'I Don't Even Think He Likes the Water' - Kitchen Nightmares

  • Published on Oct 16, 2009
    Gordon eats at Finn McCools for the first time. The Spring Roll starter is so bad Gordon claims you'd have to be drunk to enjoy them.
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Comments • 282

  • -Ÿënn- 캡짱
    -Ÿënn- 캡짱 3 years ago +83

    i throw up when i eat greasy things

  • MikusTheDog
    MikusTheDog 3 years ago +28


  • xashleypie
    xashleypie 3 years ago +3602

    "smell the water... does that smell fresh to you?'

  • James D
    James D 3 years ago +141

    2nd time on this show an American has attempted cook a Shepherd's Pie, and failed miserably.. just stop please.

  • Anakin Skyobiliviator
    Anakin Skyobiliviator 3 years ago +874

    Oh dear, lets hope the poor poor chef gets to live another day.

  • James Pickering
    James Pickering 3 years ago +2107

    How can someone fuck up shepherds pie

  • dedpxl
    dedpxl 3 years ago +31

    the criticism could have been more articulated. he doesn't say much about the food at all. I'm getting the impression he actually thought the food was okay but not mind blowing and the production team had no choice but to present the show as though Gordon didn't like it at all.

  • Override
    Override 3 years ago +4762

    Spits it out and says "The water is fucking dry!!!"

  • Lupus Fulgur
    Lupus Fulgur 3 years ago +238

    first time i heard him vomit

  • Tom Kim
    Tom Kim 3 years ago +6164

    The fat guy has the best lines lol

  • touchNazty
    touchNazty 3 years ago +7232

    I just realized that he scratched his balls before putting the food on the plate or it seemed like he did.

  • Greytness _
    Greytness _ 3 years ago +323

    0:43 fucking disgusting, better wash those hands after adjusting his junk

  • MurphyMonster
    MurphyMonster 3 years ago +2946

    "This fucking water tastes like it's a billion years old!"

  • Mark Valebcia
    Mark Valebcia 3 years ago +12

    I gonna own a multiple Restaurants, N i dont know how to cook :|

    • Haylee Feldewert
      Haylee Feldewert 3 years ago +33

      @Mark Valebcia i got u man! goin to culinary school atm

  • Man Beadle
    Man Beadle 3 years ago +1

    This is just tabloid TV, the Shepards Pie may have been rubbish, but to wander off and record the sound of him vomiting is just pathetic. Ramsay puts Worcestershire Sauce in his Bolonese sauce for fucks sake. I think he's amusing at times, but his persona has just become a shit gimmick.

  • AngryMemeMan
    AngryMemeMan 3 years ago +10128

    Ramsay has eaten a still-beating cobra heart on the F word. If he threw up from that Shepard's pie, it must have been absolutely god awful.

  • GamerzDailyFix
    GamerzDailyFix 4 years ago +14

    Fuckin' loud ass add, it's 2AM here.

  • Nadine Mick
    Nadine Mick 4 years ago +156

    I feel bad for Chef Ramsay. Having to eat nasty food all the time like this,it's disgusting.

  • matladi moagi
    matladi moagi 4 years ago

    Bwahahaha... Dramatic bullshit. Acting like you got divine taste-buds.. Want something that tastes better, eat a d#ck? At the end of the day, its a TV show.

  • James Hitchen
    James Hitchen 4 years ago +8995

    "The water, is it fresh water?"
    "Umm...honestly, it's frozen."
    "....Fuck me."

    • lo
      lo 3 years ago +401

      +James Hitchen i died

    • ahsan rehman
      ahsan rehman 3 years ago +729

      You sir deserve a cookie

    • Okazawa Games
      Okazawa Games 3 years ago +24

      @James Hitchen hahahah

    • James Hitchen
      James Hitchen 3 years ago +144

      @Okazawa Games Thanks, I was prouder of that joke than probably I should have been.

  • Zabbat
    Zabbat 4 years ago +11

    The chef looks like Anders Breivik

  • Rezalus
    Rezalus 4 years ago +12048

    The water was probably dry and microwaved.

  • Holly Potter
    Holly Potter 4 years ago +785

    he must have a VERY weak stomach if he pukes so much

    • 117 118
      117 118 3 years ago +166

      @Holly Potter that men just grab any rotten shit with bares hand that's a epic stomach

    • AndrewsA-F-B21
      AndrewsA-F-B21 3 years ago +286

      @Zeke2g That's not true. Look at Oceana when he goes to puke after smelling rotten scallops. If you watch closely enough you'll see bits of him vomiting. It makes sense if you take two seconds to think and realize there's little appeal to see someone vomiting on a show that families and young kids watch on prime time television. If it was "for t.v." they could show him puking in a much more dramatic way. Dipshit.

