i used 1 STAR vs. 5 STAR rated food products !!!

  • Published on Mar 12, 2019
  • so i tested 1 star vs. 5 star rated of the same kitchen gadgets! bubble waffle maker, kitchen knives, smoothie makers and more. the difference betweet 1 star and 5 star is HUGE but i hope you like it and don't forget to subscribe, thank you
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    video inspired by GMM:
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  • Leefee Leaf
    Leefee Leaf Day ago

    is it weird that the fruits look photoshopped lol

  • Allison Bridgeford
    Allison Bridgeford 2 days ago +3

    The numbers on the side of a toaster is for how long you want to toast it for so if you want crunchy bread, you turn the dial to a higher number.

  • Cosmic Lps
    Cosmic Lps 2 days ago

    Their are numbers on the toaster so you can make the bread more heated

  • Wsh
    Wsh 3 days ago +1


  • Alfiya Mansab
    Alfiya Mansab 4 days ago +3

    13:30 hahahhahahah....不不不不不

  • Mysan 08
    Mysan 08 4 days ago +1

    The number is not for the time its for the heat levels. BTW Love your videos 歹 鳶

  • Jason Chan
    Jason Chan 4 days ago +1


    • Jason Chan
      Jason Chan 4 days ago

      O ya and the one star blender looked like a toy lightsaber

  • AmyAmos Playz
    AmyAmos Playz 4 days ago

    All toasters have crum trays. the numbers are minutes (Or so I was told)

  • Danielle Peterson
    Danielle Peterson 4 days ago +1

    Its the time it toast for

  • dill pickle
    dill pickle 5 days ago

    The heat

  • HTS Distortion
    HTS Distortion 5 days ago +2

    14:57 wut was that

  • M8 GAMER 21
    M8 GAMER 21 7 days ago +4

    The numbers on the toaster mean the heat level

  • Trinity Jarrell
    Trinity Jarrell 7 days ago +3

    keep up the great work i love you forget the haters

  • StrikeE
    StrikeE 7 days ago +1

    This is interesting content... But i increase the speed 1.25x because he talk really slow...

  • Eleonore Coget
    Eleonore Coget 8 days ago +1

    The 5 star toaster burnt the bread ?!?

  • Esther Niroshani Ceylon

    Is de "bubblewaffle maker" niet gewoon voor poffertjes???

  • Ttvbananaz btw
    Ttvbananaz btw 8 days ago

    Numbers are how long you want it toasted

  • Ellie Christie
    Ellie Christie 8 days ago +5

    The smoothie one got me laughing my head off when the thing wouldnt turn on I was like its so shit its actually funny

  • Reagan Stuhldreher
    Reagan Stuhldreher 9 days ago +1

    Yhe numbers are for the minutes

  • Simon Harris
    Simon Harris 10 days ago

    Nice vids

    APHRODITEEEEEE 10 days ago +1


  • O8pandagirl Li
    O8pandagirl Li 11 days ago +3

    The numbers mean how many minutes

  • clementine9978 oof
    clementine9978 oof 12 days ago +1

    No wonder its 1 star

  • Emily Mcdonald
    Emily Mcdonald 12 days ago +5

    The 5 star knife isnt on Amazon anymore....at least nowhere I could see

  • Miguel N
    Miguel N 12 days ago +2

    15:53 there for temperature

  • Anderson Fun
    Anderson Fun 12 days ago +5

    I'm so sorry if I hurt your feelings that was my freind

  • Anderson Fun
    Anderson Fun 12 days ago

    You talk way to damn much

  • Anime Fan
    Anime Fan 12 days ago +2

    I thought he was making takoyaki with octopus and stuff

  • ChangeYourStance
    ChangeYourStance 12 days ago

    Stg when he said he siri my phone went tf off

  • Incognito Girl
    Incognito Girl 13 days ago +6

    Lol poor Raphael. All that money down the drain

  • Toxified Sushi
    Toxified Sushi 13 days ago +3

    Bubble waffles.... what the f***? Is that what English people call it? And syrup?!? Isnt it already sweet enough? Or do Asians just add sugar to the batter?

