Don't Forget Me - Katharine McPhee

  • Published on May 19, 2012
  • Edited by Thierry White-Saboulard
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  • 呂宇恒
    呂宇恒 2 months ago


  • Emma Hutcheson
    Emma Hutcheson 3 months ago

    Love this edit

  • H M
    H M 4 months ago

    PERFECT ❗❗❗❗❗❗💎⚜️💯⤴️✨☀️👏

  • Neil Rivera
    Neil Rivera Year ago

    Kat's best performance ever.

  • bryan greeley
    bryan greeley Year ago +1

    Both are incredible comparison....they are different and equally great

  • Laurie Delorme
    Laurie Delorme Year ago +1

    I love Katherine McPhee. She truly has it all!

  • Betty Langevin
    Betty Langevin Year ago +1

    I really miss this series, and really hate that NBC pulled it, trendous talents, and actors, so good.

  • Betty Langevin
    Betty Langevin Year ago +3

    Ivy Lynn's version is far superior.

  • Sir Eugene Courtney

    How would Simon, David, and Andrea critique this performance?

  • Iifeisharder
    Iifeisharder 3 years ago +32

    i ALWAYS get goosebumps when I listen to it. ALWAYS. and its been 4 yrs

  • CDG
    CDG 3 years ago +122

    The key is to compare the projected emotions in the two versions of this final number. Karen's is accepting (of her death and the peace of it), passive, loving, grateful, and lets a bit of that innocence come to the fore again. Ivy's is defiant (she's dead, but her memory will never die, and she knows it), aggressive, bold, proud, and tells you she ultimately regrets nothing; knowing people will talk, but facing death knowing she earned every bit of her fame. They both go out with a bang, but Karen bursts like a stunning gold firework, and Ivy takes the rest of the world as she knew it with her in an eruption of color. Both performances are fantastic in their own right; it's just comparing apples to oranges.

    • Jillian Cristina
      Jillian Cristina Year ago +4

      exactly!! and that's the best way to describe their Marilyns as well and why it was so back-and-forth with the casting. Marilyn embodied boldness and shyness, sexiness and innocence, and it's part of why she is so iconic. Ivy captured the bolder parts of Marilyn's personality to a T, but I found she lacked on the innocence, whereas Karen herself was innocent of that was easy for her to portray, but she was too shy to really have the friskiness of Marilyn. As for the final song, it's all a matter of preference. I find both performances to be absolutely beautiful, but I find that I like Ivy's interpretation better because she isn't just complicit with how she was treated, she is MAD because she was treated like crap and she has the right to be, and she can finally be free from it, whereas when she was alive she didn't seem to have any other option that just to accept she will always be seen as an object. While I love Karen's innocence in other songs, this is one that it just doesn't work as well.

    • David Fathom
      David Fathom Year ago +2

      As an actor, I can clearly identify which of these is the more interesting acting choice. I don't think it's hard to know which one I'm talking about.

  • Ed sims
    Ed sims 3 years ago +13

    I love Kat Mcphee!! she absolutely kills anything she dose. so talented at all she dose. i still have mcpheever!!

  • Sandy Wilcox
    Sandy Wilcox 4 years ago +11

    Simply beautiful. love this version..

  • Brooklyn Bobby
    Brooklyn Bobby 4 years ago +12

    That was thrilling! I really miss that show but, unfortunately, it was too intelligent for the masses. They'd rather watch stuff like The Brady Bunch.

  • Abood A
    Abood A 4 years ago +21

    "Don't Forget Me"
    (feat. Katharine Mcphee)
    They thought they could dispose of me
    They tried to make me small
    I suffered each indignity
    But now rise above it all
    Yes, the price I paid was all I had
    But at last, I found release
    And if something good can come from bad
    The past can rest in peace
    Oh if you see someone's hurt
    And in need of a hand
    Don't forget me
    Or hear a melody crying from some baby grand
    You don't forget me
    When you sing happy birthday to someone you love
    Or see diamonds you wish were all free
    Please say that you won't;
    I pray that you don't forget me
    But forget every man who I ever met
    'Cause they only lived to control
    For a kiss they paid a thousand
    Yet they paid fifty cents for my soul
    They took their piece
    The price of fame that no one can repay
    Ah, but they didn't buy me when they bought my name
    And that is why I pray
    That when you see someone's hurt
    And in need of a hand
    You don't forget me
    Or hear a melody crying from some baby grand
    You don't forget me
    When you sing happy birthday to someone you love
    Or see diamonds you wish were all free
    Please say that you won't;
    I pray that you don't forget me
    There are some in this world who have strength on their own
    Never broken or in need of repair
    But there are some born to shine who can't do it alone
    So protect them and take special care
    Take care
    And don't forget me
    Please take care
    And don't forget me
    When you look to the heavens with someone you love
    And a light shining bright from afar
    Hope you see my face there
    And then offer a prayer
    And please let me be
    Let me be that star

  • Karen Cacciuttolo
    Karen Cacciuttolo 4 years ago +16

    The girls got pipes!