    • AndrewsA-F-B21
      AndrewsA-F-B21 3 years ago +76

      @Holly Potter You probably recommend shit food to people and say that it's "great" and then some poor guy is out $10. Bitch

    • Mark Valebcia
      Mark Valebcia 3 years ago +319

      Actually thats proven even in reverse if i eat mostly kunk food after awhile when U eat something more healthy or just healthy it will make Ur stomach ack.

    • J Lee
      J Lee 4 years ago +994

      @Holly Potter He's been eating top-quality food for all the years he's been a chef so his body probably rejects anything that's subpar.

  • slicer1028
    slicer1028 4 years ago +7404

    you! you! youuuuu! touch this water. its stone cold! its fucking rawwww water!

  • PO36
    PO36 4 years ago +5950

    The throwing up wasn't fake. I had a burger once, the beef was too greasy. First bite I actually throwed up and didn't eat meat for months.

    • Himedere Miku
      Himedere Miku 4 years ago +1178

      I feel that same way I cannot stand greasy meat. It's always soggy and you could taste the heart disease. I gag from the thought or sight of greast meat like that. Bleh!

  • chaoarecool
    chaoarecool 4 years ago +10

    How expensive is it to serve fresh food. Like from a practical stand point.

  • Enabler
    Enabler 4 years ago +38

    The show must go on..

  • OJ195
    OJ195 4 years ago +6

    Hate the chefs table advert that is compulsory before every gordon video

  • Rebellious Lost Alien
    Rebellious Lost Alien 4 years ago +1

    I have never seen someone puking so loudly..or puking after eating 1 spoon of food and even if it was 1 spoon oil puking this loud or this much isn't normal. I believe he's sick and needs to visit doctor asap.

  • drake1905
    drake1905 4 years ago +5589

    I sometime wonder how these chef in every episode cook so bad all the restaurants in my area have good food, even the fast food is alright

    • Ian
      Ian 3 years ago +2748

      Also they only visit failing restaurants...so there has to be a reason why they are failing.

    • Nathan Lam
      Nathan Lam 3 years ago +1253

      @HtrainDC I think it's just Gordon overreacting a little just to show a some drama and also the fact that he judges really harshly.

    • Tina Quach
      Tina Quach 3 years ago +387

      Reality TV lol. Even if the food is just mildly bland they gotta make a good episode.

  • YamiMarik1994
    YamiMarik1994 4 years ago +28

    First off I want to say that I enjoy both versions of Kitchen Nightmares, even the drama-filled American version; they're both good in their own ways, but I will very much agree that the US version doesn't hold a candle to the UK version. If they stuck to the format of the UK version and kept out all of that constant music and didn't include those unnecessary fake "interviews", the US version would've turned out so much better. That's just my opinion though; if there wasn't any of the damn music in this with those "interviews", it wouldn't feel so "Hollywood", you know?

  • Julie Nguyen
    Julie Nguyen 4 years ago

    Really?? He had to throw up?? I mean no one put crap in the food. People ate it and they didn't even vomit. He just wants food that is prefect 10/10 not 9/10 or less. He is so tough when grading restaurants

    • iamiknowall493
      iamiknowall493 3 years ago +29

      @Julie Nguyen
      Well, if the restaurant is as deep in the hole as some of the restaurants on the show, maybe they should try and make the food a bit better.

  • Neco The Sergal
    Neco The Sergal 4 years ago +5414

    **Throws glass of water across the room** THIS WATER IS FUCKING RAW!!!

  • Mahmud Ahmad
    Mahmud Ahmad 4 years ago +2151

    Never seen that one before...
    Gordon puking must be very very bad lol

  • Joe Diaa
    Joe Diaa 4 years ago +105

    Grease can be fucking horrible , i myself ate one fucking greasy 4 cheese pizza and went straight to the toilet but that's becsuse i haven't eaten something so greasy for a few weeks .

  • David Siler
    David Siler 4 years ago +3


  • HenryMania
    HenryMania 4 years ago +3

    Before Gordon Ramsey arrives the most expensive thing on the menu is 9.99$
    After he is done with the resturant the cheapest thing on the menu is 9.99$

  • LYJManchesterUnited
    LYJManchesterUnited 4 years ago +655

    The god dam background music

  • Straddllw
    Straddllw 4 years ago +92

    How do you appear on Kitchen Knightmare and think that you do what you do well?

