Reading Comments with Tenacious D

  • Published on Oct 30, 2018
  • We're reading all the muthalovin' comments
    Post-Apocalypto the album is out Nov 2!
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Comments • 699

  • Lucky not
    Lucky not 3 months ago

    You guys are Great Hope you get the plaque

  • Sukh Mike Hock
    Sukh Mike Hock 7 months ago

    Please come to vienna!
    WE LOVE YOU🤘❤️

    USMCSAZO70 7 months ago

    I like to swallow your gravy JB while kage pushes a hot steamy load on my chest. That's how good this web series is.

  • Jedwardo
    Jedwardo 8 months ago

    Al least they don’t stretch the videos =|

  • Shanimel OT
    Shanimel OT 8 months ago

    Tenacious D, thank you guys for all you do!! Post Apocalypto!!!

  • sashickan
    sashickan 8 months ago

    Damn.. i really want you two guys in Poland :v maybe some concert tour in Europe? 🤔

  • Mr
    Mr 8 months ago

    Sadly going to miss the concert in Columbus. But long live the D!

  • Jonas of Persia
    Jonas of Persia 8 months ago

    Been a fan of you dickheads since tribute love from Holland

  • Titter 2
    Titter 2 8 months ago

    Subscribed. Always happy to help The D!

  • An Olive with 3 red hearts

    I haven't even watched this yet but I already know that these episodes are golden nuggets!

  • Kaileb1122
    Kaileb1122 8 months ago

    Hands down best band ever please come to TX soon. Please

  • Wątroba Drobiowa
    Wątroba Drobiowa 8 months ago

    come to Poland please, we miss you :(

  • Will Shale
    Will Shale 8 months ago

    Hi TD long time fan first time commenting, you guys rock. I saw you live at Birmingham UK and got the t-shirt. Post-Apocalypto is a work of genius, Hope you get the plaque rock on!

  • Dungeons and dragons but for morons

    mmmm post apocalypto

  • MournDoom Gaming
    MournDoom Gaming 8 months ago

    I love you guys!

  • RxOxCxCharlesZheng
    RxOxCxCharlesZheng 8 months ago

    Please read my comment.

  • Trey M.
    Trey M. 8 months ago

    You guys are rad, kees kees hug hug little kiss big hug XD GIVE THEM THEIR PLAQUE TheXvid

  • Heath Smith
    Heath Smith 8 months ago

    Hah - it was meant to be a HEART!

  • Matt Simmons
    Matt Simmons 8 months ago

    I love you guys. You are my heroes. Come back to the UK btw

  • osiris292
    osiris292 8 months ago

    It is an outrage that you don't have more subscribers! More videos of you reading our comments would be cool by the way!

  • Chazz4000
    Chazz4000 8 months ago

    Ya'll gotta come to England with your tour! Would be super dope. This album is album of the ye...century!!

  • Olga Guzman
    Olga Guzman 8 months ago

    Can we have a 3sum?

  • pali dinto
    pali dinto 8 months ago

    The Plaque shall be yours!!! To the noble ones who seek go the spoils!

  • Hannah Hankins
    Hannah Hankins 8 months ago

    I loved you guys in HS, Soo happy to see y'all are back!

  • Atlanta Shea
    Atlanta Shea 8 months ago

    Love the D.
    Hope u get that plack

  • Edward Cranium
    Edward Cranium 8 months ago +1

    This wins the plaque.

  • That One Meme
    That One Meme 8 months ago

    you guys are awesome. please come play in atlanta or a state closer to me lol

  • Jesús Ángel
    Jesús Ángel 8 months ago

    What happened with the new movie? Tenacious D 2

  • Kingratman Stephens
    Kingratman Stephens 8 months ago +1

    Big Fucking Fan. Tenacious D 4 life , is there any way jack black or cage reply to me just say hi if not that's okay . Love you guys .

  • Seth green having a Vietnam flashback J

    Cum 2 Brazil

  • Aaron Freeze
    Aaron Freeze 8 months ago

    love you guys

  • Bennosification
    Bennosification 8 months ago

    Come To Belgium!

  • unmemorablehero
    unmemorablehero 8 months ago

    You guys are the best! Saw you the opening day of your movie in Denver, and you rocked my socks off. Definitely in my top 10 concerts I've ever seen. Tenacious D is a national treasure.

  • Darken Legacy
    Darken Legacy 8 months ago

    When u really want that fucking plaque. 0:53

  • Jacob Martinez
    Jacob Martinez 8 months ago

    These guys are my uncle's!!

  • Sten
    Sten 8 months ago

    Are you really reading my comment?

