President Donald Trump holds GIGANTIC Rally in Elkhart Indiana

  • Published on May 11, 2018
  • MUST WATCH: President Donald Trump holds GIGANTIC Rally in Elkhart Indiana
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Comments • 376

  • Golden State Times
    Golden State Times  12 days ago +51

    VP Mike Pence Speech starts at 1:30:25
    President Donald Trump starts at 1:46:00

    • TheDusk420
      TheDusk420 9 days ago

      Lisa Libby He's royally fucking up your country, and considering his blatant racism and the whole Iran deal bullshit, he's not helping the world either. Pull your tongue out of his arse and use your fucking head.

    • Miley L
      Miley L 11 days ago

      Golden State Times how much is $1.8 billion cash ?

    • Miley L
      Miley L 11 days ago

      Maurice Neville your the left

  • DAVID Beale
    DAVID Beale 4 days ago

    Trump is a Criminal and he Will face American Justice.

  • eom1
    eom1 4 days ago

    Dems your time has expired now roll over and die.

  • Mark Spies
    Mark Spies 5 days ago

    Any time you see a big crowd at a Trump event, grab your wallet. If there aren't enough ppl he PAYS them to stand there and cheer. With OUR money.

  • Ladonna Black
    Ladonna Black 5 days ago


  • Ladonna Black
    Ladonna Black 6 days ago

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  • Mark Symbala
    Mark Symbala 7 days ago

    Fuc all repooblicons

  • baba yaga
    baba yaga 7 days ago

    Fuck these racist pigs

  • Lone Star Chef
    Lone Star Chef 7 days ago

    A big tent picture? Did this guy forget that he was giving a Republican rally, not a rally of Democrats?

  • yvon duval
    yvon duval 8 days ago

    Obama sent that money to Iran and please dont tell me Obama did not put some of that money in a safe bank account in Iran to himself, do you think that we the people of the world are stupid , no we are not blind democRATS

  • Tiger Lee
    Tiger Lee 8 days ago

    USS Donald Trump (CV-100)

  • Jay Schmidt
    Jay Schmidt 8 days ago

    Just Beautiful Go P. Trump

  • david mundy
    david mundy 8 days ago

    BLACK UNEMPLOYMENT reduced to lowest levels EVER..... makes me happy .... and I am WHITE !!!!! Black folks will stop voting Democrat finally.

  • george nanyumba
    george nanyumba 8 days ago

    Trump is a prophet from God to save the planet and people from violators of human rights and one to grant ever lasting peace which has taken years and years before Trump came in power. Long live Trump.

  • housewlk
    housewlk 8 days ago

    My father President Trump is the best.

  • adelfa Tan
    adelfa Tan 8 days ago

    Your god all always sopport sir donald trump is god love yan ang pangolo lahat ng poudlima oki thank you sa boo mondo sodra happy god bless

  • Noah
    Noah 8 days ago

    This man is truly a LIVING LEGEND. I cannot wait to watch documentaries of these times in the future!!!

  • Wooly Highlander
    Wooly Highlander 8 days ago

    Listen to the crowd, they just love the man !

  • Jay Alex
    Jay Alex 9 days ago

    Who’s got the biggest balls he got big balls Trumps got the biggest balls of them all

  • Sagara Sousuke
    Sagara Sousuke 9 days ago

    Why the fuck is this orange fuck still doing rallies when he already won... Unbelievable

  • Andy Sparrow
    Andy Sparrow 9 days ago

    nice music

  • Andy Sparrow
    Andy Sparrow 9 days ago

    usa usa from england

  • eltanin awry
    eltanin awry 9 days ago

    Sheeple are having the wool pulled over their eyes, and are content to be blind sighted. MAGA; MORONS ARE GOVERNING AMERICA!

  • will
    will 9 days ago

    What a load of fat brainwashed rednecks...

  • poobummcgregor
    poobummcgregor 9 days ago

    Trump is a cunt

  • Tina Clay
    Tina Clay 9 days ago

    Trump is a grrrreat name!

