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  • toshdeluxe dr.
    toshdeluxe dr. 21 hour ago

    Sadly that audiences didn’t liked the last Jedi

  • qutaiba Hamdan
    qutaiba Hamdan 2 days ago

    the last jedi and the whole new trilogy is an abomination, please dont even try to defend or be objective around them. this whole trilogy is terrible leadership.

  • Terius Zúñiga
    Terius Zúñiga 3 days ago

    0:09 I've been looking forward to this.

  • Yayman Yayman
    Yayman Yayman 3 days ago

    I liked the last jedi but the casino scene was really bad dont hate on me it is just my opinion

  • Jeff Greenwade
    Jeff Greenwade 4 days ago

    Lol, the sequel trilogies are ass now. Damn shame.

  • Coffee & Comics
    Coffee & Comics 5 days ago +1

    Thank you captain obvious

  • Cara Marais
    Cara Marais 6 days ago

    I actually loved tlj
    But i did not like tfa

  • Some Guy's Channel
    Some Guy's Channel 8 days ago

    I just realised:
    You draw your eyes like Bendy's.

  • JJ souls
    JJ souls 8 days ago

    Terrable movie. Stupid villains. And starwars has the best villans

  • Riski Rills
    Riski Rills 9 days ago

    that's why you should not change the director in middle of trilogy

  • Demo Bot
    Demo Bot 11 days ago

    What went wrong?
    People making Star Wars movies who have NO BUSINESS making Star Wars movies. It's like asking a steel worker to bake a cake !

  • Shreerang Vaidya
    Shreerang Vaidya 13 days ago +1

    Which all colours can you see?

  • Ur Mom
    Ur Mom 14 days ago

    December 19th is my birthday

  • Actualyolo
    Actualyolo 14 days ago

    why do every one hate this movie ?

  • Oh Yeah Yeah
    Oh Yeah Yeah 14 days ago

    the last jedi was horrible compared to revenge of the wilfur

  • Knut Roar Røyseth
    Knut Roar Røyseth 21 day ago

    OMG. Where was willfur? 😂😂😂

  • King Lightbulb
    King Lightbulb 25 days ago

    Honestly I think it would have been better to leave it at episode VI. VII was okay, but it was a bit of a stretch. However, VIII ruined everything

  • Blame War Campaign
    Blame War Campaign 27 days ago

    Roundhead Johnson really damaged the whole franchise.

  • TheDarkFart
    TheDarkFart 27 days ago

    I really hope they remaster the last jedi


    Nope Disney ruined it

  • TechNoir1982
    TechNoir1982 29 days ago

    I didn't like LOTR but I see where you're coming from

  • master of comedy
    master of comedy Month ago

    Oh no no

  • Hayden Hamlin
    Hayden Hamlin Month ago

    This video speaks so much for the Star Wars Community. Thank you, Andrei. It was equally disappointing to wait two years just for Luke to throw a Lightsaber behind his back.

  • kilroy987
    kilroy987 Month ago

    What went wrong is no one reviewed what could be done with the material after the movie or what was being done with the material that came before. Why did they think this guy deserved a trilogy? What rock have they been under?

  • Sydxds SW
    Sydxds SW Month ago

    I hope she is not a Skywalker.

  • Joseph Veevers
    Joseph Veevers Month ago

    I quite like The Last Jedi, it tries something new rather than following the formula. TFA was just a retread of ANH and im not too bothered about it but you've gotta give TLJ credit for doing something new with it. There is flaws that the movie suffers from but what movie doesn't have flaws? As a movie fan and a Star Wars fan, I really enjoyed the movie.

  • Hatchetforce
    Hatchetforce Month ago

    What went wrong? Everything.

  • bunnyfreakz
    bunnyfreakz Month ago

    TLJ is not only bad movie but really bizarre movie. It's looks like parody.

  • Rares Sava
    Rares Sava Month ago

    You right! This trilogy could be better if they made a plan. But there is still material that could giva a great Episode 9. I like TFA and I love TLJ and I can't wait what this trilogy will end.

