Rebuilding A Wrecked Honda S2000 | EP #1 | 4K

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    On today's episode, we reveal a new project Greg came across last weekend. He purchased a wrecked Honda S2000 in order to show you some of his everyday work. We will go through the process on how we plan to bring this car back to its better days and get her running. We plan to show how we replace different parts on the s2000, a lot of body work, and how to use a frame machine.
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Comments • 80

  • R P
    R P 2 months ago

    Very nice video! Crazy how you know how to do all that yourself. Do you mind if I ask how much you bought it for?

  • Kyle
    Kyle 11 months ago

    I didn't know there were any decent YT channels out of Maryland let alone Bowie. NIce, I'm in Bowie too.

  • Rhandahl
    Rhandahl 11 months ago

    I have a 2008 honda civic, in Tangerine orange metallic, and Honestly, I find it's perhaps the nicest colours of all the original honda colours of the time.. and it goes so well with the antracite gray.. mine is the euro model, which imo is ten times prettier than the US version.. however with somewhat shittier rear suspension.. look it up:P

  • MonsterFab
    MonsterFab Year ago

    Do you know where to buy the upper strut tower for passenger side? 4:30

    • MonsterFab
      MonsterFab Year ago

      @Street Bandito do you know where to buy used parts the cheapest

    • MonsterFab
      MonsterFab Year ago

      @Street Bandito oh ok

  • Less Talk, More Delicious

    Very awesome vids! ✨ So cool watching real and professional body/frame repair work done. It’s like the ‘B is for Build’ channel, but waay better and more professionally done.
    Icing on the cake is the work is being done on an S2k (I’m a GPW MY03 owner myself)

    N5X GARAGE Year ago

    Check out my wrecked Honda s2000

  • bad Duckie
    bad Duckie Year ago

    it is an ABS sensor you broke

  • David Gonzalez
    David Gonzalez Year ago +1

    Paint it red.

  • M Sabbagh
    M Sabbagh Year ago

    S2000 color - Apex blue or rio yellow. Porsche signal orange could be cool

  • Jeff Hy
    Jeff Hy Year ago

    Solid pulls on that- lookin good guys- love the content

  • TomTomG96
    TomTomG96 Year ago

    should paint it either cyan or seafoam!

  • Artica1
    Artica1 Year ago

    Congrats on the buy cant wait to see more

  • Daniel Hopkins
    Daniel Hopkins Year ago

    Nardo Grey or Mexico Blue 😀

  • GrindhousePE
    GrindhousePE Year ago

    Grand Prix/Championship White will have the best ROI. It could be cool to do Mexico / Grabber Blue though!

  • GrindhousePE
    GrindhousePE Year ago

    I appreciate the cut between the first lug absolutely refusing to come off to the wheel being off altogether. Some things are best left unseen

  • DekLabs
    DekLabs Year ago

    BG33P-2 Paradise Blue Green Pearl, or G70P Brooklands Green Pearl Oem Honda colors

  • soleil pitcher
    soleil pitcher Year ago

    How many s2000's are white? Audi white

  • kasutatudjupid
    kasutatudjupid Year ago

    Honda Fiji Blue is a nice colour. (HON9507, B529P)

  • Ghost Drifter08
    Ghost Drifter08 Year ago

    Go for det red! Red and black😍and do det whole car smurf blue😂✌🏼

  • Hugo Mejia
    Hugo Mejia Year ago

    Please make it into a streamline butterfly!S2000 is my fave car, I have a Ap2!

  • Polara
    Polara Year ago

    put a hemi in it! for Science

  • Kudah Honcho
    Kudah Honcho Year ago

    White body , black wheels

    STRADA Year ago

    Le Mans blue!!!

  • etoomey2
    etoomey2 Year ago

    Bruh! that auto focus, or lack there of, is killing me! lol

    • etoomey2
      etoomey2 Year ago

      Oh, and BG-33P would be DOPE AF! Love that color. Keep representing MD, love the channel

  • Christophe Rojas
    Christophe Rojas Year ago

    That is abs

  • Brandon Garcia
    Brandon Garcia Year ago

    I say use the Honda Blue off the 2016 year range ... I think that's what I'm going for on my S2000 since I don't want to do a candy cobalt blue

  • Matt Heinz
    Matt Heinz Year ago

    Nord Gray. Its a new oem honda NSX color. Kinda green but dark and grey. If my s2k wasn't already lbp i'd respray it.

  • Michael Jones
    Michael Jones Year ago

    Paint it millennium jade green

  • MrRarekiller10
    MrRarekiller10 Year ago

    GTR Midnight Purple!!!!
    And also wide body!

  • Paul Matter
    Paul Matter Year ago

    Imola orange

  • The Stance Garage

    Your Welcome For The Parts lol 💪🏽💪🏽🙏🏾

  • Vali Gh
    Vali Gh Year ago

    Baby blue wide body

  • Nope
    Nope Year ago

    Flat white like cocaine for the color, carbon body kit with flat clear.

