14 Wacky Things About Indian Culture

  • Published on Jan 19, 2022

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    • Anil Samaddar
      Anil Samaddar 2 days ago

      In India we eat food by our hands but it's better and easy to eat .

    • chilling time
      chilling time 6 days ago

      Love from india ❤️

    • bharateeyudu
      bharateeyudu 11 days ago +1

      @Richard Antonio Iam not teasing I was saying he is wrong hope you understand

  • HU TAO
    HU TAO 3 months ago +2186

    Eating with your hands isn’t wacky it’s a part of culture as an African most people do it.

    • ZaFii
      ZaFii 6 days ago


    • ZaFii
      ZaFii 6 days ago

      @Golden liberator It tastes better because you don't wash your hands after defecating

  • subhadip poddar
    subhadip poddar Month ago +670

    Indians have hard times pronouncing 'v'
    So they pronounce 'w' instead
    Meanwhile my mind: wirat kohli 😂

    SNEHA PATHAK 2 months ago +938

    " top 6 wacky facts about this guy"
    No.1 : he does stereotypes
    No.2 : thinks that India is a big village
    No.3 : that's not a chalk drawing.its rangoli
    No.4 : he pronounce 't' as 'r' or 'd'
    No.5: nowadays he will find more woman
    No.6:we could pronounce 'v'

  • Pogger
    Pogger 2 months ago +853

    "Indians can't pronounce v's"
    Meanwhile Hindi and other Indic languages having a letter V: Am I a joke to you?

    • Sattìk
      Sattìk 13 days ago

    • Anaya Singhanya
      Anaya Singhanya 28 days ago

      @Manoj Kumar Shukla bhai indian hu par mujhe bhi kuch seconds lag gaye bolna ma ashamed 😓

    • Taral Patel
      Taral Patel Month ago

      I am Indian and my whole family can pronounce V

    • Aman Verma
      Aman Verma Month ago

      @Manoj Kumar Shukla what's that lol 🤣😂😂😂

    • Amruta Deshpande
      Amruta Deshpande Month ago +4

      He should try to pronounce ऋ,त्र, ळ,ण,व्र,ज्ञ,श्र,क्ष..... Ohh list is infinite. Let it be....

  • Sameer Singh
    Sameer Singh 2 months ago +278

    Most of these facts are from 20th century, which are stereotypical now and now holds no reality....
    As be assured, we can pronounce "V" And have electric press😂😂

    • T R I P L E   9
      T R I P L E 9 16 days ago +1

      @Ghanam Bano Living in 2002 and then calling out culture "wacky" is entirely his fault. *NO DENYING*

    • Σνεηα Σικδαρ
      Σνεηα Σικδαρ 19 days ago

      Not everyone has an electric press, though

    • Sameer Singh
      Sameer Singh Month ago +13

      @Ghanam Bano It's his fault because he is not updated and still living in Past... Also spreading fake propaganda of West media

    • Ghanam Bano
      Ghanam Bano Month ago +1

      You have changed your culture.. this isn't his fault.

  • AK.
    AK. 3 months ago +2354

    that isn't wacky, that's literally our culture bruh.

  • CheongSanIsAlive
    CheongSanIsAlive Month ago +1045

    When you're graduated from WhatsApp University.

    • A Bansal
      A Bansal 3 days ago

      Homosexuals hold hand in India 😂 There are less number of homosexuals in India than total tigers in world

    • Piyush Kumar
      Piyush Kumar 3 days ago

      Bro i am indian.
      All facts are true accept the handshake one

    • I N D I A
      I N D I A 10 days ago +1

      @Yago Vich go and see india poverty line it is only decreasing

    • I N D I A
      I N D I A 10 days ago +1

      @Yago Vich and for your information normal poverty is less than 10 %

    KURAMA YT 2 months ago +3567

    Here are 3 wacky things about Americans
    1. Stereotyping India as poor
    2.stereotyping indian accent
    3. Showing these clips of rural India and making others think that is all of India

    • mastergamer3347 9
      mastergamer3347 9 Day ago

      @Sounak Hati that still doesn't mean the the indian cities look like rural areas the places you are talking about are in developed countries while india is a developing country

  • Lovarins
    Lovarins 16 days ago +4

    Eating with hands can't be considered as "wacky"
    It is what our ancestors been doing.

