• Published on Sep 22, 2018
  • Can you guess the 3 mystery players?
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Comments • 1 279

    BATA SGAMBA 4 days ago

    1) karius
    2) ribery
    3) Pellé

  • Marcel Skowron
    Marcel Skowron 5 days ago


  • InjurtYum
    InjurtYum 10 days ago

    0:56 thomas muller

  • chris preston
    chris preston 12 days ago


  • Kevin Chen
    Kevin Chen 16 days ago

    i had trouble for karius because i didn't wait for the second clue to be clarified (as i didn't want the pixels to clear up too much to give it away)

  • Juliohenni PSG
    Juliohenni PSG 22 days ago


  • PauloNatanael Dos Santos Sanabre

    Karius não ganhou a champions largue

  • Seth Bobeth
    Seth Bobeth Month ago

    I got all3

  • Vladimir Orellana
    Vladimir Orellana Month ago

    Messi: I’m poop

  • Rashid Mustafa
    Rashid Mustafa Month ago


  • Kaan_TR
    Kaan_TR 2 months ago

    Who is here when france won the world cup

  • Safa c
    Safa c 2 months ago +1


  • Rena Ekulide
    Rena Ekulide 2 months ago

    Karius didnt win the champions league

  • Amish Mundra
    Amish Mundra 3 months ago

    Who else noticed the Bayern Munich sponsor courtesy of Nigahiga?! TEE-HEE

    TANU MODI 4 months ago

    Easy i have been played with messi in argentina and with ronaldo in juventus i am n argentinian i am
    Ans paulo dybala

  • Attila Jeles
    Attila Jeles 4 months ago

    It is 9 o'clock

  • Ellie_Juventus_10
    Ellie_Juventus_10 5 months ago

    C’mon...We Need Dybala In There!

  • V.L.P.
    V.L.P. 5 months ago +1

    I didn't get Ribery but I got Graziano Pele and no I am not from Southampton not even GB

  • Ultimate Mewtwo
    Ultimate Mewtwo 5 months ago

    Thomas's hole regrets saying that

  • Thando 25
    Thando 25 5 months ago

    Graziano Pelle

  • Thando 25
    Thando 25 5 months ago

    frank ribery

  • Thando 25
    Thando 25 5 months ago

    loris karius

  • Andre Vartanian
    Andre Vartanian 5 months ago


  • Andre Vartanian
    Andre Vartanian 5 months ago

    that is the fact

  • Andre Vartanian
    Andre Vartanian 5 months ago


  • Andre Vartanian
    Andre Vartanian 5 months ago

    easy: arrigontallo

  • Tuna HD
    Tuna HD 5 months ago

    BJK❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ KARİUS

  • RandomEpicStuff
    RandomEpicStuff 5 months ago


  • Pro Gamer
    Pro Gamer 5 months ago

    I guess thomas milner

  • greeted space81
    greeted space81 5 months ago

    I'm a professional midfielder i won the world cup and I hate my current manager who am I

  • Jamie Cotter
    Jamie Cotter 5 months ago

    I have played for 3 professional clubs
    I played for my home team sporting Lisbon
    I normally get a red card for my winning celebration
    In my main celebration I say sssssiiiiiii!!!!!!
    I have played with Khedira in two different clubs
    I am....

  • Lightning Strikes
    Lightning Strikes 5 months ago

    I hate ronaldo
    I’m a mini magician
    I’m from Argentina
    I am best friends with pogba
    I’ve played for juve

  • RUB3N i.
    RUB3N i. 5 months ago

    Everybody say karius and keep it going EY

    • TOP XI 11
      TOP XI 11 5 months ago

      Imagine Karius playing at the world cup they would be 32nd behind Panama

    • RUB3N i.
      RUB3N i. 5 months ago

      Losing in the UEFA finals that is KARIUS

  • cristiano Rodriguez
    cristiano Rodriguez 5 months ago

    Get müller please or I'll unsubscribe

  • Ante Sučić
    Ante Sučić 5 months ago

    Great video

  • berat turhan
    berat turhan 5 months ago

    Loris karius 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

  • Alexis Watson
    Alexis Watson 5 months ago

    I am a great probably best African footballer ever
    I played for Chelsea
    I am Not Salah
    I won the League with Chelsea
    And the Champions league

