BattleShip 2012 Full Movie Part 12 The End of Alien

  • Published on Nov 5, 2016
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  • clubgamerstudios
    clubgamerstudios 16 days ago

    No CV though

  • Chaplain Conrad
    Chaplain Conrad 21 day ago

    I wonder what they did with the tech they recovered?

  • Sascha Duckstein
    Sascha Duckstein 26 days ago

    Bescheidenheit, Loyalität und zurücknahme hinter die Sache! das sollte jeden Menschen auszeichenen!

  • Sascha Duckstein
    Sascha Duckstein 26 days ago

    das bedeutet es nicht! ;-)

  • Ayushi Tandon
    Ayushi Tandon Month ago

    Well as a littl member of earth
    I feel proud

  • The Angry General
    The Angry General Month ago +1


  • Attorney Minister Czar Adrian Neil Jacobsen

    Compilation POSITIVITY

  • LAKSHMI NARAYANA Nandivelugula

    After their victory I almost expected avengers theme

  • andrew77714
    andrew77714 2 months ago

    The fact Nelson character can have the ultimate bragging rights. My son in law saved the world

    ERICA JOY AREVALO 3 months ago

    atleast this isnt copyrighted :)

  • Matteo Sdrogo
    Matteo Sdrogo 3 months ago

    3:35 song name ?

  • Fultonfalcons86
    Fultonfalcons86 4 months ago +1

    Not a bad movie IMO see the movie critics are like diapers full of shit........

  • Uganda Knuckles Christ
    Uganda Knuckles Christ 7 months ago +2

    0:59 so Boomer gets nothing?And the rest of the Air Force who saved there ass :S

  • Lorraine Fry
    Lorraine Fry 8 months ago +2

    My favorite part😍

  • Lockheed f 22 raptor
    Lockheed f 22 raptor 8 months ago +7

    Let's drop some lead on those motherfire

  • James G
    James G 9 months ago

    The other. Youg salior. The actor did he make it. Big?

  • Paddhu Rekha
    Paddhu Rekha 9 months ago

    wave it's so nice

  • No Half Sends
    No Half Sends 10 months ago +1

    anyone hear clicking

  • JBear
    JBear 10 months ago

    Lmao that salute was halarious. Also why were they swearing medals with ribbons on the same side...

  • Jacob Bidwell
    Jacob Bidwell 11 months ago +67

    4 months later, when OPR's are due:
    "I mean, yeah - you saved the world. But did you finish your continuing education credits or volunteer anywhere?"

  • Echo Company
    Echo Company Year ago

    This isn’t an honorary service, this is a godddamn KKK rally, wtf is wrong with y’all?

  • landen Herteux
    landen Herteux Year ago +14

    Is it just me or did it sound like someone was playing with a Rubik's cube in the background

  • Teow Hai Way
    Teow Hai Way Year ago +3

    A silver star for saving nation asses?!

  • zipticc
    zipticc Year ago +2

    gg even its 2018 this is still my fav.

  • Ghostly studios
    Ghostly studios Year ago +5

    he was in there fighting to survive mean while outside the great wall of what ever the heck that is there sitting in there highly protected fleet sippin on some tea and sleepin did you ever see them sleep while they where in there?

  • Ghostly studios
    Ghostly studios Year ago

    ered i got to agree with ya

  • Ghostly studios
    Ghostly studios Year ago

    a silver star?

  • TX Wolf
    TX Wolf Year ago +56

    **knowing this is a fictional film**
    It's refreshing to see that 70 years after the nations of Japan and the United States ended a long and bloody war, we could come together, fight together not just as allies, but as friends. It goes to show time CAN heal all wounds. Lieutenant Hopper and Captain Nagata showed that despite initial differences, we as a people can come together, and accomplish many great things. What began as a rivalry, will blossom into respect, admiration, and a lifelong friendship.

    • The Confederacy
      The Confederacy Month ago

      Not to be rude....but i didn’t see any Japanese I guess I just missed em or something

    • alex milligan
      alex milligan 4 months ago


  • Justin Lam
    Justin Lam Year ago

    Should've picked on Africa, not a naval base

  • Emjej
    Emjej Year ago

    Music in 3:31?