  • Mr. Loowiz
    Mr. Loowiz 4 years ago +2

    Gordom only pukes at he american version of this show. I guess americans enjoy a good act. Not much of a reality show now, is it?

  • Dawson Skinner
    Dawson Skinner 4 years ago +5


  • Wentao Feng
    Wentao Feng 4 years ago +38

    Oh, come on....those sauce on the salmon.....it would completely wipe out the flavor of the salmon itself.....

  • Pepe Le Pew
    Pepe Le Pew 4 years ago +25

    That ain't pie... Thats fucking grease

  • Heavy Duty
    Heavy Duty 4 years ago +53

    Tarantino is a chef?

  • PekkaSaauri
    PekkaSaauri 4 years ago +35

    Melissa is goodlooking

  • Странно Хрипы

    The throwing up part was so over the top Gordon, cut out the tosh next time

  • Black Flame
    Black Flame 4 years ago +11

    what episode is this?

  • Manmoog E
    Manmoog E 4 years ago +9

    She looks like my spanish teacher

  • kyle kim
    kyle kim 4 years ago +6

    The chef reminds me of Quentin Tarantino.

  • NordicOnur Honca
    NordicOnur Honca 4 years ago


  • Pandaジエイダ
    Pandaジエイダ 4 years ago +3501

    Ohh.. I thought the title said "I Don't Even Think He Likes The Waiter"

      WALTER GUIROLA 3 years ago +62


    • Curler Benson
      Curler Benson 4 years ago +64

      Walter Guirola is a woefully fiendish parasite and a heinous chronically flatulent Internet loiterer. GOOD DAY SIR! "Hey did you like that? I paid my professor $30 to help me with this :)."

    • Himedere Miku
      Himedere Miku 4 years ago +14

      I did too

      WALTER GUIROLA 4 years ago +24


  • weirdo guy
    weirdo guy 4 years ago +6

    The fat guy kinda reminds me of Jerry from Parks and Rec.

  • MrZyphR
    MrZyphR 4 years ago +410

    The chef looks like a fat Elijah wood

  • jakubkrcma
    jakubkrcma 4 years ago +3


  • piper xavier
    piper xavier 4 years ago +4

    Horses cannot vomit.Just thought I would add it

  • hamneggwich
    hamneggwich 4 years ago +578

    Oh god, the grease. Made me feel a bit sick just seeing it pooling into the spoon like that.

  • Joakim Nielsen
    Joakim Nielsen 4 years ago +61

    Some nice ball itching going on @ 0:42

  • JCummins47
    JCummins47 4 years ago +7

    In the UK version Gordon goes mad when someone has a Shepherd's Pie on the menu with beef in it (which is known as a Cottage Pie, Shepherds Pie=Lamb), but in the US version he never mentions it. Why?

  • psalmMisereremeiDeus
    psalmMisereremeiDeus 4 years ago

    this dude, aka chef ramsey, is very much of an actor...

  • Njderig
    Njderig 4 years ago +5

    Chef is creepy looking like a serial killer. No wonder their food is shit.

  • dweeds
    dweeds 4 years ago +1

    its funny but if biz was good.. it wldnt b on kitchen nightmare in the first place right?

  • Harrison
    Harrison 4 years ago +1

    Has Ramsay ever had a meal on Hells Kitchen that he's liked?

  • DeanWhipper
    DeanWhipper 4 years ago

    I just skimmed through the comments briefly.
    Are you all fucking retards? It's quite clearly fake to the max? It ASTOUNDS me how people are not able to detect the obvious signs of people acting rather than just you know, LIVING.
    I don't even want to live on this planet anymore

  • You gotta be kiddin me

    Im not saying Gordon was overreacting but Gordon was overreacting.

    • Taylor gibson
      Taylor gibson 4 years ago

      @You gotta be kiddin me. Definitely was. It's all scripted bullshit.

  • PagerNinerTwelve
    PagerNinerTwelve 4 years ago +27

    God he's a drama queen.

  • Bigassboya
    Bigassboya 4 years ago +9958

    "This water is... soggy... tasteless. I don't think they bothered to season it at all."

    • Bigassboya
      Bigassboya 4 years ago +306

      "Oh fuck me!"

    • Simon0
      Simon0 4 years ago +130

      @Bigassboya the water is terrible. It has these big see through square things in it.