    Answer: Didier Drogba

  • YoMo 2007
    YoMo 2007 5 months ago

    I got Karius and Ribery

  • Fazila Banu
    Fazila Banu 5 months ago


  • Patrick Rositano
    Patrick Rositano 5 months ago

    I got all of them lloris karius was the funniest

  • mtz 44
    mtz 44 5 months ago

    I am 30 Years Old
    I make 2 goals in 2018 World Cup
    I Played For Independente, Atlético Madrid & Manchester City
    I am De Gea Friend
    I Make 200 Goals For One Club
    Answer : Aguero
    I Am Played for Brazil
    I Am Played for Santos, New York & Cosmos
    I Am ambidextrous
    At the 1966 World Cup, Portuguese defender injured me
    I Make 1000 Goals in career

    Answer : Pele
    I play for Peru
    I Play for Bayern, Hamburg, Corinthians & Flamengo before going to Internacional
    I Am 34 Years Old
    I made a title goal at Chelsea in the World Cup of Clubs in 2012 for Corinthians
    I Made goal in Austrália in 2018 World Cup
    Answer : Paolo Guerrero

  • Michael Kairouz
    Michael Kairouz 5 months ago

    I actually got them all right

  • Agustín Boetto
    Agustín Boetto 5 months ago

    1 IS obvius Loris Karius i think
    2 i dont know ithink Benzema
    3 i dont know it

  • Thurlow 1124
    Thurlow 1124 5 months ago

    Isn’t it a coincidence that as soon as they revealed Karius he dropped the ball in his hand

  • Chat
    Chat 5 months ago

    1:07 priceless laugh

  • Abdullah Javaid
    Abdullah Javaid 6 months ago

    Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! I did not even answer one right.😎

  • Youssef Helmy
    Youssef Helmy 6 months ago

    This was somewhat easy

  • KOTPERSKI To mój nick w dogefut 19

    Medium THOMAS Muller

    PGP GREEN 6 months ago

    More of th9se more

  • Lizzle Esky
    Lizzle Esky 6 months ago

    I am ugly
    I use to play for Man City
    I love running
    I nearly won the champions league
    I love drinking ribena
    Who am I

    James Milner

  • m kovac
    m kovac 6 months ago

    Can you make video about fifa player of the year rap battle ? Also
    can you make video about Messi
    when he shave his beard ?
    Thanks !!!!

  • Fadzil Fikri
    Fadzil Fikri 6 months ago

    When you will update for every premier league manager

  • Sait Emir Kara
    Sait Emir Kara 6 months ago

    Oha bjk

  • Leonardo Góes
    Leonardo Góes 6 months ago

    Karius won UCL?

  • Dance on The with
    Dance on The with 6 months ago

    Ola k aze

  • Sr_do_Futuro E0 Homi_makaco

    Luka modric winner

  • Aamir Nasir
    Aamir Nasir 6 months ago

    442oons im your biggest fan do a firmino salah and a mane q&a

  • Kylian MMMboppe
    Kylian MMMboppe 6 months ago

    Had Karius or.. De Gea played against us, we would’ve had easily won.... with the help of a few dropped balls and a few own goals 🤣

  • Pint Of Milk
    Pint Of Milk 6 months ago

    Monthy Python referances! 😆😄

  • dark father
    dark father 6 months ago

    Q and n with messi

  • Florim Islami
    Florim Islami 6 months ago

    Cr7 hard round

  • Real Athletes
    Real Athletes 6 months ago

    Anybody notice “Tee Hee “ was written on muller and ribberys shirt

  • وليد البلوي
    وليد البلوي 6 months ago


  • Nezih Salah
    Nezih Salah 6 months ago

    442oons dont tell me that ure going to make Messi like the 2015 Messi 😥😜

  • Tottenham Fanclub
    Tottenham Fanclub 6 months ago

    Hey 442oons did you retire?

  • Tobenna Okeke
    Tobenna Okeke 6 months ago

    I got all 3

  • Abdou x Gamer
    Abdou x Gamer 6 months ago

    messi with no beard please

  • The3D Kids
    The3D Kids 6 months ago +1

    Do a video on Arsene Wenger playing for a veteran team

  • MS
    MS 6 months ago

    Hard one wasnt hard at all.

  • Wayne The Ogre
    Wayne The Ogre 6 months ago

    Sub to me lol

  • O A S
    O A S 6 months ago +1

    I tought pelle was zaza but otherwise i got everything👍

  • Gucci Doge
    Gucci Doge 6 months ago

    I have someone too.
    Im playing for Tottenham and South Corea.
    I scored a goal versus germany in the group stage.
    I played in these teams: Hamburg II, Hamburg, Leverkusen before i came to Tottenham.
    In Championsleague 2017/18 I scored only 1 goal.
    I am...