  • Tanner Park
    Tanner Park Month ago

    The actual problem is Ryan Johnson antagonized the older parts of the fan base by his various attempts to marginalize them. Then he took to much away from the cannon and made his story seem like a glorified fanfic with politics

  • PsychosithS Dead skin rippers

    Kathleen Kennedy is the problem. Why can't nobody see the elephant in the room?

  • E.S The Gamer
    E.S The Gamer Month ago

    I don’t care about the spoilers

  • Boston Hunter
    Boston Hunter Month ago

    The Last Jedi is the Halo 5 of Star Wars

  • BigNick 1864
    BigNick 1864 Month ago

    Everything went wrong!!

  • Jim Woods
    Jim Woods Month ago

    It all comes down to basic storytelling: setups and payoffs. TLJ also really feels rushed, and RJ did everything he could to piss off the fans by "killing the past." Can't do that well when the story already has basic rules and expectations that go with it. No one told RJ "No, that's a bad idea, it doesn't make any sense."

  • randomshittutorials
    randomshittutorials Month ago +1

    *LUCKILY* the infinite power of direction is going to the force awakens director, NOT the last Jedi director.
    (You animated that wrong)
    Thank GOD.

  • jamesgames
    jamesgames Month ago

    Me want George Lucas back no stupid Disney ever since it was sold to Disney there was no severed limbs

    • Rares Sava
      Rares Sava Month ago

      See, there is the problem: When the prequels arived, fans bullied George Lucas until he gave up on SW. But after TLJ, fans harass the people involved in the sequels and want George Lucas back. At this point George probably saw how
      hypocritical are the fans. I don't know if you know, but OT wasn't made entirely by George, but the prequels are made only by him and it was a

  • MJPK
    MJPK Month ago

    the movies are terrible. rehash and dumb slow speed chase with dumb "gotcha" moments are just that awful

  • Mr. Spider The Bug
    Mr. Spider The Bug Month ago

    Comon people. Are you seriously? Star Wars is dead. And after damage that Disney did, no director or script already can't save him. Only if someone buys the rights, and says that all Disney films are not cannon. this don't happen, not in this millennium. SW is dead, the end.

    • Rares Sava
      Rares Sava Month ago

      No. Expandet stuff allready gave more details about the questions people have. All they need to do for now on is put them into movies. I didn't get why SW is ruinned by a movie that can be easily fixed. That's just boiling hate.

  • AAG 23
    AAG 23 Month ago

    Every PS4 player knows that X was after

  • Dagobert Duck
    Dagobert Duck Month ago

    WAIT... They shot the whole lotr trilogy in ONE Session??? Fuck... thats a lot of work.

  • J4CK T1C4L
    J4CK T1C4L Month ago

    Watch "Solo A Star Wars movie" it's awesome!
    (my opinion)

  • Chronocide
    Chronocide Month ago

    So you think giving an incompetent director MORE power will turn his "vision" into a hit? You're an idiot.

    • Chronocide
      Chronocide Month ago

      +Rares Sava Sure and I think he is an incompetent director that has no respect for the fans. Also, not liking someone and having a contrary opinion does not make one full of hate.

    • Rares Sava
      Rares Sava Month ago

      Umm... have you ever wathced another RJ movie, or you are full of hate?

  • Chronocide
    Chronocide Month ago

    The Last Jedi was nothing more than an idiot sjw gleefully giving the finger to the fans for no other reason than to piss off as many people as possible while Kennedy attempts to make the entirety of the franchise one big feminist FU bow down to wahmen.

