Chinese Fried Sesame Balls • Tasty


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  • Yulfahrio Ramdhani

    ppl : Avengers : infinity war is the best crossover history
    me : *shows this to ppl*
    ppl : kay

  • JennPipp
    JennPipp Day ago

    I just came here to see if there was as many Chinese complaining as there are Indians on that last video. Nope just a bunch of white people, as usual!

  • Dhiemaz Ihza
    Dhiemaz Ihza 2 days ago

    is it onde onde from chyna?

  • Lai Narina
    Lai Narina 2 days ago

    You mean onde-onde? In Indonesia this cake called "Onde-onde".

  • AceTheMemeLorde
    AceTheMemeLorde 2 days ago

    Where can I find red azuki beans? Normal grocery stores in the US don't carry them, and I live nowhere near an asian market.

  • hyperrahim
    hyperrahim 2 days ago

    These are everywhere at stalls in Malaysia

  • Wendoline Acosta
    Wendoline Acosta 2 days ago

    When I'm at a chinese restaurant eating chinese/asian cuisine with mixed American food, then see my ppl (latinos/as) cooking the food in the back. 👍lol

  • OptimanAviation
    OptimanAviation 3 days ago +1

    I don't like this recipe

    • Keanu Bartolata
      Keanu Bartolata 2 days ago

      I'm not Chinese but I well know they aren't acquainted with sweetening beans. That detail alone makes the title misleading.. which is what Tasty is about

  • pacificoceano 96
    pacificoceano 96 3 days ago

    ive always loved this ever since

  • Kyaia Anderson
    Kyaia Anderson 3 days ago

    I’m I that uncultured or this music don’t match I would like to try this though

    DOKO TV 3 days ago

    What stove is that please???

  • Hasna Febrilya
    Hasna Febrilya 3 days ago

    yaela sebut aja ini onde onde

  • Yana •
    Yana • 3 days ago

    i can literally buy this like across my house but here i am watching this

  • logic partner
    logic partner 3 days ago

    If u replace the filling with mung bean,then u'll get indonesian street food instead of chinese food.LoL

  • dimas ajji
    dimas ajji 4 days ago

    Indonesian🇮🇩 said that is "onde-onde"

  • Kali
    Kali 4 days ago

    Buchi yas

  • Keyona Olivia
    Keyona Olivia 4 days ago


  • Kurban Duck
    Kurban Duck 4 days ago

    They forgot the yams and whisky in it

  • Jourriel
    Jourriel 4 days ago

    love this chowking buchi

  • Derek Torrico
    Derek Torrico 4 days ago

    Beautiful flute music by Ron Burgundy

  • Taaniya Jay
    Taaniya Jay 4 days ago

    I know not many people will read this but I wish you the best Chinese New Year and a posperous year ahead.
    BTW I am a small youtuber so please help me reach the dream of 100 subscribers 🙂

  • jamellah
    jamellah 4 days ago

    in the philippines, there’s a chinese restaurant called chowking. it has this food, but we call it buchi buchi.

  • happymemories
    happymemories 4 days ago

    they taste so good. Used to be able to get them at a buffet restaurant but they closed down because they had really big cockroaches

  • K DD
    K DD 4 days ago

    Wow! Now I know how to make my childhood favourite!

  • Nur Atifah Mazlan
    Nur Atifah Mazlan 4 days ago

    Kuih bom in Malaysia 😋

  • Alice Olsen
    Alice Olsen 4 days ago

    I love the video, But What is glutinous rice flour? I only know one kind of rice flour?

  • Andira Gita
    Andira Gita 4 days ago


  • Hey There
    Hey There 4 days ago

    whose hand is that 😭🙌 thats all ive been thinking about

  • ThatOneRobloxMila
    ThatOneRobloxMila 4 days ago

    Why this music?

  • Ahmad Fikri Noor
    Ahmad Fikri Noor 4 days ago

    Ini mah onde onde

  • rahajeng dinda
    rahajeng dinda 4 days ago

    In indonesia we call it onde-onde, cute isn't it😁

  • Sinett Johnson
    Sinett Johnson 4 days ago

    Why is this a Chinese dessert with Latin music? Lol.