  • OrangeSplat Animations
    OrangeSplat Animations Month ago +18

    I know Drew has the best intentions, but the way he delivers this information ("wacky") understandably makes people mad

  • DarkGamer 333
    DarkGamer 333 3 months ago +3117

    I love how he calls “cricket is life” wacky. By that logic “football for life” is also wacky. Having a National sport is everywhere. It’s not very different.

    • Mitali Chatterjee
      Mitali Chatterjee 3 months ago

      Cricket is our most obsessive sport we love it but it is not national

    • Kevin Tharappel
      Kevin Tharappel 3 months ago

      @Kenichi no ones even talking abt UK.

    • FunkGoesOn
      FunkGoesOn 3 months ago

      Well yea football for life is wacky

    • Plastic
      Plastic 3 months ago

      @A42 Lalrinkimi There is no national sport for India

    • Gilroy Gomes
      Gilroy Gomes 3 months ago +1

      @Om Parab ya right... Even our national sport is almost extinct

    UNKNOWN(H) Month ago +22

    I really want to go to India🇮🇳 such a good country and love from 🇵🇰

  • Stay Updated
    Stay Updated Month ago +46

    And 15 you're totally wrong about most of the fact 🤣

  • Game Zone
    Game Zone 2 months ago +60

    POV: Most of this video's viewers are Indians 😂

    SANTENATRO 2 months ago +12

    being an Indian, i m proud :) 💕💕

  • Greekfish
    Greekfish 3 months ago +6393

    I lived in India as a teenager , and I’ve been to a four day wedding. It was absolutely insane and beautiful, and I’ve never seen anything like it, since western wedding I’ve experienced are usually a lot smaller and a low key thing

    • Manasvi Singh
      Manasvi Singh 17 days ago

      @Gaurav I don't the we should be bringing up out low divorce rate lol most of the people do not get them because of social pressure.

    • Saugat Jain
      Saugat Jain 3 months ago

      @Metal Videos you want something unique then here you go.
      1. Tell us which country you belong to, that is when the real conversation will start whether our marriage is waste or not.
      2. If you think you are millennial and smart then go correct your english. Assuming you are an European, then you are super bad at your National language(english if you dont know).😊

    • Saugat Jain
      Saugat Jain 3 months ago

      @Blue Moon okay so tell me then why the grooms family has to pay for all the expenses of a wedding. And no people of today's gen don't ask for dowry cause of 2 reasons 1.its bad super bad for their reputation if the word ever by mistake gets out. 2- They are educated. If you are marrying a person who is asking for dowry then you are in the wrong here for agreeing to the marriage.

    • Brr evoworld
      Brr evoworld 3 months ago


  • Supreemy
    Supreemy 19 days ago

    Lol I’ve been living in India all my life and never knew charcoal irons even exist, also the head moving and pronunciation thing is a stereotype people have, it really varies from person to person

  • Christina Chandy
    Christina Chandy Month ago

    Honestly, he's covered a lot of things. At least he's speaking about what he saw, and he may not be speaking of wacky things in a bad way, just unusual stuff. By the way, on average, people do switch the pronunciation of 'v' and 'w' here in India

  • Amritha Venkat
    Amritha Venkat Month ago +26

    "chalk drawings" 🤣🤣 it's kolams buddy, ko-lam
    No hate tho I love ur content

  • Atharva Singh
    Atharva Singh 2 months ago

    We respect everyone's culture

  • bic
    bic 3 months ago +2231

    I’m from japan and I think Indian culture is amazing. Everything from the food, the art, music, history, and the philosophies of life. I’d love to visit one day. Respect to india!