    • Bomfaya
      Bomfaya 4 years ago +156

      @Bigassboya Somehow I read that in a British accent and I'm not from England. Well done sir

    • mariomaker2000
      mariomaker2000 4 years ago +330

      @Bigassboya :How do you fuck up a glass of water? DONKEY!"

    • Demon King Den
      Demon King Den 4 years ago +373

      Really quite bland

  • critical hitter troll
    critical hitter troll 4 years ago +10

    i hope someone make ramsay a ratatouille

  • Gunman610
    Gunman610 4 years ago

    Is Finn McCool's a franchise? They seem to be all over the place, including two near me in Philly.

  • Hannibal Lecter
    Hannibal Lecter 4 years ago +174

    from what i've seen on this Ramsay hates
    Frozen food
    Idiotic ideas as to what the "wow factor" is
    And people who aren't willing to admit they're wrong

  • appleinformation
    appleinformation 4 years ago +25

    Americans should be happy that they have an excellent chef like British Gordon trying to better their place.
    Well, I guess Americans are just too busy trying to make their food greasy. Shows why they love McDonalds so much.

    • appleinformation
      appleinformation 4 years ago

      @Acadic T. Thanks for the info :)

    • Acadic T.
      Acadic T. 4 years ago +5

      @Philadelphia Thug I'm Irish, but I have been to France plenty of times. McDonald's there, at least that I've seen, are definitely a cut above what they have in the US from what I know. However, is is still the same restaurant. Any chain restaurant that operates in multiple countries will have different line-ups for different locations. I've eaten at a French McDonald's at it was fairly popular if I remember, so not only do I have sales reports to back me up, but personal experience. You say, "The French despise Americans for their weight and eating habits." Okay, well that doesn't really have anything to do with the issue here. Unless you are saying that McDonald's's is the epitome of bad eating habits, which borders on libel and slander. While I agree, eating too much McDonald's is unhealthy, McDonald's isn't at any fault. When people, Americans or otherwise, eat unhealthily,the company that makes the food is not at fault, it's the people. You also say "McDonald's also is not "France's" food; it's McDonald's food. It's a worldwide fast-food restaurant." Partly true, but like I mentioned above, McDonald's in France has a unique menu to France, as decided by French people, and is eaten by French people, so, while it's origins may be in the US, you could say that it _is_ 'France's food.'

    • Carl Smith
      Carl Smith 4 years ago +13

      @Philadelphia Thug you realise that there's always bad restaurants in every country. Stop judging a country based on a TV Show. The restaurants on these episodes are suppose to be bad. I suppose there's no good restaurants in America then? Also I'm not American and I hate fuckers like you criticising and judging America based on the poor representation of them from youtube videos.

    • Nathan Giles
      Nathan Giles 4 years ago +1

      @Eoin Colfer 'Two thirds of its revenue from outside the US?' Really? Are you actually telling us that, somehow, the wide world outside the US manages to yield twice as much revenue as inside the States?

    • Kai Huizing
      Kai Huizing 4 years ago +7

      Lol all the world loves McDonalds

  • Simon Kim
    Simon Kim 4 years ago +1334

    I'm not very conceited but I'm very good at what I do.
    What a fucking twat.

    BEŞİKTAŞ JK 4 years ago +2


  • bermudaguy1
    bermudaguy1 4 years ago +1


  • Nine PointO
    Nine PointO 4 years ago +390

    Yeah I may not be a professional chef working at some pretentious 5-star restaurant serving a bunch of snooty rich old bags, but by personal experience you don't ever let meat of any kind swim in grease. That goes double for ground beef in shepherd's pie! You have to strain it all before you put the ingredients in at all!

    • Wentao Feng
      Wentao Feng 4 years ago +5

      @Nine PointO Shepherd's pie uses lamb I suppose, but other than that, you are completely right

    • Moiz Ahmad
      Moiz Ahmad 4 years ago +69

      Shepherd's pie uses lamb, not beef.
      Using beef would make it a cottage pie.
      Sorry, couldn't help myself! But other than that, I agree wholeheartedly.

    • Spell Blade on ChoiceCraft
      Spell Blade on ChoiceCraft 4 years ago +20

      Oh, good, someone else who was thinking the same thing as I was when they saw that pan. I don't do 5-star cooking myself, but even I can tell that this guy used cheap 73% ground beef.

