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  • Published on Dec 24, 2013
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  • Anthony Oliver Parker
    Anthony Oliver Parker 5 months ago

    Followed You on Twitch!

  • lagendry catcher
    lagendry catcher 3 years ago

    ok maybe

  • theHedgex1
    theHedgex1 5 years ago

    twitch plays pokemon ^^

  • Tyco Tyrannus
    Tyco Tyrannus 5 years ago

    Okay so, being a huge Angry Joe fan, im now following all his twitch channels stated above. But having never bothered with Twitch tv til Joe was on it im at a loss. I went there and saw many vids of people "saved" on the server. When I went to Joe all I got was he was "Offline" and no saved vids from streams he did. What am I doing wrong? Please help because I would love to see the streams im unable to watch live and would surely subscribe if there was content. I love giving back real cash to things that entertain me.
    I have found some vids on the other channels but not Joes streams yet

  • Charlie Arawaia
    Charlie Arawaia 5 years ago

    Joe is right..!!!

  • muckymucks
    muckymucks 5 years ago +1

    Google became the evil empire they said they'd never be. Sucks but money changes everything.
    Good seeing Joe on Twitch. I saw him as a guest on TB's podcast and he was a good guest. Looking forward to seeing more off the cuff Joe.

  • sir cartman
    sir cartman 5 years ago

    Yes more angry joe

  • pharohbender
    pharohbender 5 years ago

    Yes yes I saw the comment his not leaving youtube... Get over it, youtube is annoying anyways so if there's another place to watch angry joe then that's great if not, youtube it is.

  • pharohbender
    pharohbender 5 years ago

    Wow youtube, you gone and fucked it up. now I guess I'll follow angry joe on twitch and another site you decide to put up you reviews

    • Zoyt
      Zoyt 5 years ago

      He never said that he'd quit youtube. You're acting like you didn't even see the vid. Pay more attention.

  • Nanno Nanigashi
    Nanno Nanigashi 5 years ago

    Done :33

  • Sopheakdara HOUNG
    Sopheakdara HOUNG 5 years ago


  • iCentrist
    iCentrist 5 years ago

    Done and done. Hope that you can get this claims nonsense settled soon so that you can get back to it. Load of BS youtube's new system. Even hit me and I don't have many views! It's all original yet somehow they couldn't 'verify' it and struck it anyway. Got it settled but man what a pain.

  • S3PT1M1
    S3PT1M1 5 years ago

    followed all, i moved to twitch after watching LOADS of youtube for a long time and honestly its MUCH better than youtube. with the exception of like a long series like yogs used to do

  • S3PT1M1
    S3PT1M1 5 years ago +1

    Honestly i think the best way, or at least the most efficient way to deal with this is for content creators to completely boycott TheXvid (and Google+) move to another medium like twitch and be done with it. if this was my channel i would take down all the videos so nobody could make money off MY content and i would take my shit elsewhere. If no one uses TheXvid then maybe they will get the fucking hint that without content creators and viewers this site is a blank page. Like any business if you have no customers you go fucking bankrupt. They will only learn when we force feed OUR opinions on them by making it perfectly clear were pissed and are sick of this sites BS.

  • Dante Wilson
    Dante Wilson 5 years ago

    Consider it done Joe.

  • Angelous Mortis
    Angelous Mortis 5 years ago

    Not only the points he mentioned, but Twitch is a great way to communicate with people. I've gotten to know quite a few awesome people and chat with them.

  • FlyingMonkies325
    FlyingMonkies325 5 years ago

    Done! id like to get involved into the gamers side of YT because i have nobody to game with and the UK sucks right now so i'm bored out of my mind so i need some gamer friends :D, please tell me y'all play on Steam too?.

  • Daniel Kordab
    Daniel Kordab 5 years ago

    Joe could u review dragon ball z battle of z when it comes out. The game has been looking impressive thus far despite some annoying flaws that have been announced (inability to transform during a match,2 players cant play on the same console). I would really like ur honest opinion. thanks

  • Ash Man
    Ash Man 5 years ago

    I'm leaving joe for delrith hahaha

  • Kwoo Woo
    Kwoo Woo 5 years ago

    Bookmarked Twitch TV already. Thanks for sharing. Its time for youtube to stop being arrogant. Drop youtube if you must. I don't see all these attempts at silencing your angry rants gonna ending soon. Money speaks louder, logic tells us that youtube will not be backing you anytime against those advertisers.