    • giod gaming
      giod gaming 3 months ago

      You are right because I am indian🇮🇳🇮🇳

      SPG_KARTIK 3 months ago

      Thank you 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

    • Crazy_Girl
      Crazy_Girl 3 months ago +1

      I love Japan
      It's one of my dream country to visit and to travel around Japan to see the beautiful nature..... But sadly I don't know Japanese 😔

    • kiar's picture
      kiar's picture 3 months ago

      I love my country and I love South Korean nnd JAPAN are my dream places 💜💜😆😆

    • Ronit Roy
      Ronit Roy 3 months ago

      And I'm a Beyblade collector. So Japan is definitely a big part of my life.

  • Anushree Shukla
    Anushree Shukla 7 days ago

    I love my india!😭☺️I am in love with my country!

  • Curiosity Kick
    Curiosity Kick 19 days ago +1

    I ❤️ my India

  • Taimur Saleem
    Taimur Saleem 2 months ago +1

    Haha Nailed it bro. Now people get to see the real Indians 🤪 🤣

  • xSkye1105x
    xSkye1105x 16 days ago

    As an Indian, all of these are correct(not for me but our culture/my family), except the one at the end where people pronounce w instead of v. I haven't really heard any of my friends do that.

  • yas 123
    yas 123 3 months ago +3983

    The v depends on what languages you speak as India has thousands and knowing atleast 3 is a must. Also the V sound being replaced by W sound is only for Hindi and Bangla speakers that too is rare as Indians learn English as a first language in school in a lot of cases

    • yas 123
      yas 123 3 months ago

      @Mochimmy they do make it using juktaakhar.

    • Nameless Uchiha Uzumaki
      Nameless Uchiha Uzumaki 3 months ago

      Yeah it's true😌

    • Mochimmy
      Mochimmy 3 months ago

      Bangla has no w. It has bh or b.

    • yas 123
      yas 123 3 months ago

      @uyarum maybe sub dialects.

    • yas 123
      yas 123 3 months ago

      @uyarum but that dude is talking about English.

  • nikhil pranav
    nikhil pranav 23 days ago

    Hey mate, I must say, you've done a good job totally stereotyping India. I definitely didn't realize I couldn't say 'v' (sarcasm intended, of course).

  • dystopian
    dystopian 18 days ago

    I mean ,new information everyday ,must say it was an extremely helpful guide to India .

  • Adit Magotra
    Adit Magotra 23 days ago +1

    Except for 2 or 3 of them, this is actually pretty accurate.
    But yeah, I don't think anything a wacky here lol

  • Asad Sankar
    Asad Sankar 2 months ago

    Also to add, there has been sightings of Irons running on LPG.
    I don't know if it's been for long although I'm an Indian, but I've seen it in small shops

  • little spoon seokjin
    little spoon seokjin 3 months ago +2790

    y'all gonna call our weddings 'wacky'?😭 i'm gonna skip school for a wedding because they're the most beautiful things in the wo- (the food is great) in the world.

    • Ashi K.
      Ashi K. 10 days ago

      @Sarthak Wanare hey kid read the comment again

    • BiggieSucc
      BiggieSucc 14 days ago

      @saumya paliwal I'm gonna just assume your comprehension isn't the greatest and that you aren't used to more informal English. My comment was referring to the fact that most others ( westerners in specific) are only used to having small weddings in churches with 100-200 people, so the thought of massive weddings with thousands of people seems crazy to them (crazy in a good way, not bad). I myself am arab and our weddings also have thousands of people in them, I love Punjabi weddings and have no problem with them spending the amount of money they do in their weddings.

    • saumya paliwal
      saumya paliwal 14 days ago

      @BiggieSucc i am not actually getting mad some guy has wrote that you people bring 1000 to 2000 people in your wedding i had just replied we aren't using your money

    • BiggieSucc
      BiggieSucc 14 days ago

      @saumya paliwal nobody every mentioned anything being a problem and as a matter of fact it was a compliment to how great Punjabi weddings are, you purposefully misinterpreted my comment because you wanted to get mad at something

    • saumya paliwal
      saumya paliwal 14 days ago

      @BiggieSucc when did i say it is an insult but if you have problem so we haven't used your money. You better grow up first

  • Visakh Nj
    Visakh Nj 2 months ago +6

    There are so many cultures. I've discovered some of them from an all indian tour.