  • Jevin111
    Jevin111 4 years ago +30

    That chef looks like a 35 year old sam smith

  • Gino Norual
    Gino Norual 4 years ago +7

    Perfect chefs eats Perfect food.

  • DADE COUNTY Jaycee
    DADE COUNTY Jaycee 4 years ago +8

    Over exaggerate

  • jenwill11
    jenwill11 4 years ago

    You can tell it's scripted I mean going out to be sick after two fork fulls of Shepherds Pie .... really!!!

  • Nathan Andrew
    Nathan Andrew 4 years ago +26

    Very mature reactions by the staff. That's respectable.

  • capatthis
    capatthis 4 years ago +3

    3:25 TOILET ewwwhh!!! LOL THIS MAN xD

  • KingCat LXIX
    KingCat LXIX 4 years ago +8

    I respect that Ramsay is a Top master chef. But being an average person, I would mind eating any of that. Looks nice. I always find because it isn't tip top Michelin star food, chefs hate it. If a person made that at home it would probably be the same.

    • ChrisC
      ChrisC 4 years ago +13

      Well, the restaurant was failing and had nowhere near enough business to survive, so clearly SOMEONE minded eating it very much. As in, nearly everyone in town. At this point it was probably the bar keeping the place afloat.
      Gordon actually enjoys a wide variety of food, not just fine dining. The ONLY time in all these shows that he loved the food so much that he cleaned his plate was in the British edition, at an American _soul food_ restaurant in Brighton. Look up "Momma Cherri's". It was the farthest thing possible from Michelin-starred food, but it was tasty as fuck.
      The only thing he insists on is that, whatever it is, it's as good as it can be. Lazy chefs turning out second- or third-rate food with no passion or care will get burned by him every time.

    • beatsByZlaya
      beatsByZlaya 4 years ago +39

      No wonder these restaurants that serve shit, survive.

    • DiZh0
      DiZh0 4 years ago +13

      i think you meant, "I wouldnt mind eating any of that". And I dont know but the last dish didnt look appealing to me. Especially if you saw what Gordon's looked like later in that show.

  • kevon Doorus
    kevon Doorus 4 years ago +19

    You know a chef sucks when he scratches his balls. On tv

  • Kleavers
    Kleavers 4 years ago +511

    0:58 Doesn't feel like a family run business.
    1:04 6 seconds later: 'It's like you're going to visit your granny'

    • Kris Baraldi
      Kris Baraldi 4 years ago +10

      uhh he said that a real family owned business would have tweed knit curtains like you're visiting granny. thus he was saying the restaurant he was in didn't feel like a family owned business and nor did it feel like visiting granny which he believes is a GOOD experience. please listen to what he says.

    • Spell Blade on ChoiceCraft
      Spell Blade on ChoiceCraft 4 years ago +40

      He was referring to the fact that the place was billed as a 'pub' and it had more of a family environment feel rather than a 'fun' feel. If you can't tell the difference, then you've never been to a pub.

    • Feeling Groovy
      Feeling Groovy 4 years ago +124

      Yes, because going to grandma's house is where business is done. 11/10 give this fucking idiot a cookie

    • StevieSparkZ
      StevieSparkZ 4 years ago +257

      A family run business and going to visit grandma is not the same thing.

  • frostyguy1989
    frostyguy1989 4 years ago +1

    He tasted all that substandard crap, yet it was the water that did him in. Epic fail.

  • Greatwhiteshark 84
    Greatwhiteshark 84 4 years ago +1

    Sir jimmy saville would like to fuck you now.

  • Anthony Baso
    Anthony Baso 4 years ago +1

    for such a grade A chef, he sure does have a sensitive stomach. LOL

  • YoshTG
    YoshTG 4 years ago +1

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH i love him omg hahahaha runs into toilet and puke hahaha hhaahahah aha ha ah ahaha ah ahah ahahahaha ahaha ha ahahahaha this shows the he acts subjective only for our entertainment lol

  • Cella Sedui
    Cella Sedui 4 years ago +34

    She should have played the role of Bella in Twilight. She's pretty but also plain-looking. You know? Sorry, VERY random. XD

    • Michael Caristi
      Michael Caristi 4 years ago +29

      I noticed that too. She's a natural beauty, not over the top. Girl next door type.

  • Insane Request
    Insane Request 4 years ago +1

    Someone who has to say he's a confident person usually isnt!

  • Aerochalklate
    Aerochalklate 4 years ago +1

    ramsey is the best lmao he can insult a whole store by saying "bad"

  • Inlaricron the rooster
    Inlaricron the rooster 4 years ago +1

    its... its...its . . . ROTTEEEEN!