  • Fultonfalcons86
    Fultonfalcons86 Year ago +4

    Should have been awarded the medal of honor imo................

  • Sean Peabody
    Sean Peabody Year ago +4

    I love how they threw in the Australians at around 1:03 like "Oh yeah, these guys have some skills with flying"

    • CrazyMan76
      CrazyMan76 6 months ago +1

      But, they were locked on "Tah-Git" 😉

    • Scarecrow108 Productions
      Scarecrow108 Productions 10 months ago +1

      I think they dropped those JDAMs too low and they are too close on the blast radius once those JDAMs impact the ship.

  • N1kk1
    N1kk1 Year ago +2

    picture quiality this movie deserves

  • equarg
    equarg Year ago +18

    I got to meet a real navy seal.
    Other military guys confirmed it.
    Lets just say don't be gay and try to kiss him at Walmart.
    You WILL be eating the floor with his boot assisting you.
    The cops WILL release him immediately upon seeing a special symbol popping up next to his name.
    Apparently with his training you get away with more things then a regular civilian if you are a Navy Seal.
    Even busted tail light tickets.
    Especially if you started it. Because he WILL finish it!
    He trained mostly in hand to hand and explained how to slit a human throat silently in detail.
    His "official" body count was 448. When asked by multiple people he said the same number.
    There was much he could NOT tell.
    He did happen to know the guy who shot Ben laden....the guy called and let him know hours before the president announced it!
    But HE (nor the wife) could tell anyone before it was announced!
    I asked him why he "retired".
    He bluntly told me "because I had to kill a kid". He KNEW how I felt about child killers.
    He looked me dead in the eye, I looked dead back at him.
    I then asked what happened without looking away.
    Basically, during a mission some crazed, high, and armed child soldiers were thrown at him and his men.
    It was either them or the insane kids.
    With out blinking I then asked "did you at least make sure they died quickly".
    He immediately told me "YES".
    I then relaxed and told him I understood, this showed that despite his body count he still had basic humanity.
    To kill kids in a war setting like that was forgivable in my book.
    War can actually make kids more dangerous then the adults. I have read terrifying accounts about it.
    Young kids have an instinctive drive to survive that can make them rabid.
    We got along ok after that.

    • equarg
      equarg 4 months ago

      Stephen Gregory
      No. A computer generated symbol pops up next to the name telling the officer this person he queried about has special military training.
      His symbol was a clenched fist. Meaning that he had special military training in hand to hand combat/is a Navy Seal.
      It basically tells the officer to NOT 🤬with this guy. To be nice
      This guy’s training makes police academy training look like Boy Scout Camp 😅.

    • Stephen Gregory
      Stephen Gregory 4 months ago

      Nothing magical pops up next to their name. Stop making shit up

  • Charlie Jack
    Charlie Jack Year ago +3

    What’s the song at the end?

  • yank1776
    yank1776 Year ago +2

    Navy Cross to the guy that loses his ship and entire crew. Silver Star to Lt Handsome Bronze Star to enlisted women and a green hornet (Commendation Medal) to the enlisted man that saved the planet ?

    • HFD Shrimp
      HFD Shrimp 4 months ago

      yank1776 which enlisted man? It was an officer who called all the shots

  • CrazyMan76
    CrazyMan76 Year ago +4

    Is it true that the USN actually has something like those RIMPAC exercises?

    • Cole Robertson
      Cole Robertson 6 months ago

      Yes rimpac is a thing

    • 100mm tube of justice
      100mm tube of justice Year ago +4

      yeah, there are a series of naval exercises every few years where the U.S. and various allied fleets get together and play war games.

  • Pejman Tashakori
    Pejman Tashakori Year ago +1

    Peace and protect the planet Earth

  • Wilma Llarena
    Wilma Llarena Year ago

    look how did they hit the alien only one bullet its insane 0-0

  • Cap Gamer 10
    Cap Gamer 10 Year ago +18

    Australia! 🇦🇺🍻🇺🇸

    • Axl Roesler
      Axl Roesler 9 months ago +1

      Yep we will save the world brother

  • _ DU_NUT_TUCH_ME _

    What happens when they used USS Iowa instead of USS Missouri???