  • Tina Clay
    Tina Clay 9 days ago

    Our President IS a world leader....I AM so proud of him!! A true New Yorker! Love him

  • Tina Clay
    Tina Clay 9 days ago

    Hey Don, I would much much rather have innocence then brutal EVIL! You don't seem to know the difference & you call me gullibull? GROW don't like our country just leave us!

  • Roslan Zakaria
    Roslan Zakaria 9 days ago


  • The British Patriot
    The British Patriot 9 days ago +2

    This is Number 27 on the trending list in the UK!

  • naw man
    naw man 9 days ago

    2:46:34 wtf is that

  • Memiş Kandemir
    Memiş Kandemir 9 days ago

    bu nasıl türk terentlerinde amk

  • BSG
    BSG 9 days ago

    Push this idiot off and get Bill Gates to be president.

  • CozmicK G
    CozmicK G 9 days ago +2

    I always get cult vibes when I see American presidents hold rallies lol

  • Ropsana Khanom
    Ropsana Khanom 9 days ago +2

    What’s he even rallying for?? He must be fragile if he needs supporters to boost his ego since he’s obviously not getting it from the media. Miss you Barack and why’s this on trending in the UK?!

    • RandomlyMe
      RandomlyMe 7 days ago

      He’s not getting attention from the media because the media doesn’t want to give him any. They also haven’t reported on the good things he has done either like when he had 3 Americans released from North Korea while Obama let one die and did nothing about it :)

    • Dee Dub
      Dee Dub 9 days ago

      Anon-Chan I’m a grown-ass British man, you bumbling fool.

    • Anon-Chan
      Anon-Chan 9 days ago +1

      Ropsana Khanom
      Love reading these comments left by apolitical teenagers. Keep it up. It makes me chuckle.

    • Dee Dub
      Dee Dub 9 days ago

      Ropsana Khanom it’s the only way the mainstream media will give him any positive coverage

  • bishap global86
    bishap global86 10 days ago +1

    Where is the wall?

  • Paul Appleby
    Paul Appleby 10 days ago

    When is he going to be abducted?

  • Alex
    Alex 10 days ago

    I always knew Trump would win! Never underestimate how many fucking idiots there are in fly over country.

  • Lana Shannon
    Lana Shannon 10 days ago

    Love the song at the end. #MAGA

  • CC
    CC 10 days ago +1

    Terrible president, embarassment to the people of the US. But at least 3 prisoners were released from a country size concentration camp

  • Nathan-DTS
    Nathan-DTS 10 days ago

    America, the world's laughing stock. Regardless of who's in charge.

    • Anon-Chan
      Anon-Chan 9 days ago

      Since December 23rd, 1913 and the formation of the Federal reserve, the American dream has been dying. JFK planned to shut the Rothschilds in America down with Executive order 11110, but you know how that turned out...

  • g bridgman
    g bridgman 10 days ago

    The cameras never pan the audience. They don't want you to see he filled the place.

  • g bridgman
    g bridgman 10 days ago +1

    How gigantic was it? Any attendance figures? He drew in 35,000 in Michigan two weeks ago.The democrats think they're going to impeach him? What a laugh! Still delusional after 18 months.

  • GrayishPoppy 210
    GrayishPoppy 210 10 days ago

    An pewdiepie thinks marvel fans are like a cult...

  • Robert Pierson
    Robert Pierson 10 days ago +1

    Donald J. Trump is the greatest champion and defender that our country has ever had! Trump/Pence 2020! MAGA & KAG!

  • dip.C
    dip.C 10 days ago

    Hahaha, a room full of stereotypes

  • Harry A
    Harry A 10 days ago +2

    LOL, CNN is very fake news. As soon as this came into the frame the camera panned away

  • Patricio Cohen Sch.
    Patricio Cohen Sch. 10 days ago

    The greatest president ever PERIOD

    • Anon-Chan
      Anon-Chan 9 days ago +1

      Patricio Cohen Sch.
      Well... The best since Kennedy. He’s tied with Reagan in my books. But none compare with Andrew Jackson and Thomas Jefferson!