  • Bryan Steele
    Bryan Steele Month ago

    I like your video, but I just have one bit of critique of it. You compare the sequel trilogy to the Lord of the rings. Here is the major difference between the two. The lord of the rings is 3 movies based on 3 books that been around for like 70 years at that point. The star wars sequel trilogy and it's story was given the green light in the fall of 2012, and expected to have its first entry in May of 2015. 2 years and 5 months later is no time to prepare for that. I think the LOTR trilogy spent just that on filming. You wanna blame someone, blame bob iger

  • migo rollo
    migo rollo Month ago

    I mean TLJ sorry😁

  • migo rollo
    migo rollo Month ago +1

    What went wrong with TLG??? everything!!!!!!! RJ is stupid jj is better

  • Momo Ali
    Momo Ali Month ago +3

    Don't forget the forced agenda

  • Kong Kwan
    Kong Kwan Month ago

    I thought the thumbnail was Snape lol

  • Manuel XDXDXD  _-_
    Manuel XDXDXD _-_ 2 months ago

    You should have more subscribers 4 this great content

  • Lazer Cream
    Lazer Cream 2 months ago


  • jason hughes
    jason hughes 2 months ago

    lol....good job Rian johnson,good luck trying to make any movie.thats what carma is whe u shit on starwars true fans

    • Rares Sava
      Rares Sava Month ago +1

      He actualy thank for the fans for their opinions at TLJ aniversary. I mean, after TLJ, he probably learned a lot.

  • Evan James
    Evan James 2 months ago

    I really like the last Jedi so if that's your opinion its fine I respect it
    Like rey being Mary sue is weird because Luke and anakin is Mary sue too

  • A person
    A person 2 months ago

    I agree

  • Ignacio Chirinos
    Ignacio Chirinos 2 months ago

    And the director of the IX is.......... JJ

  • Jet Tdm
    Jet Tdm 2 months ago

    Rian is my Biggest Fan Director Of Star Wars, I hope Rian Will Direct Episode 9 Star Wars

  • Nikki Matthewd
    Nikki Matthewd 2 months ago +1

    Let's be real here JJ adams should of been the director of the whole trilogy

  • xakoswja jdjdjrvs
    xakoswja jdjdjrvs 2 months ago +2


    The thumbnail is


  • Theoddballguy
    Theoddballguy 2 months ago +1

    To me that was the biggest problem with the last Jedi.

  • ChrisTuckerexpress
    ChrisTuckerexpress 2 months ago +1

    1- Rey says her parents were nobody. Not Kylo. Why so many people miss this?
    2- Daisy said JJ told her Rey's parents would be nobody.
    3- JJ was a producer on 9 and loved Rian's script.
    4- Not every movie needs character development. The Bond movies and the Indiana Jones, most famously, lack character development. And of course, Seinfeld was famous for lacking character development.
    5- The real problem with these movies is that they lack entertaining characters other than Snoke and Kylo.

    • Rares Sava
      Rares Sava 2 months ago +1

      ChrisTuckerexpress I love TLJ

  • Team Tundra 2
    Team Tundra 2 2 months ago +2

    I thought the film was very good actually. Not amazing but good. But I can’t really see these inconsistencies in the way others can.

  • Sergi Medina
    Sergi Medina 3 months ago +1

    You're totally right, sir.
    But Rian Johnson is one of the worst directors I know. Ever since I watched _Looper_ I saw he's not as good as he claims to be... Who and why in the world someone hired him to direct (AND write!!!!) a _Star Wars_ movie is beyond my comprehension. And he's going to direct (AND write!!!!) the next trilogy!!!! Yes, even AFTER _The Last Jedi!!!!_

    • Rares Sava
      Rares Sava Month ago

      Well this trilogy could be better because he allready knew what to expect if he make mistakes.

  • alejandro villalba
    alejandro villalba 3 months ago

    Giving R Johnson a trilogy is one of the worse mistakes in the history of cinema. That guy has no clue about how to write and his ideas are terrible to say the least. Get him back to direct junkies stories. Fantasy is not his stuff.

  • The Random Kat
    The Random Kat 3 months ago

    She is an twin of Ben solo soooooo she is part of the sky walker family

  • badri
    badri 3 months ago

    👍🏿 Agree, I think we have the same opinion but its Rian Johnson's fault.

  • Ed Ford
    Ed Ford 3 months ago

    Star wars is broken.