    • 100mm tube of justice
      100mm tube of justice Year ago +1

      couldn't have happened the iowa is on the west coast nowhere near the battle zone, lol!

    • truong xuan huy
      truong xuan huy Year ago +1

      Skip My Ads USS lowa and USS Missouri have high tech weapons systems

  • Fps Fps
    Fps Fps Year ago +2

    I love this scene

  • MikeyBigWheel
    MikeyBigWheel Year ago +9

    Rihanna was pretty good in this , I must say.

  • cegatocollov
    cegatocollov Year ago

    fCK uSA

  • mark clark
    mark clark Year ago +2

    The Admiral got his rank wrong.

    • mh M
      mh M 4 months ago

      Not if he just got promoted and didn't have time to put his new rank slides on...or its the admiral literally saying I'm promoting you

  • Carlito tevez
    Carlito tevez Year ago

    De fondo se escucha la canción de alan walker hope o es medio parecida si escuchan bien

  • Locodragon39
    Locodragon39 Year ago +1

    Bruh this man should have gotten something better than the medal of honor

    • Locodragon39
      Locodragon39 Year ago +1

      100mm tube of justice tru

    • 100mm tube of justice
      100mm tube of justice Year ago

      in the U.S. military there is nothing higher than the CMH. even the U.N. medals are lower in prestige.

  • Benji Maldonado
    Benji Maldonado Year ago


  • Benji Maldonado
    Benji Maldonado Year ago


  • sanjeev kumar
    sanjeev kumar Year ago

    silver star xxx star

  • Neil Newhall
    Neil Newhall Year ago +2

    Horrible movie.

  • dumbo7429
    dumbo7429 Year ago +1

    Sure I spotted a couple of transagender ratings

  • Akilled
    Akilled Year ago +8

    Yea wtf he only got a silver star?

    • Chris Novak
      Chris Novak 4 months ago

      It has happened before that service awards like the Silver Star be upgraded later by Congress to the Congressional Medal of Honor, and awarded by the President in a special ceremony. You should read the citations behind these awards. Read this award, then go on to search and read others.

    • Lucifer 69
      Lucifer 69 4 months ago

      The "Silver Star" is the third highest medal one can recieve in the American military.
      Officially the Medal of Honor and Cross are the only ones superior. Technically there's a Distinguished Service XXXX Medal that beats it too but one of those is the Army Cross equivalent, the others being non Navy recipients.
      All of these must be awarded by Congress. Receiving them will most definitely procede promotion, unless one is injured and gets a medical discharge.

    • HFD Shrimp
      HFD Shrimp 4 months ago

      Akilled Navy can’t award that, they have to send a recommendation to congress and hope congress agrees and then the president will award it

    • CrazyMan76
      CrazyMan76 7 months ago

      But promoted from Navy O-3 Lieutenant, to O-4 Lieutenant Commander

  • RichVid
    RichVid Year ago +3

    Sequel Sequel Sequel!!! C'mon... this was the Ultimate Summer Fun Patriotic Boy Makes Good Save The Planet MOVIE!!!!

    • Jared Kimble
      Jared Kimble Year ago

      The movie did poorly there probably wont be a sequel.

  • Magma Fang
    Magma Fang Year ago +2

    I bet when they were taking the pictures quite a few were bloopers

  • Tommywood
    Tommywood Year ago +2

    So it was his brother that got him to join the in the fuck is he already a Lt. Commander?!??

  • MikeyBigWheel
    MikeyBigWheel Year ago +3

    this was a cool movie , fuck the critics , as usual.

  • Nick Rivera
    Nick Rivera Year ago +17

    1:48 "We cannot award all of the heros who saved our planet from being invaded by ALIENS"

  • Niro Black
    Niro Black Year ago +14

    2:50 its like Narnia all over again with Aslan's voice and that soundtrack

  • ikaliyani Yani
    ikaliyani Yani Year ago +6

    rihana nice acting