  • Rare.r
    Rare.r 26 days ago

    What is so wacky about these things?
    It's just our culture.
    Every culture is different and unique

  • Saphira Corti
    Saphira Corti Month ago

    I went to India 3 years ago with my family and yes in India theres a lot of cows who walks in the streets,poor people,(the fact abaut that there are more mans in the streets I never notice it but I'm not going to say anything abaut it) and the fact that boys hold their hands is true.
    (I remember that I wasn't in the rich, medium rich part of India but in the medium poor and most of the places we went to visit were in the medium-poor parts of India) but a thing this guy didn't mentioned is that the mans were starring creepely to me and my elder sister, my sister was the first who was uncomfortable with that I really didn't care about it before because I never notice it/experience it myself but when me and my mom,sister and dad went to a mini market for some sweets when I start to look randomly to the shops bc I was bored,I noticed that there was an old man who was starring directly at me!When I made look contact with him he immediately look back,I tell it to my mother and we all go back to the hotel and another episode happened to my sister who a guy in a tuck-tuck was starring directly to my sister my dad screamed to that guy and he looked back immediately in fact that happened often during the journey(First of all I wasn't in the muslim part of india if someone was going to say that it was bc I was in the muslim part no I was in the hinduism part) but except to those things It was very beautiful the journey and in the streets there was shit a lot of shit but it wasn't a big deal the ppl were friendly there was things that broke my heart like the kids/old people/womens that asked for money of food and the "untouchable" the last The last step of the Indian castes that nobody dares to help or even look at them just ignore them(the guide didn't allow us to talk or being near to them unfortunately)

  • Ainsley Quinn
    Ainsley Quinn Month ago +2

    Ohk so i have been to india and im half indian so the 5th one is actually just a stereotype i have not seen a single person moving their head like that lol
    And yeah most of these points are not quite accurate......

  • Swastika nayak Pattnaik
    Swastika nayak Pattnaik 3 months ago +12149

    "This is India"
    *Shows the most stereotypical stock footage from 2005*

    • Daily Memer
      Daily Memer 3 days ago

      Yes true

    • TJT
      TJT 4 days ago

      But in general his observations from his travels are somewhat right things are getting different in Urban parts of India

    • Tug Charvik YT
      Tug Charvik YT 5 days ago

      @Game Dhamaka u can't call urself a hindu if u eat cow ur not a hindu

    • ••chim••
      ••chim•• 11 days ago


    • RöHiN CHäöS
      RöHiN CHäöS 11 days ago


  • Karthi Kesan
    Karthi Kesan 2 months ago +7

    Me who knew all these stuffs, just patiently listening to him ✌

  • Marian Darras Pio .A

    I completely agree on the first point 💛

  • Samruddhi More
    Samruddhi More 2 months ago +1

    We can Surely Pronounce And Say Words more fluently then Any other country ..! bruhh we can even adapt your accents😁 even the 'v'

  • Elma Sha
    Elma Sha 2 months ago +6

    Bro ur showing information from 1990's 🙂

    • Elma Sha
      Elma Sha Month ago

      @Captain Levi 👁️👄👁️

    • Captain Levi
      Captain Levi Month ago +1

      He is not showing information from 1990
      You guys are living in 1990

  • multistan
    multistan 3 months ago +4017

    None of this is wacky. It is just their culture

    • candy girl
      candy girl 8 hours ago

      @A Soep not all indians worship cow.India is a diverse country with different religions and only one religion believes in COW WORSHIP. Millions of Indians see cow as a normal domestic animal and nothing more than that!

    • Oorja Mulchandani
      Oorja Mulchandani 20 days ago

      @A Soep it's in our religion.