  • Tyrell Fan
    Tyrell Fan 13 days ago +5

    17:58 does he eat burnt toast all the time

  • Toothless Furryfish
    Toothless Furryfish 13 days ago

    Of course, all of the 5 star items are better.....

    • JD DZN
      JD DZN 12 days ago

      Toothless Furryfish it was a test to see how big the difference was:)

  • Emilia Barber
    Emilia Barber 13 days ago +2

    had anybody else never heard of bubble waffles... like theres this thing called, REAL WAFFLES, I-丹儭

  • Darcey Dick
    Darcey Dick 13 days ago +2

    You do realize knifes arent going to be perfect from in the mail and its called you have to sharpen it oh also the chefs knife is meant for slicing what was sliced the set can be used on basically anything

  • Na7i4u11ah PlayZ
    Na7i4u11ah PlayZ 14 days ago +4

    The numbers...are how burnt u want it bread...also the heat xD

  • Zeba Khatun
    Zeba Khatun 14 days ago +4

    bubble waffle...

    theyre called egg waffles
    (theyre not actually egg)

  • Trupac
    Trupac 14 days ago +2

    Iphone kiddo

  • Trupac
    Trupac 14 days ago +3

    Why those waffels are not good lookingCAUSE YOU TURNED IT UPSIDE DOWN

  • PhantomDR
    PhantomDR 14 days ago +2

    Ooooh what a surprise a Professional CHEF knife is better

  • Mad Paddy
    Mad Paddy 14 days ago +1


  • Tina H
    Tina H 15 days ago +8

    Put the speed to 1.25 or 1.5. Sorry you just speak so slow

  • Star Slimes
    Star Slimes 15 days ago +1

    The number = heat

  • Nether Spectre
    Nether Spectre 15 days ago

    The comment below me is d u m d u m

  • Aone M
    Aone M 16 days ago +1

    The numbers are for heat

  • Nicholas Donosky
    Nicholas Donosky 16 days ago +3

    I feel like he was over exaggerating about the products based on their views. In the blender he also put more coconut water in the 5 star review one

    • Lauritonas
      Lauritonas 14 days ago

      but the toaster was broken and you could see a clear difference in the knifes

  • jaxgamerplays
    jaxgamerplays 16 days ago +1

    How many minutes

  • Doreen Senabulya
    Doreen Senabulya 17 days ago +3

    How many minutes

    • az
      az 12 days ago

      +Emily Breen i think they're talking about the numbers on the toaster

    • Emily Breen
      Emily Breen 16 days ago

      Err.... read the bottom, no need to ask

  • velocity
    velocity 17 days ago +1

    Comment below me makes me want to hate myself

  • priscillasoo
    priscillasoo 18 days ago +3

    17:59 so... a toaster that gives you brown bread on one side and black on the other is a 5-star toaster.. wasnt expecting that from Smeg.

    • Tina H
      Tina H 15 days ago

      +Wendy Windex that only my guess since he didnt put two in and the empty side wa burnt. Idk

    • Wendy Windex
      Wendy Windex 15 days ago

      Tina H Im pretty sure thats not how toasters work

    • Tina H
      Tina H 15 days ago

      He didnt put 2 toasts in so the other side had more heat to take in

    • Wendy Windex
      Wendy Windex 17 days ago +1

      priscillasoo he turned it on maximum lmao

  • Chanelle Hill
    Chanelle Hill 18 days ago +2

    The numbers on the toaster turn up the heat I would keep it at 3

    • Wendy Windex
      Wendy Windex 17 days ago

      Chanelle Hill I thought when you turned up the numbers it makes the bread stay in longer not turn up the heat

