DC Universe Online Gameplay - First Look HD

  • Published on Nov 3, 2011
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  • Hung Nguyen
    Hung Nguyen Month ago

    Now If only they make a game:
    City with graphic like in Division
    Gameplay and graphic like Anthem (Flying, abilities...)
    And make it an MMO like DC Universe Online with all kind of abilities to make any superhero you want.

    I think it pretty much will be my perfect game.

  • Hung Nguyen
    Hung Nguyen Month ago

    Now If only they make a game:
    City with graphic like in Division
    Gameplay and graphic like Anthem (Flying, abilities...)
    And make it an MMO like DC Universe Online with all kind of abilities to make any superhero you want.

    I think it pretty much will be my perfect game.

  • Michael Spry
    Michael Spry Month ago

    the dude should make one about how to level up and to build Mods> that would be really helpful. Just saying

  • Jason Boron
    Jason Boron 3 months ago

    Woooow you should consider having someone else do the talking, Jesus H...

  • DJ Bonnie
    DJ Bonnie 4 months ago

    Man ur talking way to much. I thought i talked to much

  • Zach Hawkins
    Zach Hawkins 6 months ago

    I had to check my settings to make sure 1.5x wasnt selected. It wasn't.

  • Smayl
    Smayl 11 months ago


  • Ina Kandler
    Ina Kandler 11 months ago

    hoooooly shiiiiiit. just a question, but do you have ADHD? so fast-talking lol

  • george ger
    george ger Year ago

    can you remove the target from the center of the screen?its annoying...

  • Candy Bandit
    Candy Bandit Year ago

    Jesus christ chill brother. You're stressing me out!

  • Pranav Kunder
    Pranav Kunder Year ago

    Talk a little less

  • Nikkyrs Gaming
    Nikkyrs Gaming Year ago

    NIce and i play world of warcraft but now i will play this game

  • Erico Love
    Erico Love Year ago

    Dude! You could be the new voice of the Transformer called "Blurr"!

  • Shone Radulovic
    Shone Radulovic Year ago

    Hmm I think you should talk a bit faster... :)

  • Bryan McNeil
    Bryan McNeil Year ago

    Holy shit slow down dude

  • AJ7 Gaming
    AJ7 Gaming Year ago

    Anyone in 2017.. Yes then add me on psn.. Psn: ARYRick8

  • jimmycrackcornss
    jimmycrackcornss Year ago

    Either this video is playing in fast motion or this guy's dad is Flash and only his lips got his powers.

  • Mr Fr
    Mr Fr 2 years ago

    Nature power is good

  • Mr Fr
    Mr Fr 2 years ago

    You talk so fast TELL ME HOW

  • שי כהן
    שי כהן 2 years ago

    wtf!! dude how much you talk? did you start your day with turbo pills? you dont shut up for a moment... i had traumatic after i watch 8 minutes of you...

  • V-_TrxgicEndin-
    V-_TrxgicEndin- 2 years ago

    this game is trash tbh i stg

  • DJ Jambo
    DJ Jambo 2 years ago +1

    damn nigga you talk so fast , i had to put the speed on 0.25

    • DJ Jambo
      DJ Jambo 2 years ago

      and I never do that on videos

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy 2 years ago

    Ever heard of breathing once in a while i mean srsly your 'voice' is a super power

  • francis 010506
    francis 010506 2 years ago

    he looks stupid

  • maauuui
    maauuui 2 years ago +1

    i ment this dude talks faster than the flash runs

  • maauuui
    maauuui 2 years ago

    this dude talks more than the flash runs

  • ErinaYukihira Hime
    ErinaYukihira Hime 2 years ago

    I miss this!!

  • Millie Alderman
    Millie Alderman 2 years ago

    Hey, he may talk fast, but I understood it. Next?

  • Panzerkampwagen
    Panzerkampwagen 2 years ago

    Your narration made me hate the game.

