One of my goals this year is to make sure I have clubs that help me enjoy the game by playing clubs with more forgiveness that also have the performance I’m after as well. Thank you M8!

  • Dave Mack

    Pretty sure I've watched 20+ reviews of this nature and this is beyond doubt the best. I'll tell you why. Beautifully presented. Only pertinent data. Clear logical conclusion. I had a two hour fitting session with True Fit and it was Peter's review that helped me decide between the Stealth, the Rouge Max and the Cobra LS.

  • David Byck

    Peter, when I think about a, "forgiving" driver I also consider landing pattern. Which of these three drivers had a tighter pattern? thanks, David

  • Bobby Coln

    I would also add that fine tuning the shaft enhances the ability of the golf head to do what it's designed to do. A bad unaligned shaft is disasterous to a great golf head. I am surprised that golf companies are not aligning their shafts to the degree on the club., especially for what they are charging for the clubs.

  • KrunkStack

    I have to agree. I hit the Max, the Stealth, & the Cobra on trackman at a fitting. I'm a mid handicapper & get my share of all of the face. The Max was the most consistent for me across the face and I can't wait for it to come in.