  • I do Things
    I do Things 18 days ago +5

    The comment below me is a nub

    • Shannel Luna
      Shannel Luna 18 days ago +1

      Lol the person who's comment below u has the username "N00B Army"

  • N00B Army
    N00B Army 18 days ago +9

    I thought the coconut water was an picture lol

  • Ayg羹n Karasu
    Ayg羹n Karasu 18 days ago +1

    The comment below me made me loose 5 braincells

  • K- Cubed
    K- Cubed 18 days ago +1

    The comment below mine is lying about how the comment below his comment is not really funny

  • KidTillKill Gamer
    KidTillKill Gamer 19 days ago +4

    The comment below mine is lying because it's not really funny

  • Ella From Mars
    Ella From Mars 19 days ago +2

    The comment below mine is funny

  • Beverly Stevens
    Beverly Stevens 19 days ago +5

    15:52 means the numbers equivalent of minutes

    AMAYA MAUPIN 19 days ago

    It is for the minutes

  • popoyour pants
    popoyour pants 19 days ago

    Nice video

  • Davids Weird
    Davids Weird 19 days ago +2

    The numbers for toasters are the minutes I dont understand why its a mystery ive always knew what it was meant for

  • Katy Longden
    Katy Longden 19 days ago +1

    Numbers are for how many minutes it's in there for

  • Casey Mosby
    Casey Mosby 20 days ago +2

    Waffles are desert for you??

  • T Dawson
    T Dawson 20 days ago +2

    The number are minutes

  • JellyCat 123
    JellyCat 123 20 days ago +1


  • shadow Wolf
    shadow Wolf 20 days ago +8

    You scare me when you have knifes in your possession

    • shadow Wolf
      shadow Wolf 19 days ago +1

      I am sry I have reading and writing disabilities

    • Jaws Small
      Jaws Small 19 days ago

      Knives? The plural of knife?

    • shadow Wolf
      shadow Wolf 20 days ago +1

      I think I spelt that right

  • Justin Gui
    Justin Gui 20 days ago +2

    ur ugly

  • Semaj Swinson
    Semaj Swinson 20 days ago +1

    6 is the darkest 1 is little toasted

    XXVKILLERAXEXX 20 days ago +2

    15:50 its mins for the toasting

  • Bonesy Champaign
    Bonesy Champaign 20 days ago +1

    It makes it stay in for longer or for less time

  • Riolic
    Riolic 21 day ago +2

    I hate em big I hate em chunky
    Big and chunky song

  • Mags Bolton
    Mags Bolton 21 day ago +2

    The numbers tell how burnt/raw u want the bread

  • Machi M&M
    Machi M&M 21 day ago

    As I know they mean the time of how long you wanna toast the toast

  • Starry Leafy
    Starry Leafy 22 days ago

    Lol it stands for how much minutes

  • Mori Mori Studio
    Mori Mori Studio 22 days ago +1


  • 鉆菇リ郇sly 鉆菇Designs鉏

    **Casually waves around knife without fearing of hitting himself.** This is normal for Rapheal here folks.

  • Samantha Nash
    Samantha Nash 22 days ago

    it is how dark you want it toasted

  • sandy 2006
    sandy 2006 22 days ago +1

    The numbers on the toaster are for how toasted you want your bread. Thank me later

  • 1lilypad girl
    1lilypad girl 23 days ago +3

    Don't expect the 1 star knife to slide. It's a chopping knife not a sawing knife.

    ROB BOSS 23 days ago

    The numbers on the toaster, are the minutes

  • Melody Black
    Melody Black 23 days ago +1

    The numbers on the Toaster show you how long you want the bread to toast in minutes (1 means 1 Minute.. and so on)

  • Mawmaw Sue
    Mawmaw Sue 24 days ago +2

    To much batter put in at once, idiot
    And the numbers on the toaster means how dark you want your toast to be.