    • merces letifer
      merces letifer 28 days ago

      @ASURA_SAMA bro...😆😆😆humans are naturally non veg😆😆😆

  • Bored af
    Bored af 2 months ago

    Those herbal seeds are called sauf(pronounciation- sawff) they are used to improve digestion after eating

  • Bhuvan KT
    Bhuvan KT Month ago +2

    No 4. 😂Indians reaction when eating with hands is found to be different😂

  • hashx
    hashx Month ago +2

    as an indian i can confirm i knew none of this

  • Rin Yuruki
    Rin Yuruki 22 days ago +2

    There aint nothing wrong with eating w hands, infact it is actually better😌

  • KimDaisy Hope
    KimDaisy Hope 3 months ago +1103

    Dude don't call our culture "wacky" Just because you haven't seen a different culture don't go calling it "whacky"
    Respect all cultures. :)

    • Oberoi dutta
      Oberoi dutta 3 months ago

      @champagne problemz I'm from chandigarh... Doing my pg in Nagpur....
      Relax dear.... It was just a debate... No body is bashing him or abusing him...

    • Oberoi dutta
      Oberoi dutta 3 months ago

      @champagne problemz trust me u cannot be me..... But see all of ur comments ull see whose the baby..... 😂😂🤣
      Nd rahi baaaat content ki..... U r saying my dog is dog and his dog is tommy.... Lol
      Relax dear.... Nobody is hating him.. Or abusing him or bashing him.... He is neither a victim... Nor a bully...
      Relax take a deep breadth.... U need it... 😀😀

    • champagne problemz
      champagne problemz 3 months ago

      @Oberoi dutta I'm...literally not. YOU all are acting like babies because he's literally not saying or doing anything wrong, and even if the word means funny IT"S NOT BEING USED IN THAT CONTEXT HERE so chill
      let's end this on different opinions

    • champagne problemz
      champagne problemz 3 months ago

      @Oberoi dutta none taken, mumbai

    • Oberoi dutta
      Oberoi dutta 3 months ago

      @champagne problemz out of no offence.... Where do u live?

  • Ashi K.
    Ashi K. 10 days ago +1

    I'm sorry my dude but I just wanna ask which oldest stereotypical family you visited for this video?
    Half the people think we can't pronounce v and d and make the most stupidest funny tryna 'act' like us accent 😂

    KRISHNAKUMAR R 4 days ago

    Eating food with hands is wacky thing..... Before you discovered the spoon you were eating with bare hands....what made you think that eating food with hands is a wacky thing??

  • Ramya Bn
    Ramya Bn Day ago +1

    How could you say India is wacky without knowing complete information about it?

  • Kabya Kumari
    Kabya Kumari 2 months ago

    I am from India🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳 i l❤ve my India /jai hind /

  • Swapnil Gautam
    Swapnil Gautam 3 months ago +775

    Dude went India once and apparently is an expert in Indian culture. Story of every so called traveller/influencer.

    • Molshree Goswami
      Molshree Goswami Month ago

      @Jhon Jhon Wow😀So you cannot pronounce V?

    • Sheetal
      Sheetal 3 months ago

      @TablePrinterDoor And did I not say the same thing?

    • TablePrinterDoor
      TablePrinterDoor 3 months ago

      @Sheetal Lmao comparing the Indian government to the North Korean government is really not a fair comparison, the Indian government isn't the best but cmon man. When did I say the north korean people are bad? If anything they're being oppressed forcefully, like you can't even leave, and you should see the MANY ways they prevent people from escaping, the Chinese government isn't much better, their concentration camps with Muslims in them, how they try and deny stuff like the tiannamen square massacre. I love the chinese people and culture, I have many friends who have immigrated here, I would say the same about North Koreans if I could actually ever meet one but due to the government I can't.
      I'm not judging the people and culture, I'm judging their horrible governments

    • DemoKKKRats Cheat & Hate Blacks
      DemoKKKRats Cheat & Hate Blacks 3 months ago

      Nah, he travels all over & likes to just expose ppl to what he discovers. He doesn't come off as a know it all.