  • deen harold
    deen harold 10 days ago


  • Ollie Red
    Ollie Red 10 days ago

    Hail Satanas Abraxas!. May the almighty dark Lord rip out Trump´s guts and burn his flesh in endless pain. He shall pay for his sins. Therefore his eyes will bleed tears , his heart shall be spiked on the spear of destiniy, the Dogs shall eat what´s left of him. Usculus, raudere, Kraal Wotanas!!!

  • Goodwomen Goodman
    Goodwomen Goodman 10 days ago +2

    My Dear President , god bless you and protect your family.

  • The Emperor Lord
    The Emperor Lord 11 days ago +4

    All hail Lord Trump!

    • Genghis Khan
      Genghis Khan 10 days ago

      The Emperor Lord Nazis Nazis Nazis Nazis Nazis Nazis Nazis Nazis Nazis Nazis

  • Andy Espinosa
    Andy Espinosa 11 days ago

    Trump sucks i want him to die

  • smiley uy
    smiley uy 11 days ago


  • Myrna De Perio LaFauci

    PRes. TRump is exceeding everybody's expectations! he is not a career politician but he is doing so many things for America's improvement. he is working hard everyday cleaning up the mess he inherited. WE the people can see the improvement everywhere, the economy, lower unemployment, manufacturing companies coming back to life, higher wages, etc. etc. Thank you PRes. TRump, we the people did not make a mistake electing you!

  • Avenging Demon
    Avenging Demon 11 days ago +2

    President Trump = Modern King Arthur.
    In the future, 1000 years in the future.
    Child:- Tell me, grandpa. Tell me about the hero king that saved our world.
    Grandpa:- Well, long ago, there was a hidious evil monster that was called Obram. Obram lead the evil medians and made the people starve and evil reign in the world.
    Then from the new city a man arised. He was called by the great one to make great wonders. He went towards the white mountain and pulled the sword from the stone. This sword gave him visdom and knowledge to save the world.
    Child:- So, did Obram and the medians flee the planet?
    Grandpa:- Yes, my little child. They did. And the great nation florished.
    Mother:- Oh, daddy! you telling this story again. About Donald the Triumph.
    Grandpa:- It's not a story my dear daughter. It happened!
    Mother:- Yes, yes... dinner is ready.

  • Gone Fishing
    Gone Fishing 11 days ago

    Pence is awesome wish we would hear more from him.

  • Genghis Khan
    Genghis Khan 11 days ago

    All Adolf Hitler Donnie does is LIE. Everything he said was a Goddamn LIE

    • J Magana
      J Magana 9 days ago

      Oh NO a negative comment I am triggered...

  • Genghis Khan
    Genghis Khan 11 days ago

    Every commenter here is white trash redneck kidfucker worshipping skank butt uneducated brainwashed braindead retarded lowlife degenerate SCUM

    • Anon-Chan
      Anon-Chan 9 days ago

      Genghis Khan
      Obvious bait. But I like to hear people say “degenerate”. It’s a damn fine insult.

  • Genghis Khan
    Genghis Khan 11 days ago

    Kelly Sadler is a sadistic cunt just like her lying psycho asshole KKKREMLIN Donnie Caligula Pennywise Pussygroper Trump AKA Hanky Spanky the Golden Showers boy

  • William
    William 11 days ago

    I'll vote for a pompous builder over a snake-tongue lawyer any day. At least the builder gets things done.

  • White Tony
    White Tony 11 days ago

    Notice Trump knows all the names of these local politicians and dignitaries off the top of his head and can pronounce them - i don;t think he's using a prompt?Imagine foreign enemy agent Bath House Barry Hussein attempting this lmao

  • SPAZ
    SPAZ 11 days ago

    The Greatest Leader in History.

  • janie evans
    janie evans 11 days ago

    Hrepubs are corrupt pos

    • William
      William 11 days ago

      what is "Hrepubs"?

  • Foxnews 91
    Foxnews 91 11 days ago

    done done Trump Laughs As Obama Finds Out Exactly How John Kerry Helped Kill The Iran Deal

  • Coast Daze
    Coast Daze 11 days ago

    Thank God for Mike Pence...a great addition to our POTUS' lineup.