  • Bryan Flores
    Bryan Flores 5 years ago

    Joe could you do a review of KingdomHeart

  • Brian Hodgson
    Brian Hodgson 5 years ago

    New rules are bull and they need to get sack punched

  • Brian Hodgson
    Brian Hodgson 5 years ago

    Ima follow you joe .... People are ignorant and thanks for being tolerant :)

  • AssassinGames007360
    AssassinGames007360 5 years ago

    Sound Legit, u rock SO much Joe!

  • Nazy G
    Nazy G 5 years ago

    Will AJSA be hosting any servers on 7 days to die?

  • MrRukale
    MrRukale 5 years ago

    "TheXvid won't pay me anymore, so hey, look, here's a thing that you can throw money at me for and I can still use other people's stuff."
    Yeah, okay Joe.

  • Jules L
    Jules L 5 years ago +1

    Just set up a twitch account just to follow you!! Love your channel.

  • Ns2AuroN2
    Ns2AuroN2 5 years ago

    Twitch is safer! Good choice!

  • javy sto
    javy sto 5 years ago

    Dude I love your rant on x1 DRM pt2 I watch it like crazy I show it to my xfanboys I'm a Sonyfanboy just to piss them off !!! I'm getting a ps 4 soon, I'm really looking forward to ps4 game reviews.

  • RomanianReviews
    RomanianReviews 5 years ago

    I did that Joe...i like your content.

  • cologatorman
    cologatorman 5 years ago

    added you on both my twitch accounts

  • kyubii972
    kyubii972 5 years ago

    following you on both now can't wait to watch you play some vidja games. GL with TheXvid. an gooossssfrraaabbbaaa man hopefully everything will get fixed with the id system. gl to you.

  • Ezekiel 3722
    Ezekiel 3722 5 years ago

    Its a shame that Joe has to tell people via pop-ups on his videos that he's not stopping his TheXvid stuff when he states it repeatedly in this video and previous videos. People on TheXvid comment before they finish the videos all the time, or simply don't listen and while you can understand getting the wrong idea a couple of times the number of people clearly show people are way too prepared to rage. Just give him or other Youtbers time to explain in their videos before raging.

  • Nino A
    Nino A 5 years ago +13


  • Alex Nance
    Alex Nance 5 years ago

    Whoa...Angry Joe is surprisingly not angry 0-0. Mind=blown

  • Rudy Ruvalcaba
    Rudy Ruvalcaba 5 years ago

    yeaaa angry army lets destroy these ppl stealing our money!

  • Madara_Uchiha XG
    Madara_Uchiha XG 5 years ago

    the deed is done

  • Roman Bellic
    Roman Bellic 5 years ago

    When will you do a stream?

  • Christian Duran
    Christian Duran 5 years ago

    twitch is going to end up taking over TheXvid!!!

  • steve steven
    steve steven 5 years ago

    joe turn this army in to a army that well soport this youtube stuff

  • OptimusGamer1981
    OptimusGamer1981 5 years ago

    Just signed up for Twitch so I could follow your 3 streams here, doubt if I'll ever follow anyone else but I look forward to seeing what guys do on there, should be a blast.

  • Startrance
    Startrance 5 years ago +2

    i really hope Twitch will grow larger and larget and become the new standard for all gamers, youtube need to feel that they are doing this wrong.

  • fyrestorme123
    fyrestorme123 5 years ago

    Joe, the twitch thing doesn't really work - not really - unless you do twitch full time and youtube part time. When you go to youtube, you are just looking for anything already recorded and if you have a lot of videos for people to watch on youtube then you don't necessarily have to have something that you just did; BUT
    If you are going to twitch you are expecting to always see that someone streaming or at least a majority of the time - so you have to spend the majority of your time on twitch for it to really be worth it.

  • Eddie Emmerling
    Eddie Emmerling 5 years ago


  • Stefan Denchev
    Stefan Denchev 5 years ago

    AC4 review???

  • Jimbo Let's Play
    Jimbo Let's Play 5 years ago

    Right on Joe~! Fan of yours from across the world in Singapore~! Hope I'll have the chance to meet you in person one day~!

  • Calum McGregor
    Calum McGregor 5 years ago

    Is there any way for you to give further notice on Twitch Joe? I'm a fan in Europe and only got a notification that you were doing Twitch at 3am my time (central europe) , or is it meant to solely be a spontaneous thing?