  • Chauhan HARIOM Singh

    I love my Indian 🇮🇳🇮🇳

  • saiki's coffee jelly
    saiki's coffee jelly 2 months ago

    We indians can easily pronounce v because many names start from it like vivek , vickas , vishnu, vasudev etc. V is literally a letter pronounced as va

  • Priya Rejith
    Priya Rejith 2 months ago

    Bro before doing your video just do your homework coz most of the comments that u made through this video about indians are wrong so plz don't give these kinda wrong information to ppl around us who exactly know more about india... Be loyal bro...

  • Br0zsk1
    Br0zsk1 19 days ago +2

    First it's our culture and second how is being a Hindu wacky

  • Criss Sharon
    Criss Sharon 3 months ago +244

    As an Indian, i could say that 90% of the things that's mentioned depends on the state. India has so many cultures,and traditions ,depending on each state. So,to generalise this is not accurate.

    • James Freedman
      James Freedman 3 months ago

      @name no? For van I touch my lower lip to my upper teeth, for wait I dont

    • James Freedman
      James Freedman 3 months ago

      @name it isn't tho?

    • Pezzie
      Pezzie 3 months ago

      @amal murali yes in my state beef is available anytime. And none of the things he mentioned were practiced here except eating with hands

    • amal murali
      amal murali 3 months ago

      Totally agree with you. And there are places where you can actually eat good beef cuisines!!

    • James Freedman
      James Freedman 3 months ago

      @name w like in wait, when, what, were, etc

  • Nabashna Nagarajan
    Nabashna Nagarajan 2 days ago

    He's calling these things wacky because it seems wacky to his culture ppl.. And foreign culture seems wacky to us.. U guys don't need to oppose this man

  • Ajmi Sadhik
    Ajmi Sadhik Month ago

    I think majority of this video consists of north part of India and I recommend you to visit south part of India. Like Bangalore, Kerala, Tamil Nadu.

    CM-SUMITH GAMING YT 2 months ago +2

    With the spoon many will eat but with your hand only u will eat
    -swami vivekananda

  • Robog
    Robog Month ago +1

    i’m hindu and someone made a sort of joke about it where i “pray to 10000 gods”

  • Shahina Sudheer
    Shahina Sudheer 3 months ago +438

    North india is diffrent ,south india is diffrent and east india is diffrent . Our culture varies in diffrent regions . I am an indian and i love our culture. 💓

    • Saniya Manoj
      Saniya Manoj Month ago

      @untamedcabbage that must be in your country

    • space girl
      space girl Month ago

      @Game Dhamaka kisi ne yaha comment me Naruto se related comment Kiya tha but abhi delete kar diye to pata nahi chal ra
      Mai bhi bhul gai kya comment tha 😂

    • Game Dhamaka
      Game Dhamaka Month ago

      @space girl what is Naruto doing here 😅😂 wrong area ..

    • Game Dhamaka
      Game Dhamaka Month ago

      @Agrati Agrawal 😂😂

    • Game Dhamaka
      Game Dhamaka Month ago

      @Saleem cs 😌

  • Mrityunjay Gupta
    Mrityunjay Gupta 8 days ago

    Me watching all this after knowing all of em😌

  • vj Shandilya
    vj Shandilya 2 months ago +25

    There's so much wrong in this video 🥴

  • Sheetal Verma
    Sheetal Verma Month ago

    What! I can pronounce v and w and all my fellow Indians can. None of them ever had a problem. Where is this even coming from? In my 24 yrs of existence in India, I never saw anybody having a problem differentiating between v and w.
    Also, mostly Hindus aren't practising Hindus. Bhramacharya is the beginning of practising Hinduism which is not being followed by Hindus in majority which also is an evident reason for westernisation in India. They can, however, do little things like reading hanuman chaalisa, celebrate Hindu festivals, sometimes conduct pathans of Mahabharata and Ramayana in house which is also lesser now. Mostly, Hindus are by birth and aren't strictly following Hinduism but are INTERESTED IN FOLLOWING.
    Holding hands by males literally signify as if u r a part of the pack atleast with Indian boys, I don't know about males of other countries and there is nothing absurd about it, it helps u differentiate between an alien and a human.
    Negative thinking isn't appreciated. Honestly, foreigners need to stop viewing everything from a sexual point of view. It's very irritating sometimes.