  • cookiegonemad27
    cookiegonemad27 2 years ago

    why everyone hating on Omar like i love how he says mmohuts.com

  • The Last
    The Last 2 years ago +1

    Anyone else muting this guy?

  • C G
    C G 2 years ago

    sounds like the sham wow guy 😂

  • Wes 76
    Wes 76 2 years ago

    Cocaine, It's a hell of a drug.

  • KiLL JMiN
    KiLL JMiN 2 years ago

    You are so fucking annoying

  • BeatXairtight 12
    BeatXairtight 12 2 years ago

    You talk to much...And I like it😀😀😀

  • Tre’Darrius Brown
    Tre’Darrius Brown 2 years ago

    we need to hear the game stop talking

  • Ramon609
    Ramon609 2 years ago +3

    You talk waaaaaaay too much and the way you talk is bloody annoying me! ohhlookatmeiamconstantlytalkingandneverstoptalkingbecauseiamannoyinglikethatwhoneedstotalkproperlyanywayimeanthatisjustdumblolandgotta talknonstopandtalkaboutgamemechanicsandtalkthroughdialog ... shit like that annoys me badly

    • Ramon609
      Ramon609 2 years ago

      No i dont i was curious what the gameplay was but it isnt what i am looking for to play

    • Tre’Darrius Brown
      Tre’Darrius Brown 2 years ago

      Ramon609 hey do you have dcuo

  • Pankaj Singh
    Pankaj Singh 2 years ago

    why the commentary?
    Would have opened a review for that.

  • Mister D.
    Mister D. 2 years ago

    slow the speaking down, man. God damn.

  • Jl Ds
    Jl Ds 2 years ago +2

    your voice is fucking noisy...

  • Mikael Niit
    Mikael Niit 2 years ago


  • XxJayThaBeastxX jay
    XxJayThaBeastxX jay 2 years ago

    i got mine for steam

  • Md Shakeeb Siddiqui
    Md Shakeeb Siddiqui 2 years ago +2

    Will you shut f*!k up you speak too much

  • Aki
    Aki 2 years ago

    The game takes hours to download, But it worth it! The game and the customization is outstanding. I love trolling kids on the game :) I would still download even if it takes 7 hours to download. I have a game that takes longer than 7 hours so dont complain! :) Just enjoy the game and have fun!

  • mgs1398
    mgs1398 2 years ago

    1. Try this game for yourself it plays way different than it looks. I saw my friend playing n was like wth but when I actually played it I was blown away (personally)
    2. It takes FOREVER to download but it's worth it. I said fuck it 3 times before finally giving in and letting it download but as I said in number 1 it's awesome.
    3. Go into this game with an open mind n just have fun, it's really enjoyable.
    4. This game has sent of the best combat mechanics I have ever used, so much so that I try playing other games but always find myself back to this one lol
    5. Don't rush the leveling process, take your time, have fun, learn your power.
    6. If you don't like the game delete and never return but if you say youre "leaving" and find yourself wanting to play randomly one day, it's too late XD

  • Richard
    Richard 2 years ago

    720p looks like 360

    ROOKTABULA 2 years ago

    Well! Just like Destiny on the PS3? This is another fucking clusterfuck! Won't download. Big shock! Glad I bought a 360 & didn't get a PS3 till one was given to me. Buggy, laggy, glitchy, WAY less streamlined download/install interface than 360......
    In other words: Typical SONY: Take your money and fuck you over it there's problems.

  • PhantomTreeGaming
    PhantomTreeGaming 2 years ago

    omg!! in the beginning of the video he wont freaking stop talking so damn annoying!! and his taking to fast!

  • Teniola Shotile
    Teniola Shotile 2 years ago

    good video keep it up

  • Hosam Orfali
    Hosam Orfali 2 years ago +9

    The way you talk fucking irritates the shit out of me

  • Francis Emmett
    Francis Emmett 2 years ago

    please god, please. Tell the tubers to post game play without commentary

  • BJ Dumas
    BJ Dumas 2 years ago

    did you not see the top hat

  • Jeremy Ballesteros
    Jeremy Ballesteros 2 years ago +8

    This thing takes waaaaaay too long to freaking download

    • lI-uaigneach-Il
      lI-uaigneach-Il 2 years ago

      Jeremy Ballesteros it took me 12 hours to download 😂

    • LingD57
      LingD57 2 years ago

      No One ,how and where can I get the game?