  • Daniel Orton
    Daniel Orton 5 years ago

    Joe don't worry I'm sticking with it the end of time lol. People need to get a club and understand you want to do great thing just youtube got a thumb up there ass

  • Vincent O'Brien
    Vincent O'Brien 5 years ago

    I'll be honest and say if Joe moved to another site I'd follow and a lot of my viewing of extra bits and pieces on youtube is when the guys I'm subbed to have no new videos. People like the AJS make youtube what it is, if there was no "Big guys" here to come to begin with then there would be zero point in people starting off uploading vids of any sort to youtube because the casual traffic of people waiting for the Next review or angry rant would simply be on another site, sad that youtube don't see how this will happen.
    And Joe btw, I know you at no point suggested you are leaving youtube in this video I 100% understand you are just asking for some followers on twitch and no doubt you will have them as soon as people are done with the festive eating and drinking but I just felt the need to point out an obvious enough area where youtube is going to bleed traffic if they keep this content ID shit as it stands now, I'm actually sad to watch a video reviewing buggy shit games like Aliens CM when I think that Sega are getting money for making a game so shit that people will do comedy reviews of it... and they get money for it, it almost encourages people to make dire games.

  • jubeibob
    jubeibob 5 years ago

    you got it , followed!!

  • Al Simons
    Al Simons 5 years ago

    Angry joe, you should play some dota with me sometime, its an awesome game and probably the best moba out.

  • TheaDragonSpirit
    TheaDragonSpirit 5 years ago +2

    Shits going down.

  • Jorge abuauad
    Jorge abuauad 5 years ago

    how do I add you to psn

  • Mitchell mills
    Mitchell mills 5 years ago

    i followed you on twitch

  • KoolDawg99
    KoolDawg99 5 years ago +2

    Guys he isn't stopping TheXvid at all. He will remain doing everything he has done on TheXvid,he's just doing some other stuff on twitch and trying to help his Angry Army grow. Help his Army grow,guys!

  • Ma bans
    Ma bans 5 years ago +3

    Done and Subbed..

  • chinobling83
    chinobling83 5 years ago

    I followed

  • Illutian Kade
    Illutian Kade 5 years ago

    Done, done, and done! :D

  • Chris Hillaris
    Chris Hillaris 5 years ago

    I can't find you on twitch

  • Ashley Ramirez
    Ashley Ramirez 5 years ago

    I will follow lol

  • Hashim
    Hashim 5 years ago

    k sounds reasonable

  • Abdullah Obada
    Abdullah Obada 5 years ago

    Nigga what the fuck u talking about u never fucking do review a fucking game anymore that's why people watched your shit now u don't do that anymore without that part your channel is just garbage

  • llindvior
    llindvior 5 years ago

    Just created a twitch account and followed joe. :D

  • Manuel Charbonneau
    Manuel Charbonneau 5 years ago

    is not taking in french non non parfoi il faux savoir écouter les amis(es) cela doi être trop you understand?

  • spotless mind
    spotless mind 5 years ago

    you have my follow JOE!

  • Solyn Cassia
    Solyn Cassia 5 years ago

    Subscribing is very different from following on twitch. but you can do both if you want to support joe financially~!

  • mewletter
    mewletter 5 years ago

    Good to know that you put your content on other video sites. Do keep up the good work!

  • RandomReaper
    RandomReaper 5 years ago

    Heheh i am gonna enjoy some Angry Joe on Twitch i must make some popcorn when you start doing it haha.

  • Drake Knight
    Drake Knight 5 years ago

    OK following channels on twitch now.

  • Rashnu09
    Rashnu09 5 years ago

    I will gladly watch Delrith on twitch. I cannot fathom why anyone would watch an average player like joe. Il support skilled players, thank you, bye.

  • neobeeper
    neobeeper 5 years ago

    ummm dont we all already watch ur twitch? no? well i do

  • Цветелин Василев

    Biggest Game Controversies of 2014 ? Are you gonna do one Joe ?

  • Sari Beep o.O
    Sari Beep o.O 5 years ago

    Will be following your channel on twitch ^_^ Does anyone know how Twitch works though? Like, are there ads attached to the channels that generate revenue for those running the channels? Would like to know so I can disable my ad blocker and know it's actually accomplishing something other than my seeing the ads XP

    • Markus Wallin
      Markus Wallin 5 years ago

      Yup, there's adds that are running a few times during a set period of time.
      But if you want to support your favorite streamers you can either Subscribe to a Streamer which gives money directly to them and removes adds for you or you can go "Turbo" which supports Twitch AND the Streamers you watch, and removes adds.
      I hope that helped you some.

  • Plipo Gamez
    Plipo Gamez 5 years ago +5

    No need to for the long explaination Mr Joe, your show is entertaining and informative. I will be watching you on Twitch. Google is thorwing its weight around whislt attempting to appear as though they have been pushed into being nasty.
    More channels should do exactly as you are doing.