  • Ankita Bhattacherjee

    And here I was an IELTS trainer wondering how to pronounce Vs...now I know 🙄🙄🙄

  • Hila Holo
    Hila Holo 3 months ago +5210

    Charcoal iron is actually more effective than the electric one but it's so heavy. I remember my grandma used to have it. And eat with hands is actually not wacky as long as you wash it before, same as practice Hinduism.

    • Juanita Jegadesh
      Juanita Jegadesh Month ago

      @TheContentCreator same

    • 奇妙
      奇妙 3 months ago

      @Hshsh Uhdhd dude wtf get your facts right.

    • Setuwo Kecik
      Setuwo Kecik 3 months ago

      @Hshsh Uhdhd whatever floats your boat fam.

    • Hshsh Uhdhd
      Hshsh Uhdhd 3 months ago

      @奇妙 so let me ask you who told you that Hinduism is only 3000 years old?It is atleast 12000 years old bruh

    • Hshsh Uhdhd
      Hshsh Uhdhd 3 months ago

      @Setuwo Kecik yea cuz hinduism is the first religion in the world

  • Snikhita Voleti
    Snikhita Voleti 27 days ago

    Its not wacky its just the way we adapt to life here (btw im indian)

  • My Happy Space
    My Happy Space Month ago

    It's not wacky or anything! It's just our culture btw I agree the cricket one :p

  • Louis the Lemur
    Louis the Lemur Month ago

    How much stereotypes do you want?
    This guy: yes

  • sid
    sid 2 months ago

    We are INDIANS💥🔥🔥🔥

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    it is normal

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    Me being Taehyung baised: Am I a joke to you??

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    -Not everyone thinks cow is God or Mom.
    -I haven't ever seen a charcoal iron press in my life.

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      It is created by humans

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      @National Socialist When Ram was ruling Ayodhya, a poor Brahmin approaches the court with grief and tells everyone that his young son died and that is due to the misrule of Ram. Ram immediately calls a meeting with all the great sages and ask them what is the cause of this. We have to remember here that he had sent his pregnant wife to the forest as he didn’t want any blemish on his governance of the country. Naradha, one of the sages who can see through the time, tells him that this issue is due to a rule of penance which was violated.
      Now, what was that rule? Apparently in Krita Yuga only Brahmins were allowed to do the Penance. In Treta Yuga, two Varnas (nothing to do with Caste) Brahmins and Kshatriyas are allowed to do it. In Dwapara Yuga three Varnas including Vaishyas are allowed to do Penance. Only in Kali Yuga all the four varnas are allowed to perform the penance. Naradha says someone from the Shudra varna is performing a penance due to which the child had died. So Rama goes in search of that person, who is none other than Shambuka. He tells Ram that he is doing penance to attain Swarga with his physical body. So Ram slaims him as he has violated the rule of penance.
      This has been (as usual) twisted by the people with vested interests by giving a caste angle, not withstanding the fact that Ram considered Guha as his brother and gave salvation to Sabari both of them belong to the forth varna. As a ruler, he had to govern the land according to the prevailing laws. The fact that he had sacrificed his own wife is a clear indication that Ram, in that avatar, acted clearly according to the rule of the land than going by his personal preferences. One should also note that, even assuming that the text is part of original Ramayana, was written by a person who belong to the forth varna.
      But who cares about all these, in an era of twisted and fake stories !

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    And I'm astonished , we can't pronounce V...What a foolishness...!

    SLYCO GAMING YT 23 hours ago

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