    • No One
      No One 2 years ago

      so, I'm not alone?

    • mooden
      mooden 2 years ago

      when i launched the game it took long to install :/

      ROOKTABULA 2 years ago

      I said fuck it. Typical Sony fuck up.

  • DragonKoal
    DragonKoal 2 years ago

    At least its a lot better than most WoW-formula mmorpgs, now if only the enemies patroled throughout the level instead of standing and waiting for you to get near.

  • demonic ginger
    demonic ginger 3 years ago

    i got from lvl1 to lvl30 in one day

  • hiuwo
    hiuwo 3 years ago

    i was like noooo you missed the top hat you wanted!

  • Ludixhay type shit
    Ludixhay type shit 3 years ago

    what does PVE and PVP mean? ehats the difference? can u play on both with the same acc?

    • mgs1398
      mgs1398 2 years ago

      Ludixhay X4X PVE-Player vs Environment
      PVP-Player vs Player

    • RoyalDggo
      RoyalDggo 2 years ago

      +Ludixhay X4X my mom like smart shit

    • RoyalDggo
      RoyalDggo 2 years ago

      +Ludixhay X4X nah

    • Ludixhay type shit
      Ludixhay type shit 2 years ago

      +huan gia ur mom likes it

    • RoyalDggo
      RoyalDggo 2 years ago

      +Ludixhay X4X u dumb shit

  • Alex Botorogeanu
    Alex Botorogeanu 3 years ago

    on the staff you didn't say robin

  • Mr. Smith
    Mr. Smith 3 years ago

    Holy shit your yapping is insane.

  • MysteryBlondeBKS
    MysteryBlondeBKS 3 years ago +1

    Omg shut up. Why is he so annoying?

    • DragonKoal
      DragonKoal 2 years ago

      Don't like it? Don't watch it and don't comment, simple as that.

  • Sirkrodz
    Sirkrodz 3 years ago

    Game sucks

  • Bhargava Rama Murthy
    Bhargava Rama Murthy 3 years ago

    wats the size of this game ???

  • Harsha Vardhan
    Harsha Vardhan 3 years ago

    It's irritating

  • XENDER cage
    XENDER cage 3 years ago +4

    Dude just shut the fuck up and play..

  • JTundra
    JTundra 3 years ago

    The fuck is he saying? Anyways this game looks like shitp

  • TheKiwi Vent
    TheKiwi Vent 3 years ago

    Vid would be 10 times better if you STFU.

    xBOBHALOx 3 years ago +1

    Sloooooow doooooown

  • Saptarshi Sarkar
    Saptarshi Sarkar 3 years ago +2

    damn XD you talk too much!! slow down bub! rest... nice gameplay!

  • ibraM
    ibraM 3 years ago

    is this good for making lets plays?

  • Elijah Dezi
    Elijah Dezi 3 years ago

    Dude, you talk way too fast.

  • Toogs
    Toogs 3 years ago

    why do you all hate Omair? he's OG

  • The Professor
    The Professor 3 years ago

    Looks at trailer
    Looks at gameplay

  • Costin Nitu
    Costin Nitu 3 years ago +5

    You do know that talking that much and that fast tires people, right? The rest of the video is cool but please talk less and at the point. You're like a woodpecker... :D

  • D-Wizard
    D-Wizard 3 years ago +1


  • Noobouis _
    Noobouis _ 3 years ago +2

    are you an auctioneer

  • Herbert .Gatchalian
    Herbert .Gatchalian 3 years ago +51

    goddamn you talk fast and alot! and does not make any sense most of the time. so irritating

    • Herbert .Gatchalian
      Herbert .Gatchalian 2 years ago

      just because you already have 452k subscribers doesnt mean you dont have to put effort in making good reviews and commentaries ? that attitude is bad.
      it's saying apple or samsung can now sell crappy phones still with premium price because they already have millions of fans and will still buy that crappy phone

      ROOKTABULA 2 years ago +1

      3 trillion flies think shit is good eating. So I guess we'll should hit the dog park with a fork and a bottle of ketchup? Quantity does not = quality.