  • Sajad Ahmadi
    Sajad Ahmadi 6 months ago

    I am a striker
    I'm the best player in the world
    I played for these teams Sporting,Manchester United, Real Madrid,Juventus
    I've won 4 golden boots
    I carried portugal in the 2018 world cup even know I got out
    I got in all the ballon d'or's to 2008-2017

  • G Pro
    G Pro 6 months ago

    PROGECT ZORGO is watching

  • Luca Tonich
    Luca Tonich 6 months ago +1

    I am argentinian
    I have won the balon dor 5 times not nominated for 2018s top 3
    I am the best player ever to cross the pitch
    I played in the world cup final against germany
    Who am i?

  • VÂNIA Fonseca
    VÂNIA Fonseca 6 months ago

    he dive he dive he dive he dive and he dive neymar

  • Neon Tiger
    Neon Tiger 6 months ago +1

    I see myself! Thanks 442oons!

  • Cool kid 110
    Cool kid 110 6 months ago

    442oons Idea: footballers play pin the teeth on Saurez and pin the binkie on Neymar

  • CGQ47 YE
    CGQ47 YE 6 months ago

    Im 5'11 inches tall
    i weigh 242 pounds
    I play for Wycombe Wanderers
    In FIFA 17 i was named the strongest player in the world
    I'm nicknamed "The (o)Beast"

    • CGQ47 YE
      CGQ47 YE 6 months ago

      Answer: Akinfenwa

  • Angry Potato
    Angry Potato 6 months ago

    I've got Frank ribery right

  • Paula Contreras
    Paula Contreras 6 months ago

    Do a try not to sing challenge from some of your songs

  • Broxiboy Gaming
    Broxiboy Gaming 6 months ago

    Think it’s bad that I only got a 2 outta 3 cos forgot karis moved to turkey

  • Rasmus Lind
    Rasmus Lind 6 months ago

    The firminator(Firmino)
    - Iv’e scored with one eye
    - I have scored in the world cup against mexico
    - Im a brazilian
    - I have played for Figueirense, 1899 Hoffenheim and Liverpool
    - My teeth are whiter than snow

  • Usamah Aboo
    Usamah Aboo 6 months ago

    I love ribeanar
    I’m in Liverpool

  • TrueBlue4790
    TrueBlue4790 6 months ago

    Eh? He’s won the champions league?!

  • Mohammad Amer
    Mohammad Amer 6 months ago

    no more messi beard treble incoming

  • Асенцето Asentseto

    Messi has now shaved his beard.Im soooo existed to see how he willhe will l

  • Fililucker
    Fililucker 6 months ago

    Who am i 8 : im 31 years old , im a goalkeeper , i won the world cup 2018 and i got caught drink and driving who am i

    MATEJ MALEŠ 6 months ago

    Messi has shaved his beard✂️✂️✂️

  • Mohammad Haris
    Mohammad Haris 6 months ago

    I love your league bro on osm thank you for creating it

  • Marijana Jeličić
    Marijana Jeličić 6 months ago

    Rakitic vs modric fotbal chaleng

  • Bartłomiej Kacprzak
    Bartłomiej Kacprzak 6 months ago

    s a c k e d

  • Aidan Hurtado
    Aidan Hurtado 6 months ago

    wow I actually got all three right!

  • omar jobe
    omar jobe 6 months ago

    Tbh i got 0/3

  • krashe999 Top
    krashe999 Top 6 months ago

    Why does giroud walk faster thsn he runs

  • valeridani Kovachev
    valeridani Kovachev 6 months ago

    I have lost two UCL finals with Manchester United!
    I used to play for Spurs!
    I didn't participate in a World cup!
    I played for a French team with Martial before he joined my former club!
    I am Dimitar Berbatov!

  • Lazy Loaf
    Lazy Loaf 6 months ago

    MESSI SHAVeD his beard do a video know about the old school Messi in 442oons again!

  • Wesley Evan
    Wesley Evan 6 months ago

    Can you make an Nader video 24 sep 2018

  • ItzJesus Official
    ItzJesus Official 6 months ago

    Got all 3 correct

  • bailey Marsh
    bailey Marsh 6 months ago +1

    1. Any bolton keeper, erm mingolet, bogdan, ward oh it was karius