  • 옐리자
    옐리자 4 days ago

    찹쌀도너츠 먹고싶다 ㅠㅠ

  • CrazyCowPie
    CrazyCowPie 4 days ago


  • Lala Rahmaela
    Lala Rahmaela 4 days ago

    Ini mah onde2 :v

  • XH3ZE CAK3
    XH3ZE CAK3 4 days ago

    In the Philippines we call this "buchi"

  • Arie Reynaldy
    Arie Reynaldy 4 days ago

    in indonesia, this dish called "Kue Onde-onde" or onde-onde cookies

  • Tri joko Kristiono
    Tri joko Kristiono 4 days ago

    That's wat i call onde-onde but with Green beans

  • Ryan Tipon
    Ryan Tipon 4 days ago

    Bucci gang

  • Zaki Wota
    Zaki Wota 5 days ago

    Ini Indonesia ia call onde onde

  • Abdul Jamiel
    Abdul Jamiel 5 days ago

    In the philippines, It’s Buchi but much thicker than that

  • HottestStarlight퍼에버

    omg yes! got some red bean paste left from making steamed bun few days ago! thank you for the idea ❤️

  • M. Lai
    M. Lai 5 days ago

    Instead of making your own, you can also use store-bought red bean paste!

  • Ariq Nizar
    Ariq Nizar 5 days ago

    This called Onde Onde in Indonesia

  • jennifer evelyn
    jennifer evelyn 5 days ago

    In indonesia we call it "onde onde"

  • Shohara Surahim
    Shohara Surahim 5 days ago

    cucur badak....haha...

  • Cynelle Khent Ann Vasquez


  • Theye Ramos
    Theye Ramos 5 days ago

    We call it "buchi" in Philippines..

  • 不重要的人
    不重要的人 5 days ago

    I’m pretty sure that the person who made this video doesn’t know the difference between Chinese and latin

  • Rumah Li_po
    Rumah Li_po 5 days ago

    We call it onde-onde in Indonesia

  • mango152
    mango152 5 days ago

    That thumbnail looks nothing like the actual sesame balls

  • Rosemarry Honey
    Rosemarry Honey 5 days ago

    This is “how to make onde onde bantet” lol

  • Gentle☆Bunny
    Gentle☆Bunny 5 days ago

    Ever since I was 2 years old, I hated red bean so much and I wouldn’t eat anything with it just cuz it was so dry. Now I’m ok with it but still hate the dryness.

  • Brittney Fields
    Brittney Fields 5 days ago

    The music is giving me a headache

  • Blossomness Studios
    Blossomness Studios 5 days ago

    The music was very distracting, it just sounded like someone was butchering a recorder/flute...

  • Darling Lali
    Darling Lali 5 days ago

    why is this music playing for an Asian desert?? LOL.. so confusing. but these are delicious!

  • Miss O.P.
    Miss O.P. 5 days ago

    Why is a Chinese fried sesame ball recipe with Guantanamera song rip off? Latin?

  • Heidy Orellana
    Heidy Orellana 5 days ago

    What's with the music.

  • Boggy Bunny
    Boggy Bunny 5 days ago

    The beans are called Adzuki beans and are used in like red bean pastes which is what they made here

  • Just a little chicken nugget

    I don’t know why but It gives me chills every time I rub flour on a counter I just can’t do it, it feels too weird and gross

  • Ovindhi Perera
    Ovindhi Perera 5 days ago

    I feel that those hands are of alvin😀

  • Rachael Drucker
    Rachael Drucker 5 days ago

    Anyone else get a how to train your dragon ad?

  • Xx LazyLightleaf xX
    Xx LazyLightleaf xX 5 days ago

    I remember when I was younger I made these with my mum

  • lei ls
    lei ls 5 days ago

    We have this too in the ph! We call them buchi

  • dfh
    dfh 5 days ago

    I had these before at an Asian buffet and they were so good ! Kind of an acquired taste though.