    THE16THPHANTOM 3 months ago

    this was the first time i heard of that directory who F.A.Qed up the star wars universe. first impression were not great, all the sudden he is publically antagonizing fans, belittling them, made it all about sexism, later racism. just about the worst type of person to represent anything. i was like, ok rip star wars, i was not there for the originals 3 and i never really bothered with them but i was hopping to get into this new starwars. and what a shit show this has all turned out to be. now all of the sudden star wars is for women only, or was it the force that was for women only. crashing dissappointment is what the whole experience has been, thank god there are Marvel movies and Brainless fun Fast and Furious.

  • S.Mi.
    S.Mi. 3 months ago

    Нет уж. Своими новостями они снова хотят обмануть людей пойти на их очерендную многобюджетную замануху. В самом начале дисней публично заявляли что "они будут снимать фильмы по ЗВ пока они не перестанут приносить деньги" Этот момент пришёл, не надо ходить на девятый эпизод

  • Jim of Aotearoa
    Jim of Aotearoa 3 months ago

    At least they got the title right....."The Last Jedi" movie i'll ever pay for....

  • Comic Sans
    Comic Sans 3 months ago

    How bout these guns tho

  • David Pauley
    David Pauley 3 months ago +1

    No, this is Rian Johnson's fault - and Lucasfilm's fault. He declared that he wanted to undo expectations. Thankfully it looks like his trilogy won't happen....because, well, it would tank at the box office.

  • The 1635
    The 1635 3 months ago

    TLJ & TFA should have never existed. Instead, they should have done a trilogy about the Old Republic era and focus on REAL sith ( Revan,Malgus,Marr) & other sheer awesome characters ( Shae Vizla, Rycus Kilran, Acina).

  • Claudio Como
    Claudio Como 3 months ago +1

    Excellent vid and made only 2 days after TLJ came out! There is no way in hell I will go to see "Round Head" Ruin Johnson's trilogy if he's still doing it.

  • Domenico Rizzo
    Domenico Rizzo 3 months ago +2

    I don't understand why Kathleen Kennedy forces directors to do stupid or useless things in their movies (like the stupid funny moments that aren't funny or feminism) and doesn't let them create freely 😑🙄😖

  • xakoswja jdjdjrvs
    xakoswja jdjdjrvs 3 months ago +1

    Who else thinks thumbnail looks like snape

  • Ryker777
    Ryker777 3 months ago

    Ruin Johnson will never direct anything of any relevance ever again

  • Akin Khoo
    Akin Khoo 3 months ago

    the hobbit was never going to be as big as lord of the ring, it has nothing to do with direction or production, it is simply the reality of the material. one can argue the new trilogy too has alot of baggage but the point is, JJ choose to take this baggage and dump it on to rian. which was really kind of an asshole thing to do. so yes they are to blame, but the material also encourages that.

  • Inti Equis
    Inti Equis 3 months ago

    But the damage is done...

  • Penrose Conjecture
    Penrose Conjecture 3 months ago

    I agree with a lot of your highlights but I feel like I'm THE ONLY person who didn't believe what Kylo Ren told her about her parents and till this day I still don't understand why everyone just blindly excepted what he said to her about them being junk traders.. In the theatre, I instantly felt like " ahh this dude is manipulating her just to push her buttons and get her to join him". Everyone else just seems to accept it at face value.

  • Gorki XXX
    Gorki XXX 3 months ago

    How could you enjoy that garbage? My gf got sleep, I felt embarrassed and not for her, for convincing her to watch the film, what a waste of time and money.

  • lanieta vakasevi
    lanieta vakasevi 3 months ago

    You have power this guy has so many jokes

  • Jason Chao
    Jason Chao 3 months ago

    fuck you Disney

  • Waifu Croc
    Waifu Croc 4 months ago

    You might also add Rian and his minions telling people who criticize the movie as “racist”.

  • BloodweiserDK
    BloodweiserDK 4 months ago

    Sure Kylo tells Rey her parents were nobody and sold her off. But how do we actually know this is true? Lies, cheat and deceat is the way of the dark side. He might as well be trying to ruin her selfconfidence in order to push her closer to the dark side.