  • Adrian Garza
    Adrian Garza 11 days ago

    America finally has a real President that puts America First 👍

  • Coast Daze
    Coast Daze 11 days ago

    Loving this POTUS!

  • Grinnypicker
    Grinnypicker 11 days ago

    For those who don't know, "MAGA" means Make America Great Again.

    • Genghis Khan
      Genghis Khan 10 days ago +1

      Grinnypicker It means making assholes Gape again

    • William
      William 11 days ago

      if ya don't know, now ya know .....

  • liza123972
    liza123972 11 days ago +1

    God continues blessing and protecting the TRUMP ADMINISTRATION. Love from Canada.

  • Paul Pellerin
    Paul Pellerin 11 days ago +3

    Did you know our government is a sham there only in name. BS. All this is an eversion from truth the lord is comming. Give your heart to God forgive love and be ready to go to him time is now

  • ANKREVIEWS!! Reviews
    ANKREVIEWS!! Reviews 11 days ago +1

    Hi golden state!!
    Are you playing the music?
    You should have the Trump team play this as the crowd waits...
    So American and patriotic!
    Love it!!!

    FIRE ANGEL 11 days ago +1

    Only President Trump Rallys can be fun not 'fake' & full of b.s. talkers that just lie, lie, fortunate to enjoy the "BEST" PRESIDENT ever...great fun, lots of cheering & laughter...the way America should be ....

    • Genghis Khan
      Genghis Khan 11 days ago

      FIRE ANGEL Elkhart is full of redneck white trash trailer park degenerate kidfucker worshipping pos SOB skanks and blubber butt uneducated brainwashed braindead retarded lowlife retards.

  • Walter Rimkunas
    Walter Rimkunas 11 days ago +1

    Once Again; Thank you Mr. President!

  • Nancy Anthoulakis
    Nancy Anthoulakis 11 days ago +1

    4th generation CANADIAN HERE...we got big trouble with globalist treasonous- Trudeau. We are being INVADED & oppressed in our own fought for Canada.

  • Doc Gonzales
    Doc Gonzales 11 days ago +3

    Giant safespace for snowflakes more like

  • Ralph Denton
    Ralph Denton 11 days ago +2

    God Bless President Donald Trump and Mike Pence

  • Body Bag
    Body Bag 11 days ago

    What a douch bag

    • William
      William 11 days ago

      Are you sending the extra money in your paycheck to the IRS as a form of protest? Nah, you're keeping it. Thank President Trump for it.

    • Body Bag
      Body Bag 11 days ago

      Miley L
      No I just know a car salesmen when I hear one!

    • Miley L
      Miley L 11 days ago +1

      Body Bag u damn liberal

  • ronald welch
    ronald welch 11 days ago +3

    Love my President and First Lady, doing a great job.💕😘❤️

    • Genghis Khan
      Genghis Khan 10 days ago

      ronald welch Yo momma should have scraped you out of her pus infested snatch with a coat hanger

  • Edward Turner
    Edward Turner 11 days ago

    Adolf Hitler Donnie holds a Nazi style propaganda rally straight out of the real Hitlers playbook and storm troopers squeal with delight over the million lies he bleated.

    • J Magana
      J Magana 9 days ago

      Edward Turner Guess you have more than one profile... What a shocker!

    • Genghis Khan
      Genghis Khan 11 days ago

      White Tony You goddamn shithead retard. You ask what he lied about after you admitted that he lied like everyone else? You are too stupid to live you dumbfuck cracker

    • Genghis Khan
      Genghis Khan 11 days ago

      William 1l

    • Genghis Khan
      Genghis Khan 11 days ago

      White Tony No it is not

    • Genghis Khan
      Genghis Khan 11 days ago

      White Tony almost everything FUHRER Donnie is a racist twat and a FILTHY liar

  • USNvet4Trump
    USNvet4Trump 11 days ago

    Sucks you have to shut down the main music takes away the spirit..