  • Christian Soto
    Christian Soto 5 days ago


  • ISwalloeCum
    ISwalloeCum 5 days ago

    Latin music😂 Dora out of no where

  • Jessicrazy
    Jessicrazy 5 days ago

    It looks good, but I would rather just buy takeout! 😂

  • Halawiyat meriem حلويات مريم


  • Farhana Zahari
    Farhana Zahari 5 days ago

    so basically 'kuih bom' in Malaysia are origin from chinese culture. now i know...

  • Tyrone Freezy
    Tyrone Freezy 5 days ago

    In our country this is called 'Onde-Onde'

  • Husna Hashim
    Husna Hashim 5 days ago

    I call this roti bom... Taste good yummy

  • Jenny Shy
    Jenny Shy 5 days ago

    These are sooo goodddd

  • Ilham Ahmad
    Ilham Ahmad 5 days ago

    Onde Onde gayn

  • tea shook
    tea shook 5 days ago

    *Buchi version sa Pilipinas*

  • hanifah dasnia
    hanifah dasnia 5 days ago

    Kemudian diserbu orang Indonesia. Karena makanan ini mudah sekali ditemukan di penjual makanan baik pinggir jalan maupun toko kue.

  • Nida
    Nida 5 days ago

    Seketika ngidam onde onde

  • Meera Janahi
    Meera Janahi 5 days ago

    I tried this before it’s so good even tho I hate beans it’s gooooooddddd

  • muhammad firdaus md hanapiah

    I miss this!!! In malaysia we call it as kuih bom. The feeling is anything from sweet coconut flakes to spicy anchovies. LOVE IT. #malaysianboyinaustralia

  • Mwei 124
    Mwei 124 5 days ago

    Finally here it is, my favourite dessert

  • Alderina Gracia
    Alderina Gracia 5 days ago

    Need better frying time tho. Too dark. We called it onde-onde, btw.

  • Lukas Cemnalianskis
    Lukas Cemnalianskis 5 days ago

    Didn't know of this recipe - want to try it. However, music choice was terrible. Not only does it not fit a chinese dish, but it's also flute (or something). I can't stand flutes.

  • Justin A.
    Justin A. 5 days ago

    I am justin asian i can tell you there is a chocolate and (peanut which is orginal filling)

  • Mad 045
    Mad 045 5 days ago

    Onde-onde in Indonesia..

  • KissyDivvy
    KissyDivvy 5 days ago

    Onde onde ini mah..

  • Vega Sophia Abdullah

    It's called 'onde-onde' in indonesia 😂

  • Wolf Wall Streat
    Wolf Wall Streat 5 days ago

    Mouth-watering. I wouldn't mind reviewing one of Tasty's recipes! I'm starting a food/restaurant reviewing in Europe, if any of you would like to support me by dropping a like button on my Facebook page or following on Instagram, I'll be thankful! Have a great day!

  • Nick Timothy
    Nick Timothy 5 days ago

    Instead of using red family is using a coconut filing..

    WAYNE _WOLFY 5 days ago

    i prefer it yam filled

  • fresh lumpia
    fresh lumpia 5 days ago +2


  • dian k
    dian k 5 days ago

    This is Onde-onde in Indonesia ... It really nice when you eat it while it is warm, so crunchy.
    When I saw the comments below, I have just realized that this food so popular in Asian countries with many names.. It's surprised.

  • Yayo The Jowen
    Yayo The Jowen 5 days ago

    Its very common here too in the Philippines. But we call it "Buchi".
    Also why latin music when its asian?

  • Arvie Grace Mag-usara


  • Lorld's Best Wrestler

    If you know what l mean

  • kath ford
    kath ford 5 days ago


  • Yosi Amalia
    Yosi Amalia 5 days ago

    Onde Onde 😂😂

  • trudisify
    trudisify 5 days ago

    thats called BUCHI

  • ikaginanjar 12is4
    ikaginanjar 12is4 5 days ago

    In Indonesia we call it onde-onde

  • Harambe
    Harambe 5 days ago

    In my country we call it Buchi

  • Pemuda Amatir
    Pemuda Amatir 5 days ago

    kirain onde2 ada di Indonesia doang.. hahahaja