  • Henry Marckisotto
    Henry Marckisotto 4 months ago

    so you could say you have... a new hope?

  • 歐森Oson
    歐森Oson 4 months ago

    maybe Rey is a Kenobi

  • Lauren
    Lauren 4 months ago

    i thought it was snape in the thumbnail😂😂 like from harry potter

  • phoenixrising7777
    phoenixrising7777 4 months ago +2

    I hope Disney subverts Rian’s expectations for his trilogy.

  • PGG
    PGG 4 months ago

    JJ now has to clean up the mess...
    If he even can...

  • La Mano Meando
    La Mano Meando 5 months ago

    No character development? WTF?

  • David Labay
    David Labay 5 months ago

    JJ Abrams is literally writing Episode IX everyday on the toilet. Does that sound like a LOTR movie to you? Deleted scenes and a blizzard of new characters (eye candy) to keep you distracted until you figure out that you have been deceived into giving your money to Mickey Mouse (or is it dickey louse).

  • naredayt
    naredayt 5 months ago

    Do they even have a storytelling group?

  • T- Series
    T- Series 5 months ago

    **Sees that it's only 5 minutes**

    _Impossible! Perhaps the archives must be incomplete_

  • 12ft Narcoleptic Panda
    12ft Narcoleptic Panda 5 months ago

    Why would they change their business practices? They're already making bank.

  • I'm a pigeon, you peasant
    I'm a pigeon, you peasant 5 months ago +2

    I recently watched all star wars movies. the one from 1999, 2002, 2005. Let me tell you. they are amazing and looked great for their age. I then watched the 2015 one, The Force Awakens, it was pretty good, but then, oh boy oh boy, I watched The Last Jedi one and could barely watch it, it was full of sjw shit and the story was pure shit. I really believe i shouldn't have watched it

  • Avner Rosenstein
    Avner Rosenstein 5 months ago

    The problems with that film are endless. I think one of the biggest problems you kinda mentioned but not really is the fact that Kennedy and Lucasfilm never told Rian Johnson "NO" when it came to ideas and story development. Rian Johnson explained the huge amount of freedom he had while writing and then directing and Lucasfilm always seemed to be happy with what he would come up with. Furthermore, J.J. Abrams in both TFA and Ep IX had a writing partner...for a reason! Think of it as yin and yang. One comes up with something ridiculous and the other is there to tell him NO. Rian Johnson had no writing partner and no one to tell him NO.
    I actually refused to see Solo simply because of the travesty that is TLJ. I saw Force awakens 4 times in the theater. I saw last Jedi once. I realized my mistake later of course...solo was pretty damn good and it gives mixed signals to the people behind the scenes as if Solo wasn't interesting. I ended up buying the digital version of it of course.

  • Skullzie
    Skullzie 5 months ago

    andrei's dying again

  • hockeyfanJT91
    hockeyfanJT91 5 months ago

    Damn, if you saw any trailers you woulda been let down 1000000x more

  • Grant
    Grant 5 months ago

    Actually, the real reason why there is no real consistency is much, much stupider.
    They are trying to repeat the OT's success in being made up as they went along. The OT was improvised, that is well-known, and they think if they improvise it, it will be even better than the prequels.
    However, here's the problem with that: The OT was improvised by accident and necessity. Kathleen Kennedy is trying to _force_ improvisation, without realizing that forced improvization is no longer improvization. It's just contrived.

    JAFO-PTY 5 months ago

    nobody ever said that Rey was the daughter of important people. Why was that such a big reveal? just because audience thought she could be, but in the movie, there is no mention of this. The screenplay is written as a response to fans.

    • sicko115
      sicko115 4 months ago

      Because that was one of the main plot points for the entire trilogy established on episode 7, the mystery of Rey's parents(who were they and why they left her on Jakku?). Episode 8 delivered an underwhelming answer out of the blue, which is why many fans don't approve on it.