  • Sean Downey
    Sean Downey 11 days ago

    Music overs is cancer. Stop editing

  • terry tunney
    terry tunney 11 days ago +10

    wish we had a trump in uk,our PM hates us

    • Anon-Chan
      Anon-Chan 9 days ago +1

      A Muslim mayor in almost all of our major cities. A declining white population who votes in majority for remaining in the EU and open borders. A PM who bans stop-and-search, resulting in higher murder rates than New York... God, England is doomed if we don’t get our act together!

    • Ropsana Khanom
      Ropsana Khanom 9 days ago

      terry tunney if you love America so much go live there with their shit healthcare and school shootings

    • Nathan-DTS
      Nathan-DTS 10 days ago

      Thankfully, we have Corbyn. A man that isn't an asshole.

    • terry tunney
      terry tunney 11 days ago

      they would not give u the crust off bread evil bastards

    • William
      William 11 days ago

      "let them eat cake"

  • Fergo
    Fergo 11 days ago +5

    good speech from Vice President Pence and as always the President was great.Great thing coming America.

  • Mark Harmon
    Mark Harmon 11 days ago +3

    The evidence of Donald John Trump's dimwittedness flows as continuously and voluminously as the Mississippi River.

    • William
      William 11 days ago

      after everything he's accomplished, your failure to recognize the good things, only reveals your own "dimwittedness"

  • EKRX rseven
    EKRX rseven 11 days ago

    Good but I don't agree with "faith". We have SCIENCE.

  • sonechkoUSA
    sonechkoUSA 11 days ago +1

    AMAZING! Watch at 19:42 speaker can't even lead on the Pledge of Allegiance - CROWD RECITES PLEDGE AHEAD OF HIM AS ONE VOICE!

    REBELLIOUS for GOD 11 days ago


    REBELLIOUS for GOD 11 days ago +2

    ❤️ 🇺🇸❤️ 🇺🇸❤️ 🇺🇸❤️ 🇺🇸❤️ 🇺🇸❤️

  • I love The USA
    I love The USA 11 days ago +39

    Fabulous rally, i am very proud of trump and us

    • Genghis Khan
      Genghis Khan 10 days ago

      I love The USA Your momma should have scraped you out of her pus infested snatch with a coat hanger

    • Genghis Khan
      Genghis Khan 10 days ago

      I love The USA Fuck you shithead You are another ignorant lowlife loser Trump CHUMP

    • bishap global86
      bishap global86 10 days ago

      Where is the wall?

    • Nathan-DTS
      Nathan-DTS 10 days ago

      I love The USA Nuke America. World will be better for it.

    • Nathan-DTS
      Nathan-DTS 10 days ago

      I love The USA Obama and Trump are both shit.

  • Fenster Mayhew
    Fenster Mayhew 11 days ago +2

    Dragon Energy!

    • William
      William 11 days ago

      that's high energy right there

  • Alanda
    Alanda 11 days ago +2

    FANTASTIC!!! The only thing missing - The Lord's Prayer - if people still remember it.

    • Nathan-DTS
      Nathan-DTS 10 days ago +1

      Alanda God doesn't exist.

  • GidgetTheSurferGirl1
    GidgetTheSurferGirl1 11 days ago +6

    Keep America Great #KAG2020 😘❣️

  • Antonio Hernandez
    Antonio Hernandez 11 days ago +6


  • Antonio Hernandez
    Antonio Hernandez 11 days ago +6


  • Paul
    Paul 11 days ago +3

    Just keep giving this speech over and over again. This was one of his best speeches, but then again I feel like I and many others say that about a lot of his speeches. He basically went over every single accomplishment he's got done so far as president, I hope many people were listening.

  • Annette Falbo
    Annette Falbo 11 days ago +6

    He's a great man. God please don't let anyone or anything harm our President! I love you Donald Trump! I love Melania too, and the whole family! Thank you for everything!!🙏😚💗

  • Paul
    Paul 11 days ago +4

    What a great fired up speech. Like the man or not, action shows and he's doing such a great job as president. People that can't see that are blind.