  • Key keurig
    Key keurig 8 months ago

    If you Read this you pin this

  • Ducky Studios
    Ducky Studios 8 months ago

    Tenacious D was is and always will be the greatest band in the world 🙌 we are not worthy

  • Glitch Walker
    Glitch Walker 8 months ago

    #Confirmed: Tenacious D and the Plaque of Destiny

  • Savana Gardner
    Savana Gardner 8 months ago

    I love you guys! I have since high school so please never stop what you're doing. Jack, you're seriously the funniest, most talented dude ever. I've thought that since I was 15 and still do at 30. Much love to you both and congrats on the new movie/album/series/continued success.

  • •QED•
    •QED• 8 months ago +2

    This isn't the greatest comment reading channel, no... This is a Tribute

  • Takkenrakker
    Takkenrakker 8 months ago

    "We are going to read all your comments!" reads 3 comments. haha love you guys

  • Canopteks
    Canopteks 8 months ago

    Hello there ! Hope to see you for the Hellfest if you're going there, and long live to the D !

  • Botta
    Botta 8 months ago

    OMG they read my comment! Not out loud but they read it!

  • Cam Good
    Cam Good 8 months ago

    Sweet plaque!

  • gringochucha
    gringochucha 8 months ago

    You guys gotta read the negative comments, man. Those are the best ones.

  • Michael Fretwell
    Michael Fretwell 8 months ago

    Video Title: "Reading Comments with Tenacious D"
    Comments Read: 4, one of which was just a dick and balls.
    Keep pumping out that top quality content that isn't being phoned in at all.

  • sebastian ojeda
    sebastian ojeda 8 months ago

    Guys, you have to change the settings of your channel to a a normal channel not like music you know

  • Elliot Björksdóttir
    Elliot Björksdóttir 8 months ago

    Well you didn't read this comment.

  • Gyrochronotom
    Gyrochronotom 8 months ago


  • Communism Is Op
    Communism Is Op 8 months ago

    Cage looking like a rock philosopher

  • Japutek Beast
    Japutek Beast 8 months ago

    I’ve been a fan since childhood, my dad listened to rock and i loved it then he showed me Tenacious D the movie. It was amazing and since then i just got in love with you guys.

  • C.K. Nelson
    C.K. Nelson 8 months ago

    Nice ritual assholes

  • Cody Crow
    Cody Crow 8 months ago

    King Kong is jb's best movie prove me wrong

  • Tyler Durden
    Tyler Durden 8 months ago

    wow, KG really looks like Santa right now...Christmas Tenacious D movie?

  • bob hope
    bob hope 8 months ago

    You guys are my heros❤️ sexiest mothafuckas on the face of the earth! Also you make me smile on the days I feel like shit, love you Tenacious D

  • *El 🍕Spicy*
    *El 🍕Spicy* 8 months ago

    Jack Black is the reason why I sing and burst songs out of nowhere 🎤. Thank you

  • *El 🍕Spicy*
    *El 🍕Spicy* 8 months ago

    You guys are kings 👑

  • Jesus H Christ
    Jesus H Christ 8 months ago

    if you guys are seriously reading the comments I need you both to know I love you so so much and I've been a fan for so long fully dedicated but I really hope this isn't your last body of work because it would probably taint your legacy I'm still gonna watch and listen and learn all the words to your album because I love you ❤️ but seriously there have only been two good songs and the show isn't that funny man I'm just sad about it I still love you both but man it's making me really depressed I'm pushing myself through the episode​s every week im confident that you can both make a better album than this I don't know if something is missing or you guys just aren't feeling it anymore other than that great work on everything I hope the show improves and sucks me back in love a Huge D fan

  • Kyle Butler
    Kyle Butler 8 months ago

    The D in 2020 plz

  • Bumble Douche
    Bumble Douche 8 months ago

    And I still say "Fuck-a-lie sing fuck-a-loo" are the greatest lyrics ever written!

  • Cinemat Meme company
    Cinemat Meme company 8 months ago


  • SebTH1
    SebTH1 8 months ago

    So, when will we see Pick of Destiny 2, Or would it be the Bong of Destiny at this rate?

  • E'Mendo
    E'Mendo 8 months ago


  • Homiehomemaker
    Homiehomemaker 8 months ago

    I can't wait till Nov 2! I don't mean that in an "Oh gosh I just can't wait till Nov 2 ahh," type of way. I mean I want it right fucking now!!!!! I pre-order Post-Apocalypto and I don't know if I can wait two more days!! DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • _ Smitty _
    _ Smitty _ 8 months ago

    You get a plaque at 100k but the big ones are 1 mil and 10 mil

  • epitome
    epitome 8 months ago

    If any man has deserved the Plaques of TheXvid, it is these two

  • Memmer Miller
    Memmer Miller 8 months ago

    Yas! Read moar comments!!

  • Ross fishy
    Ross fishy 8 months ago

    I want a sequel to the pick of destiny my dvds keep falling over. Love you guys a bit👍👍

  • The Scumbdogian Church of GWAR

    All of the Comments? 😂
    I fucking love you guys and we're my first favorite band