  • Pie CatLady
    Pie CatLady 5 years ago +8

    So wonderful! As Tom and Julia struggled to find an ending for Bombshell that transcended Marilyn's suicide(?)/death, they forged this compelling song. Katharine McPhee's soul-touching delivery brought tears to my eyes. SMASH season 1 was unforgettable, so many incredible scenes and songs. Come on, NBC. Where's our DVD?

  • DaveMusic
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  • ROCHINHA 100%
    ROCHINHA 100% 5 years ago +2

    I love your música ,please continue !!!!!!

  • Adam Moskowitz
    Adam Moskowitz 5 years ago +29

    I remeber watching this on tv and crying the durring the finale lol

  • BerniHurtonX
    BerniHurtonX 5 years ago +11

    When you look to the heavens with someone you love, and a lights shining bright from afar, hope you see my face there, and then offer a prayer, and please let me be that star. The perfect way to think of everyone we have lost, including Marilyn herself

  • Charlie Angels
    Charlie Angels 5 years ago +10

    powerful voice and song love it

  • Emilia Sonni Dolce
    Emilia Sonni Dolce 5 years ago +2

    Katharine è grande perché interpreta l'essenza di Marilyn e ha negli occhi l'espressione di Marilyn. Non basta essere basse e grasse e avere un vocione per interpretare Marilyn. Chi non se ne è accorto dovrebbe guardare meglio i suoi film...

  • Emilia Sonni Dolce
    Emilia Sonni Dolce 5 years ago +52

    In this song she IS Marylin.

  • Charlie Petersen
    Charlie Petersen 5 years ago +51

    This performance always leaves me speechless everytime #bringbacksmash

  • imiss toronto
    imiss toronto 6 years ago +24

    really miss smash; perfect storyline and concept and they just ruined the second season.

  • Maria Clarete Fontolan
    Maria Clarete Fontolan 6 years ago +3

    love it so much!!!

  • Caroline Monat
    Caroline Monat 6 years ago +1

    Oui je suis complètement d' accord!

  • poisonmoon123
    poisonmoon123 6 years ago +4

    Ivy's may have been more personal, but Karen's to me seemed more like it was Marilyn singing (though she didn't fully sound like Marilyn- more like a copy) asking us to not forget about her. which we didn't.

    • David Fathom
      David Fathom Year ago

      Yeah, but acting should be about taking a piece of writing, finding a way to connect with it enotionally, and making it your own. Ivy does that far more than Karen ever did. Not to mention that Ivy had a competent Marilyn voice that she used throughout the score, but knew when the score required belting and switched into that part of her voice.

  • N. H.
    N. H. 6 years ago +3

    What I liked about Ivy's version was that it was more personal, like she was singing it to herself.

  • cheersky07
    cheersky07 6 years ago +2

    I completely agree season 1 was the bomb dot com but then season 2 like wtf

  • ladywalker68
    ladywalker68 6 years ago +2

    Absolutely the BEST moment from both seasons!

  • Countrycowboy08
    Countrycowboy08 6 years ago +34

    Ivy's voice is powerful and amazing, but for me, Karen IS Marilyn. Her voice is sweet, soft, vulnerable and innocent like Norma, and at the same time sultry, sexy, smoky and naughty as Marilyn, and at some point, can be powerful. This song says it all. She's not Karen singing this song, she's Marilyn.
    I still hate Ivy for not thanking Karen at her Tony acceptance speech. If Karen didn't step down, Ivy won't get the part of Marilyn and most certainly not gonna be nominated and win a Tony.

  • 100fates
    100fates 6 years ago +2

    You must be crazy to think she's flat, watch her American Idol audition and her other performances before she was on smash.

  • Harry Daughenbaugh
    Harry Daughenbaugh 6 years ago +5

    Again amazing!!!

  • Emanuela Caruana
    Emanuela Caruana 6 years ago +4

    i love this song :) xx

  • Rick Barbera
    Rick Barbera 6 years ago +2

    Does anyone have more talent that Katherine McPhee???? Awesome.