    • LobiJani
      LobiJani 3 years ago +2

      +Herbert .Gatchalian true but not everyone can manage to get 452k subscribers on their channel

    • Herbert .Gatchalian
      Herbert .Gatchalian 3 years ago

      @Connor Douch anyone can create a channel lol

    • Connor Douch
      Connor Douch 3 years ago

      At least he has a channel.

  • Raihan Anshori
    Raihan Anshori 3 years ago

    Iam your father :v

  • Dominic Ralm
    Dominic Ralm 3 years ago

    u talk too much

  • Braelyn Cassidy
    Braelyn Cassidy 3 years ago

    Nature video

  • Smash Rock
    Smash Rock 3 years ago +1

    How do u record I was just wondering? I mean I have recording software but when its on full screen it wont let me and when I put full screen off it doesn't work.. Any possibilities to record? Plz tell me?

  • John D
    John D 3 years ago

    Looks like a game on the Wii if you ask me.

  • Itsjulian
    Itsjulian 3 years ago

    U speak to much and speak so fast😁

  • Nikan Zare
    Nikan Zare 3 years ago +1

    54782 words has been said .yet i only watched the first minutes of it !

  • Knight Of Hope
    Knight Of Hope 3 years ago


  • Knight Of Hope
    Knight Of Hope 3 years ago

    Why is no one talking about game!

  • aziz marco
    aziz marco 3 years ago

    comment s appelle le logiciel que tu utilise pour filmer cette vidéo ? et merci

  • ethan birkholtz
    ethan birkholtz 3 years ago

    IS the game open world

  • TrustXJay
    TrustXJay 3 years ago

    Yo how did you download this game

  • More Loot
    More Loot 3 years ago

    i managed to watch this gameplay until 13:11, i literrally had to stop watching because nearly had a headache and scared if i would get a stroke or probably curse my ass off by how this walkthrough went. its a reason why gameplay walkthrough is called WALKthrough. try not to packup much words just make it fun and easy for others to understand dude. theres no need to be too in-depth like you said. you skipped the most crucial part in a startup which was the character creation. definitely needs much more research on other gameplays.

  • TheOldSchoolWolf
    TheOldSchoolWolf 3 years ago

    How is this fast talking ;D? im 11 and i understand every single word and its normal speed for me.

  • mike hock
    mike hock 3 years ago

    what's a batarang 13:20

  • Rex Laga-ac
    Rex Laga-ac 3 years ago +2

    "oh we got a phone booth can we kill it? no, we can't kill." good god. LOL

  • Jake Divix
    Jake Divix 3 years ago +3

    Goku uses a staff, it's called the Power Pole!

  • Max Österling
    Max Österling 3 years ago

    the most op super hero is deadpool

  • beastkiller064
    beastkiller064 3 years ago

    4yrs later and i still think this guy did drugs or drunk to many redbulls or 5hr energy

  • 24/7
    24/7 3 years ago

    why you talking so fast

  • Video game viewer
    Video game viewer 3 years ago +3

    Sooooo can I have your meth dealers number. Judging from how you sound it must be good shit

  • Asyetuntitled25
    Asyetuntitled25 3 years ago +1

    Why can't we have a Marvel/DC game for console like this!!! Looks good though!

  • Yan Vidz
    Yan Vidz 3 years ago

    God, you're talking too slow! Speed up to 2, much better!

  • Joel Vicente
    Joel Vicente 3 years ago

    Why Is everyone complaining about the guy's vou e i understood everything he said you people are so slow in the head ffs