  • Rocko DSS
    Rocko DSS 5 years ago

    Fuck TheXvid! Welcome to the real show! Twitch!

  • Topcats Lair
    Topcats Lair 5 years ago

    Awesome! Things are lookin better for you Joe. Glad you've found a friend in Twitch. Good to have someone who appreciates what you have to offer their site.

  • John Welsh
    John Welsh 5 years ago +1


  • EpicConspiracy
    EpicConspiracy 5 years ago

    Zero percent chance I watch you on twitch. We all know this is you testing the waters.

    • Minecraftplayer002
      Minecraftplayer002 5 years ago

      +Sari Beep o.O That entire Entry was BS. TwitchTV is almost exactly like youtube (-comment section) except he can communicate and sometimes play with us LIVE and not from a day ago.

    • Sari Beep o.O
      Sari Beep o.O 5 years ago +2

    • Rocko DSS
      Rocko DSS 5 years ago +7

      what lol? Tons of people are making a living out of streaming live on twitch. As for when Angryjoe is streaming, he gets enough views to do a full show and earn his living by a website/company that isnt trying to screw him.

  • oniddog
    oniddog 5 years ago

    Hey Joe
    How do I connect the twitch channel via xbox one?
    The search can't find any angry joe stuff?

  • Wytsejo Damm
    Wytsejo Damm 5 years ago

    sorry joe im just gonna watch ur youtube vids.. which will most likely be the good parts from what u do on twitch anyway x)
    i dont even have a twitch account so yeah maybe if at some point i get a twitch account ill think differently.

  • Elpida Wood
    Elpida Wood 5 years ago +1

    And Done.
    I'm following your channels.
    Good luck-

  • Punchy Scrotums
    Punchy Scrotums 5 years ago

    Good to see more people like yourself expanding your brand, especially with TheXvid heading down such a destructive path.
    Hopefully the recent Google+/TheXvid issues have raised the awareness on how potentially damning putting all of your eggs in one basket can be.

  • XxClassyBumxX
    XxClassyBumxX 5 years ago

    Why does TheXvid like to fuck themselves in the ass. They had something great but now their just adding all this bullshit like they want to eradicate gaming channels. Hopefully they could just look at the response to their actions and fix them

  • HilleCine
    HilleCine 5 years ago

    Done, it's a shame what google and Polaris have become. I know Joe can't blame his youtube MCM publicly but they have also left home out to dry. I'll support him as much as I can.

  • Next LVL Games
    Next LVL Games 5 years ago

    I dont find you on twitch when i search for you

  • Saulo Ren
    Saulo Ren 5 years ago

    JOE! How dare you clean your room - where's the superman symbol in the background?

  • velocityinstereo
    velocityinstereo 5 years ago

    You got it Joe.

  • Xur Agent of the Nine
    Xur Agent of the Nine 5 years ago


  • Xur Agent of the Nine
    Xur Agent of the Nine 5 years ago

    i follow you on twitch (yologuy31)

  • seth rumbaugh
    seth rumbaugh 5 years ago

    deffinitly followed you on twitch. I love your videos, and want to support ya anyway i can! And yeah it is kind of stupid people think you are not doing youtube videos anymore. You said you were at the start of the video. Anyway... GO JOE!

  • Leito Ultimatum
    Leito Ultimatum 5 years ago

    when will come out assassins cread 4 black flag reviews ?

  • NualphaJPN
    NualphaJPN 5 years ago

    Joe, I sent you a tweet about your page and I'm glad I came across your videos. Please continue to work hard and pursue your goals!

  • Alt0idz
    Alt0idz 5 years ago

    Done! You seem like a cool dude, looking forward to seeing you on Twitch!

  • Shibakon22
    Shibakon22 5 years ago

    you have my full support JOE keep doing what your doing XD.

  • joelikesguns
    joelikesguns 5 years ago

    I'm following you on twitch.

  • Chepower85
    Chepower85 5 years ago

    I follow where ever you go joe!! But are you going to make batman origins review?

  • Derek Bao
    Derek Bao 5 years ago

    If he has to mute the video and talk instead and no use the "trailer" but he can still review games. Not that I condone how faggot the new system is.

  • Windex Glass Cleaner
    Windex Glass Cleaner 5 years ago

    omg,Angry Joe finally went to twitch aswell! =D

  • Cian Walsh
    Cian Walsh 5 years ago

    Joe smash

  • Banzai431
    Banzai431 5 years ago

    Done! Say no more Joe.