  • Aaron Radtke
    Aaron Radtke Year ago

    The rsx “eternal blue pearl” or the oem s2k yellow

  • Dustin Hansen
    Dustin Hansen Year ago

    Moonrock Gray Metallic NH-676M. You're welcome.

  • ethan hayes
    ethan hayes Year ago


  • Rōnin Racing
    Rōnin Racing Year ago

    Possible hillclimb car?

  • shortbandit
    shortbandit Year ago

    Washington Blue ('36 Ford)

  • Nicholas Lanier
    Nicholas Lanier Year ago

    Paint it arctic white

  • CLos
    CLos Year ago

    why dont you transfer that S2000 engine and put it into the 2002 hehehehehe so just buy the 2002 from your buddy hehe

  • Deadm00n
    Deadm00n Year ago

    Viola would be an awesome color (Porsche)

  • Deadm00n
    Deadm00n Year ago

    It’s actually a gravity sensor. It keeps you from lifting of the ground when hitting VTEC.

  • Hordes1ayer
    Hordes1ayer Year ago

    Go bold with an orange

  • Igor Krušlin
    Igor Krušlin Year ago

    honda electric blue with extra pearls

  • Jkr3wz8oh5
    Jkr3wz8oh5 Year ago

    Laguna is the best looking s2000 imo but maybe do it a little darker like a 3gts

  • RwdSkyrine
    RwdSkyrine Year ago

    L8c6 paint. Because mine is long gone lol.

  • Kyle Sowder
    Kyle Sowder Year ago

    Hibiscus red from a Audi B5 S4.

  • Felix Placencia
    Felix Placencia Year ago

    Midori green or super sonic blue pearl. Stay stock body. Wide body is way over done!!

  • Rick of Earth
    Rick of Earth Year ago

    Ultraviolet purple, was a special edition BMW M color.

  • Jeff Digital
    Jeff Digital Year ago

    dark charcoal metallic

  • NC's Garage
    NC's Garage Year ago

    Arles blue!!! Thank me later

  • Logan Krebs
    Logan Krebs Year ago

    Do a 2013 Hyundai Accent dark grey. I can shoot you my vin number or a pain code if you want to do a grey

  • DudeWiththeClue
    DudeWiththeClue Year ago

    That ap1 yellow would be super sick

  • Andrew
    Andrew Year ago

    BMW hellrot red. Best paint color that’s not grey

  • Vincent R De Linares

    I would love to see a grand prix white s2000 !

  • B is for Broke
    B is for Broke Year ago

    Black or white would look nice

  • Vincent R De Linares

    Crashing on a full gas tank what a waste lol

  • Kyle Irwin
    Kyle Irwin Year ago

    ive always thought black cherry pearl was a cool looking factory honda color. they also make a brown ish color but i cant think of the name of that one

  • hedlund88
    hedlund88 Year ago

    volvos java brown metallic, probably a bit top advanced to just mix up since it pops like crazy in the sun

  • Chad Gustafson
    Chad Gustafson Year ago

    That thing is the definition of fucked. I hope you got that for the low.

  • Peter Rollins
    Peter Rollins Year ago

    Can never go wrong with a pearl white. Cadillac, acura, or lexus is where id start looking for codes.

  • Mark Etherington
    Mark Etherington Year ago +1

    Audi Dolphin blue is perfect for the lines on the S2K

  • Ron Doddy
    Ron Doddy Year ago

    Paint it Midori Green

  • Ryan E
    Ryan E Year ago

    Honda Fiji blue

  • Jari Boone
    Jari Boone Year ago

    BMW long beach blue.
    Do it, you won't.

  • Adam Springer
    Adam Springer Year ago

    Audi Sepang blue!

  • Scoz E36
    Scoz E36 Year ago

    Competition white

  • BenGi551
    BenGi551 Year ago

    Some kind of red would fit 👍🏻

  • Fernando Kugi
    Fernando Kugi Year ago +3

    Wide body, white color(whit carbon fiber accents), red interior.

  • Derptato
    Derptato Year ago

    Thanks for the effort Greg.

  • Can Cilara
    Can Cilara Year ago +1

    You can paint it to Almandinschwarz coded MB182 or DB182.Its a strange Mercedes purple color but it looks unique.

  • Imrockstar142
    Imrockstar142 Year ago

    BRZ white. To upset the community.

  • SCMonkey
    SCMonkey Year ago

    Im hoping you spent no more than 1k on that....

  • Marcus Fulbright
    Marcus Fulbright Year ago

    I'll paint it the same color that the car came off the assembly line with

  • Luke Gargano
    Luke Gargano Year ago

    Dodges indigo blue or destroyer grey would look good on it

  • Richard Revie
    Richard Revie Year ago

    imola orange! oem paint + rare AF

  • Charlie Burtoff
    Charlie Burtoff Year ago

    Great episode!!

  • Phone User
    Phone User Year ago

    Silver spoon ghetto children.

  • Eric Perez
    Eric Perez Year ago

    Maybe an OEM Electron blue pearl ?? Code B95P

  • William Finstad
    William Finstad Year ago

    Thanks again guys. Love the content. I get greddy and wish there was more. Always excited for the next video!