  • aalvalle3799
    aalvalle3799 4 years ago +31

    Can we all agree that that waitress is bangin?

  • George He Edits
    George He Edits 4 years ago +5536

    i dont understand why the chefs and owners are always so cocky and dont believe their food is shit. i mean.. its not like gordon forces himself to their restaurants. he only comes at request for help. so.. if ur requesting.. then why would u then not listen?

    • Nick Mallone
      Nick Mallone 4 years ago +67

      @Wishful Lie staged

    • aakksshhaayy
      aakksshhaayy 4 years ago +264

      @Wishful Lie well it's tough to see people insulting your cooking whether it's a top chef or not, so chefs act cocky and a little skeptic

    • Chris Roy
      Chris Roy 4 years ago +42

      @Ashwin Shrestha Not really. The UK version didn't have these kinds of owners on it, they just had owners and chefs that needed help and Gordon would try his best.
      That show was much much more interesting than the OTT American version.

    • NotAnAdmin
      NotAnAdmin 4 years ago +14

      @NeoLedah This is the UK version of the show and the chef is supposed to be Irish.

    • Hesket
      Hesket 4 years ago +83

      @Wishful Lie Pretty much, i think it's just for show, don't you think it's convenient how they ALWAYS do a 180 degree turn in the end of the episode?(with some few exceptions, like Amy's)

  • chunkymonkey435
    chunkymonkey435 4 years ago +3

    the chef looks like Elijah Wood

  • TheMidnightillusion
    TheMidnightillusion 4 years ago +1543

    0:47 if you need to put that much effort into cutting a spring roll, it means one of 2 things: a really blunt knife or a really over-done spring roll (or both). Neither are the mark of a decent chef.

  • Venomine
    Venomine 4 years ago +418

    Yes, Gordon over-played it in the bathroom pretending/forcing to puke, but thats how he gets his points across.

    • KidOnTheNet
      KidOnTheNet 4 years ago +2

      @Shogo Makishima Okay. Now I know better. Thanks! ^^

    • hamneggwich
      hamneggwich 4 years ago +42

      @Shogo Makishima Honestly I'd make myself sick if I saw the ways they were storing rotten crap alongside(or part of) the stuff I just ate. Defensive puking!

    • William Wilson
      William Wilson 4 years ago +3

      @Spell Blade on ChoiceCraft If it's ground beef, it's not Shepherd's Pie. Ground lamb is Shepherd's pie...ground beef is Cottage pie.

    • hamneggwich
      hamneggwich 4 years ago +1

      @TheValiantArcaneSpellBlade It should have been lamb for a shepherd's pie. Beef is for cottage pie :B

    • Spell Blade on ChoiceCraft
      Spell Blade on ChoiceCraft 4 years ago +27

      Your eyes were working correctly. As a 'chef,' he displayed a very fatal error by going for cheap 73% ground beef and not even bothering to drain off the fat after cooking it. To that end, he proved that he either didn't care or he was just plain lazy. I'm wavering towards the former. Any cook worth their apron would not have ruined the shepherd's pie like that. He obviously saw it but he did nothing about it. He could have at least made an effort given that he KNEW Gordon was in-house. @monkey loop

  • aaaa aaaa
    aaaa aaaa 4 years ago +2

    that "chef" was a real ass..

  • Conor Kavanagh
    Conor Kavanagh 5 years ago +3

    Seems to be overreacting slightly...a bit...a lot...

  • Blackout987
    Blackout987 5 years ago +63

    I can understand Gordon is a good chef, and is trying to keep up a persona and some drama. But god damn he acts like a little baby with his fake coughing and excessive insults.

    • Brocky1213
      Brocky1213 4 years ago +40

      @theCreator I agree that's why I'm searching these Gordan Ramsay videos. It's hilarious seeing people's reactions when he tells them that their food is shit. LOL.

    • theCreator
      theCreator 5 years ago +34

      I agree, but it makes the show more dramatic, interesting and hence more viewers.

  • Krabb Cake
    Krabb Cake 5 years ago +29

    Why do they have so much music playing in the American version? It's irritating.

    • Njderig
      Njderig 4 years ago +34

      Because Americans are fat stupid and lazy with short attention spans and no imagination and need over dramatic music to tell them how to think and feel rather than making their own feelings from the content of the show alone. I'm American (but not one of the typical fat stupid religious ones) and I prefer the British version.