    • ThatOneGemini TheRandomLeo ThatOneRandomAquarius
      ThatOneGemini TheRandomLeo ThatOneRandomAquarius 19 days ago

      1-you dont put batter in a toaster
      2-the numbers mean minutes

    • TheInconvenientGamer
      TheInconvenientGamer 23 days ago +1

      Actually before you start calling people an idiot, the numbers on the toaster are minutes. They have nothing to do with how dark you want the toast to be.

    • Soleil Palmer
      Soleil Palmer 23 days ago

      Mawmaw Sue that always feels nice when you are called an idiot by someone you probably dont know

  • Nylia Tye
    Nylia Tye 24 days ago +1

    No the number on the toaster is how long u want it to be in there not the temperature

  • Rosa Sinesis
    Rosa Sinesis 24 days ago


  • MiragesMisteryGirl
    MiragesMisteryGirl 24 days ago

    The toaster test, Smeg actually is a pretty damn expensive brand..

  • Teresa Fairchild
    Teresa Fairchild 24 days ago

    This video was an absolute delight

  • tove Larsson
    tove Larsson 25 days ago +3

    The number on the toaster is how hot you want it to be

    • The Spiderdude
      The Spiderdude 24 days ago

      Reply to this reply you will reply reply to this reply

    • Tosin Ayadi
      Tosin Ayadi 24 days ago

      Michelle Walker no well mine doesnt

    • Alexis Walker
      Alexis Walker 24 days ago

      +Jessie Porter it's the temperature

    • Jessie Porter
      Jessie Porter 24 days ago +1

      tove Larsson no it is how long you want it in for

  • Laura og L疆rke S繪s

    Great video!

  • Lily Bond
    Lily Bond 25 days ago +6

    Is it just me or does his fruit bowl look photoshopped?

    • x ava x
      x ava x 24 days ago

      Lily Bond yes!

    ODANAOO 25 days ago +3

    Are you gya

  • Ashatan ninja
    Ashatan ninja 25 days ago +3

    Raphael waving his knives around is triggering my anxiety lol

  • Preston Sprague
    Preston Sprague 25 days ago +4

    The numbers mean how high the temperature is

  • The EpicHammerHead
    The EpicHammerHead 26 days ago +1

    The numbers on the toaster is post to mean the heat or the the time one of those

  • Sasse
    Sasse 26 days ago +4

    The numbers don't stand for minutes, it's there to choose how brown you want your bread to be, so I'm guessing how much heat it should use

  • The Unicorn Tamer
    The Unicorn Tamer 26 days ago +1

    the numbers on the toaster represents how cooked you want your toast

  • samantha sophia
    samantha sophia 26 days ago +2

    now he is a fair man

  • Matei Creu
    Matei Creu 26 days ago +6

    17:00 fake. You broke toaster machine. Dislike

    • Matei Creu
      Matei Creu 22 days ago

      +Cool boy PlaysH same xoxo

    • Starry Leafy
      Starry Leafy 22 days ago

      Yeah 1 mistake and you're complaining chill

    • Starry Leafy
      Starry Leafy 22 days ago

      Yeah 1 mistake coast cause a dislike chill

    • Cool boy PlaysH
      Cool boy PlaysH 23 days ago

      Matei Creu asshole disliking for that how noob are you

    • Dont ask me
      Dont ask me 25 days ago

      lmao did you like your own comment?
      And he isnt an engineer, he doesnt know how to fix broken things that literally came broken.

  • Ludwig Tylar
    Ludwig Tylar 26 days ago +1

    iPad XR?不不

  • isabelle
    isabelle 26 days ago +10

    lol love how he pretends like we diddnt just see the burnt side of the bread

  • Lolliboo
    Lolliboo 26 days ago +1

    So the numbers are for the amount of heat the toaster has to toast your.... bread? Bagel? Annoying sibling? I use a toaster for many reasons.... but anyways some toasters have the option to toast for a certain amount of time I think. Idk these days. And also just Yeet the one star stuff. Yeet it. And keep that knife. ItS sO sHaRp