  • Eliott Andersen
    Eliott Andersen 6 years ago +1

    Agree x5,000,000

  • cnjgnd
    cnjgnd 6 years ago +6

    I can't believe NBC cancelled this wonderul show. With ratings so low on NBC, what are they thinking!!!! This is the best show on NBC....heck it's one of the best shows on TV period!!

  • Richard Meyer
    Richard Meyer 6 years ago

    Ivy was much better...hear her sing it live and you will die happy! Katherine is an American Idol pop wanna be princess. she cant act or dance. she has a beautiful voice but not for broadway.

    • Millie McIvor
      Millie McIvor 3 months ago

      richard meyer well she’s actually just come off broadway AND the west end playing JENNA in WAITRESS

  • justine
    justine 6 years ago +7

    I don't know why everyone feels the need to pick sides. I love both versions =) oh well, more for me to enjoy!

  • bradley fultonn
    bradley fultonn 6 years ago +5

    you think Katherine is flat? please go and watch her singing before smash and re watch this performance to shes is spectacular

  • David Pontí
    David Pontí 6 years ago

    Am I the only one wondering what was in the lyrics before Tom changed it?

  • Jean-Christophe Rouaix

    Je trouve qu'Ivy a un tout petit truc en plus... =)

  • Ed Hampton
    Ed Hampton 6 years ago +1

    A major problem with Hilty in the lead role in real life is that she can not dance nearly as well as Katharine. It does look like the show will go to Broadway for real. So if the show gets canceled selecting Marilyn from those two may not just be a TV show.

  • 晏菖張
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  • TheReasonsY
    TheReasonsY 6 years ago +1

    Now if you could just edit all of the Bombshell performances together...

  • Deborah
    Deborah 6 years ago +1

    I do like her voice but her character in the series is soooo boring. For some reason she is this IT girl whom everyone loves but she doesn't do anything interesting in my opinion.

    • David Fathom
      David Fathom Year ago

      I'm bored tonight and I just want to say that your comment got me stupidly excited because I will talk about my feelings to a lamppost who expresses simpler feelings to mine on this. I agree with you 100%. Katherine McPhee has a good screen presence and a great voice, but she is not a world class actress. I think the writers realized that and decided to compensate for that by telling the audience about how good she is. This is one of my least favorite bad writing tropes, and it's really sad that it appears to have worked on some Smash fans.

  • Deborah
    Deborah 6 years ago


  • Leighstl123
    Leighstl123 6 years ago +4

    I liked Karen's version much better than Ivy's on this particular song.

  • Patrick Chace
    Patrick Chace 6 years ago

    Ivys voice in terms of general bway style, is incomparable, not that katherines isn't amazing in her own right. This song is difficult to judge, because I really wanna give it to Megan ( loved her since wicked), I feel the editing made her sound very stocatto, especially on the big long notes, that, while not as deep, were held longer by Katherine/ karen. From a complete non singer. Make sense to anyone else?

  • Libby Lambert
    Libby Lambert 6 years ago

    I just got the solo for this song in choir. So pumped!!!

  • Brent Wilder
    Brent Wilder 6 years ago +4

    I was actually kinda mad when they had Ivy sing this song last episode. This is Karen's song. FOr that matter, I was mad that the show had Karen leave the play. She did a better job at this song and made a better Marilyn. Ivy is really good, but Karen is better.

  • razorlightmare
    razorlightmare 6 years ago +19

    I think Karen's smooth voice suits the song better than Ivy's. Ivy has an amazing powerful voice, which is better at other songs. I like Karen's better:)

  • Debra Gniewek
    Debra Gniewek 6 years ago +3

    Megan Hilty is sooooooo much better!

  • Madison Kauffman
    Madison Kauffman 6 years ago

    Singing this song in Choir. It's a good song.

  • Autumn Lawson
    Autumn Lawson 6 years ago

    I have the beginning as a solo for chorus... sooo excited

  • Barbara Hyman
    Barbara Hyman 6 years ago +6

    I think Ivy embodies Marilyn's character and plays the best Marilyn I have ever seen. That is why I hunger to see and hear her sing these songs, instead of Katharine McPhee, who I think is flat, and basically lacks the talent that both Megan Hilty and Marilyn Monroe have. In my opinion, Katharine doesn't remind me of Marilyn's quality at all. She looks and sounds like someone singing a song in a blonde wig. The pics of Marilyn in the background do nothing to enhance the image, the opposite,

  • KiKi Chen
    KiKi Chen 6 years ago

    couldn't agree with u more!!

  • KiKi Chen
    KiKi Chen 6 years ago

    so am i!!